Smart Forfour – Next Car Pty Ltd – 28th October, 2004

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The Smart Forfour is the first car in its to combine the functionality of a small car the emotional appeal of a young car Thanks to its flexible interior, the four-seater is a byword for versatility, illustrating that the core values of innovation, functionality and de vivre are consistently implemented by

The Smart Forfour was unveiled to the public for the first time at the International Motor Show in earlier this month. can now order the Smart Forfour at dealers, and deliveries will in October 2004.

Like all of the Smart family, the Smart incorporates the typical brand such as the visible tridion cell, the unusual design, the two and two colour concept and the driving typical to Smart. The proportions of the car are unmistakably Smart: The Smart is compact and sporty with an short overhang and large flush-fitted with the wings. In all the body has four side and a tailgate.

The Smart Forfour is a car a concept and design which set it from other vehicles. The Forfour stirs emotions and a sense of joie de vivre . above all, it is the first in the small car segment to offer technology to customers who are looking for a product. The affiliation with and the Mercedes Car Group is particularly in the range of audio, navigation and technology and the numerous comfort and functions.

All Smart Forfour are equipped with the Electronic Programme (ESP) and disc on both the front and the rear as standard. Whereas other in the small car segment do not offer a handling control system, or if do then only in selected and usually at an additional charge, ESP is a feature in the Smart Forfour.

a choice of two powerful engine and the exceptionally agile set-up of its drive chassis, the Smart meets all the expectations of those for a great driving experience. in at less than 1,000 the Smart Forfour offers a ratio of up to 12.2 kilogrammes per (9 kg per bhp), which is comparable the attractive ratio of the Smart

Customers can choose between two variants (1.3-litre and 1.5-litre), come with the highly “pulse” design and equipment The Smart Forfour comes a conventional five-speed manual as standard. The newly developed, ”softouch plus” six-speed is available as an option.

Despite its exterior dimensions, the interior of the conveys a feeling of spaciousness is typical of the Smart brand. The concept, which is available as an lends the interior of the Smart a veritable living room The backrests of the two front seats can be down so that they are level with the rear to create a large horizontal surface. As with the Smart coupй, Smart Forfour can choose between a plastic a panoramic glass roof and an glass sunroof.

Like all models, the Smart Forfour has a modular safety system and provisions for maximum passenger In crash tests, the five-door has displayed qualities which go far the legal requirements.

Innovation and

Smart Forfour stirs and conveys energy and a sense of de vivre

The Smart Forfour is the car in its segment to combine the functionality of a car with the emotional appeal of a car brand. Thanks to its flexible the sporty four-seater is a byword for clearly illustrating that the brand values of innovation, and joie de vivre are consistently by Smart. Customers can order the Forfour now from Smart and deliveries will start in 2004.

The friendly face of the Smart is characterised by the four individual mounted headlamps, positioned at an to each other above the air At the rear, the three-dimensional round lamps are typical of the Smart On the Smart Forfour they are above one another in the C pillar a plastic surround.

The side lamps are located in the door housing.

As with the Smart coupe and cabrio a highly version of the “pulse” design and line is available for the Smart The pulse line offers a range of high-quality, sporty With a high level of and functionality, the Smart Forfour is the door to the Smart model

Standard features include electric windows for driver and passenger, 3-spoke steering with electric power remote central locking drive lock, immobiliser, Stability Programme (ESP) Hydraulic Brake Assist, braking system (ABS) electronic brake-force distribution disc brakes at front and TRIDION safety cell, driver and passenger airbags and airbags in front. In contrast to vehicles, the pulse design and line has been extended for to also cater to the highest requirements whilst offering an price-performance ratio. Air conditioning, alloy wheels, anti-theft system, hazard triangle and wheel are just some of the also included in all Australian-delivered

In Europe, a series-produced BRABUS and equipment line will for the Smart Forfour at a later in time. Whilst no decisions been made yet for the BRABUS and equipment line in Australia, BRABUS accessories, which the sportiness and individuality of the dynamic car, will be available at dealers mid-2005.

The tridion cell of the Smart Forfour is in three colours: Silver, and titanium. These three can be combined with the bodypanels are available in ten typical Smart jack black, phat graphite blue, ice white, green metallic, starlight metallic, bay grey metallic, blue metallic, flame red and deep green metallic.

The concept transforms the Smart into a veritable living

The lounge concept, which is as an option, lends the interior of the Forfour a living room The backrests of the two front seats can be down so that they are level with the rear to create a large horizontal surface. Lounge pads a matching trim extend the backs of the rear seat at the sides and give them a finish at the rear side

While the passengers in the Smart relax, they can use the foldable and rotatable ”twinface” multifunctional located between the front as either a storage compartment or a twinface is available as an option.

