Mercedes Benz R Class Lemon Problems

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Mercedes-Benz R-Class

Mercedes Benz R class:

kenneth writes:

Mercedes-Benz of Valencia

23355 Valencia Blvd

Santa Clarita, California 91355

Towhom it may concern

Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined writing a letter like this after purchasing a $56,191.00 2006 R350 (VIN#4JGCB65E36AO32132) vehicles from your dealership. Unfortunately, this letter is NOT to share with you the excellent customer service I receive at Mercedes-Benz of Valencia; a dealership, which according to the attached letter prides itself on being in the “people business.”

The intent of this letter, however, is to share with you my not so pleasant purchasing experience at this dealership. After many email exchanges and several conversations with my wife Cathy, your salesman Jarvis (last name?) successfully convinced her that Mercedes Benz of Valencia had the best deal on the R350 I was looking to purchase for her. In fact, on my way to your dealership the morning of November 30th, 2006, I received a call from a salesman’s at Waters Mercedes in Riverside California offering to match or beat any deal from your dealership.

On Thursday, November 30, 2006, upon arriving on the lot and being escorted to Jarvis’s office, I sensed that Jarvis was disappointed I simply did not come to sign off on the “telephone” deal he had negotiated with my wife. That simple fact seems to have set the tone for a not so pleasant experience with him. Jarvis did not even have time to see that the vehicle he had just sold me was delivered to me and that I was satisfied.

Maybe he was too busy? Maybe be became frustrated because I “requested” that the new vehicle be “washed” and not appears as if it had been sitting on a lot for 6 months. Maybe he was upset because I asked for $10,000 for the 2004 (title clean) Altima I traded in.

Maybe he was pre-occupied with the promotion he had applied for and was hoping to receive? The truth is, I will never know. I found myself asking, at what $$$ does one received excellent customer service? Or it simply the case that once the sale has been completed, the service ends?

My brother Chili Davis tells me he has never had that kind of experience in the purchase of any of his Mercedes from dealerships in Scottsdale and Maryland.

I wish I could say that my disappointing experience at your dealership ended there, but it did not! The day of the purchase, I operating with a small window of time, and wanted to beat the traffic back to Riverside for a business appointment. As a result, Daniel (last name?) showed me the very basics features on the vehicle and assured me that either my wife or I could call at anytime and schedule an appointment for further instruction.

Well, my wife called to schedule an appointment and her call still has not been returned. In addition, My wife also discovered that upon installing the headrest DVD, your service department neglected to secure the back of the drives seat properly so two days after the purchase, the back of the drivers seat began to come apart. To make matters worse, there seems to be a shortage or a malfunction with the radio.

I can only speculate that this has come about as a result of a hasty installation of the navigation system we purchase and you installed. Did I mention that the DVD installed in the headrest of the driver’s seat also did not work and was in your shop for 3 day trying to diagnose the problem? In short, this vehicle spent as much time in the shop the first two weeks of ownership as it did with us.

When I attempted to raise my concerns to the service department, I was I need to talk to the sale person who sold me the vehicle. In other words, I felt as though the buck was being passed. I did finally get in contact with Jarvis (last name?) and he assured me that he would investigate the problems and get back to me.

I am still waiting for his call.

Given the level of customer service I have received thus far, I suspect that there will NO follow up to this letter.


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Hadi Ammar writes:

I bought a brand new R class 7 months ago from Mercedes distributor in Dubai. Since then, am getting a very ugly and terrible smell in the cabin. Regardless if the vents are on or off, or the A/C is on or off, or the air circulation. usually I get it as I speed up a bit above 100 KM/h or when u break or slow down.

The car was to MB workshops for 5 times till now, and at no time they could figure out the problem. This last time, they called me telling that they have tried another B class and it seemed to have a similar problem, noting that it might be a factory fault.

At any rate, more than once I have contacted MB sales people and your workshop people. The fault description was sent to Germany, am really upset of the seriousness that the issue has been handled from Gargash and the need that I have to call and call and visit to check for solutions which no one is able to give me.

This was nothing that I expected when I thought of buying a new Mercedes Benz

Maria Mousa Ayman writes:


I need someone from MBZ legal dep to call me regard my car 2006 R350.

I have been reporting many problems with the car due to diesel engine sound. I have taken in a number of times and I have contacted the sales dealer whom I bought the car from, and every time I call the sales rep keeps telling me I am very busy and I will call you back it sounded very rude of him to cut me off many times.

I have brought the car in to the service shop and one time they told me that the engine sound (not able to hear it) and you leased the car why do you care about just wait till your time up and get red off it. Told the service rep is you all about money or customer relation.

I have see and experienced a number of issue with the car, and a number of times they attempt to fix and address, but really I am getting fast rated with the time I have to take the car in for service and the service are really very helpful and they do take care of what needs to get done. I am so sorry that I feel MBZ doesn’t make any more reliable cars it seems to me I am with Ford or American car.

