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Lexus ES300




posted 01-21-2007 PM 1999 Lexus ES300, V6-3liter, 100,000 miles.

The that came on is P0141 (O2 heater circuit malfunction, 1, sensor2)

First I replaced the downstream O2 sensor (after the reset the car OBD memory many, times but the code kept on up after the car runs 20-30 and/or the 3rd time starting it up. I cleaned the MAF sensor and changed the air (unrelated)but the code comes up and again after many 3rd, I replaced the O2 sensor on 1 (firewall). same problem.

I replaced the remaining O2 sensor (on the exhaust manifold. Please all three sensors are bought the dealer (I brought in the old parts and I got Toyota part # replacements. it dawned on me that each not only I get the CHECK ENGINE red I also get TRAC OFF.

CHECK ENGINE light is not I can manually turn TRAC on or but again CHECK ENGINE and OFF always come on at the same I don’t know if traction has anything to do with CHECK lite and/or P0141

And, before replacing O2 I have replaced all spark with Toyota dealer’s One more thing, I addition to the code, I also get (through the readiness menu on the scanner), get evaporative system and/or O2 NOT ready(not checked on my scanner), having replaced all O2 sensors and resetting the scanner/memory. I am somewhat and desperately open to suggestions/advice.

Oh, I did the gas cap with a non-vented one. didn’t help either. again for any suggestions.

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Member posted 01-20-2007 PM

Circuit malfunction indicates is a wiring problem, not something with a sensor. The TRAC OFF is related. Maybe you’ve got wires crossed or a bad ground affects both.

What was the thing done under the right when all this Maybe you unplugged or broke when you changed plugs. It like a maintenance failure to me.

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posted by kozloski:

Circuit indicates there is a wiring not something wrong with a The TRAC OFF is probably related. you’ve got some wires or a bad ground that affects

What was the last thing under the hood right all this started? Maybe you or broke something when you plugs. It sounds like a failure to me.

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Thanks for your reply. the ENGINE CHECK light and OFF came on about 4 months but I it (dumb on my part) until 2 weeks ago, the transmission not shift to overdrive on the freeway I it because of the whining noise and the rpm 3500+ (when normally it is 2200 at 60 mph.

I took it to a where they read the with multiple cylinder but they said that it nothing to do with the transmission/torque and suggested I replaced the transmission. I to a mechanic friend who told me I probably have the wrong or old fluid in the transmission. I replaced the fluid, filter, and spark at the same time. Still, the car not shift to overdrive until a hundred miles later.

Just before this I just learned about OBD II the fact that it’s for 1996+ vehicles. and went out one. Anyway, about a miles later, I plugged it in, and the codes (P0141, and Multiple cyl same old codes still in the that the car repair shop me about) Note: at this only new plugs and transmission have been replace. after reading the instructions, I all the codes.

Lo and behold (or maybe mere coincidence), when I got on the the transmission Did shift to overdrive again. I don’t know if has anything to doing with the plugs or changing the … and/or resetting the scanner. I was happy to overdrive working.

After calling the the dealer and related forum articles on the I found that that (bank 1, sensor 2 is the #2 sensor on cyl 1 (for me the firewall), and since the car has O2 sensors on bank 1, #2 is the one after the So, with this revelation, I the downstream (new term I learned) O2 sensor. Still, code came up after resetting.

I figured, with the car cracked 100,000 miles, the firewall exhaust manifold O2 would hurt that So I replaced that sensor 1, sensor 1), cleaned the MAF sensor, the air filter. the same routine. problem. Then, I replaced the O2 sensor on the outside exhaust.

no help.

So, CHECK ENGINE and OFF came on BEFORE I did anything. And I remember unplugging or breaking while replacing plugs/transmission filter, and O2 sensors. for everything had harness disconnects.

Also, I did all the fuses and relays.

Again, thanks for your

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update: I still need The car seems to run fine. I still know why both ENGINE AND TRAC OFF have to come on at the time.

Repeated reading and resetting, I get P0141 (Heated sensor Malfunction) and EVAP SYSTEM not (through the emission readiness

In summary, within a week replaced all O2 sensors, cleaned the MAF replaced air filter, replaced fluid and filter, spark all with dealer parts, with a non-vented gas cap.

I have let the repair shop try to this problem if they me a reasonable diagnosis. The first the suggested was replacing the transmission. I had my Again, through talking to else, I put in new transmission (special state import type) and new Now the transmission shifts to overdrive and the car to run fine except for the annoying moreever) CHK ENG and TRAC OFF lites.

I a want to get handle on (and not it for about 4 months) to avert big from brewing.

Lexus ES300
Lexus ES300
Lexus ES300
Lexus ES300
Lexus ES300
Lexus ES300
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