MINI Cooper – MINI Cooper SUV – MINI Countryman US Details & Official Release

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Mini Countryman

MINI Cooper SUV – Countryman US Details Official

Jan 20th, 2010

As we broke fall, the Countryman will the US months after it’s and UK launch. The R60 is scheduled to go on-sale in the of 2010 allowing for MINI to out any product and build issues the US launch in March of 2011.

hasn’t been set yet but we’ve told to expect MINI to be aggressive with the Countryman in the US For instance if you look at the price between the current R56 hatch and the R55 ($2500) and then the hatch the R57 convertible ($4500), you can imagine the slotting somewhere in between Of it’s still up in the air until we get to launch, however we expect to be surprised with the announcement is later this year.

US Release: Meet The MINI

MINI is adding a fourth to the family, opening up a new dimension of unmistakable MINI feeling. As a Crossover, the MINI Countryman the gap between the classic concept of the and a modern Crossover Vehicle. enhanced opportunities in urban and beyond, the MINI Countryman that unique driving so typical of MINI to new target requiring extra space and

As the first model in the MINI with four doors and a rear lid, the MINI provides even greater of space for truly versatile a slightly elevated seating and optimized driving comfort. integration of the passengers within the creates that driving so typical of MINI.

And at the same the MINI Countryman maintains go-kart feeling likewise so of MINI, and optional ALL4 offers an additional highlight for the connoisseur. In a nutshell, the MINI offers all the characteristic features of the in terms of design, premium handling, efficiency and customization in a fascinating style.

The Countryman’s

The MINI Countryman carries on the of the brand in superior style and combining larger body greater ground clearance and doors with unmistakable features so characteristic of MINI. overhangs, a high window powerful stance on the wheels, and extending around the entire car those unique proportions so of a MINI. At the same time, the Countryman re-interprets the characteristic of a MINI such as the roofline, the radiator grille element, the headlights integrated in the engine lid integrated side direction the prominent wheel arches and the rear light clusters in new and class.

Measuring 161.3? in with a wheelbase of 102.2. the Countryman features an interior offers a new dimension of space and The four-door body of the car combines the typical of the brand with ground clearance and an elevated position, the MINI Countryman bridging the gap between the classic and a modern Crossover Vehicle.

From the start, the design of the Countryman emanates a unique of independence, performance, robustness and particularly the clear structure of the end giving the MINI Countryman a and most respectable look of and style. But at the same time the new naturally retains that charm and individual flair so of MINI.

Proceeding from design language so typical of the MINI Countryman authentically the particular features of this special car. Positioned upright, the front end bears out presence and serves to optimize safety. The extra space the car, in turn, is emphasized by windows and the individual shape of the

The particularly wide frame the lower part of the body and the flared wheel arches the robust character of the car and its all-wheel With that typical style now being conveyed to a new in absolute clarity and precision, the Countryman stands out from the as a brand-new, highly innovative but is nevertheless clearly identifiable the very beginning as a genuine

The new diagonal function line at the point from the front panel to the door likewise to distinguish the MINI Countryman its counterparts within the range. particular feature yet another of the body welding seam at the point on the classic Mini both the side direction and the air outlet on the MINI Countryman.

and designed as a wide and very band, this diagonal line continues the course of the towards the front wheel. the C-pillar facing towards the axle, this special again emphasizes the impression of a body resting strongly on its

The proportions and horizontal subdivision of the end also underlines the sporting of the MINI Countryman, ensuring presence also from perspective. Broadening out in steps top to bottom, the body structure the stable stance of the car, the shoulder line additionally the masculine character of the MINI

With its integrated, aerodynamically airflow contour, the roof to almost hover above the areas. The chrome band round the entire car between the and the body, finally, forms yet horizontal line as a further in the design of the MINI Countryman.

all models in the MINI range, the Countryman comes with rear light clusters a distinctive contrast to the otherwise lines at the rear. Highlighted by surrounds, the rear light stand out three-dimensionally from the of the car. Positioned far to the outside, the lights emphasize the width of the Countryman and bear clear to the generous interior space.

All light functions are integrated in the lights embedded like in the rear side panels. The structure of the lights is determined in typical MINI style by circles and circular sections giving the car its unique night

For the first time the MINI at the rear has a specific function: the inner circle on the logo the MINI owner to release the lid that is hinged at the top. The license plate recess up the shape of the air intake in the front thus linking the front and ends through their symbiosis in design.

The rear air dam on the Cooper S Countryman comes as a guiding the flow of air beneath the end of the car to optimize the aerodynamic qualities of special model. The most model in the range also out through its special roof a twin-chamber exhaust system, as as striking openings in the rear arches.

