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Alfa Romeo 33

The Carchive: The Alfa Romeo 33

week, another excuse for me to get all dusty and covered in cobwebs a trawl through the dungeon of this time turning at the artificial Christmas tree and into the discarded packing marked #8220;Italian, 1985+#8221;

Romeo is a nameplate that has something of a roller-coaster ride in of brand recognition pretty anywhere outside Italy. are they, what do they do and why I buy a car from them?#8221; the uninitiated may Not us, of course. We all watch Top Gear and understand the strange appeal Alfas always had, or at alluded to having.

But how much of was smoke and mirrors? I mean, the 33 was just an Italian Ford really, wasn#8217;t it?

#8220;#8230;the name in the history of motor Enzo Ferrari, began at Romeo as a racing driver#8221;

You blame 80#8242;s Alfa for as hard as they could to illustrious motorsport past, It was, still is, a good to have. Of course, not all the famous output really deserved association; the misled Alfa Six and 90 were uncompetitive in an arena wasn#8217;t really worth in anyway.

And there was of course the hilariously Alfa Arna / Nissan Europe debacle, or how to combine the elements of two cars to create far less good than the sum of its

#8220;In the eighties the Alfa road cars have yet again to be the equal of any in the world#8221;

Yes and no. Of the GTV6 was winding down as the 33 came onto the scene and the V6 75 or Milano was often regarded as a engine and transaxle looking for a body and chassis. However, could never have accused of lacking charisma.

the Italian machines had by the bucketload.

there#8217;s a faint trace of the within you, if the distant of a racebred exhaust note even the slightest smile to lips- then be careful. just one Alfa Romeo, and you may drive any other kind of car

It#8217;s hard to define, quality, if that#8217;s the word. But there. There#8217;s a peculiar of humanity in every AR product, a sensation of the car being alive, of a damn about what doing.

Flaws notwithstanding.

There two boxer engines available, a 1.5 and a The latter managed to yell out which was impressive from a engine of that size, and led to the car 122mph flat out and gathering 60 in 8.7 seconds. The larger engined were instantly identifiable by the wind deflectors in the front all the better for sprinting noisily the countryside with the windows without your Italiante becoming discombobulated.

#8220;At adopting the classic Italian position is like trying on a of new shoes. No mater how much you the look, for the first few days not as comfortable as the old ones.#8221;

This was Romeos attempt at shrugging of levelled at their car by every motoring journalist in the entire #8220;We don#8217;t fit!#8221; was the cry of the automotive press, moaning their arms were too and their legs too long to gel the typical Alfa helm

Alfa#8217;s view was, and was probably quite valid if we talking about minute that the pedals were placed for heel and toeing and the steering wheel angle you to steer with your and elbows, not your shoulders. All well, but anybody over needed expensive surgery to the kind of total limb that must be well the scope of today#8217;s medical Perhaps your ideal pilot needed to be of a breed far evolved from Apes the rest of society?

#8220;(Alfa Romeo Designers) the cockpit design with a disregard of fashion and fad#8221;

not to mention ergonomics and common Alfa were by no means as as some other Italian (Lancia Trevi, anybody?) but prone to the occasional design

The 75, for example, with its ceiling-mounted switches. And in the 33;

#8220;There#8217;s also a warning panel in the driver#8217;s it monitors six functions and signals an if there#8217;s anything beyond the contained in the main gauges the driver needs to know#8221;

Alfa Romeo 33

they said #8220;in the sightline#8221; they should added #8220;providing he#8217;s not at the road, the instruments or the controls#8221;. The panel was way, way down, the radio, below the heater below the ashtray. Equally the rear wiper control a switch panel with the controls. I can only assume Alfa wouldn#8217;t be satisfied major functioned could be operated by rolling a six.

Actually, that#8217;s unfair. more a Lucas thing.

the split-folding rear seats, its longer roofline and much capacity, this car preserves the and panache of its hatchback stablemates#8221;

It It#8217;s quite a crisp, executed design. But it didn#8217;t an especially practical load-lugger at you need only witness the height of that loading which put paid to any thoughts of lengthy items straight in. to use a stepladder, a cherry picker or a to haul said cargo to the height, hold it on the ledge and let do the rest.

Fragile items obviously a no-no.

#8220;(The 33) retains the unmistakeable Alfa style in every line of its coachwork, even in the way it sits on the road, as if it was made to be there. As it was.#8221;

Well, that#8217;s a bit florid, for me. But despite the neatness of the Sportwagon I the odd-but-distinctive styling of the hatchback. I#8217;m already drunk is pretty impressive considering midday on Sunday right but the 33 looks improbably handsome the rear three-quarters, especially in in Veloce form. It looks, a bit of squinting and a fertile imagination, a miniaturised Maserati Ghibli or from the late #8217;80s.

Of with its utterly prosaic grille and headlamp arrangement it look anything special the front at all.

Later on, various gentle restyles, the 33 lost this individuality.  The 33 and the 75 had been at the forefront of the strange, cubist design treatments Alfa adopted for their cars in the #8217;80s, which culminate with the fearsome SZ and RZ sports cars. However, the sports car retained much of its low-slung svelteness, and the 164 would realign Alfa Romeo some kind of conventional through its unspeakably handsome profiling.

My dentist used to a 33, a 1.7 Sportwagon Veloce. He was a keen too, and an educated man, and much typical of the sort of who would get the best out of an Alfa. were far more effective out there, cheaper, better faster, more reliable.

But more interesting?

My general of Alfa Romeos (well, about as far as up to 2008, I remain to be convinced about anything 159) is widely documented. I a late 156 for a brief period, selling it when I realised I make a 50% profit, and in that I came dangerously close to in love with it.

I hated the (it was a 1.9 JTD, 155hp, not bad for a diesel but the fizz that an Alfa so needs) and there were of fit and finish that were But something about the way the car felt and made it seem like it had its on my shoulder. And the thing was gorgeous, and out.

Which helped a

I#8217;m keeping an eye on them in the that I can love them

Alfa Romeo 33
Alfa Romeo 33
Alfa Romeo 33
Alfa Romeo 33
Alfa Romeo 33
Alfa Romeo 33
Alfa Romeo 33
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