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Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline questions and answers

Q: Where can i buy a 2000 to 2002 nissan skyline gtr left-hand-drive, usa street legal?

Wondering and wnating to know where i can buy a 2000 to 2002 nissan skyline gtr thats street legal in america. Also, how much will it cost.

A: Try this site – It shows you how to legally import Japanese cars (Nissan included) to the USA. Here are some typical prices to expect for Nissan models: • 2002 NISSAN Xterra $7,600 • 2002 NISSAN Altima 2.5 S (M5) $7,700 • 1994 Nissan Skyline 2.6GTR E-BNR32 14,860 USD The Skyline model is generally hard to find in which case the 1994 Toyota Supra is a better option for the US.

Q: Whats the Cheapest Place to buy a used 98 or 99 Nissan skyline?

I was thinking of buying a nissan skyline 98 or 99 and I wanted 2 kno what was the best way to get a great price with great quality? Also if I would have to get it imported?

A: This depends where you live as prices differ the World over. But if your in the US there are a good few Skylines over there,many imported through Motorex and other in different ways. The R34 is a nice version and with any version the GTR model holds it’s greater value the cheaper version is the GTT GT GT4 in the R34 range and each is a great car with alot to offer and the single turbo version can see impressive figures,so if you get the chance don’t overlook these.

Places to try are ebay and places like. The skyline is a great car and its name and ability are proven the World over,its not a car you own for a short while and sell as it has ever lasting power ,great looks and very roomy,so yes its expensive but well worth the money as you are getting a Japanese Muscle car.

Q: How much is a Nissan Skyline?

How much american dollars would a used Nissan Skyline Cost? I would like to know for an R32, R33, and R34.

A: often has some in Also depends on model gts gts-t gt-4 gt gtt gtr and 4 door and 2 door.and then the spec and type.Eg type m, type j, v spec. The thing with these cars is they really are supercars,no matter what anyone says,the amount you can do to these cars may it be engine tuning or body modding is endless and to be honest when we come to changing cars again i think i will have to get another Skyline we are already on our second,but as with many owners, what do you change to as all other cars will find it hard to match up to these cars.

And any car which gives owners including me a smile everytime you drive then its worth its money. And the good thing about these cars is the roomy back seats with plenty of leg room for a sporty car and good boot space for a monthly shop,so overall a good everyday car,and all but the GTR models are 5 seaters. Bhp wise seems low on paper due to rules in Japan so before people say my car can beat that bhp well these engines are detuned and Nissan made them able to take bhp limts IE the GTR actual running power is close to 500bhp on stock internals.other models take well to mods and increased bhp which is what the engines where made BHP figures on the books is rubbish really as well as the 0-60 times and top speeds with speeds way higher then was published many due to sticking to the rules again in Japan but in fact breaking then in reality.

Q: How to swap a turbo out of a Nissan Skyline GTR?

I have a Nissan Skyline GTR R34. I just bought two HKS T51R-KAI. I have worked on my RB26DETT countless times, but this is the first time I have swap the stock turbos to bigger ones.

Does anyone have any helpful tips on what I should do.

A: One piece at a time start at intercooler and work from there like take one piece off put new one in place should work find and dont be over whelmed its easier than looks

Q: How to leaglly own a Nissan Skyline in ohio?

How would i go about to own a good but cheap legal Nissan Skyline in ohio. Money’s tight

A: These guys have a good name for themselves from US owners. also Have some US titled ones in often Failing finding one on there or ebay.Dont forget to look at GTS-T versions as well as the GTR as there are more common to find and a lot cheaper but still have a turbo and are RWD. Also try import car mags and forums for people selling one,i knew someone was selling an R32 US titled one a while ago in Cali. If worst comes to worst and you think about importing one i have added a few helpful links sourced by myself and from US skyline owners whom sent me them. One thing to be wary in your state is it differs about the ownership about owning a Skyline and there models,IE emissions may need sorting out,the R32 needs a stronger bar adding between the rear passengers and the fuel tank. some states not all require the car to be LHD and some states,do not allow the car at all.So your best contacting your local Transport office or the cop shop,before you part with your cash. US insurance company which insures other Skyline owners. New US skyline forum

Q: Where is the best place to buy a Nissan Skyline or Silvia?

I want to purchase a Nissan Skyline or Silvia and want to know if there are any good websites to look for them. I’m not looking to import a vehicle. I want to purchase one here in the U.S.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A: On my forum a bloke is selling a R32 GTS-T with US papers. If this is no good to you then ebay have a good few on most of the time.

