Mercury Sable Problems

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Mercury Sable

Mercury Sable Problems (2004 Mercury Sable LS – Known Issues?)

I just acquired a very low mileage 2004 Mercury Sable LS with the 3.0L DOHC (Duratek) engine. I have always been a shade tree/weekend mechanic Do-It-Yourselfer and have worked on a number of other family vehicles, but in nearly 35 years of car ownership, this is my first Ford product. I have f.

« in article – says. The weak point of the Taurus/Sable is the transmission. Follow the most severe schedule and change the trans fluid often. — If there is a no_junk in my address, p. »

« I’ve got a ’00 Sable wagon, same engine, etc. 136k miles and only thing I’ve done to the motor other than maintenance is replace 1 ignition coil and it failed after washing the motor when I fir. » (2001 Mercury Sable electrical problems)

I have a 2001 sable that began draining the battery overnight. I changed the battery and then noticed what is happening. It seems like the ignition switch is still on.

When key is turned off and removed the alarm still rings when door is opened, the radio stays on, and when the electric locks are.


I have A 1993 sable with no spark. I have change everything for the ignition sys. new coil. new dist, new tfi mod, new comp and I have run out of ideas. can you see what kind of ideas you can come up with! thankyou Nightprowler (Mercury – Sable)

2000 Mercury Sable V-6 – car had been sitting idle for several months while nephew was in the service. He changed the battery, but hooked up wires in reverse. I changed back correctly and car will start but battery will drain down and not charge.

I think he may have fried the alternator, but check.

« i would suspect the voltage regulator and or alternator. » (Mercury Sable GS)

I have a 95′ Mrecury Sable, whenever I turn the headlights on the clock goes out. When the lights are out the clock works fine and keeps accurate time. Any suggestions on where to start my search to fix the problem?

« my boyfriend has an 89 mercury sable and he has big problem, trying to change the water pump. and the screws broke off so now the pump is off but too bottom screws are left in, how do he get them ou. » (93 mercury sable no spark HELP!!)

OK new here i have a 93 mercury sable i working on and im geting. kid over heated the engine on it fyed the thing so we got a yarder for one purred put it in the car now i have no spark! I have never see this car run its just an old freind im trying to help out.the last guy to work.

« I replaced a motor in my Ford Taurus and had the same problem. I had a machanic look at it and he couldn’t figure it out either. I did though. It was a ground wire. I forgot to hook back up. I. » (2002 Mercury Sable – Electrical problem?)

I have a 2002 Mercury Sable and a week ago I started having problems. The interior dome light and the side-view mirror lights would not shut off even after the car was turned off and locked. All of the light switches inside the car were off and were not causing the problem.

I ended up having to. (1996 Mercury Sable Stalling Problem)

The car is a 96 Sable with almost 160,000km on it. The problem is when I put the car into either Reverse or Drive the car lurches forward or backward respectivly. Also when I start the car up it sounds very weak and soon drops to about 1000 rpms.

I was wondering if any insight to what the problem. (Mercury Sable Wagon Power Steering Problem)

I have a 1997 Mercury Sable wagon. I just replaced the power steering in it and the fluid blows out the top of the holder all over the enginer. Also, the power steering is once again getting stiffer to turn and makes a terrible noise.

Can anyone help? Thanks, RayH (2000 Mercury Sable trouble code P1409)

My car originally failed emissions testing because it threw a code for the bank 2 oxygen sensors. I replaced the sensors, cleared the codes, and tested to make sure no other codes were thrown. It showed clear of any codes and I had no check engine light.

When I went back to the DMV they plugged in.

« EGR Vacuum Regulator (EVR) circuit fault may be caused by a open or grounded wire going to it, even a loose connector at the regulator. Nothing to do with the O2 sensors that you replaced. If the gu. »

Mercury Sable

« Sorry, I have no idea where the regulator is but if it were me I would go to the library and see if they have Michell manuals, which are a hundred times better than all the rest. These manuals are w. » (1996 Mercury Sable. ignition/shifter iterlock – no br..)

I apologize for a question on a Mercury..but seeing how it’s basically a Taurus. My mother in law gave her 1996 Sable to my son. Two problems. no brake lights and the shifter will not move out of Park after the engine is started unless you use the procedure stated in the manual which just.

« Your TauruSable questions are always welcome. The fuses are fine. Replace the BOO switch. (That’s Ford-ese for Brake-On-Off switch) It’s easy to see on the brake pedal arm, under the dash. a co. »

« I appreciate the fast answer..I’ll be off to the Ford dealer in the morning to get one. and I looked. yes. looks to be a job I can handle. The short period of time I drove the car. it has th. »

« Don’t let him know it’s a hot-rod, though. The Sable cammers are way underrated – they make excellent road cars and will win at traffic light face-offs too, while being easy to fix and cheap to m. »

« Rob Just wanted to drop you a reply to say ‘thanks’ again. you hit the nail on the head. I picked up a new brakelight switch from the local Ford dealership on Friday. 18 bucks, easy installa. » (

1997 mercury sable wagon Power Antenna Won’t Go)

I have a 1997 Mercury Sable Wagon. My power antenna won’t go down. I can hear the motor trying to work. But it won’t go down.

I brought it my mechanic and he told me that it would cost me $300 to fix it. or $150 for a manual antenna. Now, I don’t plan on paying that much for an antenna when my r.

« the antennae has to be replaced unless ford like toyota has a repair kit for their antennaes. its (the antennae or the repair kit if it exists ) is a ford only part. aftermarket antennaes a. »

« heres a sample in canada its a long link. geez browsePath=2534374303517494FOLDERbrowsePath=2534374303517529FOLDERbrowsePath=1408474396669540 »

« um cut and paste link or it wont werk »

« Probably the nylon drive gear strip has worn teeth, so get a new one at an auto parts store for maybe $25 US. A 20 minute job to replace. »

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Mercury Sable
Mercury Sable
Mercury Sable
Mercury Sable
Mercury Sable
Mercury Sable
Mercury Sable
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