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Peugeot 207

Peugeot 207

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Spain: prices of new Peugeot 207 SW

During the Automobile Chamber of Barcelona, Peugeot has released the final prices of the new Peugeot 207 SW . more versatile option of versatile French. The range, which began selling in the first days of July, is composed as follows (including discounted prices):

Comfort 1.4i 75 hp € 12,510

1.6 HDI 110 hp FAP Sport € 17,590

These versions will join in the near future the mechanics of 150 hp and 175 extracted from the bloc 1.6i jointly developed with BMW. In diesel at the moment are not expected developments. At the end of the year, a version of the entire road aspect will also be available.

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Excellent start of 207 in the market

It takes less than a month on the market, and the small and is nearing the heart of our French neighbours to school almost at once among the best sellers.

In one week, have been registered no fewer than 1,157 units, a figure very interesting and said that much of the success he hoped this model in France. And that have not yet been put up for sale versions of access, now covered by the veteran Peugeot 206.

In Spain is happening something similar, although less so since it has hardly been put up for sale. During the month of April, already contained 551 units of registered undoubtedly a high figure, and probably will see the statistics for the month of May among the 15 best sellers. Whoever else is noticing the arrival of the new Peugeot 207 is Peugeot 206, that our country does not get to the 2,000 units sold last April, far from the over 5,500 that register, for example, the Ibiza, or more 3,000-Polo.

Pre-Hall Frankfurt: Peugeot 207SW Outdoor

Although we knew that Peugeot would launch a variant of the entire road appearance on the Peugeot 207 SW . still have not seen any pictures that we fail to see how it would be the final model.

Now Peugeot launches the first photo of Peugeot 207 SW Outdoor . with the final name to be put up for sale this model later this year or early 2008. The mechanical seems to be all known, with special relevance of the new VTi petrol 95 and 120 hp and 109 hp of great HDI.

Aesthetically, the new Peugeot 207 SW Outdoor takes some elements of the concept escapade seen in Geneva, while maintaining a little more discreet. Suspension slightly over-high, exclusive alloy wheels, body moldings and plastic roof bars are the main changes.

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The Peugeot 207CC achieves 5 stars Euro NCAP

Like the conventional coupe-convertible variant has achieved the highest score in the crash test conducted by the independent body Euro NCAP.

With reinforcements used in the bodywork and the complete series of strength on security, have succeeded in boosting the small convertible to the top of the category of small descapotables. ESP and even the airbag for the driver#8217;s knees are standard elements.

Thus, the protection for adults achieve the five stars while protecting the pedestrian falls into two discrete stars of the four highest potential. Both the front and side collisions have demonstrated the high quality of realization of the French vehicle.

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Peugeot launches 207 in Morocco

Morocco is one of the privileged African countries, along with South Africa to receive the new multipurpose as the French brand Peugeot . . which is so good reviews of the press is getting.

For the local market, Peugeot has prepared a range well-structured, based on four engines and three trim levels. These are Urban for the most basic model, Trendy for intermediate and Premium for the most luxurious and complete.

As for engines, are known 1.4i 16v 90-hp, 1.4 HDi 70-hp, 1.6i 16v of 110 hp and finally the 1.6 HDi 90-hp. Prices for new Peugeot 207 range from 150,499 dirhams (13,600 euros/17.499 dollars) of 1.4i 16v Urban and 211,500 dirhams (19,100 euros/24.513 dollars) from 1.6 HDI Trendy.

Hall Moscow: Peugeot 206 and 207 Sedan

In the Russian sample, the French company Peugeot has two national news and a European premiere. This is the and 206 Sedan, two models that will go on sale immediately.

Starting with the Peugeot 206 Sedan, is a model manufactured in Iran and that, despite being based on a model veteran in this game market still has a lot to give. He arrived with two engines, a 1.4i with 75 hp and a 1.6i 16v with 105 hp. In the latter, you can combine a automatic gearbox.

The levels of equipment available are two, XR and XT. The first and includes elements such as electric windows, power locks, radio / cassette, power steering, dual airbags and fog. The XT added ABS + EBD among other things.

