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Volvo S40

V40 Information

A selection of taken from back-issues of the magazine, ‘Volvo Driver’.

To up to date with these join the Club and receive the Joining will also access to the back-catalogue of magazines on web site.

Since the introduction in May the Series has proved popular, members registering 90 cars on The S40/V40 are medium saloons and with more fluid than the boxy Volvos of The comfortable interior has plenty of and a quality feel. Safety are reassuring and handling is fine, but quality and engines could use refinement.

Poor interior was reported on some early but quality control has improved. It is too for major faults to emerge, but you can high reliability! So welcome the Phase 11 S40/V40, launched at the end of last year (2000). You have to be a serious Volvo-phile me to spot the visual differences old and new: the lights have altered, there are new seats, and the has been mildly rethought.

But a underneath the structure of the car reveals a lot more. For the second attempt at it right, Volvo has comprehensively the chassis in a bid to sharpen things up. The track – the width the two front wheels, has been to increase the cars footprint, the wheelbase has been lengthened. are major revisions to suspension while the tyres and wheels gone up a size.

Dampers are up in an attempt to make the car more The improvements to the ride and handling are The car now feels much more to change direction. While the is less fidgety than

Another problem which the original car and which is still in Phase 11 versions is the way the front fight the steering when the car is away from T junctions and the Only the top of the range 200bhp T4 has traction control to keep in check: it’s a £360 that you would be wise to for if considering a lesser engined

Where were you all, I was disappointed that there was not a S40/V40 attending the Western Rally, despite me having 36 on the register. A lot of spare time and goes into running a and arranging events, not to mention the funds wasted on the purchase of trophies. I can only arrange the but I need you to BE THERE!

We did not enter our S40 year, so Meril, as last winner, remains the holder of the W A 600 Series Cup. Changing the with an S40 in the family it is always to hear opinions on the V40. seem to be initially nervous the size of the V40, although realise that the power and easy clutch would diminish the problem.

They like the luggage – an essential security – while husbands the high rear sill awkward when set against the of estates. Everyone likes the steel ‘kick plate’ to protect the front d6or (Reminds me of my Princess 2.0 HLS, moons ago). The 600 Series are quiet, and it is all to easy to speed on the bends of B-roads, and the A-pillar obstruct vision with the windscreen being an inevitable

Passengers are very comfortable in the and also on the plus side is a lack of noise, which on journeys would improve the for the Walkman with teenagers. the low seat, and consequent reduced out of the side windows is a distinct The 2.0 litre petrol engine low down torque, which at 4500 rpm. The drivers is warmly complemented, which lumbar adjustment set at maximum remarkably comfortable and supportive.

On roads the cars power is somewhat light. With and the awkwardly positioned window on the driver’s armrest, a few hours of use are before they become the Volvo comfort, and the safety are second to none, although the point belt in the middle seat is a touch close to a neck.

Finally, Congratulations to Rydell, Volvo’s flying on winning the 1998 Auto RAC British Touring Car Drivers with the TWR run Volvo S40 Racing Well done also to ace, Gianni Morbidelli in his season as joint number one in the I know a little secret Gianiii had been learning the on the Sony Playstation with Touring Car Championship. I can only 28 points in Round 4 with the

It really is a great game, all the 1997 cars, drivers, and Championship tracks. You can drive all the cars of the 1997 season, all modelled on the real vehicles, and track is produced using 3D landscape data obtained by Survey Solution Centre. Needell even does the pre and race commentary.

This 40 Series Rally will be in the Western Area Rally at Park on Saturday 12 September. and Camping members have to camp on site over the it is only a few days away so if you will be attending either as a day or a camper, please send and SAE for a Rally programme and Weston information leaflet and admission BE THERE!

There are now 28 cars on the so it should prove to be a good for the W A LEWIS cup. This silver cup was very kindly by VOLVO dealership W A LEWIS Ltd, to be awarded annually at meetings. It was won last year by my Meril with our S40, Mike Cardwell and his V40 TD being an close Runner-up. Will be the next name on the Cup?

Cool summer news Volvo! As part of an upgrading of equipment, Volvo S40 and V40 models, the exception of the entry level 1.6 now come with air conditioning at no cost. It is always interesting to your comments when I a registration form. Chris from Berkhamsted wrote me about his V40 2.0 SE, Chris finds the car good to drive with a gearbox.

He finds the cruise extremely useful, making easier and speed limits to comply with. All the family the car and find it comfortable to ride in. has had a few minor problems with the mainly concerning plastic that were not fixed

The centre vents in the facia not working properly, the sill on the rear passenger door was the plastic cover on the high stop lamp did not stay on e tailgate sill guard and the trim on the inside of the tailgate Chris also says the radio has a serious problem intermittent but ever present every 2½ -3 seconds, when stationary.

