Nissan Navara-D40

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Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara


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How to read DYNO graphs.

Please note that the dyno graphs displayed in this next section are figures based on POWER AT THE WHEELS. Engine manufactures will always quote their power figures AT THE ENGINE.

Vehicle Detail


RE D40:

We achieved great results with some very interesting tuning techniques learnt on the automatic version.

To start, the Navara produces 238ft/lb torque 126HP  at the wheels in standard trim .  With a Chip It Performance Chip the max figures we could achieve with the Diesel Particulate Filter intact, and without having the factory ECU throw a high catalyst temp code was 280ft/lb torque 140HP.  Over this power level/tune it would give this error.

Well then we had a play around.  🙂   We removed the DPF from the vehicle  fitted the Chip It DPF Delete Race Pipe. The factory DPF appears very restrictive to say the least.  After bolting in the new Race Pipe we dyno’d the car again with the factory tune back in place.

Guess what?  Power figures went to 280ft/lb 138HP (basically the same as having the vehicle chipped), but it blew a belch of black smoke every time you took off.  (not whilst driving or at top end).  We re-tuned using the Chip It Performance Module picked up further throttle response power.

  Then, we spent more time tuning for torque with extra turbo boost (unique to Chip It Modules) in the mid-range top end to get a final result of 325ft/lb of  torque and 152HP … WITH NO ERROR CODES AT ALL.

When we delivered the vehicle back to the owner he was delighted with the result.  As an extra bonus, and the reason why the Race Pipe is fitted, is the economy will be far better than the factory setting, as the PDF is no longer needing to be cleaned by the injection of diesel after the exhaust valve has opened (POST BURN INJECTION).

This extra squirt of diesel is not there for any other purpose other than cleaning the DPF.  Nissan also add fuel to reduce Nox emissions during the stop start part of the EURO 4/5 drive cycle emission testing.

Yes, sounds weird, but adding fuel does reduce Nox emissions as we learnt at Orbital Corporation WA.  As known, every time you make a positive result with one emission you always create a negative result on at least one of the other 5 emissions.  So we would say the Diesel Particulate Matter (black smoke or PM ) went through the roof when Nissan reduced the Nox, so they add a DPF filter (on the autos not the manual s) to catch the extra PM … crazy hey?

  However, it is the sort of things manufacturers need do to pass EURO 4 5 requirements.

As mentioned, to make the DPF function correctly, every 350 -400 kms or when the filter is partly blocked, manufacturers need to inject diesel down the exhaust to heat up the DPF to clean it … but this doesn’t happen during emission cycle testing and so manufacturers get away with a “pass” and a great looking economy reading but this is NEVER achieved in the real world.

Nissan Navara

NB. This is not only Nissan but EVERY car manufacturer! What manufacturers ”forgot” to tell prospective buyers/owners is that YOU PAY FOR THAT CLEANING CYCLE WITH YOUR DIESEL COSTS!!

Their litres per 100kms fuel usage shown on the spec sheet doesn’t show usage during the Post Burn injection Cycle and so when you finally get to bring the new car home, you NEVER get to see the nice economy figures they tout. You get lumbered with 16 – 18 ltr/100 as a minimum.

However, we now have created a fix and created a lot more power efficiency by removing the DPF, re-tuning the engine with the Chip It Module for far better power and with a far better fuel curve plus more turbo response.

In summary,  we created from scratch an awesome result that will without a doubt bring back the great fuel savings these mod ern diesel engine s were designed to achieve.   Also we fully recommend the factory DPF be replaced when Chipping the autos, otherwise the regeneration cycle will cook the rear sensor.

We can provide a Race Pipe for DPF removal, EGR blanking plate to add better fuel burning and more turbo response, and a Chip for the Navara to suit all combinations such as:

.  Keep the PDF.  (with the Chip and re-tuned it will be better for the DPF help keep it cleaner return better fuel results)

.  Removing the DPF. (with our DPF delete Race Pipe, as it doesn’t throw any lights or codes) and produces EVEN MORE POWER!


DPF Delete Race Pipe. Adds 12HP AND 40ft/lb Torque (8.95Kw AND 53NM Torque). If used with the Chip It Tuning Module increases gain by 26HP AND 87 ft/LB. Improves fuel economy dramatically. See the “Products” page of the site for purchase

Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara
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