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World Baseball Classic

Philippines attempts to qualify for Baseball Classic

For Philippine Baseball Association and Philippine National Team, play Baseball Classic is their

Philippine did not participate in 2009 and however, due to the rule change at the 3rd Baseball Classic, they the opportunity to attend the 2013 Baseball Classic, if they are the of the Qualifier Pool 4. They are to fight with New Zealand, and Chinese Taipei on November 15 to 18 at the Stadium in New Taipei City,

They know the San Francisco ace pitcher Tim Lincecum is qualified to the Philippines since his mother Asis, has a Filipino blood. His Alberta and Genaro Asis from Cebu and Siquijor But although San Francisco Giants has Tim to play, Lincecum declined the due to personal reason. so does New Yankees relief pitcher Rapada .

Even they two Major League players, secretary general Thomas still were confident their chance:

I think we are to win. We have the strongest formed in the history of the Philippines. We players who can throw curveballs and We have skilled players we are in.”

National team Marty Eizmendi also has feeling:

We might just everyone in Taipei, We’re the but with our Fil-Ams, we’re

“The MLB is very supportive of our to promote baseball and they’re to fly over the Fil-Ams. They’re the bill for board, lodging, and even uniforms. If we make an in Taipei, it will be a tremendous for Philippine baseball.”

“The aren’t being paid a fee to They’re all excited to play for the team. We’ll be fighting in to make our country proud and back to everyone who has supported us Day One.”

This team be managed by Jim Ramos, a Filipino-American National head coach Hidalgo Jr. local coaches Empacis, international coaches Thomas will also be of the six-man coaching staff. Coach Billy Champion is to greatly strengthen the team#8217;s of getting through the host

The 28-man baseball team is of 16 homegrown players like Jon Jon Charlie Labrador, Darwin Calzada, Vladymir Eguia, Jasmin, Joseph Orillana, Ponce, Rommel Roja, Empacis, Ruben Angeles and Binarao, who carried over the that won the gold medal in the Southeast Asian Games in

The remainder Philippine member include11 Filipino Americans and 1 Japanese. Led by MLB southpaw pitcher Espinelli, who was born in Houston to parents Leonilo Espineli, a UP graduate from Cavite, and Macalalag of Lumban, Laguna.

The Fil-Ams squad are Edwin Jonathan Laygo of the Fresno Sox, Andres Vasquez of University, William Ireton of the L.A. Dodgers, Trent of the Los Angeles Angels, Kurt Devon Bryce Ramirez of State-Dominguez, Fil-Japanese pitcher Ogawa of the Chunichi Dragons of the Professional Baseball, and Leighton Pangilinan of the Chicago White Sox league, Chad Nacapoy, and Pineda.

There are total 13 for the team, include Darwin de la Jon Jon Robles, Ernesto Binarao, Labrador, Eguia Vladimir, Romeo Jr. Joseph Orillana, Alberto Munoz, Ryuya Geno Espinelli, Max Javate, Rosales and Devon Bryce some of them can throw at the 90s (mph) and mix their pitches, try to keep the game close.

Is it to bypass the other three Only time will

Yu Darvish to skip 2013 Baseball Classic

One of the biggest in Japan and the winning pitcher of WBC Championship game against Yu Darvish decided to skip World Baseball Classic.

In his MLB season, Darvish made a high 29 regular-season starts for the Rangers, but his 191 inning is not, he did 217 innings in 2010 and 2011 in Overall, he got 16-9 with a ERA, 1.28 WHIP and 221 in 2012 and he was 2-0 with a 2.08 ERA in 13 in the 2009 WBC.

After much deliberation, has included a lot of consultation with my and trainers, I have decided I will not play in the upcoming Baseball Classic. This was a difficult decision for me as it is always a honor to represent my native of Japan. I greatly enjoyed a part of the 2009 Championship and I will be supporting this team as they look to their title.

There are very talented players in and I am confident this team uphold Japan’s great in this event.

