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Today on our 2005 Toyota Solara, we#39;ll be test fitting the Kuat Beta folding two bike aluminum rack for inch and a quarter trailer hitches, part number B202-114. To begin our test fit, we#39;ll slide the shank of the carrier into the receiver tube of the hitch. Line up the pin hole and install our pin and lock. We#39;ll move to the rear of the shank and tighten the hand knob to secure our bike rack to our vehicle and engage our anti-rattle device.

Now we#39;ll go over a few clearance measurements. We have about thirteen and a quarter inches of ground clearance.

Today, on our 2005 Toyota Solara, we#39;ll be test-fitting the Prorack 2-Bike Carrier for inch and a quarter and 2-inch hitches, part number PR8062403. To begin our test-fit, we#39;ll slide the shank of the carrier into the receiver tube of the hitch, line up the pin holes and thread in our anti-rattle bolt, tightening it with a wrench. Now we#39;ll go over a few clearance measurements.

We have about 10.5 inches of ground clearance, the closest point of the carrier to the rear of our vehicle is about 3 inches. We#39;ve added about 21 inches to the overall length of our Solara. We can pull the pin and clip at the base of the carrier and allow it to tilt away from the vehicle.

This gives us plenty of room to load and unloadstuff out of our trunk.

Today we are going to be installing hitch part number 90652 from Hidden Hitch on a 2008 Toyota Solara. OK, underneath the vehicle, we are looking at the drivers side frame rail. You can see we have got two existing weld nuts here at the end of the frame.

These are going to provide the two rear-most attaching points for the trailer hitch. And then we have got a sticker here which are going to need to remove. It will be one, two and three – will be our three weld nuts here.

Toyota Solara Questions and Answers

To see all the trunk mounted bike racks that will work on your 2007 Toyota Solara Convertible check out the link I attached. The rack that is confirmed to fit that I would recommend for you would be the Thule Raceway part # TH9001. This is one of the best racks on the market right now because of how easy it is to setup and remove and because of how well it secures to your vehicle.

This rack uses rubber coated steel cables instead of fabric straps like other racks. Check out the review video I

This is a fairly common problem when fitting a new trailer hitch on an older vehicle. Over time, your vehicles frame, in this case your 2006 Toyota Solara, will attract dirt, salt, road grime, etc. These materials will clog up the bolt holes in your cars frame and harden, causing rust and corrosion.

This is an easy fix with a wire brush such as the Deka Battery Post and Terminal Cleaner # DW00254 and spray lubricant. I have provided a link to our FAQ page on cleaning weld nuts to assist you a

The Yakima QuickBack # Y02621 is not a fit for your Solara. However I do have a recommendation for a rack that will fit both your 2006 Toyota Solara and the 2013 Honda CR-V. Take a look at the Hollywood Racks Expedition, # HRF6-2. This rack should fit around the spoiler.

I have included a link to the installation details and a link to a video review for you. For carrying any bikes that do not have a top round frame tube that goes straight across, I recommend using adapter bar # HRBA-PRO. This

The Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer Kickstand, part # Y08115 is designed to fit 2×2 inch tubing. Keep in mind that the trailer that this item is designed for has 200 lb capacity, so it is not designed for heavy duty use.

The Rhode Gear Super Shuttle, # RG8015126, is not listed as a fit for the 2008 Toyota Solara convertible. But I have good news. There are comparable bike racks that are a fit. The Hollywood Racks Baja, # HRB2, is listed as a fit for the convertible and it is similar in style and price to the Rhode Gear rack.

I have included a link to the installation details for you. If you will be carrying any bikes that do not have a top frame bar that goes straight across, I recommend using the adapter bar

There are 5 basic components required to flat tow your 2004 Toyota Solara SLE convertible and those are a tow bar, base plate kit, safety cables, light kit and a supplemental braking system. I would also recommend checking your owners manual to see if a lube pump is needed to flat tow your vehicle. Lube pumps are available through Remco.

The tow bar that I would recommend is the Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar, # BX7365. This tow bar is compatible with the Blue Ox Base Plates, # BX3762, and it includes

To determine if you have enough clearance to install you will need to take one measurement. You will need to measure from the center of the hitch pin on your hitch out to the furthest point out on the rear of your vehicle. This will tell you what clearance is needed on a bike rack to clear the bumper on your Toyota Solara SLE.

This rack has a distance of 10-1/2 inches from the center of the hitch pin out to the upright portion of the rack. If the distance you measure is less than that you

According to Draw-Tite, the Class II hitch you referenced, part # 36378 will indeed fit your 2007 Toyota Solara Convertible Sport model. If you were planning on using the hitch for towing, you might consider going with the Hidden Hitch # 90652 which includes the ball mount and the pin and clip. This hitch is identical to the # 36378 with the exception of the ball mount being included. You might also need the following to complete your towing system: Wiring harness with trailer connector, p

Yes, the Yakima KingJoe Pro 2 Bike Rack, # Y02624, will fit on your 2001 Toyota Solara. There are no additional items that you need to purchase to begin using this bike rack. A few accessories that you may be interested in are the Yakima Tube Top Adapter, # Y02531, and the Softride Soft Velcro Tie Down, # SR18679.

