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Why Secure Containers?top

BYOD poses two fundamental, significant issues for mobile users and IT departments:

Most people resent having their “personal” devices managed and controlled by IT departments.

Most IT departments would prefer to manage company-owned applications, not employee-owned hardware.

Rover’s Secure Container Suite resolves both of these issues by enabling IT to establish separate, encrypted, policy-enforced containers that reside in complete isolation from the rest of the device, and securely deliver enterprise applications, email, and documents to those containers.

With secure containers cleanly separating business assets from personal assets, Rover manages information within containers with full user authentication, policy enforcement, and tight encryption. The enterprise network is safe from user-downloaded apps, as only the secure containers can reach back to the enterprise network – and even then on a tight leash, with access limited to intranet resources in a gateway-specified white list.

Containing enterprise assets in isolation from personal assets also benefits mobile users, who are free to do whatever they want with their personal devices – leaving device PIN locks off, downloading any app they desire, and in general using their devices as they see fit. Once a user opens a Rover container like Rover Mail, Rover Retriever or Rover Docs, full security policies, such as requiring a PIN or re-entry of credentials, takes immediate effect. When they close these apps, all information in the secure containers is encrypted, minimizing exposure.

With Rover’s Secure Container Suite completely segregating all enterprise and personal assets – and allowing devices to be quickly wiped of enterprise assets without disturbing anything else – Rover elegantly solves the BYOD dilemma.

And by providing the rich functionality mobile users expect for accessing intranet apps, email, and documents with familiar app switching, Rover delivers a BYOD experience that not only satisfies IT’s need for security and control, but also the mobile user’s need for a satisfying experience that does not compromise the “personal” nature of the devices they carry.


Rover is the perfect BYOD solution for IT professionals in that it protects their company’s information assets and segregates and protects them from personal apps and data. BYOD users get full access to applications, email, and documents, while IT gains unprecedented BYOD security and ease of deployment and administration.

Easy and Flexible Deployment

Extend secure BYOD access to apps, email, and documents within minutes

Extend only the access each mobile user needs

No VPN required – communications can occur over a private application network, RoverLink™

Thorough Security

All information is encrypted in flight and at rest

Mobile devices do not attach to enterprise network

Unauthorized users cannot gain access with lost/stolen devices

Multifactor security via Device Access Control – pairing a user credential with a specific device

Military-strength AES-256 encryption of assets in flight and at rest

Compliant with regulatory and security guidelines such as FIPS 140-2, FINRA and HIPPA

Ease of Administration

No MDM required – manage data, not devices

All Rover Secure Container Suite elements run as native apps

Wiping enterprise assets leaves personal assets unharmed

Use individual or group-level policies for security and information access rights

Simplified Development of Mobile Apps When Ready

If you need a custom app, develop it with familiar tools

Leverage native device capabilities like the camera, accelerometer, GPS and more

Publish directly to users, bypassing app stores

Centrally publish and manage, eliminating need to track user updates

How it Workstop

The Rover Secure Container Suite gives BYOD users as-needed access to applications, email, and documents – within minutes.

Install the Rover Gateway™ on a server, and specify users and the information resources they can access.

BYOD users install the Rover Retriever app.

Need to give some users secure email access? Have them install Rover Mail. Full access to Microsoft Office and PDF files? Install Rover Docs.

BYOD users simply enroll the mobile apps with the Rover Gateway by entering an access code and their credentials.

No development is required. If you do need to create hybrid apps, Rover has you covered – with no new tools to learn .

Rover Retriever: Secure, Containerized Browser for App and File Access

Rover Retriever is a containerized BYOD browser that securely accesses existing HTML5 and intranet apps such as SharePoint with ease, integrating with Active Directory and other authentication services to deliver a single sign-on experience.

Data exchanged between the Rover Gateway and Rover Retriever is encrypted end-to-end

If a mobile user’s device is lost or stolen, Rover Retriever’s secure PIN entry prevents unauthorized access

Data remains secure with AES-256 encryption both in flight and on the device

Rover orchestrates collaboration between Rover Retriever and other components of the Secure Container Suite – for example, if a mobile user wants to email a contact listed in their CRM and displayed in the browser, tapping the email address automatically causes Rover Mail to open a new email message for the selected address. Similarly, Rover Retriever’s browser apps can exchange documents with Rover Docs.

Rover Retriever also enables the deployment of mobile-optimized apps for enterprise-specific workflows that leverage the container’s security and authentication, and that can leverage native device capabilities while being authored with such familiar tools as Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) and standard HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

For detailed features and benefits, read more about Rover Retriever .

Rover Mail: Secure Container for Email and PIM

Rover Mail is a secure container that IT can provision to access corporate email with full security and control. Compatible with any ActiveSync messaging system such as Exchange, Rover Mail enables secure mobile access to corporate email, calendar, contacts, and more.

Rover orchestrates collaboration between Rover Mail and other components of the Secure Container Suite. If a mobile user receives an email with a link to a secure intranet site, Rover Mail passes the link to Rover Retriever, which opens a fresh browser view onto the linked site (once all security protocols are satisfied). Rover Mail can also pass or get attachments from Rover Docs.

Rover Mail is a custom version of TouchDown, NitroDesk’s market-leading email client, uniquely designed to seamlessly interoperate with the rest of the Rover Secure Container Suite.

For detailed features and benefits, read more about Rover Mail .

Rover Docs: Secure Container for Document Viewing and Editing

With Rover Docs and its built-in Office document editor, BYOD users can view, edit, create, and store Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, and view PDFs, all within a secure container.

Connecting to a variety of enterprise or cloud storage providers through the security and control of the Rover Gateway, IT can publish data from multiple WebDAV sources such as SharePoint, or from existing NAS file shares. When connectivity is not possible, Rover Docs supports offline document creation and secure offline document storage.

Editing functionality comes from a custom integration of SmartOffice Library, a Microsoft Office-compatible document creation, viewing and editing solution deployed in more than half a billion devices worldwide.

For detailed features and benefits, read more about Rover Docs .

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