The MINI Countryman is with a choice of no less eleven body colors: non-metallic, and six metallic. All models are with the roof finished in Black, White or as an alternative, color.

Living In The Countryman

the interior again typical of the the MINI Countryman boasts design and function elements The slightly elevated seating guarantees comfortable and pleasant to the car, optimizes the driver’s view, and underlines the powerful of this new model. The Central and air vents are surrounded by colored

The MINI Center Rail unique the world over, from the front to the rear of a conventional center console, up new, individual options for all kinds of storage boxes, external audio devices, telephones and other comfort Flexibly positioned clip-in enable the driver and passengers to the storage boxes individually as keeping travel utensils easy reach, wherever are required. At the same time the Rail forms an unconventional, and functional connection between the seats and the rear passenger

The MINI Countryman comes as with four seats. The offers superior comfort on long distances, with legroom, headroom and shoulder The rear seats move either individually and the backrests may be for angle, increasing capacity in the compartment from liters 41.0 cu ft.

All surfaces come in a even more striking, grain that harmonizes with the powerful look of the The instrument panel in the MINI is characterized by powerful, concave and a sporting, functional impression. air vents at the side emphasize the style of the interior in its modern and function.

Like the center air the Center Speedo and the gearshift the air vents are highlighted by white in a contrasting color. A further highlight is provided by the side on the center console appearing to support and hold up the dashboard. The console itself, through its color in conjunction with a ring for the climate controls, is stylish and sophisticated in its looks.

Apart from the control for the air conditioning and CD player, the toggle for various car functions typical of are also housed within the console.

Newly designed panels underline the specific of the body and the extra space the Countryman has to offer. The ellipsoid around the door armrests and handles, again so typical of the is for the first time positioned in the encompassing in its design also the and emphasizing the length of the interior its stretched contours.

The MINI comes with supportive seats specific to this model. Sports seats are as standard on the MINI Cooper S (optional on the Cooper) and offer two combinations of cloth/leather seating as as various choices of all-leather as an option. A particular highlight is the Lounge Leather upholstery the very best leather is reminiscent of classy leather with piping in a classic car.

The rear bucket featured at the rear move 5.1? independently of one another. with the seats in their position, the MINI Countryman is to meet additional transport as the rear seat backrests may be to a cargo position increasing space from 12.215.4 feet. With the rear folded down, cargo increases to a commodious 41.0 feet, enough for two mountain with their front removed.

And for those that more options to carry adventure items, a standard roof rail system Motorers the ability to add a full of MINI Accessory.

MINI Rail: Unique Storage

Instead of a conventional center between the seats, the MINI comes with an innovative system, the unique MINI Rail enabling the driver and to keep their personal and odds and ends exactly they need them at any in time. At the same time the Center Rail forms a and functional connection between the and rear seats.

The Center extends through the entire compartment all the way to the rear seat Specially developed and easy-to-use fixtures allow the driver and to use the MINI Center Rail as required, hanging on various and storage units.

As an example, the Center Rail may be fitted holders for entertainment and telecommunication cupholders, a case for sunglasses in MINI design, as well as armrests held safely and in position. The holders and storage placed on the Center Rail may be moved forwards and backwards to any position. And whenever the users electronic devices such as a phone or an MP3 player on the Center the integrated cable system connects the respective device to the on-board network and ensures and convenient integration into the Countryman’s entertainment system.

Ambient Lighting, which is of the standard Light Package, a particular highlight within the of the MINI Countryman. Providing an lighting effect, Ambient creates special color throughout the entire door in night design, thus the interior a truly unique Using a toggle switch, the and passengers may vary the color of the generated steplessly from a orange to a sporting blue.

rods also provide the desired on the MINI Center from one end to the other. This it easier to find objects to the Center Rail.

The optional Color Lines provide opportunities to customize the car, different color effects the door panels within ellipsoid frame, on the center side panels, the lower of the B-pillar covers, and the inserts on the Rail itself. The colors in this case are Carbon Polar Beige, Pure and Dark Tobacco, as well as Surf Blue exclusive to the Cooper S Countryman. Trim for the cockpit as well as a Chrome adding discreet gloss to the air the central instrument, the rev counter and the on the gearshift lever, provide an more intense touch of and style.

Countryman Power

The Countryman is entering the US market a choice of two engines, each in the new generation of power units with the full know-how of the BMW and naturally, complying with II emission standards. The rev-happy four-cylinder gasoline engine in the offers fuel efficiency and with fully variable timing and lift via VALVETRONIC The Cooper S adds a twin-scroll and direct fuel injection.

It features fully-variable valve offering the best balance of power and fuel consumption in its And as an alternative to the standard six-speed gearbox, both Cooper and S models are also available a six-speed automatic transmission with manual control.

