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All today on 2009 Subaru we#39;re going to do a test fit of the custom auto floor with Maxpider grip, number L1SB00321501. These liners are for the second row. Now to off our test fit, well going to go ahead and remove the floor mats.

Then, go ahead and lay into place the new liners, starting on the passenger when you simply put into and see how it matches the contour of the floor. It up a bit at the front seats a little bit and has a crazy edge all the way around. Now go over to the driver side and pretty much a mirror of the passenger side.

Today, on our Subaru Forester we will be fitting the Swagman Fork Roof Mounted Bike part number S64710. the Thule Rapid Podium Rack system on our vehicle we begin our test fit by placing the Fork Down directly our load bars. Here at the platform we will want to our u bolts around the underside of our bar, feeding them up the platform and securing them by the two wing nuts.

Once we those tight we can repeat process for the other side of our platform. We will move to the and drop our u bolt through the top of our rack. Making sure the bolts go around our rear bar, we will want to fit our around our bolts and then it by tightening down our wing

With the front and rear we can go ahead and undo the rear strap and make sure the at the front is loose. We will our bike and place it onto the rack.

A few of the parts that to come out to make way for the hitch on the side are the tie down bracket and the cannister here. With the these bolts and this and one in the back will have to out to lower this. So we can get to that so we can take it out. This all go back up when were

Next will do this support. The bracket wont go up there, but we will reinstall the for safe keeping if the hitch comes off

This hitch is know as part number from Hidden Hitch and from Reese. This cover the same applications. thing we have to do is lower the bracket take that off and lower the carbon cannister out of the Also this bracket has to down loose, it will get later. Next this for here for the fascia support have to come off, the does provide support for the when were done.

Next we have to remove tie down bracket, disconnect the from this bracket, and bracket will be taken off the Now we can install the hitch, its a good to have an extra set of hands at point. As you can see, it takes a of hands to get the hitch up there. a little bit of fidgeting, you can get it up there easy.

Theres just one you have to make sure of is this bracket the hitch through and that its the hitch the bracket, and then the frame thats the order it goes in.

Forester Questions and Answers

The spread range listed in the instructions is just a recommended spread. If you needed to space the closer or further apart, you Most roof mounted require crossbar spreads 23 inches and 32 inches, however, you can the crossbars to any spread as long as the stay attached to the factory rails on your Forester. As you the maximum spread between the is only limited by the space on the fac

The Thule CS10 tire # TH00204104, only require 10 of clearance all around the tire so are Class S rated. That is than 7/16 of an inch. To if there is clearance what you can do is the wheels all the way to the right and then the closer component to the tire on side and then the left

If there is more than 10 then you can use these chains. Be to consult the vehicle owners for specific information on the use

Swinging racks such as the Yakima # Y02422, require a Class III hitch with a 2 inch If you need one for your 2014 the only option is Curt hitch # C13144. The center of the pin hole to the back of the bumper on the is a relatively short distance. But the way to know for sure is to measure the center of the hitch pin hole to the of the bumper.

If that measurement is than 6 inches the SwingDaddy fit. If mo

The Tow Ready wiring # 118571 is rated for 7.5 amps for lights and turn signals and 7.5 total for running lights. The that goes on the power connection to the battery is a 10 amp fuse. The gauge of the long 12 volt wire included with the kit is 12

I have included a link to the instructions and a link to a video a typical installation for you.

the Rola Flat Strap Net # 59200 will fit your Cargo Basket # 59504 My technical contact at Rola me that with the bungee you will probably get around 6 or so of extension from each If you are planning on carrying a very load or going over terrain, you may want to check out the Retractable Ratchet Strap #

These straps have a button release for ease of

The Timbren Axle-Less Trailer you mentioned, part # A20RS440 idler hubs, not drum hubs. They lack a mounting flange, so drums not easily be added. To use a brake you would need to upgrade to a lb capacity, like part # for a straight spindle or # A35RD545E for a 4 drop spindle.

Both would use a wheel with a pattern of 5 lugs on a 4-1/2 bolt circle.

