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Mitsubishi i

Mitsubishi i-Miev FAQs 3

Can I tow something with it?

As a user towing is not recommended.

What of lights does the Mitsubishi i

We chose Halogen headlights I, because they use less and electricity, while providing visibility.

They are all the retailers the Mitsubishi i Mitsubishi?

No, only dealers who are certified to the Mitsubishi i be to sell and service i. Mitsubishi To a certified dealer near go to the Outlets at the bottom of this

Where the car will be built?


What kind of

Mitsubishi i is equipped with a 100 W, 4-speaker AM / FM / CD audio system is to cut the ES and the pounding 360 watts, 8-speaker AM / FM / CD system on a IF deluxe trim.

Can I my iPod?

If equipped with a SE option package, the Mitsubishi i the FUSE Handsfree-Link ™ System, a USB This feature allows you to your iPod and select by genre, playlist, artist and #8211; all the tone controls.

Mitsubishi have cruise

Sorry, cruise control is not But the cruise I Mitsubishi is strongly

And #8216;with a sunroof?

Our designers rejected sunroof, because it add more weight and can affect the i, an important drag coefficient. It is like these that the best Mitsubishi i-in-class.

Can I a roof rack?

A roof is not available because it can affect coefficient of Mitsubishi i. It#8217;s our designers think of everything.

I that the RSV does not require liquids that are present in the gas And #8216;with the Mitsubishi?

Absolutely. Say goodbye to frequent oil We are fully replace gas-powered electric motor and a battery so you do not oil changes generally needed gas for cars.

This means maintenance visits (and is necessary to consider all aspects of life.

Is there an outlet in car? Can I put in my laptop or other

Yes to both. The Mitsubishi i is equipped a standard power supply of All you need is the right adapter you can your laptop and even equipment or camping.

However, that the use of the Mitsubishi i as a laptop will have an effect on the range available.

Mitsubishi FAQs Part 2

Electric safely?

Electric cars are as as any other car of similar size. I comply with all Federal Vehicle Safety Standards and has a system of six airbag3, including front airbags. We invite you to all the new security features in detail.

here for more information.

i can warn pedestrians of the presence of?

Mitsubishi i is equipped with an alarm system for vehicles to warn pedestrians. AVAS to sound under the terms of the sensor to react, brake, and the lever back and forth. In words, if you move, AVAS give a sound audible to know that you are close.

will be available with view camera?

A rear display is included with HDD navigation system, and is only in SE Premium Package.

What are the safety rules for at home, I should know buying a Mitsubishi i?

It is strongly that you have a dedicated 15 amp at home with the wiring to hold a charge longer. In during loading, always sure your charger is in before connecting the Mitsubishi i. we#8217;ve teamed up with other than the known Best Buy Geek Squad to home inspections.

The inspection determine if the electrical system in home can successfully manage i. For more information, or better make an appointment, click or call (888) 219-6747 And, as always, be sure to your owner#8217;s manual connecting the Mitsubishi i, the first

What are the costs per charge, and year?

With the current average of 12 cents per kilowatt (kWh) costs about $ for every 100 miles traveled to Mitsubishi i. On an annual basis (if you about 15,000 miles), spend about $ 550 on electricity. costs could be considerably if prices #8220;off peak#8221; available in your area.

How can it be to a gas / hybrid vehicle?

Very A typical hybrid gets 50 miles per gallon. Assuming the gas is $ 4.00 per gallon, would you $ 8.00 to drive 100 miles a compared with about $ would cost to run the same from the Mitsubishi i (based on the of electricity 12 cents per kilowatt

What are the special benefits come with the purchase of an vehicle?

A lot. For a limited the federal government of the United offers $ 7,500 tax credit4 of qualified electric vehicles meets me definitely) and add a credit up to $ 240V EVSE Home Dock installed.

In addition, many cities and offer HOV access and free for drivers of VE.

How should I take my I if something goes wrong?

I (like all RSV), a new category of a Mitsubishi MiEV agreed certificate should be made for or inspection of the vehicle. Find a certificate, try to buy at the bottom of this FAQ

What is the weight of the Mitsubishi i?

weight is 2.579 pounds.

Can I a skin installed?

Yes, seating surfaces are available as by a dealer-installed accessories. Please the Mitsubishi i-certified dealer.

How can I Mitsubishi I?