Some womens, childrens and alternative bike frames can be difficult to mount on bike racks and the Tube Top Adapter will allow you to mount these bikes easily and safely. The S

The SportRack bike rack, # A30604, is an entry level rack that does not have a lot of features that are becoming more and more common in other racks. For the same brand but with more features and better design go with # A30704FB. It has rotating cradles with a little better cushioning than the other rack. The rotating cradles allow you to carry many different types of bikes level without the use of an adapter.

I have included a link to a video review of this rack for you.

The Thule Archway 2 Bike Carrier # TH9009XT that you referenced will work on your 2007 Toyota Solara. Depending on the angle of the top tube of your womens bikes you might not necessarily need a top tube adapter like the # TH982XT, but if you were to use one it would allow you to carry the bikes level which will allow the bikes to be loaded and unloaded easier as well as maximize the ground clearance you would have between the ground and your bike wheels. If your daughters bike has a pretty s

The only trunk mounted bike rack that we carry for your 2000 Toyota Solara that will support 3 bikes is the Yakima KingJoe Pro 3 Bike Rack, # Y02625. This bike rack will sit on your truck and it uses 6 straps that secure to the top, side and bottom edges of your bumper. I would strongly recommend looking into installing a trailer hitch and using a hitch mounted bike rack. An advantage to using a hitch mounted bike rack over a trunk mounted bike rack is that the hitch mounted bike rack will n

I spoke with my contact at Thule and she stated that you can add a 2 bike trunk mount bike rack to your 2005 Toyota Solara. That does include the Thule Passage 2, # TH910XT, that you have referenced. I have included a link to the installation instructions and a link to a video review of this bike rack for you. The bike rack I recommend is the Thule Raceway, # TH9001.

This is one of Thules newest bike racks. What makes this rack stand out among other racks is the retractable cables it uses to

As long as the spoiler was factory installed and not an aftermarket option, we have several trunk mounted bike racks that would work well for you. Only two-bike racks are recommended for your Solara. The Thule Archway, part # TH9009XT is specifically designed to fit over most factory spoilers. The Thule Raceway, part # TH9001 would also be a great choice.

The Raceway features ratcheting straps that make installation and removal very quick and easy. Before installing a trunk-mounted bike rack,

I have good news and bad news. First, the bad news is that the only trunk mount bike racks that are recommended for the 2005 Toyota Solara are 2 bike racks, because the attachment points on the vehicle are not capable of supporting 3 bikes and a trunk mounted 3 bike rack. The 2 bike racks that will work on the 2005 Toyota Solara are the Thule Archway, # TH9009XT, the Thule Passage, # TH910XT, the Thule Gateway, # TH9006XT, and the Thule Raceway, # TH9001. Of these choices the Raceway rack is

For your 2001 Toyota Solara Thule only recommends the use of a 2 bike trunk mount carrier. Since you have the factory spoiler, you should be able to use the Thule Archway 2 Bike Carrier, # TH9009, for your vehicle. This rack features longer more arched rack base tubes to allow for clearance for factory mounted spoilers that are fully connected along the rear of the vehicle. If your Solara has a floating spoiler that is not fully connected to the vehicle or an aftermarket spoiler then there is

The # 119176KIT hard-wire kit is a universal application, but it would be the correct choice to wire your 2007 Toyota Solara SE for towing. I have linked the installation instructions, but they are not going to be specific to your vehicle. To install the hard-wire kit on your vehicle, you would use the included circuit tester to test the wires behind your vehicle tail lights for function. I would have a friend sit in the front and press the brake pedal or engage the turn signals as you test

Yakima does not have any trunk mount bike racks that will work with your 2007 Toyota Solara. The good news is, Thule does. They offer the Thule Passage 2, part # TH910XT, The Gateway, # TH9006XT, the Archway, # TH9009XT, and the Raceway, # TH9001.

Out of all of these racks, I recommend the Raceway for several reasons. First it is very light weight, weighing in at less than 12 pounds. It also has narrow arms to accommodate a wide variety of bike styles. The best feature would have to be th

Yakima does not have any trunk mount bike racks that will work with your 2006 Toyota Solara. The good news is, Thule offers the Thule Passage 2, part # TH910XT. I have included a link to the installation details and a link to a video review of this rack for you.

As long as your Solara is not a convertible you can add a roof rack to it. Thule offers a complete package for adding roof racks to cars that do not have them installed from the factory or dealer ship. The set up package for your vehicle, which I have linked below, has a maximum weight limit of 110 pounds, so the roof basket and what you put in it cannot exceed that limit.

You also need to check the vehicle owner manual for roof weight limit. If it is less than 110 pounds, you need to go by that

Hidden Hitch part # 90174 includes the manufacturer recommended ballmount. The only other pieces you would need are the trailer ball, the pin and clip or lock for securing the ball mount into the receiver and the wiring harness for your 1999 Solara. You would need to hardwire your vehicle with a wiring harness using part # 119178KIT.

The ball mount included with your hitch uses a 3/4 inch ball shank diameter hole, so you will need to select a ball with that size shank. You will also need

There a few ways to do this. If your 2007 Toyota Solara has a manual transmission you can use a tow bar ans base plates to tow your vehicle. If your vehicle has the U151E transmission you would need a transmission lube pump to flat tow the vehicle or you could rent a tow dolly, which would hold the front wheels off the ground.

You could also rent a 16 foot car hauler trailer. If your vehicle has the U250E transmission you will have to use a tow dolly or trailer to transport the Solara. If you

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