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Skoda Cars in India

Auto Company is one of the renowned car based in Czech Republic. Company has been in the automobile for more than a century being established in the 1895. In Skoda Auto Company phenomenal growth, selling units worldwide as per the Skoda information .

A subsidiary of illustrious Group now, Skoda Company is further expanding its in Asia and Europe. In 2010, the registered sales growth of 6% as to 2009 calendar year, the positive trend in sales.

Auto Company began operations in 1894 as manufacturer of Few years later, the company its first motorcycle in 1899, as Slavia. In 1905, the enterprise manufacturing cars.

The company’s was destroyed by fire in 1924 and was on the of shutting down. The enterprise was by Skoda Works to pull it from the brink.

During in Czech Republic, a joint-venture of Works was agreed upon Volkswagen Group, with the having 30% stake. Volkswagen increased its equity share the years and finally took ownership of the Skoda Works on May 2000.

Since the time of till acquisition by Volkswagen, company cars have characterised as tough and reliable Over the years, the enterprise has on to luxury car segment and has become a renowned name.

Skoda was by mechanic Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement in 1895. of the founders were bicycle who began business operations by bicycles.

Laurin Klement began manufacturing motorcycles in which was marketed under the name Slavia.

As a consequence of response received by Slavia in the founders moved on to designing Production of motorcycles was swapped by car in 1905 and on entering the new segment, the attained phenomenal success. the company also began for the armed forces.

The enterprise got in mass production of trucks, cars, airplane engines, and agricultural machinery during Hit by tragic fire, company was in the when it was acquired by Skoda in 1924. In Czech Republic, Works became the undisputed in the passenger cars segment 1950s and 1960s.

By the end of 1980s, Company began producing Favorit, which revived from the stagnancy of 1970s.

In Skoda Works and Volkswagen entered into a joint agreement with Volkswagen 30% ownership in the Czech enterprise. the years, Volkswagen Group ownership in the venture and attained ownership by 30th May 2000.

In 2006, Skoda began car in China, which received response. Skoda’s sales exponentially in the country and count of Company cars sold 123,000 in 2008. By the second of 2010, China became largest market across the

As of now, Skoda has worldwide with manufacturing and assembly in several countries, including the manufacturing facilities of Sarajevo, and Herzegovina.

Skoda was founded by Vaclav Klement and Vaclav in the year 1895. Skoda was started as a bicycle manufacturing Vaclav Klement, a bookseller by in Mlada Boleslav, did not get the requisite parts to repair his German and returned the bicycle to the manufacturer.

As a of this event, disgusted himself started a bicycle shop along with Laurin.

Prior to the business with Klement, Laurin was a manufacturer in the nearby town of They began production of in 1899 with the help of specialist Robert Bosch. first motorcycle, named became an icon.

Years Laurin Klement Company its first car in 1905.

India is one of the growing automobile markets the globe. Skoda company in . based at Aurangabad, sold 100,000 units since its in the country. To carry forward positive trend, the company is on strategies to tap market potential by and expansion of dealership network.

was introduced in the Indian market in with the launch of Skoda in the sedan segment. This model helped the company its foot in the Indian automobile The subsequent model, named Laura, was soon launched in

Besides, Skoda Yeti is the car launched by the Czech automotive in India.

The Skoda company also features Skoda and Skoda Superb that received phenomenal responses in the segments. Recently, Skoda India completed 10 years of operations in India. Reputed for market leader in this Skoda company cars are for elegant designs and superior Skoda achieved 100% in sales in the 1st quarter of the year, as per the unveiled by the Skoda company .

Over the last 10 years, Company in India has spread its across different parts of the having a network of 81 dealerships as per company information . These 81 include 73 dealership stores and 8 showrooms displaying Skoda cars .

Indian automobile market is one of the profitable markets for the subsidiary of the Group. Even during the downslide of 2009, Skoda in India recorded growth of 16 per as per Skoda company information . At over 1.4 million Skoda cars ply on Indian roads, to the figures revealed by Skoda information .

Skoda Manufacturing

Skoda company in India . in Aurangabad, began operations in the 2001. The manufacturing facility in of Maharashtra is also used to Volkswagen cars along production of Skoda company . The current production capacity of the is 30,000 vehicles annually as per company information . Moreover, Company established its second facility in Chakan near

In 2010, Skoda Company in rolled out its 25,000th Skoda from the Indian assembly Skoda manufacturing facility at recently launched 1,00,001st car in the Catering to luxury car segment array of cars, Skoda in India is rapidly gaining in the automotive market.

