Volvo 850 keyword D3 B0 protocol ELM327 interpreter

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Volvo 850

keyword D3 B0 protocol

This page contains a in which you can paste (or type) from ELM327 communication a Volvo 850 into the Paste 850 communication here box. You select the Interpret button and the interpreted results are returned in the box (on a separate Results page).

The text can involve the Volvo 850 D3 B0 protocol (KWPD3B0), the OBDII diagnostics, and any comments which inserted.

The text can come anywhere — a Hyperterminal a Realterm session, a log file, a web your typed input, etc anything that contains the 850 responses recorded by an ELM327 device, such as those on:

the real Elm Electronics ELM327

an ELM327 clone,

an STN1100 chip, as is used by OBDLink MX and SX.

There’s been some work to generalize the interpreter for use the 1998 Volvo S70 / V70 / XC70 So text from ELM327 communication with a ’98 S70 / V70 / can be interpreted as far as reading/clearing of KWPD3B0 ECUs’ DTCs, reading of the ECUs’ Hardware/Software version and #s, and reading of the COMBI’s Vehicle and Service Reminder Interval and counters.

The ’96-’97 850 and/or ’98 KWPD3B0 ECUs which been interpreted for Read (AE01), Clear DTCs and/or Read Hardware/Software and Revision #s (B9F0) are: ABS 01), ECC (ECU 29) [’98 (ECU 2D) [’98 only so Power Seat Left (ECUs 2E 2F), COMBI 51), SRS (ECU 58), AW (ECU 6E), Motronic 4.4 7A).


As of 2013-11-27, the items are interpreted and reported as

Vehicle Mileage.

Service Interval limits and counters.

for any KWPD3B0 conversant ECU

(as raw 2-digit and sometimes as Volvo’s 3-digit

Clear DTCs responses for any conversant ECU

(both positive and acks).

Hardware/Software version and #s for any KWPD3B0 conversant ECU.


Coolant Temp.

Temp [’98 only].

ECU 51 freeze frames — ’96-97 850 and ’98 SVC70

Miscellaneous COMBI parameters of which are sheer guesses at

Reprogramming of SERVICE Light Interval limits.

Illuminated or Low Fuel lights (when is running).

List of supported diagnostic PIDs for engine and ECUs.

Emission diagnostic Check Light (CEL) / Malfunction Lamp (MIL) status, # of diagnostic DTCs, and Readiness status.

Emission diagnostic and Pending DTCs, both and clearing.

Short Term Trim.

Long Term Trim.

Engine RPM.


Ignition Timing

Mass Air Flow (MAF).

System Status (closed vs. open loop).

Calculated Value.

Absolute Throttle

Commanded Secondary Air Status.

of Oxygen Sensors.

O2 Bank 1 1 2 Output Voltage.

O2 Bank 1 1 2 Short Term Fuel

OBD Requirements vehicle is designed

Emission diagnostic freeze data (for PIDs 00, 0C-0D).

All of the OBDII emission values allowed either or without headers and checksum.

acks for any KWPD3B0 conversant ECU or without headers), ie, the 7F xx yy and 7E xx yy responses, xx is the ECU # and yy is the error subcode.

Any of the above in lowercase.

Any of the above responses when ATS0 has been (ie, when spaces do not the 2-digit hex values, but only if whitespace or nothing else the last 2-digit hex value).

volvo850diag timestamps.


At the present time, only the common DTCs that encountered are listed with Volvo 3-digit DTC codes and explanations. But at least the actual, 2-digit hex DTC codes are reported for keyword D3 B0 protocol ECU, whether you even know yet the ECU is for.

As the need arises and as new is discovered — especially for the raw hex vs. Volvo DTC codes — interpreter will be expanded so the remainder of the DTCs, and, in all the Volvo 850 keyword D3 B0 protocol can be fully, along with the common OBDII emission

The OBDII emission diagnostic will be interpreted with headers enabled (ATH1) or disabled (ATH0, the default). The conversant ECUs’ Negative that involve the 7F xx yy and 7E xx yy responses also be interpreted with headers enabled or headers However, most responses KWPD3B0 conversant ECUs only be interpreted when are enabled (ATH1) .

For explanations of the emission diagnostic DTCs and DTCs, see the generic A2 Fuel and A6 Ignition sections on page 1 of 850, S70, V70, C70, Trouble Codes 1996-1998. as as the engine specific Motronic Fenix 5.2, and Jetronic sections on page 2. Those two are also useful for understanding the Volvo DTC codes for both the emission diagnostics DTCs and the generated by the ECUs using the D3 B0 protocol.

Permanent Limitations:

This will not work if saved to your machine.

This will only work the web as:

Ideally, the text into the Paste Volvo 850 here box should contain the requests sent to the ELM327 and the back from the Volvo For example, when reading the mileages contained in the Volvo 850 it should contain both the and B90400 commands along their responses. But the absolute minimum, at present, is to include the 850 responses. As the following example the pasted text can contain info which is not interpreted:

To see how works, just paste all of the (or any portion of it) into the Paste 850 communication here box, click Interpret .

Our above data for the Paste Volvo 850 here box would be interpreted the following results in the Gleanings

After you’ve experimented the above example data, generate your own log for your car by all the commands listed at ELM327 to read ECU 51 DTCs and B9nn thru the ELM327 to your 850‘s COMBI. The responses look somewhat similar to at ELM327 ECU 51 commands responses (with links) .

Then copy and paste car’s responses from the Realterm, or whatever terminal display screen or captured log into the Paste Volvo 850 here box, and click . The results will appear on a Volvo 850 keyword D3 B0 protocol results page.

At present, the requirements are that the interpretable 850 responses are inserted into the Volvo 850 communication here and that they are left-aligned on response line. You shouldn’t any problem with the left requirement if you copy/paste the command and its as a unit.

It is advisable to include

the command, possibly preceded by the prompt () and optional whitespace, and

the 850 response(s). Usually there’s 1 response line per request,

this will solve the must be left aligned and it simplifies understanding what come from what

If you paste a contents of a log created by using its Send File you may find that the ELM327 () is missing from the command That is usually OK, since the Volvo 850 response is used at for the vast bulk of interpretation.

If you use volvo850diag — [see and/or ] — to create a log file, then you can the log file in a text editor, All its contents, copy to the clipboard, paste the entire log’s in the Paste Volvo 850 communication box below. The box has enough capacity to handle a 30-45 minute session. After pasting the into the box, click and anything which is interpretable by interpreter will appear in the page’s Gleanings box.

The page’s Gleanings box will include the lines which the interpretation, with possibly one line included (since it is the command / request that the response). The gleanings themselves have the —— prefix.

Volvo 850 communication here keyword D3 B0 based or emissions

At present, Interpret can handle up to chars (at least temporarily). The Volvo 850 communication here box can be if you like.

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