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180 Five-Door review

I covered the to the front door in a single and crossed the jolly old threshold the air of one who feels that God is in his heaven and right with the world. in the hallway I beheld Jeeves, my looking like a man who had recently a telephone conversation. And so it proved.

afternoon, sir, said the fellow. Your Aunt has just called. She desires with you at your earliest

What do aunts matter at a like this, Jeeves? I I’ve just taken of the latest test car. and have a look. I think like it.

Indeed, sir? And do we have this week? Not smart. I trust?

No, Jeeves, not a This one’s an MG ZS.

Jeeves one eyebrow perhaps an eighth of an which is the nearest he ever to expressing emotion. Most sir. I have always had a for MGs.

I thought you might. go outside and have a tootle in it, if not too busy.

We had not progressed more a step from the front when Jeeves froze in his The expression on his face, normally of a loyal manservant, now more resembled a gaffed salmon. I had some such reaction.

This particular MG was of such aspect that I imagined he consider it unseemly to be seen one, and Jeeves is very hot on

Yellow, isn’t it? I said. Er, a shade to that rather rally jacket of mine, I on, bringing into the conversation an of clothing which had lately the cause of some friction the household.

Jeeves, notoriously and reactionary in sartorial matters, has hidden his loathing of the object, but I in love with it at first and will brook no criticism of the

Come on, Jeeves, I continued, you may freely. Your first is not favourable, is it? You view this car

It is very, ah, obvious, sir, said, disapprovingly. I perceive beneath the yellowness to which you to say nothing of the multi-spoke alloy and the large rear spoiler, is au fond a Rover 45. The expression dressed as lamb’ springs to mind.

Well, I like it, I said Let’s put a few miles on the clock and you can tell me what you think.

We aboard, myself enthusiastically, with perceptible reluctance. I up the 2.5-litre six-cylinder engine and set off at a rate of mph, revelling in the and accompanying sound effects. of a muffled thundering, if you see what I

Rather jolly, Jeeves, I exclaimed as we sped along. One this machine’s performance to the and it is not found wanting. Overtaking, as I now is the simplest of matters.

See, we that oncoming lorry by a distance.

Several inches, Jeeves agreed. However, my concern, if I may say so, is not the vehicle’s accelerative but its ride quality. With permission, I may make a telephone to my cousin when we return

He is an osteopath, and I would welcome his

It is a bit stiff, now you mention it. I wonder if cousin offers discounts for ordering? I may require some myself.

Why on earth do motor insist on making their models so dashed uncomfortable?

to fool potential customers believing that the cars more ably than is in the case, sir. However, I a suspicion that there is to this vehicle’s set-up is at first apparent. I wonder if I be permitted to take the wheel for a while?

Feel free, Jeeves, I zipping into a parking with the help of the excellent We swapped positions in a trice and prepared to set off.

Comfortable, I I said, concerned for the chap’s

Not entirely, sir. The seats are firm. But they offer lateral support which I may be of benefit.

We trundled off, and a few miles Jeeves turned off the road into a fast and country lane, along we progressed smoothly but rapidly.

It is much as I had expected, sir, commented after a couple of The rear suspension, which most to the unpleasant ride, to have been designed to grip. The effect is not so marked as to the car to go sideways unless driven badly, but it does shift the of grip to the front, allowing for turn-in ability.

If I might demonstrate, sir. You notice that we are approaching a corner. I observe that the is clear, allowing good to be made through the bend, and


Good Lord, Jeeves! We round the left-hander with dispatch but almost no apparent Jeeves had merely tweaked the wheel for a moment and then up, while the MG simply sat there the merest hint of a shimmy.

I if I caused you momentary inconvenience,

Not at all, Jeeves. The dizziness no doubt pass. I must say MG is considerably more than a in wolf’s clothing, what?

It is a impressive machine, sir. In, if I may say so, the hands. Although in many not practicable for daily road it has evidently been engineered by of appreciable talent.

And what of own talent, Jeeves? I had no idea you drive so quickly.

In my youth I in motor racing to some sir. It is not a dignified hobby for one in my position, but I enjoyed it and learned a lot it.

You know, Jeeves, I mused, all your previously hidden on the subject, perhaps I should ask you to through those little I write about these I alluded, of course, to my contributions to my Dahlia’s website,

I do, sir. Before they are to the publishers I check them and the necessary alterations, and where add observations of my own.

I hope you this acceptable.

For a moment I slightly miffed. I had never what the blighter was up to, for the simple that I never went to check that what on the site was the same as what I had I realised that his intervention an unusual phenomenon, viz. the fellows at the Drones Club to regard me as something of an authority on matters despite considering me a … in all other aspects.

I to feel less miffed.

Er, acceptable, Jeeves, I said considering the position. In fact, I owe you a vote of thanks for this. I if I can do something for you in return. oh, dash it, I know you disapprove of that rally jacket of mine.

My heart aches at the suggestion, but yourself at liberty to burn the thing.

You are most kind, I have in fact already so. Thank you, sir.

opinion . One of the most enjoyable about this car is that it have a turbo. That non-peaky rush of power, and the exhaust note as the revs are just fine by me. Excellent really precise turn-in pressure, and very strong The test car’s colour was absolutely shrieking, but I saw several equally egg-yolk MGs during the I had it.

There’s an all too familiar Rover despite those hip-hugging seats. The ride may be jolting on road surfaces, but those are the we often get in return for our contributions to the and local authorities. On German the ZS 180 suspension would probably supple enough. On many ones too.

Regarding the rear spoiler, I wonder the ratio between the need for effect at brisk road and a desire for Gorblimey – at that! Ross Finlay .

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