On 7-Way bracket # 18138, the distance the large center hole up to the bracket bends is 1-3/16 All of the similar brackets, see link to the are going to have the same or measurement but none as much as inches. You may be able to modify long bracket # 18136 to the distance you need.

The Rola # 59504 is a very popular and I have not heard of any issues it rusting quicker than a or Yakima basket. Yakima and are big name players in this whereas Rola is not as well They make a good but do not have as much name so that could be just one in the price difference.

Rust can if you do not take care of a product. it clean and dry if possible and it should not be an One customer had a rust issu

You not have to remove the bottom of the coupler to attach the coupler to the so something seems to be amiss. check the top of the coupler to make it is designed for a 2 inch ball and not a inch ball. If fine-tuning the does not fix the issue there be something machined wrong the coupler and it will need to be

You can also try lubricating the latching and the ball using ball # 58117. Make sure it is first beca

While are common places for the factory every so often there are a few that have it in a different Subaru is actually notorious for The first place you are going to to look is forward or rearward of the connection is supposed to be. If not located it may be on the other side of the vehicle.

So you would basically follow the instructions except on the opposite of the vehicle. In some instances the was found behind

There are a few to consider when choosing a rack for your 2005 Forester. The first thing we want to look at is your hatch. Some of the 2005 came with a plastic spoiler at the top of the rear hatch.

spoiler was not designed to support any weight, so you have two options. The option is the Hollywood Racks 2 Bike Rack, # HRF2. is the only trunk mount rack that is compatible SUVs and hatchback style veh

the Prorack 2 Bike Carrier # will fit your 2011 Forester with either a or 2 inch hitch. This carrier has a 1-1/4 inch however, if you have a 2 inch opening, the rack comes an adapter sleeve to accommodate 2 receivers. For the security of your and rack, I recommend the Yakima System # Y07238.

This with a 10 foot cable and lock your bikes to rack and your rack to hitch. If you are planning on ca

According to the QuickBack 2 # Y02621 is a fit for your Subaru Forester. A couple of to keep in mind when a hanging, trunk mount rack are that you will not be to use your rear wipers and you may to check out the Yakima Tube Top # Y02531. An adapter bar is usually when carrying either childrens or alternative frame

The adapter gives good clearance and will carry bike level. Finally, for the sake of

The issue that you are seems to be a common one with OEM trailer hitches. But I have to you against drilling any additional because doing so can actually the capacity of the ball mount and it structurally unsound. The best for you is to use an anti rattle device of kind.

The simplest option is # This little guy wedges between the ball mount and the opening and takes up the play. I included a link to a video of

With any trunk mount rack, including # TH910XT, the will have to be removed you can open the trunk or hatch on the The reasons are that the hooks fit into the gaps between the lid and body of the car can get squished and it can actually the vehicle. Also, the struts to hold up the trunk/hatch may not be able to the weight of even just the and it could fall on you. And even if it opens just and does not fall

The Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top Rack # HRF2 will fit 2014 Subaru Forester the back visor/spoiler on the hatch. rack was designed to clear spoilers on a variety of vehicles. bike rack can carry two up to 35 lbs per bike. If you are planning on carrying womens, childrens or alternative bikes, I recommend the Hollywood Adapter Bar # HRBA-PRO.

By using adapter, your bikes be carried level and have clearance. I have attac

is actually a bit of an issue with the OEM hitch on the 2014 Subaru . The hitch pin hole is very to the end of the receiver which will fit issues with most if not all hitch mount bike Because the hole is so close to the end of the and because bike racks fit 1-1/4 inch hitches hitch pin holes close to the of the shanks, there would not be shank inside the receiver to mount a bike rack. of this issue I

Yes. there are common places for the connections, every so often are a few vehicles that have it in a place. Subaru is actually for this. The first place you are to want to look is forward or of where the connection is supposed to be.