The price of this model part of the $ 12,190 XR Peugeot 206 Sedan 1.4.

For his part, the comes at the right time, just when its two big rivals, the Fiat Grande Punto and the Renault Clio III leave the Russian market. It is available with 75 hp engines 1.4i, 1.4i 16v 90 hp and 110 hp with 1.6i 16v.

The standard equipment of this model includes elements common to Peugeot 206 Sedan XT, but also adds side airbags and curtains and air conditioning since the Basic Urban. The options are the most interesting cruise control, panoramic roof, Bluetooth connectivity, air conditioning bizona or ESP. The X versions added as an integrated environment curious element in the dashboard, the style of Citröen C4.

The prices of out of 14,650 dollars from the Urban 1.4i.

The other models presented in the lounge Russian are 307, 407 and 607. It is possible that in the short term, Peugeot 1007 to reach the entire country-so far only available in some cities.

Peugeot 207 CC introduced RC Line

Peugeot has just put up for sale in Germany a new level of finish for the Peugeot 207 CC . called RC Line. Known in other models such as Peugeot 307 or Peugeot 407 SW. RC Line bet on sportsmanship and dynamism.

Outside differs by new alloy wheels 17 inch tube dual chrome exhaust outlet, sound system with CD and MP3 reader, air conditioning, steering wheel lined leather upholstery and exclusive.

The engines available for RC Line will be the same as those traded finishes Basa and Sport, namely 1.6 VTi of 120 hp and 150 hp, 1.6 THP in petrol and 1.6 HDI FAP 110-hp diesel. Prices start at € 22,750. With the advent of the new finish are four levels available, Basa, RC Line, Sport and Roland Garros.

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Peugeot launches 207 1.6i 16v 120 hp

Although for the moment only has reached Germany, in a few weeks will be put up for sale in other European markets, the new version of the gasoline, with an engine jointly developed with BMW.

With 120 hp power, is the same engine that uses the new generation of the Mini Cooper. Able to consume only 7.0 l/100, also reached in principle with a Tiptronic automatic change. The acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h is done in 11.4 seconds.

As for prices in Germany is available from € 17,550, associated with the bodywork and finished Sport three-door, although you can also opt for a five. Later will come with manual and more combinations of hardware.

Introduced new Peugeot 207 Super 2000 rally for

The Peugeot 207 RCup concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show last March gave clues of what is coming and now that the initial phase of development is complete, Peugeot decided to produce it and disclose its technical specifications. The vehicle is small in size but with an aggressive appearance, quite wide, with an air intake on the roof and a rear wing mounted high up.

Under the bonnet, is an engine of 1,998 cc four-cylinder and whose power reaches the 280 horses. The power is managed by a six-speed sequential box.

The vehicle is still in development and probably will undergo changes to improve its aerodynamics. Once completed, teams may buy private to compete.

Brazil: Peugeot 207 introduced Passion

A few weeks ago Peugeot introduced the first official images of the new Peugeot 207 for Brazil, which takes the basis of Peugeot 206 and will be available with the Hatchback bodies of three five-door and family. Also announced the launch of a variant sedan, which is none other than the one now show you.

With a name somewhat curious, the saloon will be known in Brazil as Passion and although premieres identification numbers, is practically the same 206 sedan that was sold so far. The most important changes reach the front, similar to that of Europe and in the rear, with new bumpers that somewhat stretched the exterior dimensions reaching 4.18 meters.

In the interior the most important thing is the new dashboard, entirely new in its top and well known in the lower zone, with the same climate control system carried by the Peugeot 206. The mechanical available for the new model are the Flex 82-hp 1.4i and 1.6i 16v Flex of 113 hp. Its marketing start in October and then reach other markets in the area.

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New Peugeot 207 GTI Is?

Although there is still no official images of the new version of Peugeot 207 sports . little by little we collect more information about the mechanics. Finally, it will be the engine 1.6i T with 175 hp which give rise to variant GTI Is. Which already carries the new generation of the Mini Cooper S.

