Porsche 944 Air Conditioning

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Porsche 944

Air Conditioning


Bolt for AC compressor, rear:

Mounting Bolt for AC compressor, 17mm

Hose attachment at AC compressor: 13mm

Bolts on A/C 19mm

Oil for Nippondenso 10P15E: 46 PAG

AC o-ring diameter: 16mm, and smaller.

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PAG is short for polyalkylene . PAG-46 is recommended for the stock ac It does not mix with the mineral oil in R-12 systems, so all the old oil must be out.

There is also POE ( ester ) which is supposedly incompatible with mineral oil and is with PAG oil.

According to the bulletin, system capacity is of oil and 860g of R134A.

860g = = 30oz. 130ml = 4.4 fluid-oz

Gauge set

Vacuum pump


If you put a R-134A adapter on the low side you will not be able to plug the coupler on it! The adapter (just fits, but there is not enough for the hose coupler to pop on. I had to unbolt the ac and slide it down to get off the connector.

Get a R12 set! There’s no reason to the fittings–you can fill it with thru the R12 style schrader

Porsche 944 Air Conditioning Part II

The air conditioning held out for 2005, but not cool any more for 2006.

it with the R-134A adapter was just not possible. So, I had to remove the adapter on the ac compressor and start all again. In order to get access to the I had to remove the hoses from the ac

The routine goes like


Hookup gauge set to side, low side, and vacuum

Open valves and run vacuum for 30 minutes, to boil off all moisture.

valves and make sure is held. If not, there is a


Jumper low-pressure switch (next to left

Hook up R134 can to hoses air from line)

This is a time to add oil, if needed. some in the hose, the R134 push it into the system.

high-side (red) valve. will let some of the R134 go the system.

Once you’ve got as as will go in there (putting the can in water helps), close the valve .

This is very important. If you close the high-side valve you start the car, the can might That would be bad.

the car and press the a/c switch.

Open the valve (the one going to the ac and let it … in the R134. Suck ….

Porsche 944 Air Conditioning IIIa

The A/C just turned off driving.

Pressure seems the compressor clutch engages jumpered to 12V. But the compressor is not 12V when the A/C is turned on.

The shop suggests troubleshooting from the cutoff switch on back, makes sense.

Here is the directions from the shop

Check for 12V at compressor.

Yes – clutch

No – check low-pressure

Check voltage at low-pressure

Voltage at only one connector–system has low or switch is defective.

Porsche 944

Check A/C

Now at this point the manual talking about term.3 and but on my relay, we only have 30,31,85,86,87a.

Check de-icing

There is a switch that is to turn off the compressor if it detects the coils in the passenger compartment are up.

Voltage at only one pin, replace

And the final choice is:

Control Switch

Porsche 944 Air Part IIIb

At the beginning of the instructions Porsche should if nothing on your climate unit works (except for the then that just be the problem, dude.’

If Porsche had that it would have me a lot of trouble dicking around my gauge set and voltmeter.

I jumpered inside the fuse box the 12V source for the fog light relay to the A/C output. You have to pull the two so you disable the fog lights, and also you the condenser-freeze switch.

That the compressor run whenever the car is running. A solution until I find out is going on with my climate unit.

Porsche 944 Air Conditioning IIIc

Also 7-16-2010

It was the fuse! Fuse #17, ‘Heating’. 7.5A

Unfortunately, the fuse with another fuse let to it blowing again. So I it up to 10A. Still no good.

that all the current flows the climate control unit and the switch, and burning out the climate unit is something I’d to avoid.

I stuck in a 15A circuit breaker fuse. I get about 20 minutes of A/C the circuit breaker trips. a while, it resets automatically.

I be replacing the compressor soon. the expansion valve.

Exploded of Porsche Compressor. I had an old one laying so I exploded it. Those five on the left are tiny little

The things that look ball-bearings are half-bearings.

Only one of the compressor is shown, there are with a back plate and cone.

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If your switch stops staying in, jam a dime under it. That work.

When you get tired of you can buy just the switch and solder it in:

Porsche 944
Porsche 944
Porsche 944
Porsche 944
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