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Seat Ibiza


In the automotive history of the last twenty years has hardly model that has undergone metamorphosis Seat Ibiza . Spanish mines come a time considered by realists to be impossible.

2012 Seat Ibiza

From the end of the queue has become a favorite at that in a few years. For rebirth was only necessary change in ownership of the company, a German know-how. So once Ibiza with her tins decaying, prop assembly and is unreliable league outfits with a new suit of Giorgetto Giugiaro, chassis and the Volkswagen mechanics and finish for any of the Iberian Peninsula, only heard.

Well, from 1993 to 1995 have had to learn from the ground principles in order to save their gnash their teeth, which are carried from the plant in Wolfsburg because of problems with the new generation Ibiza. Even against these childhood diseases, however, it was clear that the model yet brilliant career.

1600-cc engine spends as its 1.4-liter sibling, and offers more power.

Nine years after its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show ispanche is little more accessible than ever before. The prices of used cars are likely to become more attractive after the presentation of the new Ibiza this spring. While a 2/3 VW Polo and enjoy the deserved high reputation of the donor, however, the compact seat is far from immune to technical deficiencies.

Many of them were cured during the first two years of production, when the company throws a big effort to improve Ibiza. Others simply have the mark of southern European fit with them future owner would still have to adapt.

It is quite clear that the comparison between the qualities of the body of the first and second generation Ibiza and the word is out. With the exception of the last two or three years of his life to the conveyor older generation find it difficult competition slight corrosion protection and poor fit. However, in the beginning the new Ibiza also surprised with some defects in the car.

2011 Seat Ibiza

Typical examples are some red and black specimens from 1993-94, which lacquer is insufficient sustainable and sensitive to small stones. Because of this problem in early 1995 and the plant began to cause additional layer of paint. In December, two years sooner does a change in the thickness of the seals stops because water penetrates through them.

That bothers some trouble copies of Cordoba saloon of the 1994th, but due to faulty welds on the bottom of the trunk. Although rare faulty seals hurricane glass and unreliable glued edge of the side meet until 1996, and the gradual crumbling exterior plastic parts.

The solid place in the body where corrosion is a chance exhaust system is

Hard Teutonic hand is evident from the quality of workmanship of the salon. Comments can still be heard and at the gym. By the standards of the class, he has a lot to offer in terms of payload and functionality.

Spacious is happy with nice layout, but visibility to the rear is very limited. With the exception of sports format versions of seats is quite appropriate and tired during long journey. In November 1995 seat take action against #8220;crazy#8221; decorative caps on the screws in the interior and vibration at the top of the dashboard.

Back to the earlier cars with three doors often plastic sheathing beneath the rear glass to deform after three years of operation. Like the older generation Ibiza, the sleigh under the front seats backlash occurs and the mechanism for moving the seat back fails. Pedal cars for 1993-94 does often annoying squeak.

2012 Seat Ibiza 2

As might be expected, the entire engine range, which is assembled Ibiza, is taken for granted by Volkswagen. The motors are usually cited as almost the only positive feature of the old generation.

Developed by Porsche units actually had a decent, but hindsight allows to recognize that in terms of quality and reliability, the new engine is undoubtedly superior to its predecessors. Buyers can choose from an impressive variety of its #8220;menu#8221;.

Motors with a volume of 1.05 to 2.0 liters and an output of 45 to vtreshtyavashtite trolley with similar dimensions 150 hp In VW apparently thought to turn seat in sports face his stamp collection in the early 90#8242;s.

Most common market are 1.4-liter versions with 60 hp Followed by the 1600-cc engines with 75 horses.

Both show a similar engine appetite, but bigger is definitely preferable because of its dynamic characteristics. Willing to risk a more unusual choice can stop the smallest engine with a modest 55 #8220;ponies#8221; or very rare 1300 cc engine with the old versions of the Polo and Golf.

Inflated 1.8-and 2.0-liter Furies should be purchased with caution because the normal depreciation of such vehicles. VW#8217;s diesels have traditionally interested deserve whatever modification. In this case, even the weakest (64 hp), which fits perfectly with the light compartment and demonstrated unsurpassed fuel economy.

The most common problems with the power of Ibiza are associated with oil leaks. Leaky seals struggle mostly big bikes with volume 1.8 and 2.0 liters (from 80 thousand km). Diesels usually has toppings of the valve cover.

2012 Seat Ibiza

The alternator belt in automobiles produced in 1993-94, often you and after a run of 30000 km is often short for wear. In early 1995, replaced by the seat belt and tension pulley and the problem disappears. Again the cars of the same period of vibration noises occur in the catalyst.

