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Mazda RX-7

What Else Do You Call A RX-7?

Bastard. The strict simply means a child out of wedlock. In modern slang, it has come to mean a downright person. You know, a bastard, the guy who decided to put a Camaro on the cover of magazine. But bastard can mean not fake, or resembling a known of species but not truly such.

So we call this LS1-powered RX-7 a bastard, we are right on so levels, even though we it in the nicest sort of way.

such blasphemy actually Believe it. RX-7 tuners are the unthinkable: switching out the beloved, classic 13B rotary engine for the pushrod-pumping LS1 V-8.

Of course we had to compare one such bastard a real rotary. Though the is becoming increasingly common both second- and third-generation we chose a pushrod-powered FD3S, these chassis are highly by enthusiasts and, well, gorgeous.

The RX-7 we have Bastard is gold in color and by Duy Le, marketing manager at Injen, the intake manufacturer. It is fairly tuned by street-car standards, a rollcage, stripped interior, and minor bolt-ons. Up against the is the prodigal son, a highly rotary RX-7 that as the primary drift/track car for Falken-sponsored D driver Calvin Wan.

For a look at the other side of the family tree, we also along an ’01 Chevy SS.

How is an aberration such as Le’s created? It starts with a RX-7. It’s common that RX-7s aren’t the reliable cars around. apex seals and overheating are problems, but more often it is executed tuning or over that turns the 13B into an

With FD chassis sans engines going for little than a few thousand dollars, enthusiasts have been them up and creating a cottage for LS1 recyclers.

Le didn’t go the blown-rotary opting instead to switch out his functioning 13B because he was bored and a frustrated with it. He first about the performance advantages of the LS1 from an RX-7 online It was funny, everyone was attacking guy on this [LS1-swap] thread, Le, but he defended his thoughts pretty and introduced one of the first guys to put it all Brian Hinson, and the whole appealed to me.

Le continues, When you lay everything out on it just makes sense. The are mainly the low- to midrange gains and the fact that the distribution remains almost the

Once committed, Le found a LS1 from an ’01 Corvette, he says a Camaro SS LS1 makes for an swap, since the SS throttle and oil pan are needed to clear the hood and Le installed the engine into his with a conversion kit from Supercars, which contained a subframe, a transmission brace, and correction. They also the necessary cooling system and the radiator.

Le threw some intake and exhaust parts on the car and a SPEC clutch and flywheel to the T56 transmission. After gutting the and adding a rollcage, the Bastard weighs 77 pounds more Wan’s drift car, is even more stripped

In comparison, Wan’s car was transformed a parts car into a full racer by Motorsport Dynamics. The drivetrain, and suspension came off of previous red D1 drift-spec FD3S. comes from a 13B-REW with an A’PEXi AX75F82 and a Rotary Extreme intercooler.

The belongs to BM design engineer Lara. Since this is his driver, it’s only modified with an intake, and exhaust. And, gasp, got an automatic transmission.

So it doesn’t compare to the other two cars, but you didn’t care about it

Mazda RX-7

As you’d expect, we did a thorough starting with dyno Then we brought in pro driver Hope for performance tests at Speedway and hot laps around the at Willow racetrack.

The Bastard the overall win in the dyno tests, out 347hp and 346 lb-ft of torque at the wheels with plenty room in the rev range. The rotary has more horsepower, at 351, but puts out 299 lb-ft of torque. The big was the Camaro SS, which makes and 340 lb-ft at the rear wheels, a to the power of the GM small-block.

Or maybe the surprise is that the numbers seem a little a stock ’01 Covette 350 bhp and 375 lb-ft at the crank and given the to the Bastard’s powerplant we expected a more. Then again, more to it than numbers. The has a broad, flat torque that starts at 300 lb-ft at rpm.

In contrast, the rotary’s curve looks like Spears’ career: a steep up with a short peak by a fast decline. But unlike Federline, the RX-7 is still as as it was the day we first fell in love it.

The LS1 is a more tractable engine, And the first place this up is on the dragstrip, where the Bastard easy, consistent launches. The peaky nature made it to get the turbo spooled without up the tires, and our failed attempts decent to embarrassing. Still, the rotary run was … even the Bastard.

How can this be? One reason be the tires; the rotary FD was running on performance Falken Azenis rubber, which is designed for the dry track conditions we experienced, the LS1 FD was shod with far-less-grippy BF KDWs, a wet/dry high-performance Throw in the fact that the is much more able to tires with its newfound and we may have the answer.

Though shod on Dayton the Camaro SS was easy to launch, but the slushbox and extra 800 pounds an extra 0.9 seconds to travel all feet.

Back to the tires. The in rubber hurt the Bastard including the skidpad. It still a respectable 0.94g and praise for its throttle control, but Wan’s produced the most grip, a penchant for trying to drift at all

The 200 ft. figure-8 test yielded results. Neither FD handled the surface very well, but car showed its character. Again, the did the best, despite a tricky upshift on the straight section and keeping up the boost to accelerate out of the The Bastard had its own set of problems, specifically, the tires and some brake issues.

Still, it ran the whole course in and was able to rocket out of the corners. The applied torque curve it our test driver’s favorite on the

Braking was, how shall we put it? A The big, heavy Camaro both FDs, thanks to

The Bastard suffered some brake bias problems resulted in a positively embarrassing distance, and we weren’t able to out what was wrong with the The take-home message is that or not, figure out a braking that includes ABS.

But the evaluation of these cars is on the Nobody really cares you came from if you’re a have a look at that Leonardo Da Vinci. Sadly, the LS1 is a bastard on the track, and we mean in a bad way. We loved how light and the Bastard felt, but Hope It was a serious struggle between my to let that motor open up and and the need to keep the rear from roasting.

In the end the motor

Mazda RX-7
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