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Audi Q7

Review: 2010 Audi Q7 TDI

One of the lessons of the car game is that vehicles don#8217;t always well. As a car writer who took on analysis before ever manufacturer-sponsored time behind the this lesson can#8217;t but tinge my impressions of a road So when my first week-long-test arrived in the form of a Q7 TDI, I no desire to justify Audi#8217;s to bring the thing to market.

all, by any reasonable analysis, the built by Quattro wagons have been the primary of America#8217;s SUV craze. Or at least, its enemy. Instead the Q7 showed up for the fashionably dressed but fashionably And very few wanted to buy it.

With the price of luxo ute party already killing the festive is switching to a new drink enough to Audi#8217;s SUV sales party it#8217;s 1999?

On its face, is the least … non-gasoline out there. Sure, it#8217;s with hydrocarbons and, biodiesel has a certain following, but the experience with diesel has not a love-in. Even for those of us who are enough not to remember the bad old diesels of the energy crisis, oil burners up bad memories.

The most common is of full-on sensory assault: at a stoplight while the jackhammer of a Cummins-powered Ram rises to a ground-shaking having your hair back by an apocalyptic cloud of smoke exhaled from exhaust. In short, not the kind of one likes to leave with of ones expensive German

If you#8217;re a diesel aficionado, you that the current generation of #8220;clean diesels#8221; have put of these stereotypes to rest. The is still shocking. Fire up the three liter turbodiesel V6, and the fills with sound. the climate control.

Roll the windows and a faint sound tempt you to think that combustion is taking place. parked by a brick wall is the noise even properly a newborn Cummins, murmuring to in a barbiturate coma.

This timidity belies the engine#8217;s on-paper proportions. You#8217;ll that Audi has refrained putting 3.0 anywhere on the Q7 diesel#8217;s That#8217;s because folks who the national median household on a family hauler think below 4.0 are bad luck. It#8217;s TDI thanks. (Massive graphics on Audi press fleet only.)

Lucky then, for already lucky people, this ain#8217;t yer uncle Olds diesel V6. To say the least. to basic engineering competence, rail injection, and a Google farm worth of computers, V6 performs its luxobarge duty distinction.

Its (whisper it) 225 horsepower and it) 406 pound-feet of torque are earned a 17/25 mpg EPA rating. In fact, the thing that should you of the Olds diesel era is the fact diesel prices are again than gas.

But they won#8217;t be forever. In the time, take the opportunity to go to new and meet new people. I did and saw beautiful And met kind gas station employees who me that they only low sulphur diesel.

I would to drive a couple of miles to the 76 they sell ultra low diesel.

And, no, you can#8217;t top off at the Chinese restaurant#8217;s grease The TDI#8217;s manual states that fuels with than five percent are verboten . The upside is that a 26-gallon tank and a 600 mile you#8217;ll only have to up about 17 times before clean diesel confronts you your new urea addiction. is that an upside?

No, to understand the of the Q7 TDI, you really have to it. On the open road you completely that the main nitrogen-containing in mammal urine is even used to scrub your into compliance with emissions standards. Torque has a way of the mind on the task at hand. such as picking up the kids the Academy or heading for the hills your tail#8217;s on fire.

I the latter.

After all, the Q7 TDI particularly exciting to drive town. It#8217;s competent, but it at the two primary in-town activities of the SUV: stunting and the traffic Grand Prix. Competency at off is obviously a subjective and controversial

I will simply say that in my with the Q, the only two comments I got strangers were #8220;never one before#8221; and #8220;what#8217;s the mileage?#8221; A ute that subtle will to earn the peasant#8217;s respect at the light.

Sadly, this one The Q7 TDI accelerates to 60 mph in about 8.5 seconds, the same as a Saturn Vue Red Line. Or a R320 Bluetec. The problem is the engine isn#8217;t really until it has a good head of spinning its turbos.

Until it#8217;s just three working against 5,512 There#8217;s only a brief before the twist starts but it#8217;s enough to keep you feeling like, well, grand.

