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Mitsubishi Delica

Mitsubishi Delica



General impressions:

I bought Delica Space Gear in August 2001. Release year stated in the documents was 1996 but I soon found out it was actually April 1994. As soon as the car was delivered I noticed the leakage in the pump. Then the bearing started screeching. When we were changing the pump, there came out something resembling mustard solution, rather than antifreeze.

The blades were all corroded by aggressive environment. It surprised me that the engine did not overheat even on high way. It proved many times afterwards that overheating 4М40 is next to impossible.

The result of such treatment of the cooling system was the following: even though I changed the antifreeze three times, after two years of exploitation the front heat radiator got totally clogged, gave up heating and started leaking. In the upshot, I had to change the radiator (which was an absolute hassle), as well as the antifreeze again.

When the car reached me, the total mileage, according to odometer, was 123,000 km. However, I assumed that the real figure was between 223,000 and 280,000.

Comparing to the previous model:

1. Greater power;

2. Super Select 4WD transmission;

3. Self-closing electric sliding door;

4. The hood: the engine is reachable from the outside;

5. No lengthwise swinging;

6. Transformable interior: more options for transforming.

The previous model has given its effective brakes to the new car (there are disk brakes now on both the axes).

To item 6. The main difference is that you can slide the split backseat apart along the sidewalls. There is plenty of room, really. For instance I managed to take inside plasterboard panels (275×120 cm.), wall panels (3 m.), and a bedside table (160x120x40 cm. assembled).

To item 2. Efficient passability. The car copes easily with deep, loose snow. Of course it is also a matter of tires: Bridgestone Winter Dueler tires are very soft; they also succeed on icy roads.

I think this car is intended for winter driving. Apart from good passability, it feels confident on icy ground and offers great visibility thanks to the uplifted position of the driver. It starts well even when there is a biting frost.

And driving in winter is such better fun, I think! I feel at ease even when I’m wearing winter clothes inside. And don’t forget that winter lasts 8 months where I live…

I definitely enjoy how the automatic transmission works. It switches slowly and intelligently.

Technical characteristics.

The oil filter is placed in a very wise manner: from the bottom upright. This means it is always freely accessible and always 100% filled with oil. My filter is quite big, about 1.5 liters, and it has a small plug.

I change oil every 5,000 km. and the filter – every 10,000 km. as ММС advises. When changing oil, the plug allows to discharge dirt that accumulates in the filter. I use mineral oil, Korean MMC all year round, 5W30 in winter and 15W40 in summer.

In winter the car spends nights in the garage, where it’s never below –20oC.

Now to the drawbacks.

1. The car tends to heel to the side. I have twice seen Delicas lying on their sides. I also once noticed that the car dives deeply at midcorner braking. And if you don’t brake, the heel is not that big. Conclusion: reduce the speed in advance, or else do not brake at all and turn at the same speed – the car will sure forgive you.

I advise Delica-owners to experiment carefully, just to try.

2. The hood is too short. This is a true obstacle, when you have to deal with the engine, because it becomes hardly accessible.

3. The loading capacity is not high enough: the suspension uses springs, like in the old model.

I have changed the following:

1. All the brake shoes,

2. Inner driveshaft gaiters,

3. Two ball bearings (seemed to have a backlash),

Mitsubishi Delica

All the above mentioned were produced for Pajero.

4. Transmission oil in the reduction and transfer gearbox – for synthetic one,

5. In the second year – the sprayers,

6. In the third year – the spark-plugs.

After 34 months of usage, the total mileage was 51,000 km.

During that period I had to fix the following:

1. The cooling system (see above) – the seller’s fault.

2. Front reduction gearbox – totally my fault. Had tried to get it to work while slipping. Now I enable it in advance, before entering a problem area, or otherwise only in N or P mode.

3. Rear stabilizer. I once was driving in the dark on a very icy road at 70 kmph and I swerved to avoid getting into a pot-hole and skidded really badly. After 50 or 70 meters I hit the parapet at the side of the road. The car was all right, but the stabilizer bar was cracked at the bend.

And then in a couple of years it got completely broken.

4. After a year of running, in spring, the front calipers’ pistons got jammed, which made the disks overheat. I managed to bring them back to life with the help of WD40, after full dismantling and washing.

Diesel fuel consumption:

– summer, in town: 14-15 liters,

– winter: 20-30 liters,

– on high way (up to 120 kmph): 10.5–11 liters.

To sum it all up:

Despite the car seemed very killed when I had just bought it, it happened to prove really reliable. I have used it every day for 3 years now (except for holidays and vacations). All negative criticism about Delica most probably has to do with the wear that cars have got in Japan. That’s why you should be very attentive and particular when purchasing a used car.

I advise buying a car only if it has a service book and if the last pages are not torn out by a very sly seller. Not recommended for stoplight racer kids; rather suited for practically minded adults.

Mitsubishi Delica
Mitsubishi Delica
Mitsubishi Delica
Mitsubishi Delica
Mitsubishi Delica
Mitsubishi Delica
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