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Toyota Avalon

Toyota questions and answers

Q: Toyota

i want to buy a toyota avalon xls a private seller and it has 114,000 leather interior, sunroof seats, its in great condition the has no rips the engine runs He wants $4,800 the car in kelly book is worth a little than 9 grand. is it worth it? it is a toyota avalon xls

A: if book shows 9k and the asking price is this is a no brainer. there is wrong. I’ll bet it’s got a carfax, and other issues. it to a good body guy and mechanic if you to go with it.

Q: How do you turn off check light on 1996 toyota XLS?

How do I get rid of check engine on a 1996 Toyota Avalon XLS (without spending $$), the is there for a year, i showed it to a he said its not a big deal. Now i m planning to this car and want to get rid of this the (atleast for a month) before i it to potential buyers.

A: usually if u the positive battery cable will clear any codes, but if is a promblem it will just back on again

Q: How do I reprogram a keyless entry for my ’97 toyota avalon?

I a keyless entry remote a lock, unluck, and trunk for my 1997 toyota avalon. I the batteries but it still will not I assume I need to reprogram it. anyone know the proper Thank You.

In addidtion, the manual is of no help. It doesnt a sequence to reprogram it. and I do not want to it to a dealer.

A: TTD – Take To

Q: How can I override the protection on the Toyota Navigaiton that doesn’t u to use it while driving

I have a Toyota Avalon with the systemand this Navigation doesn’t allow you full to program destinations while It is really annoying. you have to off the freeway and park somewhere to a destination. I know, some say that I shouldn’t be doing while driving, but the passenger be able to do use the system while I

I have seen ways to get a service menu on the Toyota that allows you to disable the sensors and program it while but the Avalon does not have the type of navigation so I cannot use the procedure. Does anyone how to override the vehicle sensors on the Navigation? Or do you know how to get into the menu?


A: I checked the forums at and could not find any modifications to the system that would this. Don’t stop though, I am sure someone has had this issue as well and at time, someone will it out and post it on the web.

Q: Does have a schematic for changing the belt on a 1999 Toyota

I need to change the timing on my 1999 Toyota Avalon. please send me the step-by-step Thanks

A: go to the library and look for a called the yellow book. it has all the and how to change the belts. also for the gates belts catalog it has too. then print out a of the page you need and use it good

Q: What kind of gas should I use for a Toyota Avalon?

-Unleaded -Unleaded Plus or -Unleaded Which gas should I use for a 2007 Avalon XL? Keep in mind it’s a V6.

A: Generally speaking, regular will work if it is 87 Watch out in the mountainous states, Utah as they reduce the level to 85 in many areas. say the elevation reduces the need for numbers but if you don’t stay long enough for your computer to reset, avoid it.

There I use unleaded plus is 88 octane. My Solara has the V6 and appreciates the octane.

Q: Can you fit two 98 Toyota Avalon and two 98 Camry in 40′ container?

I two 98 Toyota Avalon, and two 98 Toyota cars (four total). Is it to fit these all four cars one 40′ container? Thank you all for

A: Yes, If they are no more 10 ft long. – I don’t the Avalon, but you should get 3 Camrys in a 45 ft or 2 of each in 30 ft containers. Do not rely on the brake to hold while in they will have to be by either chains or ratchet otherwise you will have 3000 kg moving about. You always double deck in a 40 ft lol

Q: How long do you think my 1996 Avalon will last?

I wrecked my 1998 Corolla in of last year (still a little money on it). I was to find another Toyota Avalon) under the tough I faced. I’ve had no trouble the car whatsoever. I’ve had it for over a and it has 191, 450 miles on it right now it paid off now).

I take care of it (oil etc.) the same way I did the newer How much longer do you think my will last me?

A: As with any if you take care of it, then it take care of you. maintenance is critical to a long so keep on doing what you been and you could double its before it needs an engine

Q: Is a Toyota Avalon more of a car?

See, I am trying to get a new car, and I have my sights set on a Avalon, but my mother seems to it’s a granny car. I think it is, but I don’t want people to think it is either. Let me thanks.

I do plan on tinting the but I don’t think I will do else to it, unless I redo the job on it, but that will call for money saving, lol.

A: Do you RELIABILITY or LOOKS? Who cares others think. If you’re insecure with yourself, you can do little things to the car to make it more hip. One thing you do when spending thousands of on a car is trade reliability for hipness. news flash here yo for of you mental giants. it NEVER has NEVER will be, hip to be seen on the side of the road because hip, tricked out lookin’, ride broke down on ya.

Toyota tops the world in There is no equal.

Q: How long can you a 1995 Toyota Avalon’s to

Searching for a used car. at a Toyota Avalon with miles on it. How long can we expect to last before problems it, and what problems is it known to

A: Toyota makes a pretty car, but the longevity of any vehicle on how well it has been maintained. If it has through it’s regular intervals, had the oil and coolant changed at mileage, and not driven like a 1 race car it should last beyond 200K miles.

Q: I to know the size and wattage of the subwoofer/door speakers of 1996 toyota avalon xl or xls?

AVALON XLS ( 1996-1998), Upgrading the so i want to know what i already, so i can know what to to.

A: should be able to with sizes but I do not think provide oem speaker wattage

Q: What American made car to the Toyota Avalon?

I want to buy a new I really like the Toyota but. I want to buy an American car. Which USA car compares to the

A: Chrysler 300C Ford Um, the Avalon looks better.

Q: the part number for a 1999 avalon upper strut

My Toyota avalon has a problem it’s upper strut which is causing them to a noise like everything loose. I just needed the number for a 1999 Toyota upper strut bushing so I could replace the bushings and right side) and not hear a bad noise. Thanks

A: Go to any local parts store and give the make and model of your and they should be able to get the for you. You do not need to take the number to them

Q: Can anyone palm trio with avalon hands free


A: Na, take it into the shop.

Q: I just bought a avalon 2000 displays

there is a message of vsc on my toyota 2000 can anyone tell me that means please.

A: is a malfunction in the vsc system (vehicle control). take it to a dealer for

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