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Chapter 7: Home Disaster greatness

This Chapter is funny in away it but doesn’t mean that It’ll last More information on Jason and Emelia’s kind for all you confused people out there. Jason and Emelia and Children of the moon, not to be confused by the werewolves, but in theater terms they best known as Bambino di Luna’s and they refer every gender as either ‘Son’ or ‘Daughter’ of the moon and ending briefly, These creatures were possible by the ‘Solar’ and ‘Lunar’ eclipse both taken from the Latin and Spanish heritage where either ever four or hundred years the sun and the moon reflect on each other every night and day, however, I’ll explain more later in the series . And I really don’t like it when people say I copied BellaNessieCullen or TrueTirgress’s fan fiction’s, maybe we just have similar ideas J so if that’s the reason not a lot of people review on my story than I’m terribly sorry for getting you angry I didn’t do it intentionally, oh and thank you Nikki and Toni for the help I’m really grateful

This Chapter consists of both Renesmee’s and Jason’s POV requested by my best friend so please enjoy!


After saying our goodbyes to the Mason’s and promising to keep in touch. We finally started making our way back to our homes living Lake Monroe Indiana in a long seven hour drive back to Forks Washington

This weekend was definitely one for the books, despite the drama we had, I’d say my weekend was well spent with the people I love and approve of, now that it has come to an end and we’re going back to our routines was kind of overwhelming, especially for Jacob Black

Time went on and the road was tiring, chattering was going on between Carmen and Brady who seemed to be really touchy with her this weekend and my brother on his phone he hardly uses…Laura of course. Jacob and I had a conversation here and there and went into comfortable silence during the duration of the time

So I won’t be crashing in your room tonight Jacob told me out of the blue, I turned to look at him

What? Why? I asked a little disappointed, ok a lot

Well I have to patrol tonight and I kind of have been neglecting my father even though he says he doesn’t mind me staying at your house, and I have businesses to attend to he said, I pouted and crossed my arms against my chest. He chuckled I promise I’ll make it up to you he said pulling my hand and kissing it

You better, because if not lord so help me I said sternly. He just smiled

I promise babe he repeated with his gorgeous smile still plastered on his face. I sighed but nodded, we dropped Brady off to his house and Jason on his ‘date’ with Laura, we headed back on the road to our house, we then pulled up the driveway to the main house that I haven’t seen for over 2 days but it felt like forever

We all got out of the car after an exhausting and amazing weekend and into the 4 acre house which smelled of the honey raised scent with a hint of a woodsy musky scent that Jacob and Seth left before we left, and cleaning supplies. When Jacob and I got to the living room we saw almost everyone perched in it. Rosalie and Emmett were standing by the glass window talking to both Cathy and Carmen about their weekend.

Alice was sitting on a couch with Diego sitting by her side as she stroked his hair whilst Jasper, my father and Grandpa were talking about some medical situation which I lost all interest in. My mother, Esme were talking to who I didn’t expect seeing here…Emelia

Emelia I called walking up to her. She turned her back to smile at me

Good day Renesmee, it’s a pleasure seeing you again she said with a huge smile. I pulled her into a tight hug

Same here, so are you visiting? I asked her

Yeah, I’ve been on a researching trip and since I was here in Washington I, I thought I’d stop by here and see you guys but finding out not all of you were around she explained

Oh well it’s good to seeing you again I said, we went into a full conversation on how our lives are treating us at the moment

So how are you and Fred doing? I asked her raising my eyebrow. She just blushedWe’re actually doing great he’s just being amazing and can you believe his willing to live in Italy with me she told me. My eyes widened

Well that means it has to be serious huh I said

Yep I guess oh which reminds me is your brother around, I actually meant to visit him, I’ve got some news she asked me

Oh his on a date with Laura, he’ll probably be back before sundown I answered. She nodded understandingly Is there something wrong? I asked

Oh no, nothing at all I just really need to talk to him she said with a smile of reassurance. I nodded believingly. That’s when we heard the door close from downstairs and two distinct footsteps climbing up the stairs, and one heart beat

Good day my loving family Jason said finally appearing in the room smiling widely

You’re very jolly today son My mother said smiling at his enthusiasm

I am he said with his usual smile. She smiled and stroked his arm

Emelia? He said bewildered at seeing her. She turned to smile at him

Hello Jason it’s good seeing you again, I went researching more about our kind and I have some interesting things to tell you. Is your mate around? she asked

No I just dropped her off, is it something serious? He asked kind of nervously

No but I prefer her being here for this she answered

Well you see. She’s kind of grounded for recent events so I guess we both aren’t gonna see her for a week he said with a light chuckle but I knew he was hurt at the fact he wouldn’t see her

