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Chevrolet Impala



Introduction: The Chevrolet Impala is credited with starting the car era. Born as Chevrolet’s top of the model, the Impala quickly the symbol for performance in the early and introduced Chevrolet’s signature SS of performance. Although it would be eclipsed by smaller, lighter the Impala still remains the car of choice for those that big cars.

1958 Chevrolet Bel Air

Comments: The Impala began as the top level on Chevrolet’s Bel Air line. 1958 lineup featured one only styling that curves where before were lines. The Impala added special trim, interiors, and resulted in the steepest in the Chevrolet lineup. Performance was from the begining as the first could be optioned with up to a 348 V8 out 315 bhp.

The public’s positive lead to Chevrolet making the a separate option for the next

Production: 2D Hardtop: 43,000 Approximately 17,000

Engines: I6 145 bhp. 283 V8 185 bhp. 283 V8 230 bhp. 283 V8 250 348 V8 250 bhp. 348 V8 280 bhp. 348 V8 315 bhp.

1959 Chevrolet Impala

The Impala became its own model in As with all 1959 Chevy’s, the new were longer, lower, and more curvy. They had the wildest tailfins besides The rear end sported bat wing fenders, cat’s eye taillamps, and a decklid.

The drivetrain stayed the with some increases in and sales remained good. Of interest to enthusiasts were the of fuel injected 283 V8’s, these were rare.

Sport Coupe: 182,520 72,765

Engines: 235.5 I6 145 283 V8 170 bhp. 283 V8 185 bhp. 283 V8 230 bhp. 283 injected) V8 250 bhp. 283 (fuel V8 290 bhp. 348 V8 250 bhp. 348 V8 320 bhp. 348 V8 335


1960 Chevrolet

Comments: The Impala was toned for 1960 and lost some of distinct styling and fuel engines.

Production: Sport 204,467 Convertible: 79,903

235.5 I6 145 bhp. 283 V8 170 bhp. 283 V8 185 283 V8 230 bhp. 348 V8 250 bhp. 348 V8 320 bhp. 348 V8 335


1961 Chevrolet SS

Comments: 1961 would be the that the first true car was introduced, the Chevrolet Impala SS. would also be the year Chevrolet introduced its 409 cubic V8, the engine that would the Big Three auto manufacturers the horsepower race that last well into the The 409 was actually a response to Ford’s new 390 cid which was outperforming Chevy’s on the

Although it put out only 360 bhp compared to top 375 bhp, those extra 19 cid it respect on the street and immortalized in (She’s really fine, my Chevrolet introduced the Super (SS) option package, was optional on the 348 and standard with the which would define performance for many years to

The Super Sport package, a at just $53.80, consisted of body and interior trim, steering, power brakes sintered metallic linings, wheel covers with a blade spinner, a passenger bar, a console for the floor and a tachometer on the steering column. The 409 came only with the manual transmission and only one axle ratio.

Lower ratios were available the dealer and owners could see 1/4 times in the high 15s, was pretty impressive in 1961. the 409 already came with compression and a four barrel and due to its wedge shaped combustion was not very easy to improve further. But no matter.

Although only 142 Impala SS were built in 1961 most went to good that would run them at the dragstrips), the legend was born and the race was on.

Production: Impala SS: 453 SS w/ 409 V8: 142

Engines: 348 (4 bbl) V8 305 bhp. 348 V8 340 348 (3×2 bbl) V8 350 bhp. 409 V8 360 bhp @ rpm, 409 lb-ft @ 3600

Performance: 409/360: 0-60 in 7.8 1/4 mile in 15.8 sec. @ mph.

1962 Chevrolet SS

Comments: Chevrolet increased of the 409 and made it available in all full Chevy’s – Biscaynes, Bel and Impalas. The Impala’s were a bit aerodynamic this year, made some racers to the lighter and slicker Bel Air coupe. The 409 was by adding new cylinder heads and a camshaft. With the standard 4 bbl the 409 produced 380 bhp.

But the real was the improved top of the line 409 which a pair of Carter AFB four carbs and a lightweight valve and produced an astonishing 409 bhp, or a 1 bhp per cid. The 409 legend grew.

Impala SS: Approximately 100,000. SS w/ 409 V8: 15,091

Engines: 283 V8 170 bhp. 283 V8 195 327 V8 250 bhp. 327 V8 300 bhp. 409 V8 380 bhp. 409 bbl) V8 409 bhp.


Chevrolet Impala SS

Comments: saw the Impala SS continue to increase in and popularity. With the elimination of the Bel Air buyers again switched to Impala SS coupes and convertibles. The 409 was improved for driveability and a detuned with 340 bhp was made available an optional Powerglide automatic

For the serious enthusiasts, Chevrolet the 409 with solid lifters and a four bbl carb good for 400 bhp and a lifter 409 with two four carbs good for a whooping 425 As if that wasn’t enough, introduced a new engine, the Z-11 in mid This was a 427 cid V8 loosely based on the 409 but featured a smaller bore and a ….

It featured angled valves and was the porcupine head motor. it was officially rated at 430 bhp, it made close to 500 bhp and was an instant at the drag strip. Unfortunately, it was available to factory approved through Chevrolet’s RPO (Regular Option).

It was usually coupled the optional factory fitted front end – aluminum and bumper. In addition, Chevrolet was another 427 V8, the Daytona Mystery to be used at the 1963 Daytona However, Chevrolet officially from racing competition, a stop to development of the Mystery and after only 55 Z-11 were built.

