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Today on our 2013 Toyot Sienna, we#39;ll be installing the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch Receiver in a Class III with a 2 inch opening, part number 87586. Here#39;s what our hitch looks like installed in our vehicle. Now we#39;ll go ahead and give you a couple measurements in helping you choose some accessories for your hitch, such as a ball-mount, a bicycle rack, or a cargo carrier. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the outermost side of the bumper is approximately four and a half inches.

From the top of the opening and the receiver to the ground is approximately 12 inches. Now let#39;s go ahead and install our hitch. Now, before we can begin our installation, we#39;ll need to remove the underbody appearance panel here.

Today on our 2013 Toyota Sienna, we#39;ll be installing the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch Receiver in a Class II with an inch and a quarter opening, part number 90214. Here#39;s what our hitch looks like installed on our vehicle. Now we#39;ll go ahead and give you a couple measurements and helping you choose some accessories for your hitch, such as a ball-mount, a bicycle rack, or a cargo carrier.

From the center of the hitch pin hole to the outermost side of the bumper is approximately 4 and half inches. From the top of the opening and the receiver to the ground is approximately 12 inches. Now let#39;s go ahead and install our hitch.

Today we are going to install part number 87638 from Hidden Hitch. And we are going to be installing this on a 1998 Toyota Sienna mini van. And this also applies for part number 75120 from Draw-Tite.

To begin our install, we need to do a couple things. We need to lower the exhaust to help get it out of the way. Sometimes, you can sneak it between the bumper and tail pipe, but just to give you a little bit of extra working room, we will go ahead and lower it out of the way. And then also these tie-down hooks for shipping, these come off and stay off. And we will begin by removing these.

Alright, at this point we can go ahead and install the hitch with the fasteners towards the end of the vehicle. And it is a good idea to have an extra set of hands with this one it is a little on the wide side. We will just temporarily install it with the bolts.

Today we are going to install part number 118304 from Tow Ready. On a 2008 on a Toyota Sienna Mini Van. The first thing we are going to do is remove the tail lights. We will start on the passenger side then work our way over to the driver side. To remove the tail light we have to push down on this pin and pull the connector out.

We will go ahead and do the same thing for the other side. The next thing we need to do is to remove this trim panel here. There are 3 of these latches we have to remove all the way across from left to right. Once we have those 3 latches removed we can now take off this back part of trim panel. You have to pry it out and lift it up at the same time and it will come loose.

Now at this point we need to pull this panel away.

Toyota Sienna Questions and Answers

My contact at Magneta advised that in his years in the trailer industry he has not seen a dually-style motorcycle trailer and is not aware of any sort of conversion kit. Much easier to find will be a tandem-axle trailer, which will typically offer much higher weight capacity than the Magneta # UMCT1XHD-AM31985, but which would still provide the additional wheels to protect the loaded bike in the event of a tire failure at speed. This trailer has a GVW weight rating of 1750-lbs, and an actual

I will be happy to help. For the 2006 Toyota Sienna with 225/60-17 tires you have several options. If you will not be using chains very often then I recommend going with cables # PW1038 with rubber adjusters # PW100.

Cables are great for occasional use and the rubber adjusters help keep the proper tension on the cables and keep them in place. If you live in an area where chains are required by law and/or expect to use chains frequently then go with Glacier square-link chains # PWPLC1138, and

At 17 cubic feet, the Thule Sonic XL you referenced, part # TH635B is the largest Thule cargo box that will not interfere with fully opening the rear hatch of your 2012 Sienna. The box is also available in silver as part # TH635S. If the vehicle has adjustable factory crossbars, they will need to be slid as far forward as possible. Your Sienna will need crossbars for the cargo box to attach to.

If you have the OEM rack, the box will attach directly to it. If your Sienna just has the side rail

The battery that is in your 2013 Toyota Sienna gets a constant charge from the alternator. A battery just sitting there might have power but that power is going to slowly fade as it powers the trailer lights. And if you seldom tow, if the battery sits long enough it could go dead.

Then you go to tow the trailer and have no power to the trailer lights and you either have to wait while it charges or go buy a new battery. Running the wire to the vehicle battery is not as difficult as you might t

I have a solution that will enable you to carry 4 bikes on your 2008 Toyota Sienna that allows you to fold the bike rack up when not in use. For a trailer hitch, I recommend the Curt # C13105. This hitch has a measurement from the center of the hitch pin hole to the outermost edge of the bumper of 4 inches. This hitch has the shortest distance available at this time.

I have attached a brief installation video on a 2007 Sienna. You are correct about the Swagman XTC4 # S64665 that you refer

First lets make sure that everything is hooked up properly. The red and green wires on harness # 118304 will go to the passenger side and the yellow and brown go to the driver side. If those were swapped it could cause some issues.

