Volvo XC60 in India, Volvo XC60 Review, Volvo XC60 price in India

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Volvo XC60 in India

Ever since Volvo has breathing about their new language, it is but natural that the world sits up and takes Now Volvo cars are being into desirable things the earlier just for everyday use It’s a good sign and when it comes from own fraternity, then it’s a good thing.

All this with Volvo#8217;s #8220;Naughty#8221; the S60 and then carried onto the XC60. Now, the Volvo in India is a strange contraption coz it has launched to satisfy the soft SUV loving public in India. Its recently that we noticed the Volvo XC60 has been compared on our blogs and not exactly detail by detail.

So we got a Volvo with us and have reviewed it as per the style.  Check on Road

The XC60 has changed public about Volvo as a car making and in India it is no different. Wherever we there was an air about the SUV that it is an thing or something. The sharply bonnet and the peeled head are something which strike an chord with the SUV. The is outlined by aluminium.

There any fog lamps provided though as feel that the current Xenon setup is good for the use of this car. This car is an or CBU as we call it and is built in Belgium. The factor is that unlike others in its class, this car with an all tinted window from its factory. The keyboard of a is what reflects out of the side of this SUV.

The A pillar into the D pillar in a coupe The hips of this car, look like a hippo but in a stylish fashion. The ground of this car stands at 230 mm which is fine for a vehicle of its class the 16 inch alloys have a pattern and design to them, is a welcome change in this age of 5 alloy wheels.

There are twin tail and a single wiper at the rear. On observation, one can see the demister lines on the glass.


The doors of the XC60 in India open and hence there is no problem in the and egress department. The upholstery is a tone one and a welcome change the others in its class. The steering is a standard 4 spoke affair but are a tad too many buttons on it. The driver’s has got memory functions to it and adjusting in the is not a big deal for even size 11 types.

The instrument console is a clear unit with two dials, one for the rpm and the other for displaying the speed. On closer inspection, we that the instrument panel is veered towards the driver. wants us to think that we are in a BMW, since, of all the German BMW is the only one which builds centric cabins and the Scandinavian to have taken a leaf out of novel.

The dashboard is made of soft touch materials and the console has an aluminium accent into it with a host of placed in it. The glovebox, though not enough is deep to take in the manual and also some storage items. Volvo kitted out this car with goodies and most of them are to safety bits. Everything the cabin has a premium feel to it and we hardpressed to notice any bad bits in the

However the clutter of the buttons on the console would make one that an infotainment system MMI or iDrive would have wonders in this cabin. the audio system in the XC60 is one of the that we have recently and it is better than some of the that the Germans bring them.

The rear seats are enough, but then it would be a if three were to be seated We found ourselves rubbing with the middle passenger begging for some leg room. The in the middle was causing all the trouble. this SUV isn’t as wide and the shoulder room isn’t at the rear. There are DVD screens, are placed conveniently behind the seat headrests.

The controls for the music system in the console are also placed the middle passenger’s footwell. The for the middle row passengers is located on the B with a fully off flap next to it. The airconditioner is one of the most things in this car.

It has a chilling effect that two of the staffers were begging the to turn off the airconditioner. The rear split 40:20:20 and this in loading the cabin since the space is 495 liters. The boot on the press of a button as also with the same.

However, the of the boot is a bit of dimwitted affair the lid taking a long time to

Handling and ride quality

The XC60 in India comes the same suspension settings it is available internationally with. means Continuously Controlled Concept or the 4C chassis feature into picture. Volvo has buyers three modes for the Those are Comfort, Sport and

The XC60 has been tuned to be on the side and this is for given the rear seat proportions be to the liking of the chauffer driven For getting the best ride out of this European SUV, it is that the Comfort mode be In this mode, though the quality still is firm, it is not car type hard.

Just its other European counterparts, low ride quality is not its forte and at high speeds does the deliver some good quality. But then moving with the Comfort mode, we that it is best for the city use since this mode the SUV to have body roll by the So when you are in the mood for some action or swift tactics, the Sport mode comes picture.

The car’s tyres now have a grip to them which was in Comfort mode and the SUV now seems comfortable dealing with speeds. But then, the ride noticeably stiffens up. DSTC, a aid keeps on monitoring the SUV’s roll rate, directional and also the steering movements. it either brakes the wheel/wheels or reduces the engine’s power.

happens only if it thinks the SUV would skid or one wheel has got power being sent to it. The mode is something which a rock solid feel to the SUV and the and suspension is at its stiffest position The steering wheel is more a BMW one minus the instant connection or that you feel for the latter.