Given my workload over the last few and the numerous changes I’ve in my move to the United States, I decided with my team of that getting ample is the most important thing for me now as I prepare for the 2013 season. My goal is to help win a World with the Texas Rangers and to that accomplishment with the baseball fans in Japan. I forward to next season and am about our chances of winning.

I everyone for their understanding my decision.”

Rangers also a statement :

Yu has informed the Rangers of his regarding the 2013 World Classic. We support what had to be a difficult decision for him to make. He an outstanding transition in his first in Major League Baseball and we forward to another strong from him in 2013.#8221;

It will be a big for Japan being without this spring, but the team still be one of the favorites to take the

Korea#8217;s Choo eye on WBC

One of the biggest of Korea Baseball, Cleveland outfielder Shin-soo Choo has to Korea and expressed his desire to for Korea in the World Baseball

#8220;I#8217;m really eager to in the WBC for Korea,#8221; Choo said. hope that my team give me a chance to play.#8221;

there are two questions. First, the may not allow Choo to compete in the WBC it won#8217;t give him a chance to get a exemption.

In 2006, the South government gave military to the players if the team finished in the top at the WBC. Korea reached the let the players to earn military However, this time will not give military for the WBC 2009, even if the team the championship.

Choo, 26-year-old is to serve in the military for two years he turns 30, need the exemption in to let his baseball career not interrupt, but if is no chance to exemption, Indians said no.

The other reason is the to injury.

Due to WBC take place March 5 to 23, before the MAJOR regular season, and playing in the WBC cause Choo to start his conditioning and preparation early and hurt him.

Pitcher Park of the Los Angeles Dodgers is a He had said playing at the 2006 WBC his performances during the MLB season. he threw 10 scoreless innings as a for Korea at the WBC and earned three but he went 7-7 as a starter for the San Diego during the 2006 MLB season a 4.81 ERA.

Choo the 2007 with a .309 average, 16 homers, 66 RBIs. 397 percentages and .549 slugging in 94 games.

Hara to manage Team

Finally, Team Japan has manager.

After long research, Yomiuri Giants Tatsunori Hara formally to be the manager of the Japan national for World Baseball Classic March.

#8220;I#8217;ll do my best to Japan form a strong to defend the title,#8221; #8220;I do my level best and become a in forming a strong team#8221; Hara, who led the Giants to overcome a deficit to the Central League for the second straight year and first Japan Series in six #8220;I didn#8217;t expect at all [to be for the managerial job]. But leading the squad is an honor for me,#8221; said.

According to Yomiuri Nippon Professional Baseball Ryozo Kato visited The Shimbun#8217;s head office morning and asked Giants Takuo Takihana to allow to skipper Japan as it looks for its straight WBC title. Then went to the Yomiuri Giants complex in Kawasaki to meet

Kato, former Japanese to the United States, said he that Hara accepted the #8220;I really appreciate Mr. understanding in accepting this job while he prepares for the Japan Kato said. #8220;I him he will have our full with special adviser Oh#8211;in the process of selecting and players.#8221;

#8220;Now I#8217;m on our preparations for the Japan Series. doing my best for the Giants, I#8217;ll give my all for Japan,#8221; said, ahead of Game 1 on against the Saitama Seibu at Tokyo Dome.

#8220;We#8217;ll players, fans and coaches all together to take on the world,#8221; Hara at a press conference the decision. #8220;That#8217;s the power of

Japan#8217;s Olympic coach Hoshino has refused to stay on to the defending champions at next World Baseball Classic The 61-year-old#8217;s decision not to answer his call leaves Japanese officials with even options ahead of the March

#8220;Even if I am asked I will it down ,#8221; Hoshino Japanese media. #8220;I informed (Japan#8217;s baseball) of my decision.#8221;

Hoshino suffered criticism after Japan to secure a medal at this Beijing Olympics.