Q: Is the Nissan Skyline legal in the United States?

I have heard that the Nissan Skyline was banned from American roads because it was too powerful. I don’t actually believe that myself, but I just wanted to dispel the myth. So is it true?

A: well actually, until 2003, America had made it illegal for any Japanese car company to make a car with over 270 hp to be sold in America the Nissan skyline would fall into that category

Q: What kind of computer is in the nissan skyline in 2fast 2furious?

i am getting into a lot of racing and i was wondering what kind of computer/software is in the cars of fast and the furious and the nissan skyline in 2fast 2furious.

A: as for whats it it i don’t know. if you want a after market computer for more power and adjustments haltech are a good one be ware that they take a lot of setting up and will need dyno work. but there are power gaines to be made with the timing, and the air fuel ratio. research them more so you know what is involved, what you need and the cost and have fun if the car is stock and you are gona keep it stock you can get a performance chip for around A$500

Q: how do you change colors of your nissan skyline GTR proto on pro street?

I’ve seen on the games that when I’m about to race I see a black nissan skyline GTR proto. How do I change the color of it?

A: I have never played that game so i cant say, but you should list it in videogames section. this section is for the cars themselves. You will get much more/better answers there.

Q: What do I have to do to make a Nissan Skyline GTR R33 street legal?

I am wanting to buy a nissan skyline gtr r33, i have already found the site and i just need to know what i have to do to make it street legal so i can drive it around..what do i have to do?

A: The rules say that due to test results from Motorex the R33 spec 2 is allowed for sale in the US again as long as it meets US regs.Now this varies state to state so you will have to research this where you live,the main mod is emissions the Skyline does already come fitted with a cat on its stock system,but more work is needed,other mods vary again state to state so before you do mods which you may not need to as said find out where you live. Some states although not all do require the car to be LHD but is not a common US mod which is required.Also some states do not allow imports so again before you spend your money. As said worth out the cost of mods importing etc and weigh them against buying a US reg one but thats upto your budget. maybe worth asking these guys also about mods needed

Q: what performance modifications can i make on a nissan skyline?

im planning on getting a 1995 Nissan skyline in a few months and i want to get it so it has over 1000hp what would be some things i could put in it that i could do that exept for tuning it.

A: running at 1000bhp is possible but with a cost another factor is if the car is going to be a daily runner then that sort of bhp would be no good on a daily run. Many UK owners don’t have over huge bhp,often below and around 500bhp due to there cars being a daily car, such as mine would wasted at really high bhp limits due to it being used for me to take the kids to school and wife to work. Alot also depends where you live as i know plenty of UK tuners whom could due the job and i know of an US tuner whom has done the job. Overall it depends on budget and which model you get.Link above is to the US tuner. Link below is to the skyline owners free forum which has owners worldwide.the best place to ask,as they can suggest the best parts to use and to stay away from and also help you with any tuner and any part of your build. there are plenty of mods to do to a Skyline without it running into really high bhp limits and needing alot of work,Myself last week had a custom made high flow stainless steel exhaust made and fitted to my R33. over 1000bhp skyline vid above. engine mods for rb25dett skylines

Q: How old do you need to be to drive a nissan skyline?

I can’t find any details anywhere, I also needed to search high and low for the age for a kit car,it is either 19 or 21. I have been offered a great deal on a NISSAN SKYLINE R33 2 LITRE NON TURBO. I am in the UK!

A: As long as you are over 17 and have a full Licence you can drive a skyline,the only trouble you will have is the insurance side which is not that hard to find now days, when i wanted to get insured on a skyline many many years ago i stood no chance but times have changed and money talks. thread may help get on the free forum anyway and ask more on there. The car itself has a great following so remember to do tasteful mods if you get the car as you need to keep in with the true skyline enthusiast.

The non turbo R33 is a great car and powerful for a first car the 2.5l will offer you more power but for a first car the 2.0l will def do both are rwd so again adds to the excitement and power,modding is easy to the RB engines,and overall there great cars with plenty of tuning and styling parts out there. When looking for insurance ring the people up and don’t rely on the net as on the phone you can barter and don’t forget you want non turbo insurance and make sure there not wanting to charge you turbo insurance as do to the car being an import info is limited on these cars,my first skyline i had to send internet links to prove there was more than GTR models in the World.

Q: How can I import a Nissan Skyline GTR R33 without taking the car apart?

What’s the best way to import a Nissan Skyline GTR R33 without taking the car apart?

