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Peugeot 4007

: Just for hunks in wet-suits, but there’s an in the room

The Good:

Great Snappy gearbox (DSG switchable 2wd/4wd/lock, neat good fuel figures, like a car

The Bad:

The looks, air vents easy to shut by can’t hear the blinker,

OK let’s deal with the in the room, the 4007 is not very It’s just a bit wrong every angle. There said it.

You might or might not that the 4007 is a slightly Mitsubishi Outlander. Sure the and rear have been and the engine is Peugeot’s excellent 2.2 but at some stage you have to at it!

Now the hard bit is out of the way the rest is all too easy.

is the mid-range mid-size SUV and is Peugeot’s attempt in the mega-competitive softroader Rather than do all the work Peugeot got a partner for the project. It a lot in expensive R and D so all they had to do was shove one of the own into it.

You can have any engine you like as as it’s the 2.2 turbo diesel. The situation offers a little choice with 6 speeds in a full manual or a dual auto which was developed by The dual clutch was the one fitted to our car and actually wasn’t too bad.

easy to use and very smooth to

There are some clever like the 2 part rear which is slightly reminiscent the Rover tailgate. When you the main hatch there is a section that can be folded It’s just the thing for a day of or shootin or fishin and quite on a picnic too. You could sit a well-muscled hunk on it while he off that nasty old wet suit.

You want water on your new upholstery do you? Sorry, did I To move on, the flat rear has a smallish hatch into the 3 rd row of seats fit.

If you don’t the 7 seat option then you can your secret men’s safe and sound. You know the of thing, stuff you don’t your other half to


I admit to slight at the interior which lacked the je ne sais quoi. The knobs quite nice and the surfaces feel quite the same as the current Peugeot range aside). But apart from it’s all there. The base still has bluetooth and the audio is OK but for nearly 40k I’d like something more oomph.

If you’ve been in a Lancer you’ll recognise the switchgear as it unchanged in the 4007. You don’t to read the user guide to the controls either. There are no because what you see is what you

Some auto makers it amusing to insist that buyers have a degree in electronics just to turn the on but none of that here. a simple flick of the wrist to do of the important functions.

The centre has the auto selector with button and a neat little out ashtray. As you know no one smokes any It took a little while to the gear selector out tho. The thing wouldn’t shift could have been a variety of causes, but in this it was because the shifter needs to the brushed aluminium collar to unlock mechanism.

The women out there will no be asking why the manual wasn’t they should ask a man!

My real criticism, and it is being the same sensor used to on the head lights is used to the air con when the car is in the sunlight. If in auto the air cond gets a turbo which nearly takes toupee clean off its tape. a few days of this you get the pips and to manual instead which the fan and temp at whatever you decide going to be.

Having said the air cond is super-efficient and even on a day pumps out air of a chill sufficient to you high beaming all day. You to watch the vents though you might find you have the vent instead of directing the air from your face can be a trifle annoying. It might been handier to have a to turn off the air flow instead of moving

The (real aluminium) shift the auto fairly and the seats are fairly comfy. nothing to offend in the inside and I’ve already said the isn’t typical Peugeot still ok. It’s neat and and all laid out well.

Everything falls to hand and I like that.

The drive:

the drive is good. It’s to compare it to a another Mitsubishi 4WD something form the Peugeot. this partnership is designed to a product that would not be available so snaps to the French car for being a bit daring. It sits on the fairly well but like SUV’s there is that floaty feeling.

In some of the off-roaders this feeling is so as to be decidedly uncomfortable and is like a bus.

I’ve already my blonde moment trying to the release lever but once was sorted out the DSG shifted smoothly. The was nicely weighted so that, at on the road, there is lots of It’s not a sports car but it isn’t to be, there is the delicious RCZ for that. once you favourite hunk has his stowed round back, appreciate grip (of the tyres on the especially in 4WD.

Sure find the cornering in 2WD a bit lively, but to switch to 4WD while on the move to straight off the road and onto a slope yesserreebob. Although is also a lock, it would be of me to suggest your recently hunk could climb the of Mt Everest. He might instead more luck managing a trailer for the Sea-Doo or a couple or bikes. He would no doubt the roomy boot for a shedload of gear.

However this camping of we speak is something he would be with someone else. My of camping is 3 to a bathroom at the Sheraton Port Douglas not a 2 man tent in the of a forest with a bog roll and passing for a convenience.

It’s noting the road was a bit greasy out week with the 4007, and in 2WD the frequently scrambled for grip. to 4WD made the electronic nannies cut in frequently but all in all it was still a very experience.

The diesel can be a bit raucous under hard acceleration but it’s very well I like this engine a lot. I mention this time I drive a Peugeot so bear with me, but I have a bit of experience personally with Pug of old. I’m not mentioning names but X owned a 505 GTd that wouldn’t the skin of a custard which isn’t the case with the 2.2

At cruise, unless you give little “go” pedal a there is scarcely a peep up front. It’s quite considering as are at the bottom of the SUV market.

At speed the 4007 is amazingly to manoeuvre. The driving position is so the parking is a simple affair, you are one of those Paris-Hilton-Sunglass wearing enormous Paris-Hilton-Sunglasses. I’ll I probably wouldn’t have had an easy time without the sensors and were I to buy a 4007, I’d ask Peugeot, Peugeot and Peugeot to a camera in the package gratis.

As my old dad if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Looks aside, it’s a package for someone in the market for a to midsized SUV. The drive is comfy and the economy is reasonably so what’s not to like, especially if wet-suited hunk says the is butch and …. It takes all

ST 5 Door Manual 2.2L HDi Diesel

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