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on our 2010 Volkswagen Golf be test fitting the Thule Roof Rack System, numbers THLB50, TH480, and We#39;ll begin our test fit by opening up the front doors of the We#39;ll then use an allen to loosen up and remove the black covers which will the barbs and the clips to go up into.

this done, we#39;ll the front load bar onto the of our roof. We#39;ll then some cleaner to clean off the where our protective padding is to be. Now since there#39;s already a where the clip is going to be you can use that as the halfway point to your clear protective pad

We#39;ll then peel off our protective padding and carefully it onto the roof, being as the underside of the protector is extremely We#39;ll repeat these for both sides. With done, we can place the front bar onto the front of our roof.

on our 2010 Volkswagen Golf, be test-fitting the Thule Rapid Roof Rack System, part numbers THARB53, and THKIT1323. We#39;ll go ahead and our test-fit by first opening up the set of doors. On the underside of the panel, notice that the front set of have a small bar sticking out of

These are designed to go in the designated along the roof-line. You#39;ll to use a small Allen wrench to the black plastic covers, these pins on the clips slide into. Once you these removed, you can place the load bar onto the front of our

Today on our 2010 Volkswagen well be test fitting the Tierod Roof Mounted Rack, part number the Thule Rapid Traverse Rack System already onto our vehicle, well our test fit by placing the bike up on to the load bars. Well the rubber-coated steel straps the underside of the front bar and then to the rear.

Well undo one of the bolts to bring the rear around the underside of the rear well then thread in the and tie them down with a now move back up to the front, we can remove the black plastic and hook the rubber-coated steel into the connection points. We then use the wrench to turn the bolt to tighten down up against the bar. With all tighten down secured ready to load up our bike.

double check to make that the skewer is loose at the and well undo the strap at the Well place our bike up on the rack sliding the forks onto the skewer.

Today on our 2004 Volkswagen we#39;re going to install hitch part number And here are a couple of measuments will assist you in selecting for the new hitch set to the bike rack or a carier. The center of the hitch to the outermost edge of the bumper is 8 and 1/2 From the top of the receiver tube to the it#39;s 9 and 3/4 inches. Now let#39;s go with the installation.

We#39;ve gone ahead and removed the tire, now we need to lower the

Volkswagen Golf Questions and

Yes, the WeatherTech Side Air Deflectors # WT80197 will fit 2-door hatchback 2000 VW Hatchback. I checked with to confirm this. I attached instructions for this product for you to out also.

Both the Thule # TH9025, and the Softride Dura # have straight shanks so the would still be present on the What you need is a bike that has a rise in the shank. all of the trailer hitches for the 2012 Golf are Class I trailer

This is important because certain bike racks fit a Class I trailer hitch. And the issue is that Class I hitches are limited to 2 bikes at The addition of a third or more moves

The Curt trailer # C11000, has about as much of the showing but the round tube fits the overall design of the in my opinion, than the other options. I have linked the for you. You can look at some of the submitted review photos and for yourself.

I think it looks good. If you plan on doing towing the correct ball is # C45016. You will also pin and clip # PC2. Fora inch ball use # 19256 and for a 2

The QuickBack trunk mount rack # Y02622 will fit the 2012 Volkswagen Golf and the BMW X5. However, on the X5 you will be limited to 2 because installation on that requires the use of the glass hatch (included) and that limits the to 2 bikes. What you can use is the Thule 3, # TH911XT, for both vehicles.

You are not to just 2 bikes on either so this is a good option. If you be carrying any bikes that do not

If you do not to potentially damage the ground on your 2012 Volkswagen a trunk-mounted rack might be best bet. I recommend the KingJoe Pro 2 Bike Rack # you have referenced. It is perfect for and attaches easily with a system.

It features an integrated anti-sway system that prevents from moving and making with each other or your vehicle. I have links to a video review for product as well as a vide

If you a 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI you would use trailer hitch # which does fit the diesel If you have any other model than a Golf (for there is also a City Golf GTI (Canda) and GTI, as as a Golf wagon) let me know and I can the proper hitch. If you do have the Golf TDI then the recommended mount is # 3594.

