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115 of 455 Re: 89 Mazda 323 won’t run at operating [dhskelton] by mjmuir

Nov 25, 2005 pm)

Hi Dave

Run the car in the driveway. Once up to operating temperature, wait it dies. Disconnect the high wire from the distributor cap and it near a grounding point as one of the bolt heads of the air filter

Have someone sit in the car and crank the over to see if you get a spark between the and the ground point. It should be a spark. If it is weak, I would replacing the ignition wires, cap and Also check the gap between the up and inductor wheel. Although no is given in the manual, it should be 0.007.

Use BRASS thickness (feeler) to check thsi gap; may damage teh components.

Interestingly I have a similar problem, that I’m getting an igniton miss when the is hot. I first thought it was a problem too, but after fuel pressure, I’m to igniton troubleshooting.

It has also suggested throguh the Mazda ( based out of Illinois)that the (located on the intake manifold #3 and #4 cyclinders, connected with a green plug) may be the culprit; try it and see if the car will run when hot.

As far as an module goes, I assume you are to the unit inside the distributor. Try local auto wrecker for a distributor, might be an inexpensive to new.

One last thing you could is the coil. The primary coil be 0 ohms; the secondardy coil be 6k to 30k ohms.



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#116 of 455 Re: TANK DIAGRAM – TANK HELP [sonixboom] by

Nov 25, 2005 (6:48 pm)

You can gain to the fuel sender pump by removing the rear seat (push the eladign edge of with your knee the end on each side and lift

There is metal plate 7 X 7 (175 mm X 175mm) which can be once the screws are taken Thsi gives you access to the top of the On the end of the fuel pick-up is a filter may be partly blocked.

You can also check the fuel for correct operation; using a on resistance setting, the sender read 7 ohms at full, ohms at 1/2 fuel and 95 ohms at

You may have to repalce teh fuel and in-tank fuel filter (approximately $300.00 CDN from an parts store).

In the meantime, you can the trip odometer and make of the miles (or kms) on the trip odo my Low Fuel light comes on (or if model at an indicated 1/4 tank). You can at least monitor when you to fill up prior to running this problem.



#117 of 455 Re: 323 lifespan by mjmuir

Nov 25, 2005 (7:01 pm)

questions. I bought a base 4-speed with 176k km on the ran great, economical, reliable, startign burign a lot of oil. i the head at 245 k km, checked the bottom end and it was smoot bores, no ring or scoring. Ran it another 30 k km and got another by at DX with 5 speed, sun roof, interior, power steering, etc broken crankshaft nose.

engine from 4 speed car 5 speed car and ahve put another 10k km on

I have heard that run tighter clearances than Japanese cars, so i started 5W-30 oil after teh head

I never had problems with the milage car, but DX had 195k km on and am now experiencing ignition problems at km. Most of what I’ve on these forums is that and/or fuel gremlims are on higher milage cars.

Mazda 323

I think the longevity is part to vehicle usage and maintenance. I believe there’s much between auto vs. manual so I’d go for the car with the lower but so try to get service history from the



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#118 of 455 Re: Mazda 323I need a new clutch? [johnbigboote] by

Nov 25, 2005 (7:12 pm)

I replaced my factroy clutch on my 1989 323 275k km although it still completely worn out.

Slipping in 4th or 5th is a definite sign the clutch should be replaced. this way will ultimately the flywheel which will the repair costs even

You could do the job yoruself, but be prepared to a full day on with a buddy to get it assumign you ahve all the right A transmission shop will you around $500.00 to $600.00.

As the car a cable clutch release, the adjustment should be checked If the clutch is pre-loaded due to incorrect tension, it will lead to wear.



of 455 Re: 323 lifespan [mjmuir] by dhskelton

Mazda 323
Mazda 323
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