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For Hindustani musical modal system, see .

The word that is used in the English language for several grammatical purposes:

to introduce a restrictive clause

as a demonstrative pronoun

as a complementizer .

In the Old English language that was spelled ГѓВѕГѓВ¦t . It was also abbreviated as a letter Thorn, ГѓВѕ . with the ascender crossed ( ). In Middle English the letter Ash, ГѓВ¦ . was replaced with the letter a . so that that was spelled ГѓВѕat . or sometimes ГѓВѕet . The ascender of the ГѓВѕ was reduced (making it similar to the Old English letter Wynn. #447; ), which necessitated writing a small t above the letter to abbreviate the word that ( ). In latter Middle English and Early Modern English the ГѓВѕ evolved into a y shape, so that the word was spelled yat (although the spelling with a th replacing the ГѓВѕ was starting to become more popular) and the abbreviation for that was a y with a small t above it ( ). This abbreviation can still be seen in reprints of the 1611 edition of the King James Version of the Bible in places such as 2 Corinthians 13:7.

Homophonous phrases

That can be used five times in row in a grammatically correct sentence: He said that that ‘that’ that that man used was wrong. [1] Or six times: He said that thatthat‘ that that ‘that’ modified was wrong. Or seven times: [2] Did the editor know that, that that ‘that’ that thatthat‘ followed was redundant? [3]

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Official status

Official language of: 53 countries

ISO 639-3: eng

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Grammar is the study of the rules governing the use of a given natural language, and as such a field of linguistics. Traditionally, grammar included morphology and syntax, in modern linguistics commonly expanded by the subfields of phonetics, phonology, orthography, semantics, and

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restrictive (or defining ) if it restricts the reference of its head. For example, in the red car is fancier than the blue one, red and blue are restrictive, because they restrict which cars car and one are referring to.

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Demonstratives are deictic words (they depend on an external frame of reference) that indicate which entities a speaker refers to, and distinguishes those entities from others.

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A complementizer . as used in linguistics (especially generative grammar), is a syntactic category (part of speech) roughly equivalent to the term subordinating conjunction in traditional grammar.

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Old English/Anglo-Saxon

ISO 639-1: none

ISO 639-2: enm

ISO 639-3: enm

Middle English is the name given by historical linguistics to the diverse forms of the English language spoken between the Norman invasion of 1066

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Æ is a grapheme formed from the letters a and e . Originally a ligature representing a Latin diphthong, it has been promoted to the full status of a letter in the alphabets of many languages.

Honda Shuttle

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Wynn ( #503; #447; ) (also spelled Wen or #447; en) is a letter of the Old English alphabet. It was used to represent the sound /w/ .

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Early Modern English

ISO 639-3: #8212; Early Modern English refers to the stage of the English language used from about the end of the Middle English period (the latter half of the 15th

King James Version

Full name: King James Version

Abbreviation: KJV or AV

Complete Bible published: 1611

Textual Basis: Textus Receptus, 57% deviation from Nestle-Aland 27th edition (NT)

Translation type: 2% paraphrase rate

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Lao (#3742;#3762;#3754;#3762;#3749;#3762;#3751; phaasaa laao ) also Laotian . is the official language of Laos. It is a tonal language of the Tai family, and is so closely related to the Isan language of the northeast region of Thailand that the two are

A stupa (from the P#257;li) is a type of Buddhist mound-like structure found across the Indian subcontinent, other parts of Asia, and increasingly in the Western World.

Honda That’s is a kei car manufactured since 2002 by Honda for the Japanese market only. The vehicle has a 5-door tall wagon hatchback body, with considerable height given its limited length and width, limited by kei car regulations limits.

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