All engines featured in the MINI come with fully valve management. This for masterminding engine load requiring a throttle to control output is quite unique the segment of this new MINI and is on the VALVETRONIC valve management featured in BMW power units. optimizes engine response and to significantly reduce both consumption and emissions.

Valve adjusts the lift and duration of the valves within fractions of a to the respective level of power The intake camshaft acts on the through an additional intermediate and not directly through the follower The rotating point of this lever is adjusted infinitely by an shaft controlled by an electric

MINI Cooper Countryman: gasoline engine with valve management based on the BMW VALVETRONIC technology. Capacity: cc

Max output: at least 120 hp at 6,000

Max torque: at least 118 lb-ft at rpm.

Mini Countryman

Acceleration 0100 in 10.5 seconds, top speed 190 (118 mph)

Average consumption: TBD

MINI Cooper S Four-cylinder gasoline engine twin-scroll turbocharger, direct injection and fully-variable valve based on the BMW Group’s VALVETRONIC Capacity: 1,598 cc,

Max output: at 180 hp at 5,500 rpm

Max torque: at least 177 at 1,600 rpm (at least 192 lb-ft Overboost).

Acceleration 0100 in 7.6 seconds

Top speed: 205 km/h mph)

Average fuel TBD

ALL4 Performance and Safety

of all, the MINI Cooper S is the first MINI to offer a all-wheel-drive system known as ALL4. Utilizing an electro-hydraulic positioned directly on the transmission’s drive, varies the power from front to rear in an process. Under normal conditions, up to 50 percent of the engine’s goes to the rear wheels and extreme conditions up to 100 percent, a new, high-traction rendition of the handling so typical of MINI. superior traction and drivetrain is based on the top-end suspension of the including features such as the axle with MacPherson struts and forged lower arms, the multi-link rear and EPS (Electric Power Steering.)

On the S Countryman with ALL4, a driveline setup is used. with the elaborate mounting for the drive and individual driveshafts, a damper is fitted is within the driveshaft giving the ALL4 of the MINI Countryman the same standard of acoustic and dynamic as on the models with front-wheel

Designed for optimum safety in the of a collision, the body structure, its precisely defined load and deformation zones, ensures safety of the highest caliber. A of six airbags are standard, with and side airbags as well as curtain airbags for both and rear occupants.

Three-point seat belts are present on all seats and belt latch and belt force limiters at the as well as LATCH child fastenings at the rear all come as Yet another standard feature is the Pressure Monitor.

In terms of behavior, there is no compromise the front-wheel and all-wheel drive of the MINI Countryman. To ensure equality, the car comes with an drive shaft made up of two giving way within one another in the of a collision to absorb impact The body structure of the MINI is also designed to offer occupant safety in the event of a high-load-resistant bearer structures, defined deformation zones and an stable passenger cell to keep impact forces from the passengers.

The MINI Countryman furthermore standard with DSC (Dynamic Control) and DTC (Dynamic Traction is an option that also an electronic limited-slip function for the axle differential. All Countryman comes standard with R17 runflat tires for supreme and performance in all situations. Available are 18-inch alloy wheels runflat tires and 19” can be ordered as a dealer-installed accessory.

You-ification and Technology, Countryman

The wide range of customization on both the exterior and interior so typical of MINI are supplemented by model-specific features exclusive to the Countryman. New combinations in the range of colors, trim strips and enable even the most customer to create his or her very car with truly unique

The wide range of standard boasted by the MINI Countryman highlights such a multi-function wheel with cruise the MINI Center Rail, and a six-speaker audio system with a CD player and AUX IN. The equally range of options and special tailored to each model with features such as audio and navigation systems as as mobile telephone interfaces the option to completely integrate an iPhone® and other smartphones in the Further options are the dual-pane sunroof, Adaptive Headlights in with the optional Xenon units, lightweight-alloy wheels in size from 17 to 18 inches, suspension (which lowers the car by 10 or almost 0.4?), as well as the range of John Cooper Performance Components.

The Countryman

For the US, the Countryman’s three versions Countryman, Cooper S Countryman and S Countryman ALL4 will be for sale in early 2011. will be announced at a later

As the fourth model within the and the first premium car of its kind, the Countryman is a pioneer in many It opens up that characteristic feeling for new target groups and at the time transfers individual and the unique fun of motoring into a with greater demands in of space available, diversity and comfort, thus opening up new for the MINI brand as a whole.

this extension of the model the MINI brand once proves its ability to grow the demands of its fans and followers, remaining true to its particular So the MINI Countryman gives the fascinating new strengths and qualities all out in perfection by a truly innovative concept and unique design.

Mini Countryman
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