In April 1994 the plant take action and improve the quality of the weld the guard node. The remainder of defects under the hood are rare and primarily affect cooling.

Most often damaged water pump and thermostat, though chronic diseases can hardly speak. The temperature sensor of the radiator fin is even detail which tests generally should be monitored.

Gearbox and clutch in Ibiza often show defects when they are cosmetic. The course of clutch at the old cars sometimes increases due to wear of the mechanism to automatically adjust the clearance. Difficult gear engagement occurs in cars manufactured up to June 1995, as well as the vibration of the clutch and shifter diesels.

Strange as it may sound, electrical equipment shows quite defects. Naturally, almost all of them affect the cars from the beginning of production and soon afterwards removed. By 1994-95, however, create problems central locking (back part of the mechanisms at baseline and blocking locks), electric windows, benzinomerat indicator and coolant temperature.

The frequency of defective generator and starter is normal, but on account of this very instrument control lamps burning appliances unreasonably cold start. Turn signal levers and switching to high beam often require complete replacement. In general, however, are white fret not able to spoil the good reviews for Ibiza.

Seat Ibiza Cordoba

History of the model

2011 Seat Ibiza

10/93 Introduction of the second generation model: body with three or five doors. Four gasoline engines: 1.3i with 55 hp, 1.6i with 75 hp, 1.8i with 90 hp and the 2.0i with 115 hp Two diesel engines: 64/68 hp and 75 hp turbo

1/94 New engines: 1.0 liter 45 hp and 1.4 liter 60 hp

2/94 Presentation of the sedan with four doors Cordoba

7/94 New Motor: 1.8i 16v with 129 hp for the three-door model

4/96 New: Cordoba SX two-door, two gasoline engines (1.6i with 100 hp 1.8i with 129 hp). Ibiza and Cordoba already with 1.9 SDI 64 bhp (Direct injection diesel engine without turbo)

10/96 New engines: 1.9 TDI turbodiesel with 90 hp and 2.0 liter GTI with 150 hp

8/97 Presentation station wagon Zoom. New 1.9 TDI turbodiesel with 110 hp

8/99 Improvements in the model

1/02 Changing the model in Ibiza

1/03 model change in Córdoba first generation Ibiza, although participation in the development of the Porsche model was a failure.

Introduced in #8217;93 version, however, has absolutely nothing to do with its predecessor. For sheet metal components only VW. Although Ibiza is constructed based on the VW Polo, it fits under the hood and larger motors group of Golf.

This is possible thanks to a slightly longer front end.

2010 Seat Ibiza

Thus, more potent versions of the Ibiza is the successor of the old Golf GTI. Because its low weight ensure this demarazh, as hard nowadays Golf can hardly afford. The range of engines is quite extensive since the start of the model. Since it necessitated a solid 1.4 and 1.6 petrol.

For most drivers Seat are perfect middle ground. Alternative is turbo of VW, which is mounted in the autumn of #8217;96

The chassis is configured in the manner of Volkswagen, which means no compromise security. Although very hard adjustment, comfort is not bad. Both the three-and five-door first started in the program and had to play the role of the first horse in harness.

Cordoba sedan with four doors appear later, the station wagon (Zoom) #8211; until the end of #8217;97 Ibiza and Cordoba are completely identical from the front to the middle of the body, but you deserve different names. Ibiza acts as a compact model.

Due to the relatively high body and wide doors convenient drop-off is guaranteed. Who makes the ride more often and more people would prefer Cordoba, which has a huge rack #8211; 495 liters (Ibiza boot is 275 liters). The maximum permissible load of Cordoba is only 380 kg.

All versions of Cordoba have a servo and height adjustment for the steering wheel.

Air bags are offered by 94, but by the end of the #8217;96 serial no, but depending on equipment levels. This applies to ABS. Service costs Ibiza / Cordoba are quite high compared to the average for the class otherwise driving such a car is beneficial.

In terms of reliability Spaniards move in the right direction, but compared to its main competitors in the class break down more often.

Pros: + rich standard equipment, good workmanship, comfortable seats, safe driving

Cons: #8211; inharmonious chassis settings, a little compartments for placing objects, knees traveling too close to the dashboard

The most common problems with Seat Ibiza / Cordoba

Drive: faulty connectors, broken wires of a connector especially on 98-99

Cooling: defects in models with turbo and air conditioning from 93 to 94 d,

callback in the workshops of the company in #8217;95

Ignition: faulty spark plugs, ignition key, immobilizer

Motor: broken timing belts and total damage engines especially in #8217;97

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