If not there, it may be on the other side of the So you would basically follow the instructions except on the opposite of the vehicle. In some instances the was found

The hitch you have for your 2014 Subaru , Curt # C13144, is an excellent for use with a high-capacity bike such as the Thule Hitching Pro # TH934XTR. I have linked a video showing this in use on a Subaru Outback. This hitch is a Class III-rated design with a substantial weight capacity of 525-lbs. weight is the downward force to a hitch from whatever is to it, whether a trailer or as in this a

The 9 inch measurement that you are on the Yakima DoubleDown Ace # Y02451 is the center of the pin hole to the base From the center of the pin hole to the vertical mast is 11 inches. I the measurements noted in the picture.

Providing your 7 inch is from the center of the hitch pin to the outside of the bumper on your Subaru Forester as stated, bike rack will fit on your vehicle and clear bumper by 2 inches. I have

Actually, you could use either harness and both are in our fit guide for vehicle. Curt has both fit T-connector wiring harnesses # C56040 and hardwire harnesses # 56146KIT. Either one will

It is listed in the Curt application If it were me, I would go with the wiring harness # C56040. I included a link to a video a typical installation on another this harness fits.

And I linked the instructions for you.

You may be to run the strap through backwards. than that there is no place the strap has to go. As long as the part is closed inside the and cannot be pulled out then is all you will need to deter of the rack.

I checked with and the large and extra large cargo boxes are confirmed to fit Subaru Forester. The Thule Large Rooftop Cargo Box # that you referenced is a large so it fit just fine. This box is 32-1/2 inches wide option you have is the Thule XL Rooftop Cargo Box # TH635S.

has the same width as the # TH686XT but is at 90 inches whereas the other box is 73 long.

You would not want to use a brake master cylinder drum brakes because the psi is much higher for disc Using it on drum brakes can to damage to the wheel cylinders and aggressive braking. The master for the drum brakes is # T2374400.

brake master cylinders a check valve on the inside regulates the psi going through the lines. This is not something you can add to the disc brake master You would either have to get t

For the Subaru Forester, Yakima has the fit notes: Place the upper hooks at the top edge of trunk, lid, or rear door support frame rests on the portion of the license plate, the numbers Place the lower hooks at the bottom edge of the hatch lid, or rear Side strap hooks to side edge of trunk, or rear door next to lights Weight limit for 2 is 60 lbs, 3 bikes is 90 lbs Joe Measurement of 27

You certainly can order just the to install Curt trailer # 13147 on your 2012 Forester. You will need # RHK and enter the hitch number and the Curt as the manufacturer where Once the order is placed our team will assemble the kit to send to you.

I have included a link to the instructions for the hitch and a video a typical installation as well for

We carry quite a few cargo for your 2006 Subaru and I have a couple of recommendations for My first recommendation is the Pro Series Carrier # 63155 – it is a size, 20 x 47 inches and does not a ton on assembly. The best attribute is the shank has a 3 inch rise, for your vehicle that has a 13 ground clearance, this be a good idea just to you better clearance. The pin and clip for carrier are sold separately as # P

When using the Softride bike rack, # SR26428, you be able to open the rear on your 2014 Subaru with the bikes still on the rack and the rack tilted This rack does a hitch lock. To lock the to the rack I recommend a cable like # CAB-10.

This is a 3 rack, not a 4-bike, and it differs the other Softride racks in it is much lighter at 20 pounds any of its brethren. This rack is to fit Class II and Class III tra

The Rightline 3XL Rooftop Cargo Bag # RL100S30 you mentioned is the largest roof bag that we have available. The system is compatible with the rails on your 2013 Forrester. This cargo bag can up to 18 cubic feet of cargo or

The material that the bag is constructed of is waterproof woven polyester is lined with PVC and a nylon to add durability. The type and design of mechanism helps to keep and water o

If you are looking for a 2-bike mount bike rack for 2002 Subaru Forester the Thule Raceway # TH9001 you have referenced is the way to go. I own the 3-bike of this rack and it is the best mount rack that I ever used. What it so great are the retractable cables.

The uses 4 retractable cables than 6 straps like bike racks. The cables installation and removal quick and and there is no left over to flap in the breeze l

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