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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Wagon

Mitsubishi Lancer Review

2012 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Mitsubishi Lancer is convenient, reliable and a notable appearance. The car has a tiptronic gearbox with sports mode and the ability to change gears on the steering wheel. The engine is noisy, but elastic and has a nice sound.

Among the materials in the cabin plastics abound, but it#8217;s pretty common in this class. Overall, the car offers ample prostransteo and comfort, combined with an original vision.

Pros: Good look, perfect Tiptronic, generously equipped, comfortable seats, good visibility, quick acceleration, easy operation, economy, good brakes

Modifications and engine of Mitsubishi Lancer was first produced far

Lancer 2.0 #8211; 4 door / sedan 150 hp Manual

Lancer 2.0 #8211; 4 door / sedan 150 hp Automatic transmission

Comments from owners of Mitsubishi Lancer

Drive the car with petrol engine 1,8 MIVEC from mid March 2008. Good thing I did not make the mistake of buying a diesel car from VW, which is outdated, heavy and very complex. In dynamic terms Lancer outperforms other Japanese competitor Toyota Corolla. In cost #8211; too.

On the way back from the beach on the highway the car reached 180 km. without any effort, but over 4500 rpm mode is a bit noisy. The cockpit is wide and comfortable. Unfortunately, no blowers for climate control and rear. Overall, I am glad I picked this car.

The former was also Mitsubishi Lancer wagon and is already 12 years in excellent condition.

2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

That#8217;s what bothered me, so I have not bought diesel Grandis, because I realized that the bike is like a VW Passat. Is there even after the 2006-2007 Lancer diesel engine but has a Mitsubishi? I do not want to drive a Japanese car with a German bike.

I read somewhere that a new Lancer with a 1.8 diesel is there such a thing and what motor?

There is such a lancer that is currently available.

It is a Japanese diesel, but honestly in the English forum ASH not stop complaining about the problems with SLF and firmware updates.

Colleague, I am such a car, but at Invite. I never saves criticism of the Lancer, but generally do not agree so outrageous to spit right engine VW. Yes, it is old, not common rail, more complex, heavier and is more expensive to maintain. But the truth is that before Alfa Romeo to invent common rail-and apart from this type of engine, TDI-VW#8217;s it#8217;s one of the best diesel engines.

Even today, moving hundreds VW and Audi -s exactly such engines hundreds of thousands of miles and are generally benign.

2010 Mitsubishi Lancer

They are powerful, flexible and economical acceptable, though not consume more than a modern common rail with similar displacement. However, dynamics and efficiency of the engine, it is certainly very good. Some will say it is noisy. This is true, but no more noisy than most diesels on the market.

The truth is that the car is not well soundproofed as I am shocked how well I can hear the engine when I#8217;m inside the car and how it sounds decent when you listen to while working out. Engine is heard outside very nice sound technology, even etc. and never too loud. Inside a very noisy, but this is not a problem of the engine.

So I think I should not have reservations about this engine. Surely Mitsubishi diesel will not reap any success will not approve the marketing of diesel engines, not even close to the success of VW in diesel technology, and certainly at least the first few years, as I began to see. can not boast of reliability.

So if you decide to make your Lancer 2.0 DI-D, of old #8211; no reservations, just looking for such a car without DPF filter, ie Euro 4. If you buy a new car, then it is better to head for the common rail engine, but not that of the Mitsubishi. Search your car manufacturer with traditions in diesel combustion engines.

Mitsubishi Lancer Wagon

Intelligently written and argued.

Good diesels are VAG, PSA, Fiat / Alfa, BMW. A continent, Europe is based mobility these engines.

2011 Mitsubishi Lancer

An Alpha 166 400 X 2.4JTD safely earn. km without touching the bike, I have a matching three circumstances known old Alfie. Along with my other two took Mitsubishita as I had two #8211; within four years, we all threw in the trash these 4 Mitsubishita because of low reliability and profitable. Hath is a word with many people, their European diesel cars #8211; sensors from time to time there.

I ogrobih money to watch these Mitsubishi models a book like little babies over 15k km on one or another shift and took a candid tales of Japan, and Japanese!

Big problem is related to the servicing of the first and second cars with DPF filter problems which have all modern diesels almost without exception. In particular, the biggest problem Rangel are masters who had trusted to his car serviced and the oil which he poured. Until now I only listen in the forum which was a big problem for Volkswagen engine, but I have read and a post or topic for motor problem #8230; Do not spit on the pump nozzle technology is ridiculous. Hardly found by Mitsubishi 2.0 diesel discarded scrap of PV and that are equipped with such Lancer #8230;

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 Tuning

Mitsubishi tried to create a modern and competitive technological the European car market, where no good diesel engine exhaust line are doomed. They stopped on an established manufacturer and proven technology, memory and colleague, one of those with the highest efficiency.

From then on it is nice to get to know what exactly is pump-nozzle, not only to deny anything because he was Japanese, which is just crazy because I can not think of a diesel engine of the country of the rising sun, which a little closer to a technology or performance and to outperform as reliability #8230; Just as it comes to diesels companies that constantly pouring millions into development, one from the old continent, and their engines are the basis for the creation of such Japanese someday, but not vice versa. I would be interested to hear what Japanese brand has a cascaded diesel aspirated or turbo one??

Do you own Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer Wagon
Mitsubishi Lancer Wagon
Mitsubishi Lancer Wagon

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