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Toyota Cresta

Toyota #8211; far not the first car company, modification of some models that at some stage the production allocated to a separate family, which were issued in several generations. One such model, which has given rise to several other cars, the car was Cressida. One in a thousand nine hundred and eighty, the management of Japanese auto giant has decided to build on the platform luxury Cressida modification of the vehicle.

Nova gave the name Cresta (by factory organizing the first generation was designated as X50-X60), and it differs not only in design, equipment list wider, richer interior is trimmed, and the technical characteristics.

So, although for Cresta and used rear-drive platform of the Cressida, but the wheelbase was on the first three mm longer (2645 vs. Two thousand and two 600 40 mm). Varied in size and auto: the body at Cresta was shorter than the donor model, width #8211; like such at Cressida, a new high was 50 mm higher than three.

But specifications #8211; not important, what distinguishes this model. It was designed for a customer held, so that even basic equipment Cresta was equipped with halogen lamps of head light, front foglights, expensive and high quality materials, trim and upholstery of chairs and other equipment. The machine is equipped petrol and diesel engines (both in volume of 2.0 liters), with whom he worked as a 4-speed automatic, taken as power units, the model Toyota Crown.

Cresta so pleased customers that one a thousand nine hundred eighty-three year Eydzhi Toyoda, chairman of the company, initiated the creation of the basis for its export model full-size car for the global market, which was given the name of the Lexus LS.

One in a thousand nine hundred eighty-four, with flow assembly has come off second generation Cresta, which took the factory systematization of X-70.

Designers modernized exterior design of the car, changing the shape of the radiator grille and hood, moving the side mirrors (filled with electrically folding) from the front wings to the front side door.

In addition, there was increased by fifteen mm wheelbase of the car (2660 mm), upgraded the internal combustion engine. To replace a 2.0 liter diesel engine came a more powerful 2.4 liter unit. Box remains the same, 4-speed automatic. One in a thousand nine hundred and eighty five year there was a restyled model, reflected in the appearance of a front bumper built protivotumanok (for all models).

So this year began to produce modification turbovannuyu 2.0 liter internal combustion engine.

One in a thousand nine hundred eighty-eight was officially presented to the third generation of the model that has received factory designation X-80.

The model received refreshed exterior and interior, modernized platform increased to two thousand seven hundred 30 mm wheelbase and correspondingly grown size.

This has led to more spacious interior, especially for passengers back row. Equipped with the 2.0-liter petrol car engines, which had a wide spread of power ratings at features, the new 2.5-liter petrol unit and an upgraded 2.4-liter diesel engine. Were perceptible in the interior configuration #8211; there were new, more comfortable seats front and back row, chetyrehspitsevy wheel.

The center console and instrument panel have been combined into a single set.

One in a thousand nine hundred and ninety was vypushena special, commemorative series models, which offer exceptional variations in trim and upholstery of chairs, also suitable nameplate on the trunk.

1992 saw the release of the fourth generation Cresta (X-90), which is fundamentally different from the previous generation.

Changed as the external shape of the car (there were more fluid shape of the body, changing the grille, headlights, bumper, rear optics), and its technology component.

Characteristics wheelbase model is not changed, but the size has increased significantly. Body length increased by sixty mm (Four thousand six hundred ninety four thousand seven hundred to 50 mm), width 50 5 mm (with a thousand 600 One to One ninety five a thousand seven hundred 50 mm), and height #8211; to fifteen mm (One tyscha three hundred seventy five to one a thousand three hundred and ninety mm). Line petrol units model expanded with new engines volume of 1.8 and 3.0 liters.

Were also in the line 2.0 and 2.5 liter (with turbovannoy modification) units which have been modernized. Instead atmospheric 2.4 liter diesel engine to the Cresta began installing turbovanny 2.4 liter unit.

In addition, in the first model equipped with a 5-speed manual, which is set as a function, while the base is a 4-speed Automatic transmission. In addition to rear-wheel drive, the model could zakzat and vedovom version.

One in a thousand nine hundred ninety-four model year facelift survived, who touched the shape grille and rear sizes.

One in a thousand nine hundred and ninety six, with the flow of the assembly went off the fifth and latest generation Cresta (X-100), which produces the right one to two thousand years, until the model was replaced by the more modern in design and technically Verossa.

If you put a number Cresta fourth and fifth generation, hard to believe that it is #8211; one and the same model as the design changed the look of the car standard one a thousand nine hundred and ninety six years. First we changed the car body shapes, which have become more streamlined and smooth. Undergone configuration nose of the machine #8211; a brand new U-¬ shaped grille, replacing the trapezoid.

In it instead of 4 horizontal blades a huge number of small vertical cells.

In addition, the grille is now integrated with the hood, while the current version, these elements were separated. Also changed head optics: the manufacturer finally departed from severe rectangular forms, preferring them rounded. Front bumper Cresta X-100 has a central section with a huge vozduhopoglotitelem, while the X-90 had three such sections.

The car appeared more impressive food, where instead of the serious dimensions of rectangular rear with 2 sections were mounted trehsektsionnnye built into the trunk lid. One in a thousand nine hundred ninety-eight model year facelift survived: there were some changes in the proportions of the front and rear optics. Remained on the same platform with the same wheelbase as the two previous generation, Cresta X-100 is only slightly increased in size.

Fundamental in the design of interior configurations at Cresta X-100 did not.

Here, a new control wheel, redesigned instrument panel with a clear indication of speed and speed. Front seats have received a number of wider back and seat, also increased in size, rear sofa.

Technical properties

As for the technical equipment of the model, there is a fifth-generation differences are small. Was discontinued 1.8-liter gasoline engine, a 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0-liter units, as well as 2.4 liter diesel have been modernized. Engines as previously packaged with 5-step mechanics or 4-step automatic.

Cresta X-100, as well as the preceding generation had rear-wheel drive, but it was available and vedovaya modification.

In Russia, this model comes informally and did not use very popular. Yet, on the Russian roads can meet representatives of all 5 generations of Toyota Cresta, in this case, most of all, we vserasprostraneny car body X-90.

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