Nissan Quest

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Nissan Quest

Nissan Quest

Nissan Quest questions and answers

Q: I have a 96 nissan quest. It has a factory anti-theft alarm,how can i disable it w/o pulling the fuse?

My 96 nissan quest has a factory alarm that goes off when i open the door w/ the key and continuosly stays on prevrnting me from starting the engine. I had to pull the fuse for the alarm to shut it down. Is there a way to disarm or disable it altogether?

And if so can u provide me w/ the info.

A: i found this to reset without keypad turn on ign. turn lghts on and off three times or more you should hear the locks click. when they stop clicking with light switch stop and start the car Trying to find out how to enter a code on a Nissan Quest Van door keypad when you do not know the original code. Behind the right-hand kick panel (on my ’94 Quest, beside the drivers right foot when seated in driver’s seat and where the foot mounted courtesy light is) is a computer madule.

To get at it I beleive you only have to remove one or maybe two screws. Without unplugging the module slide it out towards the gas peddle. One the top you will see, either a printed or hand written (mine was printed) tag with five numbers on it.

Copy that five digit number and save. Put the computer back and close up (rescrew) the panel. The owner’s manual explains what to do next, but in simplified terms: Enter that code you just copied into the door pad and you have six seconds to enter a five digit code of your own. Just remember that you CANNOT use consecutive (ie: 12345 etc) or repeat numbers (ie: 22222).

If you goof up, just reenter that code from the module and try again.

Q: is it expensive to replace a timing belt on a 96 Nissan quest,if so about how much,and is it worth it?

i would like to know if the timing belt is the problem,the car does not want to start.the it’s like it want to start but doesnt turn over,what do you thing the problem could be,can’t get more detail than that.

A: Check battery terminals, loose connections crosion, etc. Check battery charge Check if it is completely in park. Broken or loose conections, wiring in the starting circuit. starter solenoid Starter motor pinion jammed in flywheelring gear.

Bad starter in general.

Q: What could be wrong with our Nissan Quest mini van?

Recently, it has been dying on us. The car just doesn’t go. It has only been doing this a few times in the past week! Never much before. We always need to boot it with another car.

What could be the possibilities of this? Why could this have been happening so often?

A: Battery is going.

Q: 04 Nissan quest tire pressure light problems?

i have 04 Nissan quest / SL. and tire pressure light is ON all the time,i have checked all the tire pressure is OK,can some one help me how to reset this light.Thanks

A: Please go visit your Nissan dealer all four tire pressures should Display on the technicians Consult 2 or consult 3 device. There is no way for you to find out what is causing the light to stay on. You may have a dead battery in one of the transponders (tire valve sensor) or need to reintroduce them to the Car’s computer. Thank You Ford Exploiers and law suits for such idiot lights. Please set tire pressure a little high so when the tires cool the pressure does not drop to 29 psi.

Like 36 or 37 psi when you get to the air pump.

Q: Does muddy oil mean my 96 Nissan Quest has a blown head gasket?

182K miles. Does blow smoke out the tail pipe. Don’t want to pay $95 for a hydrocarbon test. Is there ANYTHING else it could be?



Q: How many times will I have to fill up my ’99 Nissan Quest minivan on a 1,300-mile trip?

We may be running the air part of the time. I’m just trying to get a pretty good estimate on whether or not I can afford this trip. Also gas has just gone down in this area.

Should I expect it to STAY that way?

A: that van will cross the filling station three times estimate 24 mpg highway air on under 70 mph cruse control used a lot 20 gallon fuel tank. page 2 section 10 in your owners manual stopping every 480 miles to gas up with fuel to spare. You got to get lost a little don’t you

Q: Should I buy a Nissan Quest with 72000 miles and cost $12,500.

I found a Nissan Quest that has 72,000 miles on it and they want $12,500 for it. It has navigation and the DVD player in the back and leather interior. Also it has the sky view on all the seats so like a sunroof for every passenger. Is this van worth it? I currently have a 2000 town and country.

I picked this can and want an affordable payment. Do you think this van is worth buying.

A: Quest Vans tend to rattle a little around the sliding doors. If that van is a 2004 or newer your getting a good enough deal. Just make sure the engine inside the oil filler looks clean.

Q: Is it a good idea to buy a used motor mount for a 94 nissan quest?

