Mercedes Benz CLK Class Lemon Problems

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Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class

Mercedes Benz CLK class:

Antonio writes:

I just purchased a 2004 CLK 500 COUPE SIX DAYS AGO. Anyway after picking up my son from school 24 hours ago I noticed a COOLANT/SERVICE indication on the dash. Mind you now,#39; This car is BRAND NEW, I just drove it home just the other night.

So I drove it home which is about a mile and a half down the street to my house. As I roled down the windows to speak to my neighbors when I reached my block, I noticed a loud sound coming from the front of the car. It sounded like it was overheating, I was going to explode.

Anyway I shamefully called the Service department where I purchased it from, and got the routine garbage of call roadside assistance for help. Mind you, the car has 200 miles on it. To make a long story short, my mew car was towed away that night on a flat bed truck, from my driveway.

Of course I was given a car to drive until the repairs on my BRAND NEW CAR were completed. I#39;m told now that the control mod and the wiring harnes was defective and it needs an up-todate one. Hum, It#39;s a fricken 2004 and this is not up todate enough, this is a bad start.

Anyway this will ofcourse take 3-4 days for the parts to be received by the dealership.To make matters worse, today was the day that all of the extra bells that were purchased less then 6 days ago were suppose to be installed, but that want happen due to the current problem with the car. Now, I#39;ve lossed a day of work for nothing and the service department expects me to loose another for the rescheduling of a new date, NOT.


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Jamie writes:

I had the exact same experience as Antonio with my 2004 CLK500. I didn#39;t even have 2000kms on it and the radiator got stuck in some super high speed that sounded like the engine was going to explode. This is completely embarassing being stuck in trafic with a brand new car that sounds like a jet engine.

This is not the type of head turning I was expecting with this car.

Anyway the service department did not have the control card required to fix the problem and had to order it. Once the part arrived they were unable to correctly configure the card and had to communicate with Germany twice via fax just to get a handle on the problem.

All and all it took over 3 hours to diagnose the problem, two days to receive the part and another 6 hours to troubleshoot the solution.

While all of this inconvenience is covered by warranty, I am not looking forward to dealing with the service department later when it will be me paying for their incompetence.

Matt writes:

I purchased a 2002 clk320 last year from ray catena. The car has basically been a curse. I have had numerous alignment and electrical problems with the car. the bulk of the electrical problems stem with the windows which often do not open for long periods of time, say days. the alignment is always terrible and it really irks me as I have brought the car in three times in the lat six months.

I appreciate and coincide with all remarks left on this site regarding mb and its products. although I cannot comment on fletcher jones, I would like to thank all of you for your support. Perhaps we can begin a class action suit of some sort to recoup the wasted thousands of dollars we have all spent. in the future, I will never purchase a mercedes benz.

Bob writes:

Just read about MBZ#39;s quality problems in the 10/27/03 Fortune Magazine, where they listed this website. After reading a number of threads, I noticed that I have had the same problems with my 2001 CLK 320, namely:

1- WIndows: They really squeel going up and down when they get hot. And, they often will close and then back up a bit (I found out how to correct this bug, but it is annoying).

2- When the car is cold, I–too–get a groan in turning the steering wheel left.

3- The dash developed an annoying squeak. I told the dealer it was like I was driving a Chrysler CLK 320. After three visits to the shop, they finally fixed it.

4- The tires wore out after only 15,000 miles. Seemed low to me.

5- I also have had the problem with the gas tank air release causing the gas pump to turn off too soon.

6- Have adjusted to having the sunroof groan when I open it.

7- I agree with those who have complained that the paint is so thin that it chips off too easily. I#39;ve lost little chips all over the place, including the top of the hood.

8- The right seat release to lean it forward is problematic at times.

9- Lastly, I–too–have noticed that the AC seems to fail at times. It will be cold both outside and inside, and I#39;ll have cold air coming out. Just have to turn it off.

I#39;m due for my 20,000 mile service in a few months. We#39;ll see how many of these things they can repair!