Also make sure that the white ground wire is attached to a bare metal surface. Moving the ground could help. Ground problems can cause all sorts of weird things to happen. To determine if the converter box is bad you will need a circuit tester, # 3808, if you do no

We offer hinged trailer couplers such as the Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit for 2 x 3-Inch Trailer Tongues, part # FHDPB230101. This particular folding coupler fits 2 x 3-inch steel trailer tongues such as the tongue on the CE Smith Trailer. My contact at CE Smith confirmed that cutting the trailer tongue to install a hinged coupler is perfectly acceptable.

This Fulton coupler is rated for 5000-lbs so it is more than adequate for the task on the CE Smith trailer that carries your canoe.

There is no one way to route the power wire for a wiring harness on any given vehicle. There are, however, several methods you could employ depending on what works best for you. I have included a link to the FAQ article in question.

Links appear on the right hand side of the page at the top.

Your 1999 Toyota Sienna will only require one set of Thule Tire Chain # TH01221095. These are sold as a pair and should be installed on the front wheels. You will need to check your owners manual to see the guidelines regarding the use of tire chains on your vehicle.

I have attached a brief demonstration video of the chains and also a FAQ article covering tire chains.

In order to use the Thule Tandem Roof Mounted Bike Rack # TH558P on your 2004 Toyota Sienna you will need to first install a Thule Roof Rack. To do that you will need the following components: Thule Square Load Bars # THLB50 Thule Crossroad Roof Railing Foot Pack # TH450 Once you have the Thule roof rack installed you would be able to install the # TH558P. I checked with Thule to confirm all of this.

Check out the review video I attached for the # TH558P. I attached an install video fo

According to my technical contact at Curt Manufacturing as long as the hitch that you are wanting to install on your 2004 Toyota Sienna uses the same mounting locations as the Curt Class III Trailer hitch # C13105, then the hardware kit that they supply would be appropriate for use. Please review the video of this Curt hitch being installed on a 2007 Toyota Sienna and make sure that the same mounting locations are intended to be used with your existing factory hitch and 2004 Toyota Sienna. Th

Since you said that there are issues with the harnesses you purchased, and if the converter is bad on the harness you currently have, you will need to replace the harness with a suitable replacement. Make sure the wiring on the vehicle is operating correctly and there are no issues that would cause problems with adding a harness for your trailer. A short in the wiring on a trailer can cause issues, so you then need to check the trailer connector and make certain it is not damaged. Check the

Yes, you can use the Thule T2 bike rack, # TH917XTR, on your 2013 Toyota Sienna. This particular rack fits in a Class I or II trailer hitch with a 1-1/4 inch hitch. If you have a 2 inch hitch, Class III or higher, on your Sienna then you would use # TH916XTR which is the same rack only for 2 inch hitches.

I have linked videos for both racks for you.

I have included a link to the electric mirror replacement for a 2000 Toyota Sienna for you. The mirror you referenced, # CM17465, is a manual mirror and does not have electrical connections. Take a look at # CM17466 as an example.

You can see its square connector in the picture that looks different than the one in your picture.

I went out into our warehouse and measured the distance from the top of the ball mount platform to the lower portion of the receiver opening of the MaxxxTow Ball Mount # 70066 and found that it measures 5-1/2 inches.

Check out the picture I attached that shows this measurement. The Curt Ball Mount # D210 that you referenced will have a greater clearance there by about 1/2 inch.

The Yakima RocketBox Pro 14, # Y07192, measures 33 inches wide which will take up the majority of the space on the roof of your 2002 Saab 9-3. Because the box is so wide, you will not be able to get the HullRaiser # Y04038 to fit with the useable bar space that is left over. You would be more likely to get the Yakima kayak stacker, # Y04036, to fit.

The base on this carrier is 5 inches wide. Add that to the width of the kayak when on its side to determine if this setup will allow you to carry

Yes we do, you will need to go to the product page for Replacement Hardware Kit for Trailer Hitches # RHK, enter the part number for the hitch you have, # 36513, select the manufacturer of the hitch, Draw-Tite and we will ship you out the replacement hardware you need.

The Curt Class III 2-Inch Trailer Hitch Receiver, part # C13105, will fit all versions of the 2012 Toyota Sienna, including the All Wheel Drive model. I confirmed compatibility with my technical contact at Curt Manufacturing. I have linked a video demonstrating installation on a 2012 Sienna.

Please note that this hitch ships with complete instructions (which are linked to this email also) as well as all required mounting hardware. Curt hitch # C13105 carries a 350-lb tongue weight rating,

You are correct that Thule has an awesome reputation for making solid bike racks and the Passage # TH911XT is an economical choice that will fit your 2004 Toyota Sienna. If you are a weekend warrior and will not be using this on a daily basis, this is a good choice. The Passage can hold 3 bikes up to 35-lbs for each bike.