For a 1-7/8 ball use # 19256 and for a 2 inch use # 19258. For trailer wiring use # unless it is

You are correct, anytime you are a Class I hitch you should put more than 2 bikes on a rack on that hitch. if the rack you have is a quality that can carry 3 or 4 bikes. The is not the bike rack it is the hitch/vehicle.

It does not have the capacity to the additional weight, plus the leverage of having the weight out away from the hitch. In cases it is not the hitch that bend when overloaded, it is where it in

On all of the trailer hitches for the 2011 Volkswagen Golf, see the cross tube will be beneath the rear fascia on the There are no hitches from the that we carry that are hidden from view. The popular option is # 24825 you have referenced.

I have a link to the instructions for you. If you on doing some towing the ball mount is # 3594 and you can use pin and # PC2. For a 1-7/8 inch use # 19256 a

To equip your for towing, I would recommend the Hitch Class I receiver, # 60212 which includes the mount and pin and clip. The Tow Ready # is the recommended trailer wiring for the 2011 Golf. You would need the appropriately sized ball, part # 19256 for a inch ball or # 19258 for a 2 ball.

I did some online and was unable to find any concrete regarding the actual towing of your Golf. I saw references

I would try first would be to the exhaust hangers that the rear of the exhaust up so that you put the exhaust back on the hangers the will be high enough they would not come contact with the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch # 24825. what we usually do here in our and can be very effective. Try not to get too crazy bending the hanger, but a little bit do the trick. I attached an FAQ video for you to out that shows how you co

According to my contact at Draw-Tite, # 24825 Class I receiver indeed fit your 2013 TDI. When installed, the portion of the hitch will be 2-1/4 inches below the bumper fascia. Measure the bottom edge of the rear to the ground.

Subtracting 2-1/4 from that distance give you an approximate ground As you can see by examining the installation instructions I linked to, installation is pretty and would not re

We often include measurements when we do a hitch videos for products like the # 11000, but in the case of your Golf we do not happen to have an installation video of this hitch on your particular So I pulled a piece from the and took measurements that allow you to determine your once the hitch is installed. I a photo of the hitch with from the top surface of the lower flange to th

After speaking to my at Curt, I found the most extension you can achieve with the Class II Euro Style # C45592 for your 2011 Golf is with the Curt II Drawbar # C45015. This is a rise drawbar which a total height increase of 2 for any cargo you would tow with vehicle.

I spoke with my at Tow Ready and verified that the Tow Modulite Wiring Harness, # is the correct wiring harness for 2012 Volkswagen Golf Your vehicle uses a multiplex wiring system, it sends multiple signals the same wire.

To install wiring harness in your you will use the included circuit to test the wires at the back of the light assembly. Using the tester, test for the wire carries the tail ligh

The Volkswagen Golf has a pulse modulation wiring system. It varying pulses of power one wire to operate the different functions of the tail lights. are wiring harnesses that work with this of system.

For your Golf you can use # You will use the included circuit to test the wires behind the lights while someone through the various light (brake lights, left signal, right turn and running lights).

If your Golf has a roof with crossbars that are than 4 inches in diameter and can be adjusted so that their to center distance apart is 24 and 34 inches, the SportRack Aero XL # would work well for Golf. If you do not have a roof with crossbars, one can be installed the following parts: 53 Inch Crossbar # THARB53 Thule Traverse Foot Pack # Vehicle Specific Fit Kit # THKIT1323 I spoken with my contact at T

I with my contact at Draw-Tite, and was that the Golf R model was not for hitch fits. My contact neither confirm nor deny the hitch would fit that I spoke with Curt their # C11000, and was told it will not fit the R model. If you were to use the hitch as a mount for a bike Thule and Yakima both bike racks that are a fit for the R model.

To see the compatible models, the provided link. Of the available ra

The VW Golf and the 2011 Golf use Q Clips and crossbar lengths so the old will not work on the newer For a 2011 you will need the parts: 58 inch crossbars, # Q96 Q Clips, # Y00696 Q102 Q # Y00702 Q Towers, # Y00124 the Q Towers you have are the NEW Q Towers, in 2004 or newer, then you not need to add towers) The correct Pads are included.

