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Mazda Capella

Whats the difference you ask. Well not that much that you can’t easily convert a piston capella to rotary power.

Series 1

The series 1 capella can be distinguished by its rectangular front headlights an both 1600 and Rotary models. The Rx2 had the round tailights similar (probably interchangeable) to the R100. The Rx2 had ‘re’ rotor shaped badges on the front guards, the grill had a large ‘re’ badge and also a slightly different rotor shaped badge in the very centre of the grill. On the glovebox lid you will find ‘capella’ on the piston models and the rotary models also have a red ‘re’ after it. ie capella re.

The Rx2 interior also had a centre console standard, fold down armrest in the back seat, tacho. dash, and some other options like electric aerial..etc. Take a look in the original manual to see some of the options! Also the rotary models came with the ignition key steering wheel lock where as the 1600’s did not.

Series 1 models will have a built date between 1970 and 1972.

Series 1 Capella 1600.

Series 2

Series 2 was very similar to the series 1 but had twin round headlights on both piston and rotary models. They were built between 1972 and 1973. Everything else stated for series 1 should hold true for series 2. The series 1 and 2 both came out with a 12A twin distributor engine and four speed gearbox. These motors saw the starter motor up on the top and the slave cylinder down the side.

The engine mounts to the crossmember using brackets attatched to the front side plate of the engine. The brake master cylinder on the Rx2 models is remotely mounted on the right hand strut tower for both series 1 and 2 models, presumeably to keep the cylinder away from the heat of the exhaust.

Click for full screen image

Series 1/2 Rx2 rear end. This is actually a series 1.

This Rx2 used to belong to my friend, if you own it now let me know! Ill tell you some history of the vehicle. Last time I saw it, it had a Rank Rotary 13B (stock), with a Rx7 s1 5 speed, stock 12A radiator/ oil cooler, and in dire need of a tune up and new exhaust.

Passenger front door inside was yellow, drivers side door, guard and front stonetray all orange or brown oringinal color under the stonechips, plus when we sold it it had two brake lights on both sides, with the reverse light section tinted orange for the indicators! Check out the pictures section for an engine bay pic of this vehicle.

Series 3

The series 3 had the same twin round headlight front as the series 2, but had very different hexagonal taillights. I believe this was to fall in line with some Japanese compliance at the time. Another thing is that for the first time the tail lights for both 1600 and rotary models were the same, with the Rx2 getting a Rotary Engine badge on the rear panel.

The rear bumper was also quite different to make place for the reflectors and new under bumper mounting position for the number plate. I believe the badge on the front grille was also now ‘Rotary Engine’ and the re badging on the front guards was discontinued. The ‘capella re’ on the glove box was also discontinued.

Another change for the series 3 was the bonnet now instead of having the real vents in the bonnet had a different looking bonnet with larger fake vents more towards the centre of the bonnet. The Rx2 also had a major change, recieving the new single distributor 12A, which mounted to a slightly different crossmember which allowed the front type mounts we are used to, that bolts to the front cover.

On the front guards the indicator lens was much larger and more rectangular than the series 1/2 side indicator. The interior also received some major changes with a totally different dash and instument layout, no chrome rimmed tacho :(. also the dash pad was a different shape, with a raised section in the centre, similar to the coupes? I believe.

The fuel tank on the series 3 has 1 less mounting hole than the series 1/2 but is still interchangeable. The front sway bar now had split pins to ensure the nuts don’t screw off, and the rear axles had a locator for the centre of the rim bolted to the end.

Mazda Capella

The Series 3 capella 1600, (1974, 1975 models i’ve seen), are different again. the have the new bonnet, the large front indicators, the new style dashboard and instrument cluster, but retain the Series 1,2 Capella 1600 rear taillights. so are easily distinguishable from their rotary conterparts.

Series 4

The series 4 had the same rear tail lights as the series 3, again on both piston and rotary models. The front styling changed dramatically though with a different, more pointed bonnet, different front guards, and a three piece front bumper bar. The twin headlights remained as did most of the other features of the series 3. Series 4’s have no reflector on the rear quarter underneath the capella badge, and the interior for the first time saw retracteable seat belts.

Also if your petrol filler lid is rusted out like most are, get a series 4 one as they are single skinned, so don’t rust easily and are lighter too. The series 3/4 Rx2 (not sure if the piston ones are the same. ) also had their steering box relocated rearward significantly (like 100mm) for increased exhaust manifold clearance, so if your thinking about installing a 12A turbo 🙂 or similar this might be something to consider when buying.

The Rx2 is most distinguishable under the bonnet, all models had the twin coil brackets near the left hand strut tower, and most importantly S122A xxxxxxx chassis number (rather than SNA on all piston models), and also check the number stamped into the body matches the two plates rivited to the ‘removeable’ black cover panels. The rotaries also have different gearbox crossmembers and corresponding mounting points on the chassis. as well as heat shielding for the exhaust attatched to the underside of the body.

In the boot of the rotary models you will find no spare wheel well, (the spare actually takes up space in the boot). The extra room underneath the car was needed for the larger fuel tank on the rx2 and also for the large rear muffler. As for brakes the rotary and piston models are virtually the same, the front brake calipers are different make but use the same brake pads, and are only single piston also, use the same discs, so they are virtually identical, or wouldn’t have any increased braking ability anyway.

Front. Rx2 series 4/ Rx3 crossmember. Back. Rx4/ Rx5 crossmember.

Front. Rx2 series 3 crossmember. Back. Capella 1600 series 3 crossmember.

Rx2 series 1/2 instrument cluster.

Mazda Capella
Mazda Capella
Mazda Capella
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