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Q: When Qt 4.7 and QtMobility 1.1.0 available on smart installer?

A: This has been possible since May 4, 2011 when Qt SDK 1.1 with Qt 4.7.3 and Qt Mobility 1.1 was launched. See Qt SDK 1.1 and Qt 4.7.3 libraries released – Get your Qt apps into Ovi Store

Rv.patel6005 – Qt

I don’t know about qt and Symbian. but i want to know how to use and whats that#160;?

I am student in Information technology department and i really want to learn so plz help me.

Kung Foo – Qt 4.7.4 support?

When is Qt version 4.7.4 going to be supported by the smart installer?

Kung Foo 13:36, 5 September 2011 (EEST)

Answer (Aleksi Uotila): We expect to ship Qt 4.7.4 based bundle for Smart Installer deployments for Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna devices approximately at the same time as Symbian Belle upgrade will be released. For this Q4 2011 has been given as schedule estimate. Symbian Belle has this same Qt bundle in ROM.

Users who upgrade their devices to Belle will thus get Qt update automatically.

Cycnus – QT Quick for S60 5th ed


I’m using QT 2.3.0, and when I create new apps with QT Quick, it show option for S60 5th edition devices. In which it might seems to me that it support S60 5th edition.

I wonder if Nokia will/have change QT Quick support for S60 5th edition, or might enable it in the future? Or might not enable it at all.


cycnus 22:31, 7 September 2011 (EEST)

Hamishwillee – Cycnus – it is supported

Qt 4.7 dropped support for S60 3rd Edition devices. Qt (including Qt Quick) is supported on S60 5th Edition devices up to at least Qt 4.7 (this might change at some point in future of course). To be very clear, the Qt SDK 1.1.3 supports S60 5th Edition devices and later, but does not support S60 3rd Edition devices.

hamishwillee 06:09, 8 September 2011 (EEST)

Cycnus – @Hamishwille. I’m still confused

@himshwille. thanks for the answer, but I still find this whole things is contradicting with it self.

taken from this page. (I’ll re-arrange to make it human readable)

Packages distributed by Smart Installer

Qt Quick Components (supported only in Symbian^3 devices and later with Qt 4.7)

(my emphasis)

Package name: Qt Quick components

Package UID: 0x200346DE

Version: 1.0

Description: Qt Quick components is a set of UI components to be used in Qt Quick applications. These components implement the updated Symbian Design Guidelines.

Devices with limited Smart Installer support

Device name: All S60 3rd (3.1/3.2) and 5th Edition devices

Reason: Qt Quick Components is not supported on these devices.

Note: S60 5th Edition devices support Qt 4.7 which contains Qt Quick. In S60 5th Ed. however, Qt Quick Components are currently not supported .

I believe that’s mean QT Quick is not supported in S60 5th edition, or this page need an edit.

cycnus 11:09, 8 September 2011 (EEST)

Hamishwillee – @Cycnus -Difference between Qt Quick and Qt Quick Components

Hi Cycnus

The important note is this one: Note: S60 5th Edition devices support Qt 4.7 which contains Qt Quick. In S60 5th Ed. however, Qt Quick Components are currently not supported.

The point of confusion for you is that Qt Quick is NOT the same as Qt Quick Components.

Qt Quick is the generic technology that you use to create declarative UIs. This is supported in S60 5th Edition devices.

Qt Quick Components are a set of standard UI widgets that are provided for various platforms – these effectively provide a full application framework for Qt Quick – without this you need to create your own buttons, menus etc. This is not supported in 5th Edition.

There is no intention as far as I know to support Qt Quick Components on earlier versions of the OS. However the source is all available and I’m fairly sure would still build fine for S60 5th Edition. What this means though is that you’d have to build it yourself and deliver it yourself in your SIS file. rather than just getting is for free as part of the smart installer.


hamishwillee 04:08, 12 September 2011 (EEST)

Cycnus – @Hamishwille. Thank you

Nshenoy – Qt Mobility 1.2

When will Qt Mobility v1.2 be made available in QT SDK and Smart Installer? And will it be supported for Symbian^1 devices as well or just the Symbian^3 and newer devices..



nshenoy 13:34, 28 September 2011 (EEST)

Aleksi – Re: Qt Mobility 1.2

@Nshenoy / @Nagaraj:

Qt Mobility 1.2 and the whole Qt 4.7.4 bundle will be soon available via Smart Installer. I cannot give a definitive week at the moment however at the moment. It’s done when we release final Symbian Belle and MeeGo Harmattan / Nokia N9 support in Qt SDK.

We are in very final stages of this so it’s weeks not months.

S60 5th Edition (Symbian^1) support is no longer, so the latest Qt bundle for S60 5th devices in Qt SDK and via Smart Installer is Qt 4.7.3 based bundle. I’ve update the Symbian support details to covering Smart Installer and actual devices.

Nshenoy – Smart Installer for Symbian Belle


Than you for the reply. I went through the link you posted in your reply, and found that the smart installer can’t update the Qt libs in Belle. Does that mean we don’t have to embed the smartinstaller in our sis files or does it mean that if the Qt version in the sis file is higher than the ones present in the device, it’ll prompt the user to update the device firmware?

I mean, if the device has Qt 4.7.4 and my application is based on Qt 4.8.x, will the user to asked to update his device firmware so that Qt will be updated to 4.8.x?

Thanks in advance,


nshenoy 17:07, 7 October 2011 (EEST)

Aleksi – Smart Installer enablement

@Nshenoy, All Nokia Store (Ovi Store) applications need to be Smart Installer package enabled regardless to which Symbian devices or Qt releases the applications are targeted. Your question about Qt 4.8 is rather theoretical at the moment as this release isn’t supported for Symbian at the moment. Anyway using Smart Installer packaging enables best deployment possibilities also in the future for the application package.

Depending on targeted devices Nokia Store accepts only applications with specific Qt dependencies which may be less than what is supported by Smart Installer itself: refer to Nokia Store support from the above page. At the moment Qt 4.8 isn’t part of this for Symbian nor there is Qt 4.8 for Symbian available from Smart Installer server. Smart Installer will only update Qt libraries that are available for the given device from Smart Installer servers as indicated by this page, so it will not update at the moment the device libraries to Qt 4.8 but such application installation will fail.

Once Qt 4.7.4 release bundle packages are enabled by Smart Installer and Qt 4.7.4 based apps are accepted to Nokia Store deployment they must be Smart Installer enabled. This allows prior-to Symbian Belle devices: Symbian Anna and Symbian^3 devices to get these packages during application installation.

Hubbobubbo – Deploy Qt libs on non Nokia site

I wonder if it is possible to direct the smart installer to another location then the Nokia servers for instance if the application is used in an environment with private APN without internet access? Then the Qt libs would have to be put inside this network and the smartinstaller instructed to get them from there. Is this possible?

hubbobubbo 17:24, 27 October 2011 (EEST)

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