Hopefully by now all problems have been by Chris’s dealership Recently I of a case of a used S40 1.8 that was with a mileage of 11,000 The owner subsequently experienced engaging reverse gear grating. There was also a when selecting first

He was told by the dealership that were aware of the problem and working on it. Volvo Customer were contacted and the owner was that a modification would the problem. The work was duly by the dealership, which involved a small adjustment to the gear gate. The owner was also that selection of first immediately prior to selecting gear normally results in gear changes.

In many but not all, this achieves the result, but because of the random of the defect, the procedure must be every time reverse is required, if the box is not to be progressively ruined. In instances recently the owner had to to pre-selection of reverse gear starting the engine.

This annual 40 Series Rally be held on Saturday 12 September at Park, Shropshire. This also be a Western Area with caravan and camping having permission to camp on over the weekend. (Full are printed in this Issue.) If you be attending, either as a day visitor or please send details and SAE for a programme and information leaflet, The S40 has the new Safety category in the What Car of the year awards.

When it was in 1995 the S40 set new standards of safety in the Medium segment, with systems designed as an integral of the chassis right from the board. Neville Stockton Crewe can testify this as his V40 was hit in the by a Range Rover complete Cow-Catcher – which did of the damage’ A case of Tail-gating a vengeance!

However the actual damage appears to be confined to having a new door with the rest of the work being unscathed! The lights, currently fitted to S40 and V40 models have been proven to have a positive on accident avoidance.

Research out by The Dutch Human Factors Institute found that driver reaction times measured, cars fitted side marker lights seen much earlier and clearly than cars The result showed that viewing angles of zero and ten a car without side-marker lights is times more likely not to be than one fitted with At 20 degrees, a car is twice as likely to be

Interestingly the same results noted in both clear and conditions. All the tests involved driving patterns and night driving. Red side-marker lights been compulsory in the United since 1969. From 1993, yellow side-markers been permitted in Europe but are not

Volvo is the only car manufacturer to side-marker lights as standard in and now plans to introduce side-markers to its range of vehicles.

The 40 series was introduced Spring 1997, and a slow start I now have 16 on the register. I do know however there are a further 3 cars the Club that are not registered. If you like a registration form send me a SAE. Last also saw the introduction of a beautiful cup, which was most donated by William A Lewis Ltd.

This is to be awarded at 40 Series BKV Rallies. It was won last by my wife Meril and our S40 at Weston With more cars the register, I know there be a lot of interest in this year’s watch this space for details. Well somebody had to be the

Chris Iwancz from has registered an S40 T4. Chris previously a 480, and did consider buying an S40 but found it underpowered? Chris has to send me a photograph of his T4 and a written which I shall publish in the issue. The S40 and V40 are now leading the way with Car UK sales. The former sold units in August 1997 51196 up on 1996.

The V40 meanwhile, 2,152 units stonking up on 1996. Last years Touring Car Championship drew to a at Silverstone at the end of September, with drivers Rickard Rydell and Burt battling back disappointing qualifying positions to fourth place overall in the Manufacturers table in the S40’s season. Rickard Rydell, on the eve of his birthday, also took place in the drivers standings.

This was the driver’s first with the S40, against more developed cars, and expect to be much stronger year.

The first ever BKV was held at the 300 Series Rally at Park on Saturday 13 September. I like to thank William A Car Ltd for most generously donating a silver cup to be awarded annually at 600 meetings. (600 Series is the Volvo nomenclature of the S40/V40). there were only two in the line up we were very to be awarded the winner.

Congratulations to Cardwell on being awarded a worthy runner up. Both created a lot of interest at the 300 Series giving members the opportunity for a inspection of these new models. A Rally report is printed in issue. Last summer the S40 and V40 T4 were launched as stablemates to Terminator’ S70 and V70 T5. Underneath the bonnet of the T4 is a 1.9 turbo-charged engine which a 200 bhp punch and a massive 300 Nm of torque.

enables the T4 to reach a speed of in just 7.3 seconds, with a top of 148mph. Upgraded brakes, and steering ensure enhanced experience still further standard models. Twin wider wheels and subtle also distinguish the T4 from models without detracting already stylish original Prices for the T4 start at below with the first cars reached the UK in the Autumn.

I was very to hear at the 300 Series Rally Paul Clifton, who is a Volvo in Cambridgeshire that his dealership had two T4’s in September. I am still to see my first!

The first 40 Series is definitely on! It will take at the 300 Series Rally at Weston Shropshire on Saturday 13 September. The BKV include a class for 40 Series, so do try and bring your car along.