Oh that’s no problem at all, so I guess I’ll just have to tell you instead she said with a smile Can we go somewhere private please you could always bring your mother or sister along she said and I turned to Jason for confirmation, he nodded and we made our way out of the living room to the cottage. We all took a seat in the small living area

So what’s up? Jason asked Emelia and she started explaining


We made it to the cottage and we sat in the living room. I was perched next to my mother in one couch whilst Emelia was sitting in an arm couch and Nessie in the opposite sofa next to us. I haven’t been in this house since I was at least physically 12 and it was good to be back

So what’s up? I asked getting straight to the point. Emelia took an unneeded breath before beginning Well I’ve been searching for answers of our kind for over a year now after only leaving Volterra, and have been going around the world for possible clues, I’ve asked Alberto if he knew anything but sadly he didn’t, however, he did say that he knew of witches around Russia and America he’s friends with.

So I came across the witch Theresa from Russia but who recently relocated her in Washington Settle in search of a new found comfort. She began And I found out she worked with fellow witches in creating the probability on vampires reproducing due to the solar eclipses that cease during every four-five years, she said with a smile this might sound personal but have you and your mate ever performed intercourse yet? she asked as if it was a casual word, I internally blushed in my head at it

Um…n-no…we haven’t…tried it yet I said nervously. Both Emelia and Renesmee chuckled

No need to be embarrassed Jason. But my real question is, are you thinking of conceiving a child soon?

Um, not really we haven’t really thought of children, is it possible? I asked kind of curious, Well I’m not exactly positive but according to her. If we choose to mate with a species other than ours we’d have to wait those for years she told me, my eyes widened

So it’s possible to have kids in the near future? I asked bewilderedly, she nodded But since we were created by the lunar eclipse- I began but my mother cut me off

You were created by us she said sternly referring to her and dad. I chuckled and nodded

Doesn’t it mean we have to wait a century to conceive? I asked rather confused

Not necessarily, the lunar and solar eclipse are by far similar, we’re all Children of the Moon despite the fact we were ‘created’ in different ways and times. But were all born by the power of the sun and the forces of the moon so it will be possible to conceive, unless you mate with someone within our kind than that’s another subject she told me. I nodded understandingly, this was all overwhelming. She chuckled Yeah I know she answered as she read my thoughts

So we can have sex without her being impregnated? I asked her scared of the consequences. She nodded slightly

The possibility is slim, you’re not a pure vampire and she’s human and those two don’t clash together she explained to me, I turned to my mother who just smiled at me in comfort God that sucks now Jason’s got a reason to have sex and I don’t, now that’s cold Renesmee thought to herself, I laughed at her

I’m going to wait until we’re married so no need to worry sister I said and that’s when my mom turned to glare at her. She blushed and shied away from her gaze, I chuckled

Well shouldn’t we head back to the main house I declared and we all left the house


After the conversation we had with Emelia we all made our way back to the main house. It was getting a little late tonight, outside probably looked 8:00ish. We got to the house and saw Seth’s Durango parked on the driveway so I was assuming he was here to see Cathy.

We got in the house and made our way to the living room. I searched for Jacob however I couldn’t find him anywhere

Kitchen Esme said with a smile as if she read my mind. I mouthed thank you to her and made my way back downstairs. As I got closer to the kitchen I heard loud laughs erupt

No, but seriously Alpha, what will you do if she asked who you dated back in them days I heard to who sounded like Seth. Was he talking about Jacob?

I’ll just say that it doesn’t matter who I dated at least I’ve found the one I’ll find the one I spend the rest of my life with Jacob said

Touché Seth said

But what if she gets all clingy in the situation you know Renesmee Cullen get’s what she wants I heard to whom sounded like my brother. I nodded of course I do

He’s got a point there dude Seth said

Well than I’ll just have to think of ways not to have that happen Jake answered and I could literally feel him rolling his eyes

Yeah sure Bella Jason said with a light chuckle. Wait what?

Yeah ‘Ooh Bella I’m in love with you, choose me over him’ Seth said mockingly. I heard Jacob hiss and both Jason and Seth boomed up a laugh. Do my ears deceive me; did I just hear what I think I did?

I still can’t believe you feel in love with my mother Jason said with a scoff. He what?

