Toyota Yaris

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Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris questions and answers

Q: toyota yaris?

i have a 2006 toyota yaris and im not happy with the stereo sound, I have 4 speakers, what can i add to improve the sound quality?Cant rip out the stereo casue its attached to the car thnks.

A: In Smart Moneys test the Yaris got a rating of 2 stars, the Honda Fit got 3.5, Chevy Aveo: 3, and Nissan Versa 2.5

Q: We are going to buy Toyota yaris 2008, is a turquoise metalic color best color to choose?

I am wondering if turquoise metallic would be best color in buying a car (toyota yaris 2008). Does is not easily faded as day passses by since it has a natural light color. Please advice.

A: Its a good colour – but the percieved wisdom in the motor trade is that silver cars are easier to sell on – it may add a little to the resale value. Great car BTW. I have had a diesel Yaris for 2 years now and it runs like a dream and is cheap for fuel, tax and insurance.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a timing belt on a Toyota Yaris?

I have a toyota yaris and i want to change the timing belt on it as it has done 70000 miles. how much does it cost?

A: Your car does NOT have a timing belt, it has a chain Dont know how Joey got his done.

Q: Where could I get a lease on Toyota Yaris?

Hi, I live in New York and interested in leasing Toyota Yaris or other similar cars. Could someone suggest me a good dealer I appreciate your answer.

A: Competition Toyota in Middle Island, NY

Q: Is the Toyota Yaris just a Smart Car with a back seat?

I would like to buy a smart car but I think I might need a back seat once in a while, so would the toyota yaris be the closest car? Does the Yaris get good mileage like the smart car does?

A: The EPA estimated fuel efficiency of the Smart ForTwo is 33 miles per gallon in city and 41 mpg on highway. The EPA estimated fuel efficiency of the Toyota Yaris is 29 mpg in city and 35 mpg (36 mpg for the manual transmission version) on highway. So, by this measure the Smart ForTwo is better. However, the Toyota Yaris and its predecessor, the Echo, have received Consumer Reports’ highest Reliability Verdicts for all of the model years for which they have existed.

By contrast, if the Smart ForTwo is a typical Daimler product, it should have one of the worst reliability records as the vehicles age. See’s Greenest Automobiles of 2008 at and its lists of the Best and Worst Automobiles of 2008 at Although the overall reliability of the Smart ForTwo may be among the worst, it appears unlikely that its engine or transmission will be among the worst (or among the best). See’s Best and Worst by engine reliability at and its Best and Worst by transmission reliability at .

Q: how to use the folder button in toyota yaris?

I recently bought a toyota yaris and I was wondering how to used the folder botton on the radio.I think it has something to do with a MP3 player.

A: dude thats a good question i have had the car since july and i still haven’t figured it out haha

Q: I want to buy a Toyota Yaris, What Will the Payments Be?

I am interested in buying a Toyota Yaris for myself. I am looking at a Gorgeous red one, and its 13,999 on the Ticket. It is BRAND new at a Local Toyota Dealership.

I am planning on giving down 1,500 dollars. Since I am barely starting to establish credit, my dad is going to cosign for me. he has great credit, and I was told by the dealer that they will use his credit to determine the APR. One of my friends used her mom, who had great credit and got 0 APR.

They told me that the base APR for great credit is about 2.9. After estimating payments online, it says I would be looking at 238 a month-NOT INCLUDING TTL, Is this accurate or can anyone help me. If you have a Yaris, and you gave the same down, or whatever. let me know what your payments are.

Additional Details: I am planning on giving $1500 down, and doing a 60 month.

A: 2.9% apr is a factory subvented rate. You’ll have to check with your dealer to see what the current incentives are. Some are rebates, some are low subvented apr’s in lieu of rebates, or some (very few) are rebates and low apr. find out what the current rebat is and the non subvented rate they offer. work the payment out with those figures, and then find out what the subvented rate is without the rebate. which ever adds up to the least over your term is the one to go with.

Q: Cost to have bumper replaced on 2007 Toyota Yaris?

Recently, someone rear ended my 2007 Toyota Yaris. The bumper has paint scratched off of it, and it is somewhat popped up on one side of the car. I do not have a lot of money, and I have not yet been able to get it replaced.

Approximatel how much would it cost to bring it to Toyota or another body shop and have them replace the bumper and match the paint color?

A: Well Toyota is typically going to be your highest cost. Dealers always are. The advantage of Toyota is that they’ll use an original Toyota bumper skin. Although, that’s not as critical on a piece like this. If it’s just the paint scratched off of it and the underlying plastic isn’t gouged (or gouged too deeply) it may be able to be repaired.

One option that may be cheaper, is visiting and finding a used one to match your car’s color exactly. That would save you from having to have it painted and it would be an original Toyota part too (just slightly used). The year of your car (very new) will make finding one difficult.

A local body shop is probably your best bet for lowest cost. They should be able to give you a written estimate. It may be that they can bend the support back to make the bumper sit flush again and then buff the scratches out if they aren’t too deep.

Q: How much is the cost for Toyota Yaris in ph peso?

How much is the cost for Toyota Yaris in Ph Peso?

A: The Yaris is offered in two variants, 1.5-liter automatic and manual transmission at P748,000 and P713,000 respectively. It comes in 4 shades—mysterious black, passionate red, elegant white, and chic medium silver.

Q: What do you think of the Toyota Yaris S Sedan?