Litta writes:

2005 500CLK – Failed top, numerous inferior quality issues and lied to by dealership. Dealership offered to buy car back then reniged. Autohaus Pompano, Pompano Beach Florida. Dealership has a horendous reputation that is supported from the top down.

Mercedes-Benz, North America is absolutely no help and distances themselves from their dealership when the sparks fly.

Lela writes:

Well Where do I start! My 2004 CLK500 is understatedly the most problematic vehicle ever owned. I am on my second fan upgrade.

My drivers headrest adjusts to whatever position it feels appropriate, WHILE DRIVING! My climate control randomly SUGGESTS it#39;s own temperature, mode and fan setting(always on high, ofcourse. This car must be the most intelligent or the most innate piece of machinery ever built due to the fact that it even decides when to raise and lower the rear sunshade! OK.

I will admit that maybe these are items that can be forgiven and repaired, after all this is a Mercedes and the propensity for this vehicle to have a long life is greater than most on the market. BUT! When a person is uncomfortable driving their vehicle because the handling is controlled more by a failing system than it is by the driver it is time for mercedes to step up and buy the car back.

On two occasions I have been in near accidents due to the ASR switching on and off rapidly while casually driving on the freeway. The first time I was luckily no where near another vehicle as my Traction light bagan to flicker on and off rapidly and then followed by a severe movement of the vehicle to the right and left side. I COULD NOT CONTROL THE MOVEMENT OF THE VEHICLE!

I was frightened! The second incident was not as bad but unfortunately I was near another car and practically ran him off the road! This along with the acceleration coming in surges has lead me to the point of leaving my vehicle with the dealer for almost 3 weeks and they still have no clue why it is reacting this way.

The time has come Mercedes, for you too admit fault and replace my almost 80k dollar vehicle and not put me behind the wheel of such a dangerous vehicle!

Baksh writes:

I purchased my vehicle in 1999 a CLK 320 the first month of having the car i had issues with the car and I would take it in to the dealer and they would say they can not find a problem. It was a problem with the transmission which they changed two years later after the problem became worse it would jerk forward at any given time every so often when i was slowing down. The fog lights would blow every other month they had to change the whole fog light assembly.

Now the other lights in the back are blowing every 2 months and its 50 bucks every light to be fixed by mercedes benz. In 2004 i had a seal break and leak transmission fluid, i had the harmonic balance break on 10/6/04 as well but they fixed that for free b/c of a lawsuit going on but I took it to the dealer in another state not the new york dealer they are unbelievable there. I use to take my car to the dealer all the time to be fixed in New York- Helms Brothers I do not recommend them at all.

I am also told my seat controller needs to be changed. I have no warrnaty on the car anymore, b/c when i was moving Mercedes Benz told me I could purchase the warrnaty when i move to the new state but i didn#39;t know after the warranty date even two weeks i couldn#39;t purchase the extended warranty. It has been 5 yeras I had my car it has just about 40,000 but still I had all these issues. If I would have known I could have returned the car I would have a month later.

There is a vibration on the car for 4 years now no one can find what it is they say engine mounts but that wasn#39;t it. Any help would be appreciated I had contacted MB customer service they can#39;t warranty the car even though I was given incomplete information. They want me to have to pay to fix the bulbs all the time that blow. I don;t think I can sue b/c the statute of limitations have run out and unfortunately i don#39;t have all of my service orders from NY.

Any other info. would eb helpful its getting expensive now!

Amy writes:

I am so glad I found this website. I have to agree with everyone#39;s comments. After spending over $70K on a luxury car (2001 CLK 430 Cab) you would expect that the majority of the problems listed in prior submissions are accurrate and we now understand why the model was redesigned so quickly. I have experienced all the same problems listed previously.

I am on my third set of tires at 30K miles at about $1K per set this is unacceptable! Keep your comments coming!

