Rover Streetwise – Review – Lou Get’s Streetwise With a Streetwise

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Rover Streetwise

Advantages: Nice Interior, Looks (to some!)

Disadvantages: Petrol Higher Tax

First review me in a long time, so thought get back into it by telling you the new car I have purchased since I wrote on here!

*** Lou’s New Car ***

in March 2007 I took a down the road just to go to the shops, but while walking the car sales place I noticed a red car that really caught my upon taking a closer I found this car was a Rover , I had a sit inside, checked it all out as you do and decided I wanted this car without taking it for a test drive! So was it about the car I like? Read on and all be explained!

*** Rover Streetwise ***

The Streetwise is an acquired taste I discovered! It looks kind of a smaller 4×4 crossed the Rover 200/25 range, it is plasticy to look at which I is what makes it a car you either or wouldn’t go near!

The Streetwise is (or manufactured by the Rover car company. It has large plastic bumpers and back as well as thick strips down the sides and bars on top. The main is as a regular car would be with paintwork in various colours, personally being a dark

The car comes with Rover wheels as standard and both and rear fog lights.

*** The Details ***

My is a 5 Door, 53 plate registered in and cost me Ј3995 in March of year. It has a 1.4 engine, however due to the road tax now goes on the emissions of the car than the engine size does mean that tax is on the expensive side compared to I was used to with my Peugeot the Streetwise costs me Ј90 to tax for just 6 compared to my 106 at Ј60!

Insurance for car is also higher due to the fact companies class this as a model for some reason and being counted as a young at 24 my insurance was Ј989 per year I bought the car, however was halfway through my old policy and re-newing my insurance in August year I was extremely pleasantly to find it had taken a massive to just Ј444 for the year comp. Obviously insurance vary from person to but that’s a rough idea for

*** Have a Look Inside ***

The of the Streetwise I would say is very and possibly more stylish the outside!

The front and rear seats are leather and half material, I personally think looks nicer than full The rear seat is a split to enable you to have easier to the boot area, however so far I only worked out how to push the forward from the boot as the push buttons are in the backs of the in the boot, I found this inconvenient on a recent camping

While on the subject of the boot I must point out that is massive and definatly meets my and more! My perfect example of is I recently took myself and 3 on a camping trip and we managed to fit including all luggage, camping and all the useless things you take and use in the boot which meant we travel in the comfort of not having under feet or on legs!

The tyre is located in the boot underneath the carpet which up reasonably easy. The spare isn’t a regular tyre, it is one of the X-amount of miles’ ones you are restricted to travelling at 50mph and must have changed at opportunity! Personally I hope I need to use this as it is thin and kind of scary and I wouldn’t comfortable driving with it!

The I have comes with sunroof, which I actually use at the moment as the fuse has blown! It has electric front windows and back ones. The driver window is ‘one touch’ means to open it all the way you only to flick the switch and you can carry on your hand to drive your window opens.

Air Conditioning is also a feature but I use it due to the petrol consumption being high and I would rather the window open anyway!

The CD I have is the factory fitted one and I it is great! It has a flip down to access the slot for cd’s, 6 to save radio stations and the part is the steering wheel so again I don’t have to concentration by playing with the cd as I have control at my finger

On the dashboard there is a clock which for some unknown stopped working, but also to this there is a built in Congestion Alert, this beeps at you up to 15 miles in advance to you if there is congestion ahead on main roads and motorways. It off a small beep then the tells you where the problem is, how far and the direction. I found this to be useful especially lately as my lives in Dudley and I have using the motorway to get from to Sutton Coldfield, so combined the radio traffic reports I been able to avoid as much as possible and get to work on

Other little accessories the car are cup holders in the two front doors and one the front seats for use by backseat there is a cd holder in the drivers door. The car has a 12v electric point, useful for Tomtom and phone and great for me when I use that that its not a cigarette lighter as an not to let people smoke in the car! is also a reasonable sized box area which I mainly for storage of cd’s, lollypops and a aid kit!

There are front and passenger airbags, which my constantly joke that are grateful for! How cheeky! The doors have child which can be turned off or on.

The car has an adjustable column which I found as I could have full of exactly how I wanted everything to be while driving! This is really easy to use, you pull the leaver at the side of the wheel down, move the to your desired position and the lever back in place!

*** The Streetwise ***

Ok, if you had asked me what the car was to drive when I first got it I have probably sworn at you and you I was taking it back! However a little persistence and a few minor in the garage I now find the Streetwise a to drive!

When I first bought the car I had problems with clutch at first I thought this was due to it a new car to me and I needed time to get used to it, upon asking a couple of friends to have a go at driving it, I they were having the problem, so off to the garage I went to the clutch looked at and they it just needed a little so I let them do their thing and enough problem sorted and now we to clutch problems therefore the Streetwise ace to drive!

The Streetwise the road really well at all and all conditions I have experienced so which is most except

The car provides a smooth ride at city street speeds and the speeds of the motorway. I feel driving this car on the motorway and I am in full control at all times. is probably a good thing

Petrol consumption really on the car, I find that if I the car up completely, at a cost of approx Ј40 will last me a lot longer if I put Ј40 in Ј5 intervals. Petrol also to be lasting me more miles on journeys rather than in and out of Birmingham 6 mile at a time

*** Spare Parts ***

I thought I just take a moment to on the spare parts subject due to the this car is a Rover and Rover are no in production which of course the question of spare parts if go wrong. I have asked question myself (admittedly I bought the car!) and I have re-assured that parts be easy enough to obtain as for vehicles must continue to be or available for 15 years after the of the manufacture of that model. I as of yet not had to have any new parts so do not know how this is, but I am hoping the information I been given is accurate!

*** ***

The Rover Streetwise has so far been a car for me, it is spacious and looks good. The of random stuff you can fit in would this car ideal for anyone the camper (me) to families children and pets! The economy of the car is I would describe as reasonable, it as good as my 106 was, but is much than my Corsa.

Overall I recommend the Rover Streetwise.

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