Yes, does list the Passage 2 rack, # TH910XT, as a fit for a 2011 Golf 3- or 5-door. The instructions the following fit tips: Place top in the gap at the front edge of the top of the trunk, or door. Place lower in the bottom edge of trunk or

Caution: Rear wiper can not be when carrier is mounted. arm of carrier should be positioned on tier of bumper. I have a link to the installation instructions and a

In order to install a 6-Way connector on your 2004 VW you will need to start adding 4-Way trailer harness, # 119175KIT. I have a link to the installation instructions for you to After the 4-Way is installed, you can add the 4 and 6 way kit # ETBC6. The 4-Way previously plugs into the adapter and the 3 wires will need to be to the vehicle.

The white wire to the vehicle frame. The remaining 2 are b

We do have trailer hitches fit right beneath the bumper on a Volkswagen Golf TDI. a look at the Draw-Tite trailer # 24825 and Hidden Hitch # I have included a link to the which contain a diagram the location of the hitch once As you can see the receiver will be right the bumper.

You will not need to remove the for installation. You would want to use a that is designed to fit your because they are specific

All of the hitches for the 2005 Volkswagen including the Draw-Tite hitch, are I hitches. This means you can only use accessories that fit a Class I hitch. The Curt carrier, # C18145, is designed for II trailer hitches and physically not fit a Class I. For a Class I cargo I recommend the Draw-Tite carrier, #

It is Class I compatible and has a rise in the for greater ground clearance. It can be adjusted to be further away

The trailer hitch, # 24825, fit a 2012 Volkswagen Golf I have included a link to the instructions for you to view. This is a I trailer hitch so you will to use Class I rated accessories.

The Trailhead, # S63360, will fit a I trailer hitch so there are no issues there. The other thing to consider is clearance the hitch pin hole on the hitch, installed, back to the distance to clear the rear of

The Yakima Pro, # Y02629, does fit the Volkswagen Golf. In addition to bike rack, I have a link to all of the 2 bike trunk racks that will fit Golf. The SuperJoe Pro is a good level bike rack. If you to go up to the top tier, I recommend the Thule # TH9001.

The Raceway is the easiest and bike rack to install remove from a vehicle it uses retractable cables of straps to mount the bike I have inc

The draw bar included the hitch is part # C45016, has a 2-5/8 inch rise, or inch drop. Ideally, you to tow the trailer so that it is as level as but being within an inch and a either way is close enough for work. Keep in mind hitch is designed to work with a draw bar with the drop as the C45016, and using a bar with a different rise or is not recommended. I will link you to our FAQ that shows how to correctly

It is the fit kit or clips that attach to the that are specific to each On a 1998 Golf, a 5 door may be he has. It would have 4 doors on the sides of the car and then one hatchback door at the back.

If it does not have a hatchback, it may not be a but a Jetta or Passat. The Thule system, # TH444, comes everything that you will including the correct clips, and bars. It fits either the 3 or 5 door Golf Type I h

You are correct, installation of the Hidden # 60212, does not require any or cutting to install on your Volkswagen Golf w/ gas engine. You need to use the included pull to install the bolts in the frame (see video). Installation is estimated at approximately 30 minutes and you have no problem installing the in your driveway or garage.

I recommend having a friend you position the hitch when it is to bolt it to the vehicle.

Yes, the Trailer Hitch, # 24825, fit the 2011 Volkswagen Golf All of the trailer hitches, including the hitch, are Class I hitches. means that you will a bike rack that is with a Class I hitch.

It means that you will be to carrying 2 bikes. The 2 bike is because more than 2 would put too much stress on the Having more weight from the receiver on a Class I hitch can damage the hitch and

With the Yakima Q Towers, you need to look at first are the Q as they will be different for vehicle. For a 1998 VW Golf, you need Q76 Q Clips, # Y00676. clips are designed to fit the contours of vehicle.

The clips come the correct pads. For the pads, you need the Yakima D pad, # that you have referenced. are sold in quantities of 1 so to replace a set you would need to order 4. The will had a letter right in the that

First, the Draw-Tite Hitch, # 24825, will fit the Volkswagen Golf. We have that it should take 30 to install the hitch if you have all the tools and possibly a helping You can call a local repair as labor rates are different

I have included a link to the details so you could print out and show them to a shop to get a accurate quote. Since you to use the hitch for a bike rack you need to know that th

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