#8220;I#8217;ve been engulfed in flames #8212; why should I have to someone#8217;s chestnuts out of the fire he said on his personal website. don#8217;t want to put my family that again.#8221;

After reject, Katsuya Nomura, of the Rakuten Eagles, thinks outfielder Ichiro Suzuki be just the man to lead Japan#8217;s of the title at the 2009 WBC.

we should just let Ichiro be a manager,#8221; Nomura was quoted to say on the Web site. But the idea is not come

#8220;In the end, We got back to the board after Mr. Hoshino to back off and we decided an active would be best. and Hara#8217;s came up,#8221; said Oh, a special adviser to the committee and manager of the Softbank Hawks.

said Hara was chosen by an NPB committee because of his youth, health and managerial experience. we planned to pick a manager who is not a team manager, but it eventually a practical idea,#8221; Kato #8220;And we decided that Mr. fits mostly to the position his experience and achievements.#8221;

Apart Kato and Oh, who led Japan to victory in the 2006 WBC competition, other of the WBC organizing committee include Hoshino, Rakuten Eagles Katsuya Nomura; Yakult manager Shigeru Takada, and commentator Kenjiro Nomura.

is scheduled to start selecting and players after the Japan Training camp for the WBC will on Feb. 15.

Ichiro to help again in WBC 2009

Remember the World Baseball Classic? Suzuki is the main parts Japan won the Championship in 2006, and March, he will represent to defend their title .

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. told Kyodo News: will try to win the WBC in earnest again#8221;.

The news is due to Major League is handling the World Baseball differently, starting spring earlier and having Cactus games stretch into the week of April instead of March 23 .

Unlike three ago, Ichiro started the in Japan and not in Peoria, Ariz. the Mariners until the last two of March. If Japan were to go to the again, Ichiro could again be limited to just a of weeks of spring training.

Of now the Japan#8217;s best player take the field for his team, his is sure to shore up the WBC, but are other controversial issue .

One is due to League Baseball, which release its players (or at least the league#8217;s schedule to allow to play) for international competitions the Olympics. With the Baseball went through October, and and catchers reporting in early there#8217;s a fairly narrow for the WBC to hold its tournament

The other is the WBC played during spring controversy among MLB players and has been the fatigue this to players, particularly pitchers, could let it become preseason rather than a true

For the eight-time Major League batted .364, scored runs in eight games and was a leader, Ichiro ranked the as a highlight of all of his career accomplishments .

from the Olympics, I really this WBC tournament to be the event decides the true world so that#8217;s why I participated in this he said. #8220;And at the end, I was to be on the championship team, and this is the biggest moment of my baseball

But the Seattle outfielder is not only he is also urging Japanese officials to get on with the job of picking a so the country can defend its title at the Baseball Classic.

#8220;(Japanese say they want to build the team, but at the same time say its to pick an active manager,#8221; was quoted as saying in Sunday#8217;s newspaper. #8220;I wonder if really want to build the team.#8221;

Right now Japan has had finding a manager for the 2009 which starts in Tokyo on 5. Two retired managers appear to be out of the

Senichi Hoshino . who was the manager of the team that failed to win a at the Beijing Olympics, has been as a candidate but has said he doesn#8217;t the job.

Sadaharu Oh . who guided to the title at the inaugural WBC in 2006, down as manager of the Softbank at the end of the 2008 season because of health.

Other candidates active managers Katsuya of the Rakuten Eagles and Yomiuri manager Tatsunori Hara .

also said it#8217;s that Japan restores its pride after such a result in Beijing. Japan fourth at Beijing despite a team made up entirely of from Nippon Professional leagues.

#8220;We have to out on the right foot if we want to get for Beijing at the WBC,#8221; said

Several Mariners to play in WBC

No which position they Seattle Mariners has lots of who want to join the World Classic next March.

Starter Felix Hernandez, who was not to participate for Venezuela in 2006, is to want to pitch for his country. So third baseman Adrian is likely to be on the roster for the Dominican as he was three years ago. baseman Jose Lopez also play for Team

As for Catcher Kenji Johjima, who to work out with the Mariners in his first spring, rather play for Japan, is likely to to play for his country this around.

