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Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes Benz C Class audio system

Mercedes Benz C-Class – Discrete Logic 7 technology

Lossless, fully digital and content-protected signal transmission (DTCP) via Most, using discrete Logic 7 technology; an amplifier with an output of 450 watts; and twelve high-performance speakers all combine for a unique and complete sound system – one never before seen in a compact car. The three-dimensional sound experience has been individually designed for the new C Class by Harman Kardon’s acoustic specialists, in close collaboration with the sound engineers at Mercedes Benz.

Until now, the brilliant audio experience of discrete 5.1 media has been reserved for drivers of the Mercedes Benz S- and CL-Classes. The new Mercedes Benz C Class is now revolutionising sound system standards in the compact class.

Mercedes Benz C Class – modern multi-channel format

An important component of the revolutionary audio system in the new Mercedes C Class audio system is the digital DTCP encryption method. Digital Transmission Content Protection enables all signals to be digitally transported and processed on their way from the sound-storage medium to the amplifier.

In other words, the digital signal is not converted into an analog signal, which means that passengers in the new Mercedes Benz C Class can enjoy the modern multi-channel format without any loss of quality, regardless of whether it’s coming from DVD-Audio, DVD-Video or DTS-CD. Loss during transmission of high-resolution multi-channel sound recordings in the digital standards MLP, MLP 5.1, DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1 and PCM is a thing of the past.

Mercedes C Class – Discrete Logic 7 technology

The fully digital lossless signal transmission is just one step on the way to producing a brilliant sound. Creating the best possible acoustic for every seat means taking on even more challenges, including the 5.1 surround recordings themselves, which were not originally intended for playback inside a car.

If the majority of them were played back in the Mercedes Benz C Class without being modified, there would be only one sweet spot (the place where sound is at its best), and that would be exactly where no one can sit: in the middle between the two front seats. Discrete Logic 7 technology, originally developed for high-per-formance sound processors for professionals, provided a solution. The original recording always sets the standard.

The surround information is read by the sound-storage medium and is optimally distributed across the Mercedes Benz C Class system, just as it is in the original.

Mercedes Benz C Class – Harman Kardon sound

Digital algorithms developed by Harman Kardon create a sound field that had previously been considered unattainable in automobiles. The source of the sound can no longer be identified, because it’s disguised by the individual speakers. The vehicle interior seems larger and the soundstage broader.

Instead of creating a single sweet spot, discrete Logic 7 technology produces the best possible playback for every seat, and from every recording.

Harman Kardon discrete Logic 7 technology

Even CD stereo recordings can be played back in authentic surround sound with the help of discrete Logic 7 technology. This technology makes use of the surround information of the original recording, which still slumbers inaudibly on the stereo recording. In the recording studio, music is recorded on 36 to 48 tracks and is then consolidated onto two tracks for a normal stereo CD.

In this process, some information, but by no means all, is lost. Discrete Logic 7 is cleverly able to read the remaining audio information, even from stereo recordings, and distribute it optimally through the channels of the discrete C Class Harman Kardon audio system. There is no need for artificial effects: the distribution follows the initial acoustic intention of the original recording.

So what was always there can once again be heard – and with an impressively authentic concert-hall atmosphere.

Mercedes C Class – Digital signal processor

The music signals are optimally distributed by a high-power amplifier fitted in the rear of the vehicle. Amplifier output is 450 watts. It’s equipped with a digital signal processor (DSP), which controls the frequency response with its high-performance computing power and ensures a harmonic acoustic interaction between the audio system and the vehicle interior.

In addition to signal processing and transmission, the audio converter used, and its optimal integration into the vehicle, plays a key role in producing outstanding sound quality. Specially developed metal-matrix speakers are used in the new Mercedes Benz C Class. The membranes of these speakers are made up of a three-layer-sandwich structure. Pure aluminium has been used for the substrate material.

Combined with the two top layers, an ideal stiffness and weight is achieved, which is vital for producing a uniform sound image.

Mercedes Benz C-Class – Reduces signal loss

Twelve of these high-performance speakers are installed in the new Mercedes Benz C Class. Geometry and equipment parameters have been optimized by using FEM, which means that acoustic resonances lie outside the transmission range. In addition, all speakers are optimally integrated into the vehicle structure.

In order to give the subwoofer on the rear parcel shelf the required stability, a lavish carrier part made of die-cast aluminum has been constructed. The stiffness of the structure dramatically reduces signal loss.

Mercedes Benz C Class surround sound system

Even though the Mercedes Benz C Class surround sound system offers a whole range of technological innovations, they alone would not be enough to achieve the audiophile-quality sound associated with Harman Kardon. Precise tuning with the vehicle interior is equally important. The decisive factor above everything else, however, is the auditory range. And what instrument can measure sound more precisely than the human ear?

With this in mind, the sound specialists at Harman Kardon listened to original recordings in a special reference room and, based upon what they heard, adjusted the vehicle tuning in a number of steps. Professional musicians took part in this acoustic tuning; after all, who can judge the authenticity better than the artists themselves?В  So artists and engineers worked closely together on the Mercedes Benz C Class’s Harman Kardon surround system in order to offer what audiophiles have always associated with Harman Kardon: an incomparable, authentic and enveloping 360 music experience, independent of source material, for every passenger. And it’s a first for a vehicle of this class.

Mercedes C Class Harman Kardon sound system – Advantages

360 degree audio experience from every recording. A new dimension in audio precision with stereo and 5.1 recordings on CD and DVD.

Every seat is the best. Optimal surround sound for every seat. The source of the sound is disguised by the individual speakers, creating the impression of a huge room with a sweet spot for all passengers

100% authentic. Everything that was in the original recording can be heard exactly as the artist and sound engineers intended.

Realistic, atmospheric and as detailed as if you were at a live performance.

Take your seat and enjoy. No need to adjust your seat, or alter any settings. Simply activate Logic 7 and optimal sound is delivered simultaneously to every seat.

Powerful drive. The multi-channel DSP amplifier delivers an output of 450 watts to add to the fun.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Acoustic harmony. Advanced digital signal processing ensures an acoustically harmonic interaction between the system and the interior.

Top performance. Twelve high-end speakers guarantee maximum linearity, a uniform frequency response while reducing acoustic resonance, and minimal fading.

Digital world. Fully digital, content-protected signal processing guarantees a lossless transmission of the audio information.

Consistent listening pleasure. Dynamic volume control (DVC) with dynamic equalising ensures an optimal sound experience under even the most extreme listening conditions, such as loud tyre noise.

Tuned to the C Class. Every last detail of the entire system has been specially designed for the new C Class and perfectly integrated into the vehicle interior.

High-performance DSP amplifier with an output of 450 watts

DSP with discrete Logic 7 audio processing and fully digital content-protected audio transmission using Most (DTCP)

DVD-Audio (MLP, MLP 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1)

DVD-Video (DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1, Linear PCM)

Audio CD (DTS 5.1, Linear PCM)

MP3 on CD (minimum 128 kbit/s)

Dynamic volume control (DVC) with dynamic equalising

Twelve high-performance speakers, perfectly integrated into the vehicle

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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