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Lexus es300


How do you front lamp assembly on a ES300-98 to replace turn bulb?


I have a 300 and, surprisingly, I have the parts department of the dealer to be helpful when I wanted to minor repairs. I just and they told me how. certainly worth a try.



Removing lamp assembly and correcting a flashing blinker. (This is the for a ’96 ES300. I would that other models are the same.)

1. Open the hood and the plastic clips that the front plastic splash in place. This is done by on the center of the plastic buttons to them slightly. The button can then be removed.

For the buttons (clips) with the head center, lift the head center until you a click and then remove the clip.

2. Remove the plastic guard.

3. Remove the three bolts that hold the assembly to the fender.

4. On the fender of the lamp assembly there is a clip that is inserted in a flange which is part of the Use a flat screwdriver to put pressure on the of the post that protrudes this clip. This that is part of the lamp helps to hold the assemble in the position.

Once that is free of the clip the lens can easily be removed.

5. Un-clip the to the main headlights and the the parking/turn lamp and remove the lens from the vehicle.

6. In the case of a fast blinking signal, remove the turn bulb, test to be sure it is and clean the contacts of the blub, holder, and the printed circuit on the lamp assembly.

7, Reassemble and test.

8. Replace the lamp in the fender and secure the splash with the clips.

9. This be about a 1/2 hour job.

I am a car repair newbie and I was able to do repair following the above in about 2-3 hours. It probably me $100 in labor and a pair of signal bulbs were $6 with tax, so you should do this one yourself and not get lazy and it to a shop. Here are some tips:

Lexus ES300

1. There are 2 bolts, 10 mm and 12 mm, by the windshield fluid reservoir that are difficult to get at. Don’t waste time with them they won’t help you get the assembly off.

2. The splash is the long thin plastic that goes across the front end of the vehicle (not the side you want to get at). It has 15 clips going across it and you remove it entirely to avoid it or it getting in your way.

3. The tool you really need to do job is a ratchet with a 10mm hex You need something long and to push on the end of the clip described in 4, which is right by the turn bulb, by the way. You might need a Phillips head to loosen the clips on the splash

Other than these if you find yourself reaching for tools you are probably removing you don’t have to.

4. The lamp has 3 wiring harnesses going to it, one for bulb in the lamp assembly.

5. You need to disassemble the lamp at all. Don’t remove the and Phillips head screws. All you to do is grab a grey plastic and twist to get the turn signal out.

It is probably similar to get at the to replace them, although I actually try that. The headlights a few small Phillips head around them.

6. Unless you are a pro at a you probably don’t have any way of the bulb outside of the lamp Just replace it even if the looks fine (mine show any visible signs of burned out, but it was fast anyway), they are only $6 a and it would take you more that worth of your time to remove the lamp again if the bulb started blinking again.

7. The turn signal bulb is an color and the part number is in case you are trying to find if parts store has the right

8. My experience was also on a 1996 ES300. The original question about a 98, and they redesigned car in 97, so these instructions might for newer models.

FOR 99′ MODELS: You do not have to do the things above. The process is much and simpler. No need to even the hood.

All you have to do is pull the whole signal assembly forward. It is important that you do NOT pull it or even at an angle for it might the plastic clip. There is one clip holding the assembly the frame. To start, use a screw or similar and insert it in the farthest of the signal light assembly the front. Pry gently to move the forward about an inch or two to unlatch the plastic clip is holding it in place.

This is located in the middle of the assembly. remove the assembly still by the wires. Twist the lamp out of it’s socket to replace the light.

Lexus ES300
Lexus ES300
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