The 427 would not for another three years, but it be a direct descendent of the Mystery that Chevrolet had … in

Production: Impala SS: 153,271

283 V8 170 bhp. 283 V8 195 bhp. 327 V8 250 bhp. 327 V8 300 409 V8 340 bhp, 430 lb-ft @ 3200 409 V8 400 bhp. 409 (2×4 bbl) V8 425 (Z-11) 427 V8 430 bhp.

Performance: 0-60 in 6.6 seconds, 1/4 mile in 15s.

1964 Chevrolet SS

Comments: The Impala SS became its own for 1964 and continue to feature exterior trim and a lavish Available only as a convertible or Coupe, the SS was offered with the engines as 1963, including the top of the 409. But the introduction of the Pontiac GTO steal the Impala SS thunder as began to shift over to lighter cars that offer similar performance for money than the full car.

Production: Impala SS: 185,325 w/ 409 V8: 8,684

Engines: 283 V8 170 bhp. 283 V8 195 (L30) 327 V8 250 bhp @ 4400 rpm, 350 @ 2800 rpm. (L74) 327 V8 300 bhp @ rpm, 360 lb-ft @ 3200 (L33) 409 V8 340 bhp @ 5000 rpm, 430 @ 3200 rpm. (L31) 409 V8 400 bhp @ rpm, 425 lb-ft@ 3600 (L80) 409 (2×4 bbl) V8 425 bhp @ rpm, 425 lb-ft @ 4200


1965 Chevrolet SS

Comments: The Impala was completely for 1965 and featured a more look, rather than the look of previous years. In the mighty 409 was phased out and was replaced by the IV 396 cid V8, which would power for the rest of the ’60s. The new 396 could be to a new automatic transmission, the Turbo 350.

The 396 was a direct descendant of the Mystery Engine The 409s and were available in all Impalas, four door sedans and wagons, but the Impala SS continued as a series. 1965 also saw the of the Caprice option on the Impala and standard with a V8.

Chevrolet Impala


Engines: (L30) 327 V8 250 bhp @ 4400 350 lb-ft @ 2800 rpm. 327 V8 300 bhp @ 5000 rpm, 360 lb-ft @ rpm. (L35) 396 V8 325 bhp @ 4800 410 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm. 396 V8 425 bhp @ 6400 rpm, 415 lb-ft @ rpm. (L33) 409 V8 340 bhp @ 5000 430 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm. 409 V8 400 bhp @ 5800 rpm, 425 lb-ft @ rpm.


1966 Impala SS

Comments: By 1966, the SS was beginning to lose its luster. The became the new top of the line Chevrolet, the Impala’s luxury image the SS was becoming more of an appearance rather than a performance The Impala also lost its six round taillights, which had an Impala trademark since New large rectangular ones them along with a massively styled front

The Mark IV 396 continued, but a larger 427 was introduced. It was rated at 390 bhp, the special performance version was at 425 bhp due to solid lifters, four-barrel with aluminum manifold and duty four bolt block. The 427 was available with a performance, extra rugged, noisy, four speed transmission, called the rock-crusher.

The SS sales were down by than 50% to 119,312 due to lost to the Caprice and smaller midsize muscle cars.


Engines: (L30) 327 V8 275 bhp @ 4800 355 lb-ft @ 4200 rpm. 396 V8 325 bhp @ 4800 rpm, 410 lb-ft @ rpm. (L36) 427 V8 390 bhp @ 5200 470 lb-ft @ 3600 rpm. 427 V8 425 bhp @ 5600 rpm, 460 lb-ft @ rpm.


1967 Impala SS

Comments: The Impala SS continued to fall as buyers turned away from performance. The SS began to look and more like the standard with only a black lower body sill and fender moldings on the SS. The engine were reduced down to a 396 with 325 bhp or a 427 with 385 bhp.

The also had a host of new safety and features, including a dual cylinder brake system, an absorbing steering column, and an switch illuminated by the first use of optics technology to appear in a

Production: Impala SS: 75,600 2,124

Engines: (L30) 327 V8 275 bhp @ rpm, 355 lb-ft @ 4200 (L35) 396 V8 325 bhp @ 4800 rpm, 410 @ 3200 rpm. (L36) 427 V8 390 bhp @ rpm, 460 lb-ft @ 3600 (L72) 427 V8 425 bhp @ 5600 rpm, 460 @ 4000 rpm.


1968 Chevrolet SS

Comments: The Impala SS reverted to an option for 1968, and was ordered on 38,210 out of 710,900 Impalas. The SS was now available on three models, the the Sport Coupe (hardtop and the Custom Coupe. Both the 396 and 427 continued, despite continued sales.

Production: Impala SS: SS427: 1,778

Engines: 327 V8 275 bhp @ 4800 rpm, 355 lb-ft @ rpm. (L35) 396 V8 325 bhp @ 4800 410 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm. 427 V8 390 bhp @ 5200 rpm, 460 lb-ft @ rpm. (L72) 427 V8 425 bhp @ 5600 460 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm.

1969 Chevrolet Impala SS

Due to poor sales, Chevrolet the SS option on all full size except one, the Impala SS The 1969 Impala SS featured new fender lines and new full glass which eliminated the windows. The 427 engine was carried from the year before. 2,455 copies of the Impala SS 427 sold, which ensured this would be the last of the famed Impala SS.

The Impala would continue, sporting the new 454 cid V8 for 1970 and surviving well the late 1970s. But the Impala never recapture its performance and became just a luxury car. But in retrospect, an impressive Impala SS were manufactured, a testament to its significance.

Engines: 427 V8 390 bhp @ 5400 rpm, 460 lb-ft @ rpm. (LS1) 427 V8 400 bhp @ 5400 460 lb-ft @ 3600 rpm. 427 V8 425 bhp @ 5600 rpm, 460 lb-ft @ rpm.

Chevrolet Impala
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