Mitsubishi i is pulled by a car

Technology in the 2012 Mitsubishi

MPGe means #8220;miles per equivalent.#8221; This is a new classification developed by the EPA to measure the effectiveness of power / alternative, like per gallon,#8221; said the efficiency of gas with a single number.

So makes us first class, 112 note to tell you? are very good news. means that the energy in a of gasoline (if you convert gallon of can send huge Mitsubishi IA 112

That#8217;s incredible. And all this to our ultra-efficient operating Mitsubishi There is more to this below.

The heart of the green i is an integrated system which we the Mitsubishi innovative Electric (Mitsubishi i-MiEV) technology. The of four decades of research, the operating system Mitsubishi continuously monitors and optimizes the of energy in the car.

Mitsubishi i

The result is an exciting mix of performance and than almost any driving Mitsubishi i-MiEV technology smooth acceleration and steady. the incoming energy of regenerative

It continuously adjusts the power of the In short, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV is an CoPilot to ensure that all are well, green.

Mitsubishi FAQs Part 1

How far can I go to Mitsubishi on a charge?

Based on independent the EPA, I can travel 62 miles7 is fully charged, the typical conditions. Otherwise, the EPA was MPGe to 126 in the city and 99 highway combined 112 effective decision-making Mitsubishi i car class.12

How do I know if this car is for me?

In considering whether the all-electric i is right for you, it is important to that it was designed for short in town. You should also in mind that the Mitsubishi access to the car park is dedicated to / 15A output load, which is by a licensed electrician. If you have two things could be dealt Mitsubishi car ideal for commuters.

Can I my Mitsubishi i over long

The pricing of public infrastructure is to the point where we anticipate possibility. In reality, there are of public fast chargers being developed across the Thus, in the near future, you may be to take your Mitsubishi I on journeys.

I can use it as my primary vehicle?

i could be used as the main if all the return trips are 62 km RANGE7 For many, however, would be an second car or a public charging will be available.

How green is an electric vehicle

Electric motors do not produce on the road and are more efficient gas engines. Even if one takes account the emissions from plants, which produce charge in many parts of the EVS, are much more friendly than gas-powered or options.

Are there parts I made from recycled

Yes We have taken great to use recycled materials as we could. The and the back of the bumper and the door of the Mitsubishi i are all made from polypropylene material.

How batteries are

As part of our long term to environmental responsibility and sustainability, began to explore innovative to recycle lithium-ion batteries for re-purposing. For example, batteries are most useful in electric in fact, very useful for storage in plants producing and wind energy. It#8217;s an idea and we work with groups look very many other options.

is the Mitsubishi i seating and storage

Our unique rear engine maximizes the driving performance compromising on interior space. i is surprisingly spacious and offers a 85 cubic feet of passenger On a practical level, seats adults comfortably height ample leg and height (or you can add two seats).

is also a cargo space can easily handle small or shopping bags, and the rear folded down for additional as needed.

It can be folded down of the seat?

Yes, Mitsubishi i is with a standard 50/50 seats split and fold, so you can fit all of toys on the weekend.

Mitsubishi helps save money

Good news. IRS reward purchase by Mitsubishi with a tax credits $ 7.5004. Buy a 240V station EVSE house and you be eligible for another tax deduction of up to $

In addition, many cities and offering tax breaks and discounts on top of benefits when you buy an electric Remember that federal and the state for tax incentive programs can so now it#8217;s time to book car.

Driving the Mitsubishi has advantages. Some cities advantages of parking for drivers of cars. Some you can use the coveted #8220;HOV#8221; without passengers. In

It is worth to be green.

Looking for information on incentives EV? Two independent web is recommended. I love the Internet.

happily zip after the gas (which is $ 3 $ 5 per gallon), Mitsubishi i can download at (where it is probably about 12 per kilowatt hour), you can save Lots of it. Even compared to the

Let#8217;s see. The cost of a hybrid electric vs. 100%

A of regular gas cars is even impressive. If you are driving the Mitsubishi i miles a year, you could to spend as little as $ 541 in electricity. A car a score of miles per gallon of gas can consume respectable than $ worth of gasoline each

A gas car has hundreds of pieces that are not needed in the 100% electric i Over time, there is wear and require less during regular maintenance. could lead to higher savings to you the proud owner.

Mitsubishi i
Mitsubishi i
Mitsubishi i
Mitsubishi i
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