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Skoda Fabia


The new of Skoda Fabia will be in 2014

Skoda Fabia

Skoda Company is on the threshold of upgrades to its model range. year started production of the new Rapid, which will be on the market between the models and Octavia. In the following 2013 and the will show another seller generation Octavia, a new platform, and in 2014 comes the generation of the Skoda Fabia .

car will be developed on a new platform global MQB (Modular Transverse of the Group parent Volkswagen, will give the industry interior space and luggage increased. The current Fabia 315 liters of luggage, and the new will be for 350 liters luggage, the second-largest that of the Honda Jazz. the logic of #8220;growing up#8221; of new generation and the new Fabia will increased wheelbase and is lighter due to the use of steel.

The design of the car is the new style, the has demonstrated Rapid and first the kind of concept Skoda In fact, this new style of will surprise us with really new because not only but #8220;Mom#8221; Volkswagen adheres to a design style and do not allow too wiggle to the benefit of design The interior in this car will be better quality and more

Skoda Fabia 1.2

Under the you will see a new generation of engines advanced 1.2-liter, three-cylinder #8211; diesel TDI and TSI petrol offering a power bandwidth 70 to 120 hp In fact, capacity will be different than the current but the new engines will be more in their work. Likely RS version of the new car will have a capacity of 180 #8220;horses#8221; because of the limited demand, but the designation not disappear. It will be used for less forced version of the car 140 hp.

More Information About Fabia

History of the model Presentation of the model. A compact hatchback. ABS and four airbags are run in trim levels. Engines: 1.0 50 hp, 1.4 liter 68 hp and 1.4 16v with 100 hp Diesel: 1.9 SDI 64 bhp and 1.9 TDI with 100 hp 4/00 1.0-liter is stopped.

1.4 petrol has a 60 hp Another level: 1.4 16v now with 75 hp 11/00 New #8211; wagon version. New 2.0 liter petrol engine 115 hp 4/01 New body #8211; with four doors. New base engine: 1.2 liter with 55 hp 9/03 New Motor: 1.4 TDI 75 hp and Fabia RS with 1.9 TDI with 130 hp

Who can prices and believe you will notice that the Fabia is Polo. Within the Group has been said that makes the best Volkswagens. is available in cutting edge in Mlada Boleslav near

Crystal making body is noticeable in the eyes.

The details fit with each other, the close silently and precisely. As for the focus of customer attention are the turbodiesel indication TDI. As low to guess that in terms of competition now offers better.

fabia combi 1999

1.4 The two engines with power 60 or 68 hp on an old Czech own work, while the are identical to those of the VW Polo or in the of 2.0-liter with 115 horses on the VW The city is the Fabia makes a turning circle of 10.8 which combined with its steering gained fame maneuverable vehicle.

In the Czech urban riding also very well. The suspension to bumps in the road without body and passengers. The car allows ride and surprisingly high cornering.

Skidding of the front to the outer edge of the boundary sets.

In the cabin there is sufficient in front of the freedom movement is even two adults back better. Due to the ability of the wheel to be vertically and axially driver finds a comfortable position.

nice and all controls are in the gym #8211; wheel, gear changes and instruments on board a moving that precision quality differs from the call of tricks.

The trunk of the hatchback is but the sedan is a straight spatial Estate was a bit disappointing in terms of Desired size is obtained when removing the seat .

The level is high. ABS and four are standard equipment in most (equipment is minimized in cheap as Junior). The brakes are strong, the is solid and has proven its protective in many crash tests.

are the best thing in the Fabia, when it comes to petrol In the TDI should be considered good if servicing will melt of fuel. It is important to know when turbo Fabia 3 emissions standard cover, at the same motors meet 4 Polo.

Skoda Fabia

Fabia is a complete small excellent regulations covering all from urban driving sections in a long time. excellent chassis settings and a great deal of driving

Pros: quality workmanship, seats, good handling, standard of security, comfort

Cons: poor visibility, diesel, cheap interior

The most common injuries and Electronics: interference in the management of defective or broken belts motors burned wiper not electric windows Drive: or worn connectors

Test Skoda Fabia (6Y) 1.4 16V (100 Hp)

Seat and Skoda are the most rapidly growing car in Europe. The credit for this, of belongs to the parent company and especially the policy of unification, in Wolfsburg lead early in the ghee.

Skoda Fabia 6Y

Its rules are #8211; new technologies first in models of subsidiaries, upgrade and being applied to the German That#8217;s what happened the twins Arosa and Lupo, a later, Octavia and Golf IV. So depending on the type of #8220;built #8230;#8221; slightly confused.

As the version states that Fabia uses the platform of Polo IV. It remains unclear how occurs grip provided the Czech bestseller sold by and his German #8220;donor#8221; released two years later.

Obviously strategists space-time continuum not really matter, does and who blame them. Successor was such a quality and successful that ultimately no one cares consistency. Customer and producer was that Fabia #8220;slew#8221; in almost all European countries German and Czech ancestry

Five years after its #8220;Polo-of Mlada Boleslav continues to spend as fresh at Easter. Švejk earthlings to no less zeal than German landlords and constantly the range in which everyone is now a #8211; hatchback, sedan, eight petrol and two diesel three trim levels and a number of special performances .

capitalism replace communism? but so far no complaints heard #8230;

successfully landed, and the market for cars where the compact chances are not bad. In absolute technological parameters Volkswagen and Seat Ibiza. Skoda-worth so less.