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Missie writes:

I bought a 98 clk 320 from AG auto sales in Virginia Beach, VA. It has been an ongoing problem. In one month after purchasing the car the CD changer does not work, The electrical problems don#39;t stop. The windows open randomly on their own when the car is locked, the air conditioning system had a leak, a sensor has gone defective, and i have a defective key that doesn#39;t respond to the receiver inside the car.

I#39;m sure the list will go on. Don#39;t buy a Mercedes.

Mark writes:

I just purchased a clk430 in March of 2003 (only 13750 miles). So far, I have had a few issues, but one has plagued me:

1. Gastank air release valve not working. Every time you try and fill the tank, the pump would pop the handle. Fixed first time, but took 10 days for parts.

2. Driver seat forward/backward stopped working. Told it was fixed, but 3 days later it broke again. They just replaced the fuse!

They replaced the motor, BUT now the drivers seat makes a snapping sound when I sit in it.

3. Complained that the engine was much louder than I expected, specifically a clicking sound. They told me that they replaced the rocker arms. Two weeks later, one of the rocker arms collapsed so I had to bring it in again. The car STILL makes the same sound.

While in the service bay, another 2001 CLK 430 came in. I asked the driver if I could listen to her engine, and it was very quiet, unlike mine. I brought it to the service manager#39;s attn, but he pretty much blew me off and said they would look into it (which they did not do).

4. I have noticed that when I fill up the car, it sometimes hesitates when I accelerate. Nothing major, but concerning. Have not had a chance to get that one checked yet.

My first impression is that it was the dealer being lazy with the service. I plan on trying another dealer to see if that helps

Dr. Barros writes:

I own a CLK 430 cabriolet 2001. I have problems ranging from window not rolling up, malfuntions of window motors, anti tracion device intiates at will, broken seat motor. a/c not working, a/c blows hot air on one side, squeeks in the rear of car, leak in the roof, abnormal wear of tires, and much more. Mc George Mercedes Benz of Richmond Virginia tell me If it could have been fixed, it would have been fixed by now.

I have an ongoing law suit with MBUSA, LCC that is Nov. 19,2003, I will let you know the outcome. They are not friendly people to deal with.

John writes:

I own a 2002 CLK 320 convertible which I purchased new in Toronto. My CLK has about 19,000 miles on it. I drive it to work every day and take a few trips in the summer but generally baby the car.

I began having premonitions about the poor quality of my car shortly after it was delivered to me. To me this car simply did not feel like a Mercedes (this is my second new MB). Little thing began showing up -a chrome strip seperated from the car – creaks and groans started appearing – the outside air temperature indicator read too high – the rubber gromet around the trunk key mechanism deformed – the center console squeaked.

Then an annoying creaking/groaning started in the general area of the car#39;s front end – the kind of sound a car a taxi with 200,000 miles on it makes. I took my car in to the dealer for its first service B at 19,000 miles and complained about the above problems.

My premonitions appeared to have been correct – at 19,000 miles the dealer informed me that they had to do the following warranty work on the car: (a) replace both lower ball joint assemblies; (b) replace the brake rotors which could not be machined; (c) replace or repair a heat shield near the catylitic converter because it was rattling; (d) repair the center console locking mechanism; (e) replace the rubber gromet on the truck key latch assemply and so on. I was frankly shocked as to the extent of the warranty repairs required because: (A) THIS IS A MERCEDES AFTER ALL; AND (B) THIS CLK CONVERTICLE HAS LESS THAN 20,000 MILES ON IT.

To to make matters worse, when I left the dealership on my way home I discovered something – the original creaking/groaning sound coming from the front end that I complained of was still there. I marched the car back and complained to the service advisor who told me it was impossible for the car to have such a noise because the dealership#39;s road tester had signed off on a detailed road test of the car and found no problem.

I insisted that the service advisor jump in for a ride – I found some rough road – and you guessed it – the service advisor not only heard the creaking/groaning noise coming from the front end but said that he had never heard such a noise before. He thought (it was just a guess) it might be from the car#39;s suspension – perhaps a spring or something. Anyway – after my car being in the dealership shop for two days I have to bring it back again and will probably lose it for another 2 days.