Take a look at the number of times that car been in service, and the number of days sets there, also the part availability are not within a short time it has sometimes to stay for more than two weeks. We love MBZ and I want to be part of the family but I think we paid more than what I have counted on my 2006 R350 MBZ. MBZ can not do this to there customers after releasing the new R350 cut of the price within a 3 months 10,000.00 That is not right that means puts me in deep you what upside down if trading the car.

The high concerns with the dealer whom sold me the car is they lied to me, they showed us the Ipod connector inside the clove compartment, which the sales man Joon Lee big layer said that the car is already ready with the Ipod, but it is not since I spent money buying in Ipod and cables to connect to the car, and had to take them back because the service shop said that the car doesn’t have it at all and it needs buy some other peaces to make it work and the cost is over 2500.00.

They told us that the R350 will have a NAVIGATION ready shortly and that MBZ released the first phase of the R350 before having the NAV installed since MBZ are looking into getting the factory to design it.

I want to pass this info to you my car under the factory warranty and less than 2 years old and I’ve had it for 15 months so far, every time I pay 799.60 is a cost on my income to keep up with the family needs and hassle with the kids drop off drop in. I was looking into talking to a lemon law attorney but I want to give you guys the chance to work with for my loss that I have accrued on my R350.

Mercedes-Benz R-Class

I am really demanding and I am offering you guys to work with me before I turn it into a lemon law matter.

Erwin Ramirez writes:

I have owned the car for approximately three years and it runs great when its working the problem is it is hardly working. I have experianced this vehicle stalling numerous times. I have brought the vehicle in for service for the same problem, and it appears they have yet to fix this car.

I am now bring this vehilce in for the fourth time for the same problem. All I want is a problem free vehilce. As I was backing out of the garage, the vehicle began to idle extremely rough. I am beging to think the safety of my family is compramised when entering it.

I tried to send an email thourgh this website but, the server reads error when sending.

Robin writes:

This is my second post this month. The first post was about a gas leak which my car was towed in for 3 times in 1 week. I was told each time it was nothing-until the tow truck driver confirmed the intense smell of raw gasoline. After replacing the gas tank I was told by service tech I was lucky that I wasn#39;t in an accident because the car would have exploded!

This week began with a check engine light and to my suprise something really amazing happened. I stuck my hand in the drivers side window to pet my dog and the window switch was activated- I couldn#39;t get my hand out fast enough and my arm became trapped while the window didn#39;t bounce back when sensing something- it continued to squeeze shut. Needless to say following a doctors appoinment today I continue to be in intense pain!

All of the other windows worked when we tested it with a roll of paper towels except drivers window. I hope this story helps discourages somebody from falling for the mercedes trap. Horrible service and dangerous car!

Mahmoud Shami writes:

I leased this brand new R 350 Feb 2006 from Novi MB, Michigan. Since that Time the car have spent more than two to 3 months at the dealer. First the A/C control went dead, then the rear door stopped closing, side Mirror broke, all of this started after 2-3 months from lease.

Then later, the car did start stalling (does not accelerate). Finally, and I have been at the dealer every few month, the ESP system shuts down. I had the car turn off on the highway at many occasions. As well, when stopping at a traffic light as well. I took it to the dealer each time, where it stayed many days each time.

They told me that they will replace the car if it happen again, however there regional manager lied. They had somebody coming from California ti fix it without help. I am at this point filing a law suit.

I hope this this helpful.

John Solpico writes:

My Mercedez Benz car I was bought last Sept. 2007 to my friend still in repair shop. Untill now its not running. Almost more than 2 months in the shop.

Overhaul already done,change the heater plug, filter oil,sent for machining the heater starter, change the bloct gasket. To many expenses now. But still in the shop.The first shop told me that they done the machining of heater starter.

One month later I took my car for the second shop and foun out that machining never done to heater starter.

Please advise.



Chris McMeen writes:

I Bought a year ago the r500 as my first Mercedes Benz. It has been in the shop three times for issues relating to a/c not working correctly to shifting not smooth and causing jerking while driving. We have just moved to a new state and the car cannot be inspected because of a faulty rear break/signal light that is on back order indefinitely from Germany.

Mercedes Benz after three call and three hours on the phone has explained that they don#39;t cover alternate transportation while the car is inoperable due to safety issues and they have no idea when the part will be in. Dealer says that they don#39;t cover loaners while the parts are back ordered and I am out of luck till the part comes in which could be months. I am out of my mind about the whole thing.

I thought when I purchased a MB they were going to care a little more but I see that#39;s not the case. They in fact care less. I will never again buy a Mercedes Benz after being treaded this way.

Mercedes-Benz R-Class
Mercedes-Benz R-Class
Mercedes-Benz R-Class
Mercedes-Benz R-Class
Mercedes-Benz R-Class
Mercedes-Benz R-Class
Mercedes-Benz R-Class
Mercedes-Benz R-Class

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