Price determined age but the origin of the model seems to say the Strange as it may sound, there are people who believe in Wolfsburg staked his reputation for the sake of a few euros and would compromises on

Yes, Fabia car is not perfect, and any other used car requires when buying. In structural however, is its compact Skoda which automatically makes it one of the suitable alternatives in class.

In Teutonic roots of the model eloquent everything ranging the design of the body and lead to workmanship. The spacious lounge, and clearly dashboard without and unnecessary stuff on it and skillfully materials hardly give to criticism. Naturally, flaws can be

Skoda Fabia 6Y

For almost two Fabia playing the role of pig, which Volkswagen potential defects future Among these childhood in statistics stands damaged the air temperature sensor. Its price is but its replacement must be dismantled dashboard.

For engineering nuisance is considered the location of the air filter, provides ventilation.

He mires dirt very quickly and the air circulation in the system. If we exclude the of the first two years of production, the is a real Fabia Volkswagen perfect corrosion protection, quality varnish and tight

It arrives in our latitudes with preparation. Clearance often is Joke can play more trying to go down backwards high street as there is no in big cities.

If the giant front clipped the curb, it concerns the #8220;face#8221; of the Skoda-th.

Like all of the family of Volkswagen, Czech car is privileged to draw with of huge arsenal of power that are weapons in Wolfsburg. from the start of production at archaic engine camshaft and volume 1.4 liters left in the of Felicia, was replaced by the much modern German bikes 75 and 100 hp

Fits also the old two-liter VW with 115 horses and recently at a half motorche smaller of Lupo was replaced by a three-cylinder with 54 or 63 hp Diesel fans can from the simple-SDi (68 hp) or high-tech TDi (100-130 horse), whose are well known.

It is powerful but efficient turbodiesel considered suitable for the Fabia alongside the petrol engine. Their however, requires a very attitude, skilled service and fuels.

All motors mounted on the Fabia, are durable and reliable. For timely problems are practically excluded. The are minor and are removed over Many drivers, such as with convened dimmer

In cars the first year of he pressed a little harder.

from this period mostly of leaking gaskets and of the cooling system, which a risk of overheating. In addition to the 5-speed manual transmission Skoda is equipped with a machine. Chronic disease are unknown, although there situations in which the car is driven a little butter

Skoda 2004


Blame for the in its level is not well thought out gearbox lubricant for which through seals and gaskets. susceptible to this defect is gear. In this area bolts, the removal and cleaning

The remaining nodes are very and reliable. In softer terms, for the clutch disc will pension after 200-250 km.

Criticism suspension Fabia quite often. The only are the bearings in the front hub from to complain as owners and mechanics. In native conditions, sometimes ends at 35 to 45 thousand kilometers.

together with the hub and not cheap, and the replacement work is thankless, respectively. Often broken and the front stabilizer bushings. them with ones will plastic elements the problem almost forever.

from the first year of the experiencing some unusual for VAG wiring. The most unpleasant of is damage to the control unit windows mounted in the driver#8217;s The defect is due to a purely constructive of thought.

The block is located in up and moisture penetrates freely it. In rare cases #8220;busy#8221; and shoot bulbs, but for chronic is exaggerated to speak of.

All versions of Fabia to come out now

Skoda Fabia 2000 2000

Fabia 1.0 #8211; 5 / hatchback 50 hp Manual

Skoda 2000 #8211; 2002

Fabia 2001 #8211;

Fabia Sedan 1.4 #8211; 4 / Sedan 68 hp Manual

Fabia 1.4 #8211; 5 door / wagon 68 hp

Skoda Fabia 2001 2004

Fabia 2.0 #8211; 5 / hatch 115 hp Manual

Fabia 2.0 #8211; 5 door / wagon 115 hp

Fabia Combi 1.9 TDI #8211; 5 / wagon 101 hp Manual

Fabia 1.9 SDI #8211; 5 door / wagon 64 hp

Fabia 1.2 6V #8211; 5 doors / 54 hp Manual

Skoda Fabia #8211; 2004

Fabia 1.9 TDI RS 5 door / hatch 130 hp Manual

Sedan 1.4 16V #8211; 4 door / 75 hp Manual

Fabia Sedan 1.2 12V 4 door / Sedan 65 hp Manual

Combi 1.2 12V #8211; 5-door / 65 hp Manual

Fabia Combi 1.4 TDI 5 door / wagon 75 hp Manual

Combi 1.4 16V #8211; 5-door / 75 hp Manual

Fabia Sedan 1.4 TDI 4 door / Sedan 75 hp Manual

Sedan 1.4 16V #8211; 4 door / 100 hp Manual

Fabia Combi 1.4 16V 5-door / wagon 75 hp Manual

Sedan 1.9 TDI #8211; 4 door / 101 hp Manual

Fabia Sedan 1.4 16V 4 door / Sedan 75 hp Automatic

Fabia Sedan 2.0 #8211; 4 / sedan 115 hp Manual

Fabia 1.4 16V #8211; 4 door / Sedan 75 hp

Skoda Fabia 2004 2007

Fabia 1.9 TDI RS #8211; 5 / hatch 130 hp Manual

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