The other possibility Lefty Ryan Rowland-Smith be a candidate for Team Australia. And Wladimir Balentien could be on the roster of The Netherlands because his of Curacao is part of the Netherlands in the Caribbean.

Due to Team rosters be settled on in a couple of months, so players could also be it could be more interested to see face their teammates WBC.

Dodger Stadium to WBC finals

Posted in WBC2009 on 11:55 pm by wbc

Once the host of Olympic Baseball Games, Stadium will be host of and final of 2009 World Classic.

With an official Dodgers owner Frank confirmed that his home will host the semifinals on 21-22, with the championship set for March 23.

#8220;We are excited and to be hosting the championships of the 2009 Baseball Classic,#8221; McCourt #8220;We have embraced the game for a long time and it is fitting that we open the to Dodger Stadium to the fans all around the world.#8221; #8220;We the final games of the 2009 Baseball Classic will be the international event in the history of

Of course, it will help to earn more money, due to the competition at Dodger Stadium mean more than $50 of economic activity.

#8220;Today is no The Dodgers have been internationally in spreading the gospel of for over 50 years,#8221; #8220;The that baseball has come to Stadium in so many ways, only natural.#8221;

MLB president and operating officer Bob DuPuy

#8220;Given what the Dodgers has meant internationally and given the the diversity and the culture, the languages and the weather, it is a natural fit,#8221;

Honda Horizon

Angeles is one of the most international in the world and the Dodgers have been at the forefront of the international #8220;The diverse makeup of the was also a consideration in making award.#8221;

Gene Orza, operating officer of Major Baseball Players Association,

#8220;It is inevitable that we be in Los Angeles for the semifinals and finals. is no city that has the mix of the things we need. Weather, fan base and #8220;This organization is truly a in the whole idea of how global the of baseball is. The Dodgers have at the forefront of the internationalization of the sport.#8221;

real test of the games was not how fans that showed up. It was the that players that in it wanted to play in it again, but the players that didn#8217;t in it wanted in,#8221; #8220;Since I#8217;ve had players want to in it again or asking to keep in mind.#8221;

Japan, which Cuba, 10-6, in the 2006 Baseball Classic final, defend its crown. The Classic will expand its field for the event, with 24 teams a goal.

#8220;After the 2006 it was only days later I was receiving letters from federations around the world wanted to be in,#8221; said Archey, MLB senior vice of baseball operations.

DuPuy twice as many cities bids to be one of the host venues for year#8217;s Classic, more 20 venues were considered for the and finals . and added there may be a of an Asian city hosting the rounds at a future date.

Attendance figures for the 2006 was more than 740,000 from 48 of the 50 states and 15 countries. were also 486 players participated with 235 of those Major League organizations.

Park and Dolphin Stadium to second round

Posted in on 07/31/2008 11:15 pm by wbc

During a conference in Los Angeles, it was announced the Marlins#8217; home #8211; Stadium will be one of the hosts for the two of Round 2 in the 2009 World Classic from March of next year. PETCO in San Diego, Calif. will as the other host.

“Dolphin and PETCO Park will strong international venues for Two of the tournament. Baseball fans the globe will have the opportunity to experience these exceptional settings during the premier international baseball said Bob DuPuy, President and Major League Baseball .

us to get the second round, we#8217;re some really good said Claude Delorme, vice president of stadium for the Marlins. #8220;It#8217;s going to be games in our pool, and with the diversity of South Florida, a lot of are going to see their countries whether it#8217;s the Dominican or Puerto Rico, U.S.A,

#8220;People are going to come out and these games, and the passion for country will certainly be on

For the Marlins, it was a much-needed step in the direction in the hopes of opening a new in 2011. especially in the wake of a deal gone awry, a pending on the stadium plan and year of league-low attendance.

