Nissan Armada

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Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada questions and answers

Q: What exhaust system for the Nissan Armada carries the Dual Exhaust?

A: try this



Q: i have a 2004 nissan armada, the paint looks dull and the shine is completely gone. any suggestions?

I really don’t want to take it to get buffed right now (can’t afford too anyways) would like to do it myself.

A: Yeah wax is good. I’m guessing you live in either a very hot area (Like Southern Arizona) or a very cold, snowy, area (where they salt the roads in the Winter). Just a wax job is a fairly cheap way of sprucing up your vehicle. You DON’T need a new car, like some have suggested ;o)

Q: What is the value of my damaged (totalling $9800.00) to my new 2006 Nissan Armada?

Recently a tornado made two large oak trees fall on both of my family’s vehicles. My husband’s vehicle was totaled. However, my brand new 2006 Nissan Armads sustained $9800.00 in damages. It must have a whole new roof and the majority of side panels replaced. The insurance company refuses to total the vehicle since the value of the vehicle is still high.

My problem is: Who wants a car whose top has been cut off and replaced with after-market crash parts? This is a safety issue in my eyes. If we settle, how much is my wrecked vehicle worth. I know that I have lost a lot of value in it due to the type of damage alone.

Any tips or advice is welcomed.

A: I’ve been in autobody for 35 years and buy and repair wrecks for myself and others to drive.You fell into a classic situation with your claim.The insurance company is doing what you contracted them to do,which is pay for the repairs.There is never an allowance for decreased valuation due to the vehicle history ,as far as I know.It’s nothing more than tough luck that it happened. If the vehicle were older and worth less,the cost of repairs would exceed the value of the car and it would be totalled as you know.

The concern now is that the shop does a high quality repair.The responsibility for future problems with it lies in their hands.There are no aftermarket roofs or doors available,only fenders.The largest concern is that the new paint work is undetectable from original,so that in the future no one will object and condemn the car.A quality shop has no problem with any of this so go to the best.Your insurance company may have reasons to send it to a shop of their preferrence.That’s OK,it keeps things simpler for everyone.But reach a personal understanding with the manager and let them know there’s a face behind that repair order. Good luck,in time this will just be another bad memory.

Q: How do you reset the tire dash light after having a flat in a nissan armada?

A: It will turn off all by itself with in a couple of miles if you had the car turned off when you filled the tires, othwise it could take a couple of days, make shure you have over 28 psi the light triggers at this PSI, If you put the spare on, it doese not have a PSI sensor, and the computer will still read your flat tire, you should have a new tire put on the old rim or have the sensor switched out (but the tire must be broken down to do this). Hope this helps.!

Q: What is the grace period to cancel 08 nissan armada purchase agreement done like 24 hours ago?

Im having second thoughts on this vehicle. Its nce. but its a gas guzzler. How can I go back to dealer and tell them nevermind. I took delivery last night and signed contract.

A: You should be able to do it in the 24 hr period. Be aware that they may not want you to and will either try to stop you or get you into another car. The bank or finance co. probably has not picked up the contract yet. If you know their number, call them right now tell them you can’t do it.

It’s better this way so that it won’t leave a mark on your credit rating. But es, you can return a car in 24 hrs even 48 sometimes. The cars manufacturer should gurantee this. If the dealer gives you attitude on it, call Nissan.


Q: Does Anyone have the speaker wire diagram for a 2006 nissan armada?

I have the regular stereo not the bose system.

A: look for it at that site is really good for wiring information. im too lazy to go look for you, but I can direct you in the correct place to search.

Q: 2005 Nissan Armada Back Window will Not Open. It is Locked will not unlock even when I unlock all the doors?

2005 nissan Armada back window LOCKED

A: possible lock acctuator. removed rear hatch door panel to inspect. remove a few bolts and pull on panel.

Q: Why does white smoke come from the tail pipe of my nissan armada when i start it after it has set for 2 hours?

It has no smokey odor, nor does it continue to smoke after i have driven it after 2 to 3 minutes.