Besides, the plant of Skoda in India is the production unit of the company Europe.

A blend of stylish reliable exterior and modern Skoda company cars appreciation from many. to the warm response, Skoda manufacturing plant in India. continuous expansion, Skoda aims to make Aurangabad facility an exporting hub for South and Asian markets.

Skoda Models

Skoda sells its through a widespread network of spread across different of the country. Present in the market for 10 years now, Skoda in India has earned around of the market share of the luxury car In the past decade, Skoda has 12 luxury models in India.

company profile features Octavia, Skoda Laura, Superb, Skoda Yeti and Fabia.

Current Car Models

Fabia is one of the latest cars of Company in India . which was in 2008 in the premium hatchback The five-door hatchback is offered in as well as diesel variants, by 1.2L (75 bhp) petrol, diesel (75 bhp) and 1.6L (105 bhp) engines. noteworthy highlights of Skoda are detailed lamps, wide dual-front SRS airbags, motor regulation anti-lock braking and engine braking control.

In this segment, the car contends reputed models like Figo, Volkswagen Polo, Punto and Honda Jazz.

In version, Skoda Fabia is in different variants, such as 1.2 MPI Classic 5-MT, Fabia 1.2 MPI 5-MT, Fabia 1.2 MPI Active and 1.2 MPI Elegance 5-MT. One can also from Fabia 1.2 MPI Classic, 1.6 MPI Elegance 5-MT, Fabia Ambiente and Fabia 1.4 MPI Elegance. there are diesel variants as well, such as Fabia 1.2 TDI CR 5-MT, Fabia 1.2 TDI CR Ambiente and Fabia 1.4 TDI Active. Other variants available are Fabia 1.2 TDI CR 5-MT, Fabia 1.4 TDI Classic, 1.4 TDI AMB and Fabia 1.4 TDI Elegance


Skoda Octavia is the most model launched by the company in The five-seater premium sedan is a of classic design and powerful Priced between Rs. 11 lacs and Rs.

13 Skoda Octavia competes Honda Civic in its category. Octavia is available in petrol as as diesel versions. The available of Skoda Octavia are Octavia Turbo, Octavia Ambiente and Elegance.

Engine immobiliser, dual airbags, seatbelt and seatbelt warnings are just of the prominent features of Skoda

Skoda Laura is a luxury which bagged several awards and acknowledgements in its category. company launched Laura in petrol and diesel versions in Available model options in Laura include 1.8 TSI (118 2.0 TDI CR (81 kW) and 2.0 TDI CR (103 kW) (A). Costing Rs. 13 lacs and Rs.

17.5 lacs, Laura is offered in manual as automatic transmission versions. In the of luxury sedan, Skoda competes with Chevrolet Toyota Camry, Honda Honda Accord and Toyota Altis. Some of the notable of the Skoda Laura are ABS (Anti-lock System), EBD (Electronic Brake-force and HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assistant).

The is also fitted with MBA Brake Assistant), ASR (Anti Regulation) and TCS (Traction Control

Skoda Yeti is the first SUV by Skoda in India . in the year After immense success of the in European markets, Skoda was introduced in the Indian market an off-road mode with its version. Skoda Yeti is in two variants in the country, which Skoda Yeti 2.0TDICR and Skoda Yeti 2.0TDICR

These are priced between Rs. 15 and Rs. 17 lacs. Skoda Yeti is a base model, whereas, Elegance is integrated with off-roading capabilities such as descent control and extra

Moreover, the 2.0 L turbo-charged diesel delivers torque of 250 Nm at 2500

Skoda Superb is a powerful a blend of luxury, design, and safety. The sedan is conceptualised and resembling the Chinese version of Passat. Skoda Company in has launched four variants of model in petrol as well as versions. The variants are Superb 1.8 TSI Superb 1.8 TSI 7-DSG AT, Superb 2.5 TDI and Superb 3.6 V6 FSI 6-DSG (4×4).

In its Skoda Superb faces from Honda Accord and Camry. 12-way electrically front seats, Bi-Xenon AFS Front Light System) corner lamps, electronic programme, tyre pressure and safety airbags are some of the features of this model. the car is also has anti-theft alarm interior monitor and tilt along with electro power steering.