A: DMV allows military personel to import almost any and all cars they want! Look at your state DMV website and verify, but the most easiest way is to have an army buddy import it for you! I have a JAPAN import with a legal military permit. and its great!

Q: Is It possible to drive a nissan skyline r32 or r34 gtr in california?

im going to japan to buy a nissan skyline r32 or r34 and imported here in the us. is that possible? how much does it cost all in all?

A: A job for Yourself whom have to do your research for where you live as many will say the Skyline is not street illegal in the US but infact it differs between states,example some states require the car to be made LHD whilst others dont mind,some states require added safety features on older Skyline models.Some states will not allow the Skyline at all,but all states require the car to meet emission regs. The easiest it bring in is the R33 96-98 models due to added safety features being stock at this point and these where models tested by Motorex as for the Motorex issue they didnt go to jail for selling bad Skyline although the false testing didnt help.But with the right money and mods other Skyline are creeping in and i see som many R34 Skyline on the net in the US nowdays.

So all those that say the Skyline is illegal it is and it isnt again it depends where you live and what puts people off is the cost of mods to make it meet US regs hence putting young buyers off and older buyers usually go for newer models of cars. A common legal need on the R32 models is a strong bar adding between the rear fuel tank and the rear seats. Title of link How to Buy a Nissan Skyline GT-R in America — Right Now US GTR Sells US Skylines Has Us ones for sale sells imports Dont forget to look at other skyline models as the R34 GTR for instance is expensive not matter where you buy it from in the world,other great models are the R32,R33,R34 GTS,GTS-T,GTS-4,GT,GTT. Also the Stagea model is a good choice.

Q: Nissan Skyline?

I want to get a Nissan Skyline in the somewhat near future. I live in New York State and was hoping for one made after 1998 and a GT-R model. I heard about some company in California that was importing but sued, and that importing is illegal.

I also can’t afford anything too expensive, buy any and all information would be helpful. No links please

A: jccjr1982 is dead wrong. god, i cringe when people dont know what they are talking about. infiniti G35s are NOT THE SAME CAR. the easiest difference? the name. duh. if it has an entirely different name, its different. end of story. the G35 has a nice 3.5L VQ engine with double cams and fuel injection, good for about 280 ish HP. slightly similiar to the skyline. however, the aerodynamics, suspension, chassis, transmission, and body style are all extremely different. the skyline is a COUPE. its a very long coupe, but it is a coupe. only this year have infiniti g35 coupes come out, and they are quite expensive. the skyline is more of a racing car, it comes with brembo brakes (stock) and a stiffer suspension. it also comes with 300+ hp (R34), despite the gentlemans agreement. (fact: people have bought nissan skylines and dynoed them after driving them home, doing no tuning, and they produced well over 280 HP. the most was about 330, give or take 5, by the R34 VSPECII. Ttoyota did the same thing with later versions of the Supra, but not exactly as much as Nissan). the skyline GTR has a twin turbo engine system and is all wheel drive.

ATTESA-ETS and SUPER-HICAS are on the skyline, whilst only the ATTESA-ETS is on the infiniti G35x (which is 4WD). ok, ill stop ranting. to answer your question: you can LEGALLY import any R33 skylines that were made in between the years of 1996 and 1998. if you wish, you can look it up on the US importation list, i dont have the link on hand. GTS, GTS-T (or whatever they had) and GTRs are all legal from that time frame. however, they still have to pass emissions, which requires a great deal of work. if you buy the cheapest skyline, the 96 GTS (or GTS-T i think), itll cost you about 10k at the least, excluding shipping to some east coast port. then emissions and legalization. but itll be under 20k, maybe under 15k if your very picky. Motorex was the company in california. in a nutshell, they arent up and running anymore, so dont even worry about them, they cant help you in any way..the owner is in jail. so yeah. oh, by the way. any and all upgrades to the nissan skyline GTR, no matter how mundane, will result in a relatively large boost in horsepower. exhaust systems, *any* turbo upgrade (stock turbos are ceramic), throttle body, computer chips. for some reason, they provide like 150% horsepower to the skyline compared to any other regular car. and the RB26 engine is remarkably resilient. good luck getting it into NY. i live in CNY, ill get one eventually haha 😉 i hear theres only two or three legalized in NYS, all in NYC i believe. edit: its not a ceramic engine. its a cast iron block engine with an aluminum head. and to add to that, you dont need to have it changed to left hand drive, you can keep it in right hand drive, it is perfectly legal. why? post office trucks can drive on the road, and they are RHD. (plus theres no law that says they cant =P)

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