A: Sounds normal to me.

Q: How I do get the transmission dipstick off on the nissan armada?

The dipstick on the armada is difference. It like a cap and not the tradition ring, where you can put your finger in and pull out. Anybody familiar with this. thanks.

Johnpaul, Can I use the mobil one synthetic automatic transmission fluid instead of the Matic J fluid. also where is the drain plug, and how many quart does it takes. thanks.

A: See that 10mm bolt holding in the dipstick? remove bolt pull out stick Note Nissan Matic J fluid is used written on the stick. Actually dextron mercon 4 fluid meets those specifications. Good lick start truck park or neutral check fluid warm.

Q: Does that Nissan Armada and Infiniti Q56 look the same to anyone?

Does anyone thing that the Nissan Armada and the Infiniti Q56 look almost exactly the same, except the front grill and maybe minor differnces.

Nissan Armada

A: Yes, Infiniti is the luxury line of nissan, lexus is the luxury line of Toyota. The Q56 is the same vehicle as the armada, just with larger chromed wheels, luxury package to include heated seats, navigation system, upgraded stereo, leather, standard sunroof, etc. Sometimes, they offer beefed up engines in the luxury models that are not available in the standard mainstream products. jaguar is actually a GM product, JEEP is a product of Daimler-Chrysler.

Sometimes domestic and foreign companies will share the same vehicle to get their name into the market, for example the mazda pickup trucks are actually Ford vehicles. Mitsubishi Starion and the Dodge Conquest are the same vehicle. Dodge Stealth and the Mitsubishi 3000GT are the same vehicle, etc.

Mercedes-Benz is owned by Daimler-Chrysler.

Q: What are some differences between a Nissan Armada and an Infiniti QX?

If any at all, they seem to be the same vehicle Nissan Armada Infiniti QX

A: The names they are the same base model and carry alot of the same amenities. The Infinti is a little nicer but you pay more for it!

Q: Nissan Armada?

I have a 2006 grand prix, and i really like the design of the armada, if anyone owns one, i’m really curious to know how is the gas mileage, the safety and how does the truck rides, and is it good in the winter, i live in a really cold place.

A: I work on those large SUV’s every day gas mileage might be disappointing Because your grand Prix will get 30 mpg if you drive easy. But put seven or eight people in a grand prix? Really snowy area get the 4×4 Armada and settle for 17 to 21 miles a gallon on the highway and 12/14 in town.

Ride and handling is on par with the Ford Expedition. The Nissan can pull a heavier load or trailer. All you have to do is feed those 305 horses under the hood.

Q: How mush should expect to pay for leasing a 2008 Nissan armada I have a 700 fico?

How mush should expect to pay for leasing a 2008 Nissan armada I have a 700 fico

A: lease for 3yrs right? Low monthly payments of no more than 400. depends which bank you go through. Leasing is much easier and convenient than actually buying.

The only thing is you have to stay under a certain milage.

Q: which is the best one nissan armada or nissan murano?

i already have nissan sunny now i m planning to buy armada but my family wants a nissan there any nissan showroom in india.can i order from uae to get my car in india.

A: nissan murano is best choice. with full bose surround system plus woofer, nice and cozy interior, PERFECT MATCH. murano also keyless system. Nissan murano is definitely the car worth for the price. P cos i am driving it. lol

Q: How much is a normal weekly gas bill for a Nissan Armada?

I’m in need of a new car and I’m hoping to be getting one around June. I’ve been looking at a few cars but the one that I really want is the Nissan Armada. I like the size of the car and it’s comfortable to sit in and it’s a smooth drive. What should I be expecting to pay for gas though?

What vehicle compares to the Armada? I was something relatively close in size or slightly smaller.

A: Official EPA gas mileage figures for the 2008 Armadas (2WD and 4WD) can be found here: The EPA says the Armada gets around 15 miles per gallon combined city/highway, but EPA estimates are usually a bit too optimistic.

Nissan Armada
Nissan Armada
Nissan Armada
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