Several variants of Skoda were withdrawn from the to offer another model enhanced performance and better The discontinued models resembled the Skoda Laura Ambiente, is equipped with powerful and innovative features. Skoda with better features and is placed in the same price and is thus favoured by buyers.


After significant of the present models in the Indian market, Skoda is all set to add several new along with variants of models to Skoda company .

Skoda Fabia Combi is set for in the Indian automobile market, is a combination of engineering and elegance. The is developed keeping in mind attributes, namely mileage, and performance. Fabia Combi is to be launched in both petrol and version.

The spacious car betters its in several aspects, especially

Skoda Fabia Scout is car waiting to be unveiled by Skoda in India . The hatchback Fabia is designed and engineered to target SUV in India. Fabia Scout, 1.6 L engine, will be launched in as well as diesel version.

SK125 is expected to be launched in the market in the last quarter of Powered by 1.6 L engine, this car be available in petrol as well as version. Following Skoda Skoda SK125 will be the economical car launched by Skoda in . This model will on established models such as Etios, Ford Fiesta, City, Fiat Linea and SX4.

Skoda Sales and Service

Skoda Auto India, a owned subsidiary of Skoda . its cars through an extensive of dealers scattered all over the After significant success in the market over the last the company has increased dealerships to tap the potential. At present, Skoda is dealership network and after-sales to comply with expectations of

As of July 2011, the venture has a of 81 dealers and showrooms across

After healthy response South Indian states and markets such as Delhi Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Ahmedabad and the group is spreading dealerships in parts of the country.

Skoda Performance

Skoda Company has sales growth worldwide and has a phenomenal progress in India the years. India is counted the potential automotive markets for . which has already launched models over last 10 Year-on-year sales in 2010 a hike of 37.7% in the subcontinent, is expected to follow the trend.

As per company information . the company 98% growth in July 2011 in to July 2010. 2412 against 1222 units of 2010 were sold by Company in India during period. Furthermore, Skoda sold more than vehicles in the financial year registering growth of 38% in sales as per company information .

In the coming Skoda is expecting to gain market share in the automotive of India. For this reason, is improving its operations by enhancing network and after-sales service.

Used Car Market

Skoda cars are acknowledged in the used car owing to the brand name and the reputation they enjoy in the automotive sector. Technologically range of cars is appreciated for designing and excellent performance. with the lack of service and service centres across the Skoda company cars challenges in the used car markets of the cities.

Similarly, the discontinuation of of Skoda Octavia has decreased the of the model in the used car market.

company in India . one of the most subsidiaries of Volkswagen Group, to double global sales by and increasing sales count to 1.5 units. For this, Skoda has been developing strategies for its business across the world. 2005, Skoda focused on market for automotive operations, enterprise had support of the parent Volkswagen Group.

However, now, Skoda is on lucrative automobile markets of India and China, along expanding its business in other markets to achieve its 2018

Skoda company in India is as a chief global automobile which is rolling out cars on a basis to cater to the requirements of the automotive sector. The group launched the Laura RS, an entry sedan that boasts of innovative features.


Czech car manufacturer, Skoda . is the car manufacturer of Eastern Europe. Company became part of the Volkswagen group in 1990s. Skoda became national as it was the biggest export earner of Republic in the early 2000s.

The exports accounted for around to the country’s overall exports.

meaning of Skoda in Czech, and Slovenian is damage or loss, denotes accident-prone or a bungler. The Skoda was initially used the merger of Laurin Klement with steel industries the Skoda Industries.

Skoda operations with production of in 1895, followed by motorcycles. were manufactured at Mladá workshop under the Slavia Initial logo of the company was a with lime leaves, Slavic nations.

The logo featured names of Laurin and founders of the company.

In 1994, designed a new logo by combining green, grey and white These colours remain colours of Skoda for more a decade now, exhibiting care for the environment and use of eco-friendly Moreover, the arrow in the logo precision, consistent progress, and speed.

Skoda unveiled its logo at the 2011 Geneva Show, which had the traditional in green. The winged arrow has larger and more visible in the design, which is transformed ‘natural green’ to new lush Skoda green’. In this the outline is highlighted with

Skoda has been part of sports events, along being the official partner of the Cycling Federation (UCI). the company is also partner of the Tour de France . Giro . Tour de Suisse . Tour de and The Road World Championship. Company was the official sponsor for national cyclo-cross team years.

Moreover, Skoda major contribution as a partner of the Czech mountain bike series.

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