What does everyone think of the 2007 Toyota Yaris S Sedan? Possibly getting one by the end of the year and want to hear the positives and if any the negatives of the car.

A: Smooth as a sewing machine The Liftback comes in just one base trim level which has air conditioning, tilt steering wheel and intermittent wipers. The Convenience Package adds AM/FM/CD with MP3 jack, rear defroster and 15-inch wheels while the Performance Package adds ABS, power windows/locks/mirrors and a 60/40-split-folding rear seat that also reclines and slides fore and aft to optimize passenger or cargo room.

We sampled both powertrains, and found the manual gave the Yaris a peppy, sporty feel. The engine stays smooth and vibration-free, even at high rpm. We took the engine to redline again and again and never felt like we were thrashing the car. Both the gearshift and clutch action are light and the gearshift knob doesn’t vibrate, whether at idle or while running at 75 mph on the freeway.

As expected, the automatic sapped some of the fun, as off-the-line performance is blunted. But like the manual, it has decent midrange pull and has no problem getting up to and cruising at 75-80 mph on the highway. We laid into the brakes hard a few times from around 55 mph and found an easily modulated pedal with reassuring braking power.

All Yarii have disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear, but the cars we drove had the optional ABS. At highway speeds we noticed a difference between the Liftback and the S sedan. The sedan was quieter while the Liftback let more road rumble into the cabin.

Both absorbed freeway expansion joints without drama, adding to the relaxed demeanor at cruising speeds.

Q: wheres the cheapest place in ohio to get a toyota yaris?

currently i am being told $14,000 for a no accessory toyota yaris, my question to you guys is-is there anywhere in ohio that i can pick one up for cheaper? im looking for a blue 2 door one.

A: well im sure toyota in ohio can get you one cheaper it just depends if you want it in an automatic or manual. i have an automatic with the winter package and i paid 13496. but if you like a manual the cheapest i have ever seen is 12750. good luck.

Q: Does the 2008 Toyota Yaris sold in the US have the same engine as the one sold in Europe?

I am buying a Toyota Yaris 2008 in the US and I am planning to ship to Europe. Is the model sold in America similar to the one sold in Western Europe? Thanks

A: yes their the same

Q: orange light has appeared on my dashboard of Toyota Yaris?

An orange light stating malfunction indicator lamp has appeared on the dashboard of my 1999 toyota Yaris. Have bought car from my sister. She said it used to come on and off with her before too and a mechanic had to hook it up to a PC to get rid of it.

I just hope its no more than that.

A: Did she give you the manual? What you need to know is in there. Check with a dealer on how to get one. Also, they can reset the light for you and tell you if something actually needs to be fixed. Toyota’s and other makes require that you put the gas cap on tight; it should start to click.

If you don’t, you get a warning light. Also, some models will turn on a light at every 5000 mile interval to remind you to do maintenance (mainly oil changes). There is a way to hold down the trip odometer while the key is in the accessories position (the car is not running) which turns out the light.

Q: How can I convert a Toyota Yaris Sedan 2007 with manual windows and locks to power windows and locks?

Hi! I want to change my Toyota Yaris‘ Sedan 2007 manual windows and locks to power windows and locks. How can I achieve this? Please explain thoroughly (what I need, where I need to go, etc.).


A: First find out if any of these cars,came with this option.Going to a junk yard an pulling the parts yourself is the cheapest.If you go this route it will be obvious how to install on your all doors would be manufactured to except either option.If you buy them from the dealership it will be very expensive.I buy and repair a lot of cars.rarely do inside parts not work unless they were smashed in a accident.You will need to pull the inside door panels unless your doors have the slot for the power switches already.Most of the time one wiring harness is used for the intire run of a certain model.Its cheaper to make one part that can be used in several if your car had that option.chances are all the plugs for the power are already on your car.You my have to search for them.But chance are they are there in the fire wall some where, Also pull all parts that connect the electric motor to the window,and the switches for the locks.I would pull the panel off of your car and make a close when you get to the yard you will leave with everything you need for the swap,.And I mean everything,nut bolts plastic clips cause if your not careful pulling the door panel off you will break a clip or lose a screw..If you go this route it will probly take you about three hours on your first door.And about an hour on the second.believe me you will learn on the first door. Now if you don.t want to go this route there are a lot of after market companies that offer these kits.JC whittney,for example.But you may have to manufacture parts to make the kit fit your application.

Don,t let any of this stop you its all actually easy work to do, its just time consuming.And in the middle of it all you may stop and scratch your head and say why.but the end results are always worth the work. Also if you look for help on the web good one unless they are and a repeat are a mechanic give you any reliable info.But you may find the parts cheaper.

Q: Toyota Yaris hatchback Vs. Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback which is better?

Which is a better car the Toyota Yaris hatchback or the Chevrolet Aveo hatchback? They are both really cheap but which is the better choice?

A: Hi, some information to help you make your own choice. 1. The Chevy Aveo is actually made in South Korea by Daewoo. Chevy purchased a controlling interest in Daewoo so they could have access to their small vehicles.

2. The Yaris incorporates many of the advanced features that are present in higher end Toyotas, including: a. no steering pump or steering belt (no squealing when you turn a corner after it wears), the Yaris uses electric steering which is much more reliable, weighs less, has fewer parts and fewer moving parts b. individual fuel injectors for each cylinder with computer control over each cylinder independent of the others (if you get some water in the gas, the system can actually slightly advance or retard the spark in that individual cylinder to clear it) c. I have to teach class, I’ll finish later.

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