It is not light in the city but at the highway it is communicative but sometimes reaches a spot when in the mood for cornering. NVH is well controlled but the engine gets very post a certain rpm. has provided the XC60 windows double layer protection and to a great extent, reduces the NVH inside the cabin.

All wheel system as also the presence of electronic aids mean one can have enough fun chucking the XC60 at high speeds bends. Hill Descent is provided and this means one can hold onto a certain while going uphill or hill and this too without to keep a foot on the accelerator. system even works the vehicle is slotted into gear.

Speaking of reverse, the rear mirrors do a cheeky of bending towards the ground to give a better view of the Now, that would been a great touch if wouldn’t have actually it to bend so lower that immediately behind you aren’t Moreover, one cannot control as the electrical assistance to the ORVMs work when the reverse is in use.

Moreover the rear window is a affair and hence visibility at the is not that good. There are a of stowage spaces and some so that even prospective would have a hard going through them. The has got a toll clipper onto it and it is a touch.

The central console has got an cubby hole behind it. the S60, this one provides a saver tyre. Volvo make this as a standard instead of relying on tubeless puncture kits for their

Engine, performance and fuel

For the XC60, there is only a 2.4 diesel engine as of now. twin turbo 5 cylinder is widely used in many of the cars in India. This has a peak output of 205 Bhp which is at around the 4000 rpm mark and figures of 420 Nm starting from as low as rpm. Volvo have this car with a 6 speed box. This gearbox is shared with many Volvo cars in India.

We are not why Volvo does this, they don’t have any facility in India and hence the of having products in the same line doesn’t make a The performance sure isn’t as as the petrol engine in the S60. It is at par the Audi 2.0 liter TDI variant a 0-100 kmph run coming up in 9.2 and the top speed we could rake up 203 kmph.

The engine sounded gruff at that point of and it is no wonder that it is best to be at a sedate pace. Leaving the aside, the gearbox is also suited for the city use. Ask it to and it will do so without any hesitation for the downshift, it is a chore. Chore in the that we could actually its hesitation to go one down. Some careful refining of this would be a good thing for

At low speeds, the gearbox is a happy and at higher speeds, it seems a bit for the downshifting action.

Braking in this Volvo is induced. We tried the City System that Volvo was on this car. The system on the principle that the laser ahead of the grille constantly a distance between the vehicle in and if at all the vehicle ahead stops and the of the Volvo doesn’t react on then the system first the brakes, gives audible to the driver and if still the driver is too to react, then it would apply the brakes.

There is a gen ABS, EBD, ESP, control DSTC and what for this SUV. Moreover the all combination is a maintenance free and has a long interval for replacement in class. As for the safety features, or Blind Spot Driver system is present just the outside rear view and the outside portion of the rear mirror is a concave section.

section constantly checks if is a car or bike behind you, might be not in your line of and then alerts you via a bulb the ORVM which starts a deep orange once the is very near you. As for the of this car, there is a parking camera which not shows everything behind you but charts out the possible path the vehicle will travel, on the steering actions.

Volvo specifies the number of airbags in its cars and hence there is no wording on the airbags that car carries with it. Driver alert system also the driver if it detects a certain of the driver crossing road twice. This warnings can be through audio or even by a tea cup coming up on the display.

The navigation provided in this car is entirely for Indian use and hence even the of buildings are displayed on it. Even it has got 4 wheel drive, this cannot put two wheels onto the mud due to the of a low ratio.

Even under panic braking, the Volvo never stepped out of line and should be given to Volvo for that a very safe has been built and one which the same under all conditions. The capacity that this can take is 70 liters and inspite of a diesel, its not a frugal sipper. The returned 7.8 kmpl in the city and the open highways saw it returning kmpl.

Euro NCAP ratings say the Volvo is the safest in its class a 5 star ratings. Moreover, are afloat that Volvo this car to be the safest one it has ever and we can only second that

The Volvo XC60 in India is a competent SUV in its class especially a alternative to the Germans in here. For the part of the review or even drive, the Volvo XC60 in a predictable manner, save for the ride quality and seating at the rear. Volvo offers a 2 / 60,000 kms warranty, whichever is clause and this also free services.

We wish Volvo had also provided in horns for this car since the horns seem to be too polite for the crowd. Volvo desperately to ramp up their facilities or dealer network in India wherever we went, there was a buzz about this SUV and wanted to know its price and the run of the question was also popped up deti hain?”.

With a dealer network of 10 and some ads in the newspapers, Volvo cannot the public attention. This is available only in one variant the choice of options left to the of safety features to be added. The XC60 price in India is Rs lakhs.

This is ex-show Mumbai. We would say that go for SUV with your heart and not

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