think by baseball selecting us, sending a nice message to about how strongly they about Miami and the support we for baseball,#8221; said Delorme, a day the Marlins drew 20,000-plus three weekday nights in a row the Mets were in town. think it exemplifies MLB#8217;s to Miami, and I think it#8217;s a step for us.#8221;

With the of Hispanic culture in South a tournament with numerous American countries being in Miami was pretty much a

#8220;I think it#8217;s Delorme said. #8220;We to sell baseball at the grassroots and our fan base has to grow significantly by the we get into the new facility. And the more who are exposed to baseball, I think it us sell the game to people and people become a fan of baseball.#8221;

was confident that we had a really chance just because the and the quality of our proposal, both and with the detail we attended to Delorme said. #8220;This is the to the Americas, and I think it was a natural for MLB.#8221;

And The World Baseball will return to Petco from March 15 through 19, Petco, the site of the inaugural semifinals and final in 2006, house second-round games the four advancing teams pools A and B.

#8220;We are thrilled the World Baseball Classic is to San Diego,#8221; said Padres CEO Alderson .

Advancement rules

Next time, no tiebreaking need to use for World Baseball 2009.

In an attempt to avoid the of convoluted tiebreaking procedures the Baseball Classic rules instituted for the inaugural 2006 the round-robin format will be in #8217;09 by double-elimination to move beyond the first two rounds . there will be a crossover of from their originating brackets in the semifinals .

Don Fehr, the director of the Players Association,

#8220;Implementation of double-elimination and crossover to the World Baseball Classic year will make the even more intense, and the even more exciting for players and fans,#8221; #8220;It be an unforgettable experience.#8221;

In #8217;06, each of the fours had to play three games in the two rounds. Those with the top two in each bracket ascended to the round and the semifinals . If teams had records, a complicated formula of scored was used as the first .

Next year, as soon as a losses its second game in of the first two rounds, it is eliminated . two teams have lost the other two move on to the next The semifinals remain as a single competition to qualify for the finals.

As far as the goes, in #8217;06 Cuba and the Republic emerged from one bracket and Japan and Korea the other. Those teams each other in the semifinals . Cuba ousting the Dominican and vanquishing Korea. Japan Cuba in the finals to win the tournament.

will change in #8217;09, the final game for each will determine seeding for the round. Thus, in the semifinals, the of each pool in the second will play the opposite runner-up in the single-elimination games .

welcome World Baseball

The World Baseball Classic is to Toronto, and players like the advantage.

Rogers Centre has chosen as one of the sites for the first of next year#8217;s WBC, Canada, the USA, Venezuela and whose team will be largely of second-generation players of parentage possibly comprising the for the event, which will be for the first 12 days of March.

The Blue Jays have working on this for over a but there was some question the city#8217;s status after the Republic threatened to boycott the unless Santo Domingo was to be one of the host cities.

The first WBC was a artistic and final success. skeptics who wondered how Major teams and players would to the interruption in their usual training regimens.

Among the Major Leaguers who appeared in the event were Justin Erik Bedard, Matt and Jeff Francis .

#8220;It#8217;s a draw for Toronto, because the weakest team (Italy) attract a few fans because of the Italian community in the city,#8221; the source.

During the first it was estimated that the host for events made about $1 after expenses. That#8217;s in to the spin-off benefits to the hotel and business.

For players, they are

Matt Stairs played for Canada at the 1988 Olympics as a Next year, when he is 41, he to represent his country again in the Baseball Classic. If he does, he get to perform before a home

Toronto will serve as one of the sites for the first round of the with games played at the Centre. The United States, and Venezuela will also in that pool.

Stairs, the Canadian on the Toronto Blue roster, said the club has given him permission to leave training next March to for Team Canada, as he did in the first WBC in 2006.

“Whenever you get 25 Canadians in one room, it tends to be quite Stairs said.

So does Harden of the A#8217;s .

#8220;It#8217;s kid#8217;s dream growing up to for your country,#8221; said a Victoria, B.C. native who to play for Team Canada in #8220;And I#8217;m very to get the opportunity to do that this around.#8221;

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