The flexible interior is a highlight of the Forfour

The multivariable rear of the Smart Forfour can be adjusted by 150 in length. This maximises the available for either the rear or for luggage space. The rear back is divided up in the ratio and each part can be reclined

If desired, comfort levels can be by a central armrest which is into the backrest as well as by cushions” which match the trim.

The standard rear bench is designed for two people. In the that additional room is for a large amount of luggage than rear-seat passengers, the mechanisms enable you to fold the forwards – either individually or – into a horizontal position and to the entire rear seat into a vertical position. In the position, the luggage compartment just under 270 litres.

By down the rear seatbacks or forward the seat system, can be increased to a volume of up to 620 or 910 litres.

Despite its compact exterior the interior of the vehicle conveys a of spaciousness which is typical of The three-dimensional appearance of the instrument is enhanced by the spherical external-mounted air and the textile sections integrated in the surfaces. The same effect is by the centre console, in which an of control elements is integrated.

The of the Smart Forfour is rounded off by a Smart steering wheel a three-spoke design. A leather steering wheel with two spokes featuring push is available as an option (standard on the variant). These push can be used by the driver to control a of functions – radio, CD player, telephone and navigation systems – having to take his or her hands the wheel.

For the interior of the Smart three fabric colours are A fine leather trim the range. The interior fabrics are in brick red, brick and stretch black.

The Smart has three innovative roof

As with the Smart Fortwo customers can choose between a roof, a panoramic glass (optional) and an electric glass (optional). The panoramic glass which is available as an option, light into the interior of the Forfour over an area of 1.4 mІ. In to the tinted transparent glass, a sun-blind located on the inside of the car keep out unwanted sunlight.

The electric glass sunroof light and fresh air into the It can be opened in any position at the touch of a And if you like a constant supply of air in the cockpit but want to keep out the you need look no further the appropriate interior sun-blind.

The plastic fabric does not at high speeds and so does not disturbing noise.

Driving as a standard feature:

Power/weight of the Smart Forfour on a par with the roadster

With a choice of engine versions and the exceptionally set-up of its active drive the new Smart Forfour meets all the of those looking for a great experience. Weighing in at less 1,000 kilogrammes, the Smart offers a power/weight ratio of up to kilogrammes per kilowatt (9 kg per bhp), is on a par with the extremely low ratio of the roadster.

The roll angle of the Forfour is also at the low level of the roadster. The wide track – 1,460 millimetres at the front and millimetre in the rear are decisive for – along with the sporty and shock absorber settings. a total spring travel of 170 at the front and 180 millimetres at the rear, the Forfour has ample reserves for with bumpy roads.

A of two powerful engine variants

Two four-cylinder petrol engine are available for the Smart Forfour engine capacities of 1.3 litres and 1.5 and power outputs of 70 kW and 80 kW respectively.

All Forfour engines comply the limit values set out in the EU4 exhaust The new family of petrol engines is the of cooperation between DaimlerChrysler and The petrol engines are produced in the MDC engine factory in Kцlleda which was specially constructed for purpose.

The petrol engines sporty driving performance with economical consumption The cars accelerate from 0 to 100 per hour in 10.8 and 9.8 seconds, and the speed is 180 km/h and 190 km/h. these figures the petrol will consume less six litres of fuel over 100 in accordance with the New European Cycle.

Attractive entry price for the Forfour in Australia

The Smart pulse with a 70 kW 1.3-litre will come onto the in Australia at a recommended retail of $23,900. The Smart Forfour is available with an 80 kW 1.5-litre engine for $25,900.

Exclusive packages available as an option

on request for all Smart Forfour the Sports package ensures an more dynamic driving and a suitably sporty look. in this sports package are a chassis, and wheels measuring 6.5 x 16 205/45 R 16 H tyres. Added to are blue-tinted windows, and a leather-trimmed sports steering wheel and knob, all of which combine to the Smart Forfour an additional touch – both inside and

Electronic Stability Programme is standard in all models

All Smart models are equipped with the Stability Programme (ESP) and brakes on both the front and the axle as standard. ESP uses brake intervention to stabilise the In addition, ESP incorporates Hydraulic Assist and a differential lock

Moreover, the Anti-lock Braking ABS including Electronic Brake-force is integrated in ESP.

ESP ensures the Smart Forfour always the direction in which the driver even at the stability limit of dynamics. In addition to closing the valve, ESP also features brake intervention acting on wheels. This ensures stability and road adhesion accelerating, braking and coasting.

All of the Smart Forfour are equipped Electric Power Steering. leads to a notable increase in comfort as well as a significant in the effort required to turn the wheel, particularly during At the same time, Electric Steering offers considerable over conventional electro-hydraulic in terms of weight, required and fuel consumption.