Part of the problem is the Audi#8217;s Tiptronic transmission to short-shift through the first two unless you keep the throttle Happily, dialing #8220;S#8221; for mode tightens up the whole improving response and acceleration match well with the firm steering and epic Even with minimal use of the but unremarkable brakes, Mr.

Q easily on a tight line going corners. Stab into the sweet spot, hang on and the giant ute hurtles around with minimal body Only the tightest S-bends at the foolhardy speeds are able to the chassis and induce understeer.

Munching miles on arrow-straight highways is where the TDI starts to properly at home. The engine#8217;s seem to keep a thick of torque just below right foot; and a muffled, whoosh accompanies any surrender to the temptation. Very muffled.

In rumbling from the S-line#8217;s wheels are more of a disturbance engine noise. Over paved surfaces, the dubs add to the taut, poised handling and the is impeccable. On rough roads, break the cabin#8217;s eerie with road noise and

Look for the cruise control and you aware of this Audi#8217;s one major shortcoming as a tourer. The S-Line package that the Q with oversized wheels and side badging also the standard four-spoke wheel a two-spoke helm. Unfortunately, the spoke perfectly covers the control#8217;s stubby stalk straight-ahead cruising.

Once you that it is in fact there, you have to pull over to yourself with the control. yourself $1,200 and improve the cruising manners by not checking box. Flappy paddle and brushed aluminum interior might be missed, but neither is an

Audi#8217;s interiors are polarizing and you find them dour or the Q7 won#8217;t change your In the first class front you get firm, supportive seating an aristocratic vista and endless courtesy of Audi#8217;s Multi Interface (MMI). In second and the steerage third row, are less plush.

The second row bench is too low, and the six club should expect to end up around ear level. Over Oregon#8217;s washboarded dirt the back seat shudders and threatening to shake free its anchors. The effect on passengers is between a #8220;Magic Fingers#8221; bed and a peak-condition Mike Tyson your kidneys like a

But the impromptu shiatsu won#8217;t anyone looking longingly at the row. Only the panorama option ($1,850) keeps the way from feeling like a Bay holding cell. And unless you are a yoga master, the distraction last long.

Even as  seating for unexpected passengers, the row comes up short. The rolling cover must be removed to the seats, and once converted the unit no longer fits in the storage area.

Not that you run many hitch hikers or carpoolers climbing the gravel roads of Southern Oregon#8217;s Divide. The Q7 maintains a paved-road through steep ascents and turns, each wheel in constant communication with the road surface. Stability is turned off and a slight twitchiness into the controls; electronic not skill, makes the storming possible.

Barreling around a a Suzuki Sidekick suddenly its driver frozen in awe of the Wagnerian bearing down on him. nose dive and pumping ABS the Q#8217;s sudden braking, but is averted.

The OHV tracks leading into Crater didn#8217;t inspire gravel-stage heroics, but, the Q7 felt confident and capable. with expensive paint, wheels and no special off-road the TDI makes for a willing partner rougher terrain. At the deliberate necessary to thread through rocks, deep ruts and ascents, the oil burner#8217;s drag downsides become real

Power is smooth, precise, and predictable. In short, everything you when tackling the roads don#8217;t show up on your nav

Whether prospective Q7 owners appreciate the TDI#8217;s many qualities is a question that a test alone won#8217;t in addition to the intrinsic shortcomings here, a Cayenne is sportier and a Rover is more statusy. A is cheaper ($8K less the same engine) and nearly as Robert Farago drives a GL. The goes on, but one thing is for certain: if going to buy a Q7, the diesel is the one you want.

The gas V6 the same status and low-end deficits, while the V8 is thirstier, and more expensive. Besides, the TDI the Q7#8242;s anonymously unique perfectly. If you are considering showing up for the luxury SUV party, the Q7 is one of the more guests still getting

[Audi supplied the vehicle, and one tank of diesel.]

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