It was- Jacob began but got cut off by me appearing in the room

You what… I exclaimed standing on the stand with my arms crossed. All eyes turned on me and Jacob’s eyes widened

Nessie! he said bewilderedly whilst Jason and Seth just kept quiet How long have you been standing there he asked

Long enough to hear you dated my mother! I shouted at him with vicious eyes threatening to kill

Look Renesmee, it’s not what it looks like he said nervously and putting his drink on the kitchen counter

Then what Jacob? What doesn’t make sense? Because dating Bella Swan is clear in the picture I muttered angrily with hurt in it which I hid very quickly.

It wasn’t like that Ness- he said slowly

Then what Jacob, what was it like? I snarled at him

Well they didn’t technically date Seth said. I turned to glare at him He just fell in love with her while your father and mother dated and they kiss- he said quickly my eyes furrowed

Not helping Seth Jacob gritted his teeth as he scoffed out those words. I narrowed my eyes at him

You kissed my mom? Holy shit I said feeling the tears well up in my eyes. He took a step forward but I flinched away I can’t believe my dad allowed Bella to cheat on him I said mostly to myself. Using my mother’s name was kind of foreign to me

Look Nessie, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it sooner it happened a long time ago he tried explaining and I just kept shaking my head

So since it was such a long time ago, then why didn’t you tell me? I said in a hurt tone with a hint of anger after raising my voice

I wanted to but I didn’t know… how he said pained

Oh I don’t know how about ‘Hey Nessie, guess what I dated your mom eight years ago oh and we kissed’ that simple Jacob. I can’t believe you lied to me all those times I asked about your past I said staring deep into his eyes

Ness, I wasn’t lying. Look we’re in a relationship and bringing in our past when we’re dating isn’t- he pleaded but I cut him off

Oh I don’t think we’ll be keeping that status much longer I shouted narrowing my eyes at him and I heard Seth grunt lowly and Jacob just went quiet with tears threatening to fall in his eyes. That was the first time I’d seen him in that state and I immediately regretted what I said. I felt an ice cold hand touch my shoulder and I shivered

Dad don’t you dare touch me when I’m angry I muttered sternly and his hand was off after a few moment

Renesmee… I heard my mother’s sweet calming voice from behind and I turned to glare at her

Yes Jacob I hissed at her with my eyes blazing. She looked away from my gaze and shook her head

Look Renesmee, first off I really don’t appreciate your little attitude towards your mother you have to understand that this situation happened way before you born he began

Oh since I wasn’t born it’s none of my business?!I said rising my voice which made both Jason and Seth flinch

No I didn’t say that. What I’m trying to say is that everyone has their pasts heck I even have them. And I understand you see everyone here is with their soul mates and all but that doesn’t mean they were alone all them years ago.

Jasper had Maria, Rosalie had Royce, and you had Max before he said and I immediately understood I did lash out on something stupid. I literally felt Jacob tense at Max’s name

And Jacob had Bella I finished for him and he nodded with his fatherly smile

Yes so what I’m trying to say is that, before you were born when I left you mother for six months… he said trailing of at the memory I left her heart-shattered I left her broken into pieces that could never be fixed, and there I was thinking it would be good for her…but Jake was there to put half of the pieces back together, he’s one of the reasons why you’re mother’s alive today and for that I’m forever grateful yes I wasn’t exactly happy about him and your mother’s connection but I knew he could give your mother I couldn’t…a human life and the connection they shared was unbreakable but it wasn’t exactly theirs. It was you, you’re the one who brought your mother and Jacob together so in all truthiness Jacob was exactly in love with you rather than your mother so don’t give him a hard time he said with his usual crooked smile. I returned the gesture

I get it Dad, I shouldn’t overreact on something that happened in the past I said finally coming into realization and understanding. He smiled and nodded to me And sorry for lashing out on you like that I said looking at my mother and she just smiled

I understand why you were angry but it’s over now sweetheart she said so calmly that I just had to breakdown which made her pull me into a hug Oh honey don’t cry… she cooed pulling me closer

I’m a control freak I said with a non-humorous chuckle, she just stroked my head slowly

Honey you’re not a control freak she said If someone’s a control freak it has to be your dad she joked and I just giggled. As much as I enjoyed the comfort of my mother I actually need Jacobs arms around me and as if she read my mind Go hug him she said pulling away and kissing my forehead, I smiled and turned to Jacob who looked so scared it was completely adorable and his pleading brown eyes just made me want to jump on him and shower him a thousand kisses

Ok… I guess we should give them some privacy my father said straining the word (He must’ve read my thoughts) then everyone started piling out of the room

Look Nessie I’m… Jake said which made me run with the speed of lighting as I lay my finger on his lips

Shut up and just hug me Jacob was all I said and he grinned widely before pulling me into a comforting tight hug full of endearment and love. I returned the gesture