I need the two front motor mounts and the 02 sensor. Is it okay to buy used?

A: You already have used ones, the only reason to remove them is because they are bad, and you won’t be able to tell by looking at them. You will spend more time or money in labor changing them twice than you will buying new ones now. BUY NEW.

Q: How can I tell if my Nissan Quest is equipped for a keyless entry? I bought it used a couple months ago.

I bought it a couple months ago and have been wondering if I can buy a key fob to remotely open the door. I don’t know how to tell if it is equipped. I would like to know before I buy a key fob online.

A: First off does your vehicle have power door locks? If so there is about a 99% chance that it does have keyless entry. kinda hard to know for sure without knowing the exact year though. Take it to Nissan serveice dept. and buy a keyfob from parts and you can look up online how to program it or just pay them to do it for you.

Q: How do I program a remote for my Nissan Quest?

Bought one on Ebay but can’t get it to work with my car.

Nissan Quest

A: Call a couple of dealerships and see what they charge. If you can, stop by theclosest one and talk to the service writer to see if he will xerox the procedure for you regarding fob programming. Then you can do it yourself.

Q: How do you install the AC Hose for Nissan Quest?

A/C Hose Assembly Hi! I need to replace the high-end hose assembly of my Nissan Quest (compressor manifold assembly). How should I proceed on removing the old one and installing the new one?

A: You have to take it to a shop. The Freeon in the system is a inviromental hazzard. they well have to vacuum out the system replace the hose and then recharge the system. But if your hose is all ready broken and the Freeon is depleated out. you can just use some Flair end wrenches and replace the hose then go to a shop and have the system recharged. hope this helps Tim

Q: Could someone tell me how to reset the Air Bag Warning light (flashing) on a ’95 Nissan Quest van?

Our Nissan Quest van has had a flashing Air Bag Warning light for the last 6 months. We do not want to pay a dealer to reset it. Can anyone tell us a method we can use to reset the light so that it does not continually flash while we are driving?

A: An air bag problem is definitely best left to the dealer for safety reasons.

Q: Radio doesn’t work after jump starting Nissan Quest?

I had to jump start my mom’s Nissan Quest after she left the lights on. After I jump started it, the radio didn’t work. Someone told me that it had something to do with the computer thinking someone was trying to steal the van and that I would have to take it to the dealer to have them enter a code.

Is there a way to do it myself without having to go to the dealer?

A: Hopefully you have a security plus Gold extended warranty. There is no security code. Either the cable was sparked backward or a voltage surge caused the internal protection fuse inside the radio to blow.

Make sure the audio fuse under the hood is intact. JUST remember there are may year models of Quest some made by Ford and 2004 and newer made by Nissan.

Q: Can the rear air conditioning be eliminated in a Mercury Villager / Nissan Quest?

The air conditioning in my 1993 Mercury Villager (same as a Nissan Quest) is not longer working because the A/C lines (which run under the car) have rotted and are leaking. Replacing these lines is a major expense — not appropriate for a car this old. Is it practical to simply block off (plug) the send return lines and have the front A/C continue to work?

I’ve spend some time searching for an answer, but I can’t manage to formulate the right search expression. Is there a more appropriate car repair forum for this kind of question?

A: a good welding shop could block the lines off to the rear, just cut crimp and weld. replace the drier and recharge the system which could be tricky but it should take about 32 oz. as this is the charge with front only a/c. you could also consider using the parts from a front a/c only villager if they are still available, which I doubt. good luck.

Q: How high is the Nissan Quest?

A policeman showed up at my door telling me that someone witnessed my vehicle hit a Nissan Quest 2 weeks ago. The witness supposedly gave my plate number. The only damage on my car is a scrape mark on the UNDERSIDE of the front bumper. (consistant to if you pull too close to a curb in the parking lot or scrape when backing out of a steep driveway.) Are there any parts of a Nissan Quest that would fit UNDER the bumper of my Ford Taurus?

A: We own a Nissan Quest, looking at it I am entirely unsure how any part of it would fit under anything’s bumper much less a Taurus. Are charges being pressed? I would borrow a camera and take pictures of every angle of your car right now, even the under bumper damage and have them printed with the date stamped on them, just to be safe.

Plus in my state you have to actually prove a car was in an accident, not just a witness statement.

Nissan Quest
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