This rack has nice padding to prevent vehicle scratching and no-sway cages to prevent bike-to-bike and bike-to-vehicle contact. I have attached a brief video on a similar v

In order to add a 7-Way trailer connector on your 2013 Toyota Sienna you will first need to install a 4-Way using # 118498. This system plugs into the vehicle tail light wiring and requires a direct connection to the vehicle battery to both power the trailer lights and protect the vehicle wiring. With the 4-Way installed you would then need to install a 4 and 7-Way installation kit # ETBC7. This will provide a 7-Way and the wiring and accessories needed to hardwire in your Tekonsha P2 brake c

I am not aware of any legally mandated minimum ground clearance requirement for trailer hitch receivers in any states and my online research did not reveal any such laws. However, I did find on an internet forum for Sienna owners posts related to your exact concern: too little hitch receiver-to-ground clearance. Typically the various hitch receivers offered by the major manufacturers will tend to be of fairly similar proportions, which means that the receiver tubes on all of them will tend to

The accessory that you use will have to have a hollow shank in order to use the anti-rattle device and lock # 63232. Almost all 2 inch hitch accessories have a hollow shank so it is not something I would worry about. But what you do need to be aware of is that if you use a hitch extender it will reduce the tongue weight capacity of the hitch by 50 percent.

The Class III, 2 inch hitches for the 2012 Toyota Sienna are rated for 350 pounds tongue weight. Using an extender reduces that to 175 pou

Both the Pro Series # 63153 and Curt # C18130 cargo carriers have an angled shank to provide better ground clearance than straight-shank types. The Pro Series has 2-1/2-inches of rise in the shank while the Curt has 3 inches of rise. Also the Curt carrier has the ability to adjust the placement of the carrier basket on the shank and includes the required hitch pin and clip, while the Pro Series does not.

You can use part # PC3 or a locking anti-rattle hitch pin such as # 63232. The Pro Series

Due to the rear spoiler on your 2012 Toyota Sienna there is only one trunk mounted bike rack that has been confirmed to fit your vehicle. Check out the Hollywood Racks Over-the-Top 2 Bike Carrier for Vehicles w Spoilers # HRF2. This rack has been confirmed to fit your vehicle and after having the opportunity to see this rack installed on a vehicle in our install bay I can highly recommend it. If you plan on carrying any womens or alternative framed bikes without horizontal top tubes you m

Only the SNug-Tite lock, # THSTL2, should be used with the Thule Vertex, # TH9030. Bike rack manufacturers usually make their locks, or more specifically the threaded bolt, unique to their bike racks so most of the locks do not interchange among brands. The best solution is to always stick with the item you know is going to work.

In this case the Snug-Tite lock.

My technical contact at Hopkins Manufacturing advised there are no known conflicts between the OEM backup camera on the 2012 Toyota Sienna and the Hopkins License Bracket-Mount Backup Sensor, part # HM60100VA. My research indicates the Sienna factory-installed backup camera is located to the left-of-center on the underside of the rear hatch handle. It is positioned roughly under the letter S of the Sienna logo. It appears that the left-side sensor of the Hopkins system will sit just below t

All of the trailer hitches listed for the 2013 Toyota Sienna fit all models of the Sienna including your SE model and that does include the Hidden Hitch trailer hitch # 87415. I have included a link to a video showing a typical installation for you. If you plan on doing some towing I recommend the etrailer ball mount kit # EBMK4.

It comes with a ball mount, interchangeable ball set, a hitch pin with clip, and a storage bag. For trailer wiring use # 118498. I have included a link to a video sh

You should have no problems using wiring harness # 118304 on your 2004 Toyota Sienna to tow a trailer with LED lights. With this harness, the vehicle wiring powers the trailer lights. LED lights have little draw compared to incandescent lights so they will not overload the system and the lights should work great.

I have included links to the installation instructions and a video showing a typical installation for you.

The Curt 2-inch hitch # C13105 on your 2005 Toyota Sienna AWD has a substantial 350-lb tongue weight rating which makes it ideal for high-capacity bike carriers including the Swagman Quad, part # S64690 and the Quad 2+2, part # S64691. The weight of these carriers themselves can approach 90 lbs, and with the addition of 4 bikes (depending on their type and weight) you could easily approach 250 lbs total tongue weight. A good starting point for determining fit compatibility is to take a measur

Oil coolers are not vehicle specific so you can mount anyone that will fit in the space available in the engine compartment. It looks like the 2008 Toyota Sienna could have either a 2-1/2 inch diameter or 2-3/4 inch diameter o-ring and it has 3/4-16 threads for the oil filter. For this set up I recommend Oil Cooler # D15451. It comes with everything you will need for installation including a spin on adapter that fits in place of the oil filter and a remote mount to relocate the filter to a more

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