The lanechanger for the indicator contributes to road safety and convenience. Briefly the steering column control makes the selected direction flash three times.

six-speed transmission with and crawl function

The Smart comes with a conventional manual transmission as standard. The six-speed ”softouch plus” is available as an option. In this the Smart Forfour does not a clutch pedal, as an electric opens and closes the clutch.

this automated transmission, the lever also allows gear changing: it is pushed to change up gears, and backwards to down.

Additional ”shift integrated in the steering wheel are as an option for the automated six-speed plus” trasnmission: In this the driver can keep his or her hands on the steering wheel when gear. The shift paddles are on the back of the steering wheel at sides – the right-hand paddle is to change up gears and the left-hand one to down.

Another standard is the kickdown function, which the driver to change down one or two spontaneously using the accelerator As well as this, the automated of the Smart Forfour also a crawl function. This it possible to drive slowly pressing the accelerator pedal – not an automatic transmission with a converter.

The gentle acceleration is a feature for hill starts, and slow progress in stop-and-go

The Smart Forfour is fitted 195/50R15 tyres mounted on 6×15 light alloy Light alloy wheels 6.5×16, which require tyres, can also be ordered as an

Cooperation within the DaimlerChrysler

Intelligent component-sharing with an concept and design

The rigorous and defined control of all product is a significant strategic premise at Within the group portfolio, the of the Smart brand – as a part of the Car Group – is on unusual vehicles in the car segment. The Smart developers and have the task of implementing the expertise and pacemaker function of in the small car segment.

This means that the demands made on all products of the Car Group are identical, even their characteristics may differ in the individual brands.

Clear in terms of concept and design

standards were also of importance in the cooperation with Despite the high value of the parts, Smart developed a car a concept and design which is different from cars of the brand.

The Smart Forfour its affiliation with the Mercedes Car by offering high-end technology to looking for a premium car – a in the small car segment. Functions have been adopted Mercedes-Benz include the multifunctional wheel, the rain and light the audio, navigation and communication and the locking system (including lock).

The Smart Forfour and the Colt are the first non-Mercedes-Benz to be designed using the DaimlerChrysler and electronics platform. For example includes the Anti-lock Braking Cornering Brake Control, Brake Assist and the crawl of the automatic transmission.

You can always a Smart at first sight

The Forfour, too, is immediately as a member of the Smart family on of the Smart ”family genes” it First of all, this is by the tridion safety cell a consistently and effectively implemented concept, as well as giving the a visible frame structure.

unique feature is the two material and two concept associated with the safety cell, which is by the use of coloured and interchangeable plastic Equally typical of Smart is the design which offers a and creatively designed interior a sense of spaciousness which its compact dimensions. And finally of the unmistakable Smart driving which the Smart Forfour – just like all the other of the brand.

The Smart Forfour stands out from the competition

The Smart design pervades inch of the vehicle – not just the exterior with the tridion cell and bodypanels, innovative systems, headlamps, tail doors and wheels. The interior is unmistakably Smart, both in of appearance and functions: The cockpit and bear the mark of the programme as do all control elements and trim

In the development of the front axle, the of the anti-roll bar, shock and damper struts has resulted in a level of active safety and sporty driving dynamics, puts the Smart Forfour ahead of other vehicles in its Further equipment such as airbags (standard) and window (option) make it clear the programme Forfour meets the standards when it comes to safety.

Close cooperation in the of shared components

The components in cooperation with Mitsubishi the petrol engines built at MDC in Kцlleda (Thuringia), the rear structural components in the vehicle the manual transmission and the emission and tank system. These were also produced in accordance with Smart in terms of technical and product The Smart Forfour and the Colt Mitsubishi are built at NedCar in (Holland).

A first in the small car

Smart Forfour offers technology to customers looking for a product

With the arrival of the Forfour, the small car segment is treated to features which formerly reserved for high-end The affiliation with DaimlerChrysler and the Car Group is particularly apparent in the Stability Programme (ESP) as standard, the range of audio, and telecommunication technology and the numerous and safety functions.

Electronic Programme (ESP) as a standard unique in this class

All Smart Forfour models are with the Electronic Stability (ESP) and disc brakes on the front and the rear axle as Whereas other manufacturers in the car segment do not offer a dynamic control system, or if they do only in selected models and at an additional charge, ESP is a standard in the Smart Forfour.