With such power, the new Peugeot 207 will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in less than 8 seconds, maintaining a sensible balance between pleasure to use, comfort and consumption aquilatar-taking into account the 175 hp, of course.

Depending on the country, has not yet confirmed the final name, as some rumors suggest that this engine Peugeot 207 GTi and give life to others, the RC. If the latter, in the 206 and develops 180 hp, we do not believe that is effective to replace it with one of lesser power, and less watching as his rivals climb nonstop-read Clio RS, with 197 hp for example.

In any case, it is clear that the aesthetics of the Peugeot 207 RC version will own details while the GTi will be basically the same car, albeit with some makeup. Of course, a good complement to the GT 150 hp, the current cap range of .

Official: Brazil introduced the Peugeot 207 (206 2008)

The renewal of the Peugeot 206 has just been presented in Brazil and will be marketed mainly in Latin americas. Although we thought that it would continue under the name Peugeot 206, finally the French company has christened the . even if they do not like the model sold in Europe.

It is technically identical to the 206 which takes all the elements except the front lenses and the subsequent dashboard. The engines are maintained, stressing Brazil for the possibility of using alcohol thanks to Flex technology. The 1.4i will be the most accessible of 75 hp while the option is the most prestacional 1.6i 16v of 113 hp.

The interior dashboard that we find a mixture of elements Peugeot 206 and . In the center console remains the most veteran of climate monozona although the upper hand in installing the same multifunction display of .

As for the external aesthetics, the front is very similar to the European model but the difference in width between them is noticeable, giving the impression of possessing some lighthouses still larger. At the back we can highlight the new bumpers and carcasses of optical redesign, with some winks with its European counterpart.

Since the beginning of bodies have three five-door SW besides the family and later reach the sedan, which will be called Passion as a curiosity. The first units renovated Peugeot 206-for us it#8217;s really just the veteran model-will begin in August in Brazil and will land soon after in other countries in the Americas.

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Peugeot 207 launches in South Africa

A new multipurpose just launched in the South African market of the hands of French manufacturer Peugeot . This is the new Peugeot 207 . a model that reaches the African country just a few weeks after the start of its marketing in Europe.

The new model arrives just in time to compete with the newcomers to the country, as the Fiat Grande Punto, Renault Clio III or the Seat Ibiza. The will be offered from this week with three bodies (only since September XR) and five-door, two trim levels, three finishes and four engines.

The trim levels are called Classic and Sport and differ mainly in the front grille and other small details. In addition to the external appearance to the interior is eligible for another three levels, X-Line, XR and XS.

As for mechanical engines that are available are:

1.4i 16v 88 hp

1.6i 16v 110 hp

Peugeot 207

1.4 HDI 70 hp

1.6 HDI 110 hp

As for prices, are now available for:

1.4i 16v X-Line Classic 5p 138,900 czar (15,250 € / 19,445 dollars)

1.6i 16v Sport XS 5p153.400 czar (16,841 € / 21,474 dollars)

1.4 HDi XR Classic 5p 139,900 czar (15,359 € / 19,583 dollars)

1.6 XS HDi Sport 5p 166,400 czar (18,266 € / 23,294 dollars)

Chile: Launches Peugeot 207 CC

The most exclusive version of the small is now available on the network of dealers that Peugeot has in Chile. At the moment all the CC will have a 1.6i 16v engine with 120 hp.

The arrival of the Peugeot 207 CC the Chilean market is currently limited to a few units for Peugeot wanted to be cautious. Anyway expect to market about 10 units per month. At first only reach the mechanics of 1.6 liters and 120 hp with two exchange rates.

Both variants such as automatic Tiptronic manual count with the Sport trim level, fairly complete and that does not forget things like ABS + EBD, four airbags, air conditioning, radio with CD controls on the steering wheel or alloy wheels. Prices start from the 11,390,000 pesos (22,977 dollars).

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Peugeot 207 SW confirms the escapade

Derived from the concept presented in Geneva that the strokes ahead of variant family of under the name Peugeot 207 SW Outdoor . Peugeot launched in Frankfurt the new version of the jacket .