So you made out with my mom I said trying hard to get use to it but the image was unbearable. He scoffed

I guess but had no meaning what so ever he said sounding convincing but I just huffed

You don’t have to lie to me Jacob, I can take the heat I said rolling my eyes at him and he just sighed

I love you Renesmee Cullen he said with such passion to the words which made a tear fall from my eye

Yeah I know I replied not too sure about going to the ‘I love you’ phase that quickly but to be honest, now that I knew about Jacobs past…I have fallen even more in love with him if that’s even possible and being in his arms literally made me forget about all this drama. I loved the affect he had on me…We stayed in our position for what felt like forever but in reality only four minutes until I broke it Come on I said tugging him with me. He frowned in confusion I’ll explain later now let’s go I said impatiently and pulling him with me

We went down the stairs and I grabbed the keys to Jason’s Aston Martin Virage and grabbing both our coats before heading out of the house, I’ll need to apologize for that later. We got to the garage to see all our families cars perched in a line

Still can’t believe you guys own all these Jacob said in amazement and I just shook my head

Well believe it I muttered with a light giggle as we both made our way to Jason’s Aston Martin. I went to the driver’s door but Jacob stopped me

No no, I’m driving he tried to reason with me

Oh honey, you don’t even know where we’re going I said battering my eyelashes because I could see from a far that I wasn’t going to win this. I began trailing patterns on his chest and swaying my legs like I did when I was younger to get what I wanted from him Let me drive please Jakey I asked with a pouty face and in return made him sigh

You know I hate it when you do that right? he said making his way to the passenger seat. I chuckled and entered the car You’d think if we didn’t imprint I would have said no a long time ago he said as we sat into the car

Oh come on Jake, live a little…it’s not like I’m going to bump a deer on the side of the road I mumbled pressing the ignition button which made a roaring noise in the engine

Right… Jacob mumbled with a hum and I just chuckled whilst leaning in to kiss his cheek Safety first babe he said indicating for the seatbelt which in return made me groan and put it on That’s my girl he whispered into my ear and kissing my earlobe which made my insides tingle

You know you gotta stop that right? I said narrowing my eyes at him. He just shrugged with his gorgeous grin that was contagious. I put my foot on the peddle of the car You know both your brother and father are gonna kill you and especially me he joked and I rolled my eyes as I released the clutch and we were off on the road

We drove for almost thirty minutes to Port Angeles where we bought pizza at ‘Pizza De Casa’ and slogan ‘Where we make fast pizza for you Tisza’ which by far doesn’t really make sense but at least their Pizza’s great. We got back home twenty minutes later whilst entering the house we heard loud laughter going on in the living room

Hey guys I said my hand in Jacobs and the Pizza in his other arm. We saw all the kids perched up in the living room talking about god knows what

Carmen saw me with wide eyes You brought Pizza! she gasped getting up from the seat and grabbing the large pizza boxes from Jake who tugged on them hard. Carmen has always liked Pizza ever since she was months old (Technically) which were one of the only things she enjoyed other than blood

Who said they we’re for all of you. Jacob said playfully and Carmen pouted A wolf gotta eat he said and she just rolled her eyes but took the boxes

Pizza De Casa… Cathy asked and I nodded whilst almost everyone got up and ran for their slice of pizza. I searched the room and saw that the whole family wasn’t here

Where did everyone go? I asked anyone who was willing to answer

The adults all went hunting but will be back before midnight…oh and mom and dad told us they’ll be back…tomorrow Jason said clearly disgusted which also gave me a fair share of utter disgust. Vampires and their hormones

Wow can they be any more disgusting I joked with a light chuckle sitting on the opposite couch on Jacobs lap. He just shrugged

I guess their making the most of the weekend he said and I just shook my head but as I did that I caught Diego sitting on the carpet playing some game on the TV alone. I frowned

Hey Jake I’ll be back now ok I said looking at him, he nodded after also looking at Diego and pulling me off his lap and making my way to Diego Hey Dee, what’s up I asked him using the nickname Carmen gave him when he came to live us

Hi Renesmee he said with a sigh and place his controller next to his side. I frowned as his persistent unhappiness

Are you ok? I asked and he just nodded

Just a little tired he mumbled and fakes a yawn which I rolled my eyes to. I sat crossed legged next to him

You’re not fooling me now Dee, tell me what’s wrong? I asked him but he didn’t answer If this is about your brother and sister back in Italy then I really don’t know how it’s like losing them but what I do know is that family and love is the best cure for sadness, yes I get that you miss your former family but you have to understand that you didn’t have a good father.

