Mercedes C 200 1996 Customer Review

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Mercedes C 200

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Mercedes C 200 1996 Customer Review

All the good time of day. This review is dedicated to this car, everyone realizes how can, but I think that all of this phrase is correct emotion.

Bought this car in September 2010, instead of the third course. The reasons for this decision was made as follows:

I wanted more solid car, German, reliable, and cost saving on maintenance and parts availability in the stores.

Be sure machine (my wife will also drive) and Conder (in the auto climate) as well as sick to get out of the car in the summer with a tightly adhering to the back of his shirt and a red sweaty face, as after a bath.

Before buying has been read a lot of reviews and articles, mostly positive. After that moved the market to watch what there is of interest. Budget was $ 9000 U.S. MNT. Came across silver Merc 1996.

2.0 automatic, climate, after visual inspection inside and out and fell pokatushek itself. Body broken, badly restored, interior places torn to pieces.

After a couple of days turned up another declared one of the sites. Agreed to meet. Come, look #8211; well-groomed exterior is silver Merc on casting.

He walked around, looked out of stocks just a half-meter scratch on the rear bumper, see shorknul someone a little bit.

Further inspection of the salon: all clean, brand new seat covers on the tree in the center console, which paint is cracked in one place. By the way, in many Kramers seen such a defect. Also surprised a lot of small and larger plastic boxes, sticky here and there on the front panel, and when you turn the key, the largest of these boxes (like a pack of cigarettes) began to say something unintelligible in Japanese.

It turned out some crap for toll roads in Japan, and smaller boxes #8211; damn the Japanese navigator, useless, too, in our latitudes. Nothing more interesting in the cabin did not notice, like everyone else.

Next equipment: Mercedes S-200 1996 Japanese assembly, V-2, 0111 engine. 5 speed manual. machine with a winter mode, e-mail. package and the climate. In general, everything that I needed #8211; there.

Decided to go. On the way, it seemed that the front part of some wadded, no clear responses (cured subsequently by replacing worn bushings stabilizer, the price #8211; $ 7 per couple), the movement revealed another oddity #8211; with a sharp click of gas first delay (thought peccadillo machine ), then very sluggish acceleration and at idle speed swimming. Otherwise, no problems, comfortable car.

After the first test-drive driven by the SRT, the verdict is as follows:

1. Mass air flow sensor had died #8211; $ 300 (original BOSH) by the previous owner + year warranty. The engine came to life, do not swim speed, latency overclocking gone.

2. Smudges of oil on the engine #8211; padding under the head unit out of service, have not changed so far as oil does not go away.

3. Generator belt cracked on time #8211; replaced #8211; $ 15

4. The upper ball (comes with a lever) #8211; replaced #8211; $ 35

5. Lower ball (without lever) #8211; replaced #8211; $ 17

6. Brake hoses are cracked #8211; replaced #8211; $ 40 #8211; 4 pcs.

That#8217;s all the defects. Prices are for parts without cost.

Someone may seem expensive, some do not. But my personal opinion #8211; no need to take a used car for the last money, it would still have to change something, and it will inhibit the new owner, such as #8220;gave so much dough, Duc it also breaks down.#8221; You know how you feel when you give the last, and one more. Therefore, I advise everyone: if you take a used car, keep in reserve 15% of its value on that to bring it to mind.

Advice for those who are not guided by the principle: I go until ezditsya, then looking for a fool who will buy what#8217;s left of the machine.

After all the above bargained for 8 kilobaksov, and I became the full owner of the machine.

The first two months to get used. Feelings were mixed. First, after the machine mechanics did not seem so high-spirited, tough suspension and at the same time, and the rollers, but these are my impressions completely contradictory changed only positive feelings from this car after the above period.

I#8217;m used to, in one word.

During the operation period #8211; 10 months and 11000km. #8211; We have the following:

– Consumption of gasoline is constantly running and automatic climate control:

Summer #8211; 14.5 l

winter #8211; 16.7 l

Measurements of the real, not repeated a dozen times.

Immediately after the acquisition of auto threw all talking and not so damn, was replaced by a full-time tape (FM only up to 98 00 MHZ, Japan) for the Sony MP3 and yusbi. Thrust front tweeters and a subwoofer Mystery. And the machine started to sing it right.

In the winter changed the battery 100A, was still home:) Mercedes with badges. From 96 to 2010, a number of years served. ($ 110). Russia took the spikes, nothing bad about it I can not say, went the winter, all the spikes on the ground, winter is not the double. ($ 240). And oil Castrol 5w40 synthetics.

Exploiting the machine every day, put on the street. In winter, with the launch problems were never (knock, knock, knock on wood). Also, replacing the oil in automatic transmission #8211; dikstron III.

Of failures during the period of operation.

In the winter changed the fuel pump, because He gave only one atmosphere of pressure at positions 6 to idle, but this was not enough to make my iron stallion to life. Put Pitburger ($ 80) and the fuel filter is also a new course ($ 20).

Also, once refused to work janitor, just stopped. Opening the compartment fuse fuse found responsible for the janitor. I tried to replace the fuse still burning. Somewhere closes.

Disassembled motor wiper, there is a metal washer, which runs on a slider in the washer notch below the plastic (the slider is there if you disable the janitors). In the right plastic dimple is formed, either from heat or friction, or of making for so many years. Well, in general, the runner stumbled on this hole and twisted it so that it has closed a contact nearby.

Renovation: removed the metal plate soldered into place making plastics, cleaned, put the plate on the seat, straightened the slider all oiled, assembled. Only had to tinker with the labels, which I first noticed when analyzed. It worked, costs 0.

One morning, got into his car and found the right rear-view mirror. Withdrew a /

Then took a black sealant for auto glass insets and tightly cap screws smeared all, that others are not freaks povadno was poking a screwdriver in the night. Sam took off after the mirror, it took 25 minutes, so otkovyryat sealant, so that common sense in this.

After a winter in May driven by diagnostics (something tapped in front), the verdict #8211; a replacement steering nozzles ($ 17) per pair and the front brake pads ($ 23), lining them remained as 3mm. Stookey left. That#8217;s all.

Driving Impressions: only the positive #8211; what I wanted, and what I have. German quality, brand name, comfort, convenience, everyday use, inexpensive parts. I like the car.

And take it or not #8211; let everyone decide for himself. I hope my review helps someone make the right decision.


About Mercedes C 200 1996

Silver 4 bits. Sedan, Automatic, 2 liters. 136 hp

gasoline, driving on the left, rear wheel drive

Bought in 2010

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