In to Mr D Gilberts’ worry as to where to the petrol cap on his S40 when refuelling, Mr S T Pearce from St Austell, and Thomas from Redditch pointed out that there is a on the inside of the outer flap open. Mike also the handling of his V40 2.0 Auto following a tyre blowout at 920 miles as a of shrapnel in the road. Handling to a from 75mph? was impeccable.

Mrs J from Warwick had the misfortune of her V40 bumped whilst parked on University car park. The impact a hole in the bumper, necessitating a bumper and respray, Mrs Edmonds was as to the extent of the damage caused, but was by Volvo Car UK Limited that the of the bumper for Volvo vehicles has over the last few years.

Volvo vehicles are constantly improved, both in build drivability and most importantly The bumper on the 40 Series has been to take a low speed impact the necessity for a replacement bumper. Customer Relations were to comment on the impact that was on the vehicle. The safety features into the 40 Series are designed to in unison to insure that remain one of the safest vehicles on the today.

Mrs Edmonds also that there is a facie on the windscreen, which she says is driving through a fog curtain. Customer Relations do not consider situation to be a fault in manufacture, and that there is unlikely to be a However should there be any in this area, the dealer will be advised, who in turn contact their customers.

forms are now slowly starting to through our letterbox. I was most to receive a letter from Mr D from Epping telling me his S40. Last October Mr part exchanged his 740SE for an S40 2 Overall he is very pleased the car. So far no problems.

Delivery in his was 4 months from placing the Mr Gilbert was informed by his dealer the UK has been limited to 3,000 in the first year. He says is one other S40 in Epping and he has seen two on the road, but that’s it.

Mr Gilbert a 2 litre engine as he test a 1.8 and was disappointed with the response-the £500 for the larger engine was worth paying. The S40 article by Wickers in the last issue of mentioned that it was not obvious model one was driving. The 2 litre car is and also has twin exhausts the 1.8 model has a single exhaust. As the dashboard, Mr Gilbert did not object to the but only wished the glove box was spacious.

It does not hold as as one imagines. He also found the cap easy to remove and wishes there was a holder for the cap as on his old 740. He he is sure to leave the cap behind one day as is no obvious place to park it. production problems were by the end of last year, sales of the S40 and V40 to come through strongly.

sales totalled 5,662 for the with the plan being to that figure to 20,000 in The BTCC and TV advertising, plus new like the turbodiesel and a high S40 should help make big leap! Some of you may know, I am the Club 300 Series register

With this in mind I am a joint 300/40 Series at Weston Park, Shropshire on 13 September. The BKV will include the of a 40 Series perpetual trophy. If you like further information send me a SAE as I would like to provisional numbers of those

As some of you may know I am also the 300 Series Register Keeper. We now a new addition to our Volvo family, an green metallic S40 1.8 with cloth upholstery. As this is the car on the register, I am not aware of any teething experienced by other Members. Our new did not come without faults, an sensor on the horn and a damaged matrix. The sensor has been and a replacement radiator is on order.

The were launched 22 May last and were originally to be known as the S4 and F4 and Flexibility). Volvo later on S40 and V40 (Saloon and Versatility). The V40 being the door estate, with the designed rear that the heaviness that has been a of traditional Volvo estates.

Two 16 valve engines are available, 1.8 ll5hp) and 2.0 (1548cc,140hp) with a of five speed manual or speed automatic transmissions. A diesel engine is planned for 1997. The 1.8 has a higher gearing to fuel economy returning mpg on the urban cycle, while the 2.0 one mpg less.

Progressively balanced assisted steering is standard and informative feedback at speed and maneuverability for parking.

The 2.0 engine is composed on hills, but with gear changes the smaller 1.8 which boasts 90% of the torque of the engine, never feels Inside every detail and carries the hallmark of intelligent functionality and carefully considered Drivers airbag and Volvo Impact Protection System are standard. Concealed within the side backrest of each seat is an airbag.

In the event of a side impact, the bag inflates at side to provide extra protection, whatever the position of the SIPS, with side airbags reduces on average the of severe injury in a side by 35%. There are three belts for all rear seats, and LED lighting for the high level light. This lights up 250 faster than conventional which at 56mph means motorists have 4.5 metres warning.

Although very equipped at Standard Equipment six different equipment pack are available. Volvo have to take the ‘just in time’ principle to its logical conclusion. No car is until an order is made. chosen body, colour, trim and specification is produced scratch. Delivery is four to six from ordering, although I heard of a case of 18 weeks for a V40 in

Perhaps this is why I have seen two on the road.

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