The dealership tries hard but seems to be fighting a loosing battle over quality with my car.

I have a feeling that the quality problems with my $75,000 18 month old Mercedes CLK 320 convertible are just beginning. As a result I am dumping this car in the spring – I won#39;t be buying another MB – and am thinking about an Audi, Infinity, or Lexus. This is a shame – my last Mercedes which I purchased new in 1996 was a fine car (except for a lously windshield which I had to fight with the dealership to replace when the car was a month old) and gave me 7 years of good service.

But I get the feeling things have gone downhill in terms of vehicle quality over the years. In addition the dealership service has left a few things to be desired as well – my $75,000 MB was delivered to me with greasy hand prints on it. In addition it appears to me that MB is trying to be all things to everyone and is losing its luxury car mark.

When I bought my 1996 Mercedes – a Mercedes was still a Mercedes – now I am not sure that is the case anymore.

Lee writes:

Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class

Cranshaft/harmonic balancer failures on thousands of 1998-2000 v6 engines. This is already a recall bulletin in JAPAN. Time for someone to initiate voluntary S/B or recall in USA.

Jeff writes:

I purchased a 2003 CLK 500 in December of 2002. The car has performed well. However, after a recent trip to my dealership it is not going so well. After 10,000 miles of average city driving in South Florida the rear tire tread was almost completely gone.

Thought it was at least 2-3000 miles premature. Anyhow, I replace the rear tires. When I got the car back the front brakes started squeaking. I have driven the car to 13,000 miles thinking it would go away and maybe it was just dust. It has gotten so bad that when I pull up to a light I can see the person in front of me turn around because they are wondering where all this noise is coming from.

The dealer told me that the brakes are glazed and that Merecedes cannot fix this problem under warranty. The upsetting part is that for a $60,000 car you would think the brakes would not squeak like a NYC Taxi cab. And if for some reason this was not normal Mercedes would step up to the plate and correct the problem.

The brake pads as you would suspect are no where near needing replacement.

Kim writes:

Kim writes:

To Whom it may concern:

I am writing regarding a not so pleasant experience I had with one of your Service Center#39;s in Union City, Georgia.

On Monday, September 1, 2003 I had my CLK 320 towed to Carriage House Service Center in Union City, Georgia because I experienced problems with the gift shear. I could start the car but, was unable to shift the gear from park. Rather, it appeared to be locked.

On Tuesday, September 2, 2003, I received a call from Steve explaining the reason why I could not shift my car from gear. He advised me that some liquid had been spilled in the gift shift area which shorten the computer module. And, that the total cost to repair my car would be $840.00 (including $ 109.00 tow charge).

After getting over the shock of this ordeal, I immediately said to Steve that I could not believe that Mercedes would design a car that could be that sensitive to a liquid spill. Well, he offered no apologies and ask me if I wanted them to repair my car. I advised him that I would call him back, that I needed to reach the dealership where I purchased the car.

On September 2, 2003, I phoned Shaver Imports of Indiana and spoke to Robert Moyle, the Salesman whom I purchased the car from in early May, 2003. I provided him with the details of my story and he advised me that this is a known problem with Mercedes and his S.P.O.M. (Service Parts Operating Manager), identifies this as a design problem and offers customer#39;s a courtesy one time fix. So, he advised me to call Carriage House and ask if they could honor this same courtesy.

Well, I did exactly that and was told that the Service Center was different and they had NEVER heard of this courtesy to customers. And, offered only to fix my car if I was willing to pay for the charges. At this point, I was feeling pretty dis-satisfied with my experience. So, I called Shaver Imports back and they provided me with an 800 number to call to see if I could speak with the South East Regional S.P.O.M. — to no avail.

The Customer Service @ 800.367.6372 said I needed to work it out with the Service Center Manager in my local area before they could get involved.