Pablo treated you badly and that’s not how a father should treat his children but I know how it’s like to not have siblings sure I had Jason but he only came long after and yes I had Jacob but he was more of my best friend rather than brother… so I know what it’s like but guess what? You have new brothers and sisters who’d go the ends of the earth for you and parents who love you unconditionally so please stop being sad at makes my heart ache I said nudging his shoulder. He chuckled but nodded

Thank you Nessie he said with the cutest smile and his ocean blue eyes filled with thankfulness. I smiled and nodded

Anything for my cutie Mckittens I said kissing his cheek and he let out a small groan and I giggled

You know I don’t like that Nessie He said and I just laughed at the eleven year old and stood up and ruffled his dark brown hair Nessie! he moaned loudly Alice is going to kill me he muttered fixing his hair whilst I just rolled my eyes and I made my way back to Jacob and let out a sigh

Is the little man alright? he asked his lips on my shoulder whilst I watched Diego carry on with his little game

Yeah I guess, just a little homesick I replied. He nodded turning to look at my boyfriend Let’s go I said and he just nodded Hey guys don’t mess up because you really don’t want Grandma Esme to lecture you with her loving voice I said my hands interlocked with Jakes as we stood up from the one armed couch

Oh come on Nessie you know we’re not that dirty Seth said with a mouthful and pizza crumbs all over his face

Yeah right I said rolling my eyes at my best friend/uncle. He just shrugged and Cathy grabbed a napkin and wiped the crumbs off his mouth and giggled which caused my eyebrow to cease and she just blushed Ok well Jake and I are going now, night everyone I said pulling Jake with me and making our way to my room

We all you they’re just going to make out I heard Jason whisper to someone

Hey I heard that I shouted and glared at him from the top of the staircase. He just chuckled You know just because you’re miserable without Laura, doesn’t mean you have to tease I told him and he just grinned. I huffed and made my way into my room and collapsing into the bed God my brother can be so unbelievable I sighed dramatically and felt Jacobs huge weight lay on the bed

Aren’t all brothers supposed to be annoying love he said and I just shrugged and lay my head on his chest as I snuggled up next to him while he stroked my head

Well today was eventful huh he said and I sighed

Yeah it was it was great…well most of it I joked with a light chuckle expecting him to roll his eyes

Look Nessie, I should have told you from the very beginning I know but your parent said I shouldn’t probably wait a little while and I went by it. But I didn’t mean to lie to you he apologized however it was long time ago and we should focus on the present and future rather than the past…I love you Renesmee Carlie Cullen and I want you to know that he said kissing my head. I smiled and nodded

It’s okay Jacob… I muttered and kissed his hard chest Did you ever dream of imprinting on someone normal or dream I was normal, someone besides a half vampire hybrid, like a human I asked him

To be honest, I really wasn’t fazed on the imprinting situation. I thought it was fake and meaningless, just an old legend that was rare but the day I laid eyes on you I knew that my past judgment on imprinting flew away drastically. I didn’t care whether you were human, werewolf, vampire or a freaking chair or something he said with a snigger all I cared about was that I get to live with my soul mate forever and I couldn’t be happier finally meeting you he said with such intensity and love which made my heart swell

That was so sweet Jacob I cried staring at him now. He grinned widely

That’s because it’s the truth baby he said leaning in to kiss my eye tasting the tears away, then for my nose and finally my lips in a brief peck but had such a strong impact of love and longing which left me smiling as I lay my head back on his chest staring at the ceiling

You know, my biggest dream for the future is to just be in your arms forever or sitting on the porch swing, holding hands as our wedding bands click and watching our kids run around playing round our beautiful big house, family gatherings and birthday parties…really wonderful I said at the image and I then pressed my hand on his cheek and projected it Isn’t it amazing I said with a wide smile but he didn’t answer Jacob… I asked worried about the silence we had

Um yeah…I have to go now Ness he said getting off the bed. I frowned

What? Why I asked kind of disappointed about him just getting up and leaving

I have to get to Billy’s was all he said and headed for the door. I got up from the bed and ran to him

Hey, hey I’ll still see you soon then right? I asked staring up at him. Jacob was a good 6ft 7 whilst I was approximately 5ft 7. He just nodded and leaned in to kiss my lips but this time it felt foreign almost dull, like he was nervous or something the electricity we always had was there but not as prominent Ok well goodnight I said awkwardly and he just nodded

Bye he said and left. He just left! He didn’t even say I love you like he usually does every night. Was it some I did? Was it something I said? I don’t know but I was confident I was about to find out…

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