With only traction front, the most striking changes will be their aesthetic, which mainly affect the height of the body, plastic moldings, tires and roof bars.

The engine seems to be all known and although we do not believe that the less powerful versions can be combined with the escapade-name seems to be the final-it will be in the 1.6 petrol (120 hp) and diesel (90 and 109 hp). In a few days we#8217;ll know more about the new model.

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Pre-Paris Motor Show: Peugeot 207 GT

We had already seen the photos before official, but it seems that Peugeot wants to remind us that show at the nearby Hall of Paris its 2007 GT model with which the manufacturer is supposed to forget the name Peugeot 207 GTi for subcompacto.

The engine, co-developed with BMW, will be a 1.6 four cylinders and 150 horses Brioso. With him, in theory goes from 0 to 100 in 8.1 seconds and its top speed is set at 210 kph, attractive figures for a car of its size but also are to launch rockets (possibly Peugeot is already preparing a version about 200 horses with which to cope with the last pocket rockets Volkswagen, Renault and Opel).

Only available in three-door configuration, and will include in its security control equipment, panoramic glass roof, rear sensors to aid parking control system tire pressure, internal electronic mirror and 17-inch tires, to name some of the elements to be found in the model. We can see it in Paris, alongside the prototype epure, a convertible propelled by an engine fuel cell.

Test Drive: Peugeot 207 1.4 HDI X-Line (II)


To check the behaviour of router with the smallest diesel engine, nothing better than to plan a trip of 600 km, from Malaga to Madrid. So filling up the car and take the highway. When we reach a reasonable speed of 100 kph, I decide to step in-depth #8220;investigation#8221; that might still have and whether we are aware of the engine and power in hand, even a surprise until it #8230;. reaching 130 mph, at which time the rise is slowing down quite sharply.

You could say that as things stand in Spain with the theme of radars and other, this model is a big #8220;off-fines.#8221; The problem is that I am of the opinion that it is better to have sufficient power and dosed who have little and try to adjust to all situations. Driving a highway is certainly easy and safe, as with driving on the right lane we have everything ready. The problem is if we go out to a single lane roads in effect, as encountered in making overtaking vehicles to slow, we measure distances much shorter stay for not more if we air conditioning, which is certain speeds note who steals power.

Continuing with the movement in highway, llanea wonderfully to 130 kph has about 3,100 rpm, and the computer marks a consumer about 6 litres nothing wrong. But when they arrive repechos, has been low and, worst of all, even if you change to a march least not improve the picture. Where there can not be removed and the is relatively heavy and bulky for our 70 hp.

We arrived in Madrid with great satisfaction in part by the excellent front seats, really comfortable. Do not attach too much, but to be almost a version of access and small motor, to spare. The baquets will let the RC-175 hp.

I note the onboard computer to have consumed and how much autonomy we have. Some surprising 5.4 l/100 at an average speed of 114 km / h and a warehouse in which there is still fuel for another 250 km I leave a good taste in the mouth (the air conditioning has been connected all the time although we are not going well loaded).

One of the stick that I found it on the rearview mirrors, located in a very backward position that does not allow for a very good vision. Meet, but not note, and is a very important aspect. The mirror inside instead, it is effective.

We are entering into chaos circulatory Madrid and we are moving like a fish in water, quickly enough even to forget that power he had missed in highway and road. At this point is when a car note that is ideal for those who move around a lot and a city or as a second car of the family unit.

Turning to consumption in city spending amounts to 7.5 l/100 depending on the state of traffic, while in Madrid with the continued retention and the heat of summer can rise to 8 l/100. On the road at a speed between 90 and 100 mph, remains below the 5 l/100 (4.8 l/100 specifically at a distance of 40 kms). If we are not squish of the engine, can exceed 1,000 kms of autonomy with a certain looseness (in part thanks to a deposit of 50 litres).

Official data

Capacity: 1.399cc

Power: 70 hp

Top speed: 166 mph

Acceleration from 0 to 100 mph: 15.1 seconds

Acceleration 0-1.000 m: 36.6 seconds

Peugeot 207
Peugeot 207
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