So, I called back and spoke to Scott Peterbridge (Service Manager). And, he offered no apologies and he stated that I needed to handle the charges of the car. Well, there was an obvious dis-connect and lack of customer concern from Mr.

Peterbridge. So, my husband and I called the Customer Service Center number was again and spoke to another representative who offered to get the Regional GM involved. She made several phone calls and stated that Mr.

Peterbridge was on the phone talking with the Regional GM and that we would call me back. I never heard back from Mr. Peterbridge.

So, I phoned back and Steve advised me that only. of the charges would be charged to me. At this point, I was really dis-satisfied with the service, respect and experience of this Service Center. And, I have vowed NEVER frequent this center again.

As one of your CIO quotes Offering a quality car along with quality service sets Mercedes-Benz apart from its competitors, certainly is not the experience I had with Union City#39;s Service Center.

I am truly dis-satisfied that firstly, I was not advised about this defect in design up front, and secondly the dealership in which I purchased my car honors this one time fix and yet another Mercedes Service Center does not. I believe in Mercedes as a whole and would like to be re-reimbursed for the charges I had to incur because of this inadequate design in a sport luxury car.

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Kiya writes:

I purchased a 2004 CLK 320. I have had little to no problems until two days ago. My boyfriend was in a severe automobile accident and the air bags did not deploy. The entire front end of the vehicle is mashed in. I am posting my comment because if this has happened to any one else Mercedes Benz must be notified.

Thank goodness the accident was not fatal. God was on his side.

Vicki writes:

Well, I just had a big Ahah moment! I took my 2003 CLK 320 to the Knoxville Tn Mercedes-Benz dealership. the same place I had purchased it from only one short year before, mind you. When I inquired as to its worth I was told they would offer me (sit down!) $22,000. I nearly fell off my chair since this is over 20K less than I paid for it only 12 months prior.

Further, the mileage was within the averages for its age. The poor salesman appeared embarrassed to even show me the offer. I walked out more than a little PO#39;ed. Now I get it.

I too have experienced some odd and unusual problems with the electrical system and guess which dealership fixed or attempted to fix (most weren#39;t corrected) these problems. You guessed it – the same dealership that offered me a ridiculous $22,000 for a MERCEDES-BENZ for crying out loud. I feel betrayed and manipulated.

Rest assured I will be spreading this story for years to come.

Angela DeFebio writes:

I own a 2005 clk 500.I have had it in for a transmission problem 4 times then finally they replaced it this last time.I also brought my car in 3 times because my seats would#39;nt move foward they were stuck so I could never have back seat passengers. I am constantly bringing my car in for minor problems;sunroof,radio,seats.I am really tired of all these issues.I regret buying a mercedes it is so over rated.I have taken precious time out of my life and college career to handle these car issues.Thank you

giorgio writes:

i have a clk 2002 convertible, sometimes my window on the driver side does not work, must play with button for about 1 hours before it close, the passenger side chair does not go back or front, that fuse in the trunk keeps on popping, also now i#39;ve notice when i wake up in the morning all my windows are open and also my trunk, my car is possesed by casper. not worth the price i payed for.

Mr. Jack Jay Reese writes:


With both BMW and Mercedes having showrooms next door to each other (located near Naples, Florida), my business partner and I were looking for a convertible. We chose a 2005 Mercedes CLK 500 convertible. This car was in excess of 67,000 dollars. Who would have guessed that the gas gauge did#39;nt work, or receive such poor quality control or service during the time that we#39;ve owned this car!

I#39;ve owned a handful of Mercs: 450sl, 500sl, 240d, 300td, and a couple of BMW#39;s: a 733i and a X3. Hindsight#39;s 20/20. I won#39;t buy another mercedes, considering the stratospheric price, ground level service and quality. I haven#39;t had any problems with either BMW, and the standard warrenty service is exemplary.

I#39;ll keep the mercedes till summer 2008, and purchase an M3 Convertible (which was almost 14,000 cheaper!).

Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class
Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class
Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class

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