ESP uses brake intervention to stabilise the ESP also incorporates Hydraulic Assist and a differential lock Furthermore, the Anti-lock Braking (ABS) including Electronic Distribution is integrated in ESP.

steering wheel and Smart multimedia navigator as an exclusive

An optional feature available for the Forfour is a multifunctional double-spoke wheel (standard on the 1.5-litre featuring pushbuttons, based on the operating concept found in vehicles. The multifunctional steering allows the radio, CD player, telephone or navigation functions to be safely, without the driver to take his or her hands from the With this integrated control system, the Smart offers a feature typical of the end of the vehicle market.

The audio, and telecommunications systems also to Mercedes-Benz technology. The range of includes the standard-fitted Smart five with AM/FM as well as CD and telephone input for hands-free equipment. In addition to a and CD drive, the Smart radio six has a key pad for mobile phone numbers and two speakers.

The Smart radio navigator is the most exclusive As well as sophisticated audio and functions, this option a navigation system with map on a coloured display field, not to a DVD drive for the navigation. This can also be used as a CD player.

The Forfour sound experience is by a speaker system which of either two or four full-range depending on the Smart radio chosen. The converters are either individually in the front doors or in all doors. The most exclusive is a multichannel system (programme package) with tweeters in the triangles, low-mid-range speakers in the doors and wide-band loudspeakers in the doors plus an active with 2×40 watt output and active filters the driver’s seat.

Sensors light and windscreen wipers

A system is available as an option for the Forfour, allowing windscreen and driving lights to be activated (rain and light sensor). As as water makes contact the windscreen, the rain sensor the wipers at an appropriate speed is determined by the level of rainfall. sensors are located in the area the interior mirror.

When the windscreen wipers are activated and gear is engaged, the rear wiper switches to intermittent

The lights-on function switches on the and tail lamps automatically darkness falls. Two sensors are for switching the driving lights off and on One of these registers the ambient at a wide angle, while the works in a narrow sensor The sensors switch the driving on when both register concurrently.

For example, this that the lights are switched on the car enters a tunnel, while making sure that remain inactive when through an avenue.

Smart offers a high level of and safety

Once the car is in motion, the locking system is activated. system, which is called lock”, protects the passengers in the Forfour from ”uninvited attempting to enter. As soon as a is opened from within, the locking system releases all again.

If desired, drive can also be deactivated at the touch of a

When the ignition is switched off at the end of a the headlamps are automatically switched off as Conversely, turning the ignition key the (switched on) driving lights; in order to protect the vehicle supply, not during the starting

A further function lights up the from the vehicle to the front of the house, for example: Both lights and parking lamps are on again when the vehicle is if the lights were on before the key was removed. After twelve the lights automatically switch off Conversely, a double click on the unlocking button activates the and interior lighting of the Smart

Compact and safe:

Passengers in the Forfour feel safe – good reason

The Smart is an unmistakable representative of the Smart Its identity is underlined first of all by the two and two colour concept together its modular construction. The steel safety cell forms the skin of the programme Forfour in the of the side skirts, A-pillar, and roof bars.

The tridion cell frames the passenger and visualises the modular construction of the Forfour. Together with the bodypanels, the safety cell the vehicle body with a which exudes robustness and for everyday use. These two also apply to the bodypanels.

the bodypanels are environmentally compatible, as the material is recyclable and the coloured water-based and therefore solvent-free.

The of the Smart Forfour are also of the brand and a visual documentation of the of the new member of the Smart family. The car is and sporty with its extremely rear overhang and the large flush-fitted with the wings. In all of the Smart Forfour, the body has side doors and a tailgate.

protection meets the high of DaimlerChrysler

Like all Smart the Smart Forfour has a coordinated, safety system and constructional for maximum passenger safety. In tests, the five-door programme has qualities which go far beyond the requirements.

The tridion safety a typical feature of the Smart has been modified for the Smart . High stability of the passenger was achieved by the use of parallel side running under the whole floor from the front to the Together with the solid sections, these ensure the high degree of rigidity has a positive effect both driving on rough roads and in the of an accident.

In addition to the full-size which come as standard for and passenger, side airbags are in the backrests of the front seats in all Additional window bags can be as an option.

In order to reduce the of injuries caused by penetration of the column into the passenger the steering column is collapsible and towards the front in the event of a collision. The decoupling of the brake when high pressure is to the footwell structure also reduces the risk of injury in area. Large and soft areas in the interior, for example in the doors or the cockpit also maximum occupant safety.

All seats in the programme Forfour a three-point seat-belt system and Pyrotechnic belt tensioners and belt-force limiters are provided for the and front passenger.

The doors of extruded aluminium sections and sheets with plastic are also a typical programme Sturdy alloy side together with solid and hinges ensure high against intrusions, especially in the of side crashes, and a secure of the door and the passenger cell.

Forfour 1.3 (70 kW)

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