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Kia Spectra

Kia Spectra

Kia Spectra questions and

Q: What turbo can I get for a 2006 Kia EX 2.0L.

I need to find a priced turbo kit for a 2006 Kia EX 2.0L, something around the of $1,000 or lower! And if you have any suggestions on performance parts, feel free to leave comments on that thanks!

A: not getting a good turbo kit for or lower. The turbo for my car, $2200, just for the turbo. All the piping, etc, was another

You could go cheaper, but you’re what you pay for. I could some metal together, it a turbo, and charge you $500, but see how it lasts. This would be much all the eBay turbo Look at their kits.

The are just randomly bent They will not fit your None of the parts are name parts. It simply will not Performance costs money.

If not willing to shell out, car isn’t willing either.

Q: do you think about the new Kia Spectra?

I am for a new car and was wondering if anyone had or has had a spectra. wondering if they are good or if they are cheap. Im looking for affordable and also good The only bad thing ive read them so far is the low resale vaule. give me your feedback.


A: while the Kia Optima Kia are excellent vehicles the Kia Spectra is it does not score well is crash test even side air bags. it’s is secure but not sporty. the ABS option is hard to find. reliability is not great either. they many better choices: Elantra Nissan Sentra Forenza Ford Focus b4 08 Mazda3 Saturn Ion Toyota Honda Civic Subaru Volkswagen Jetta 08,09

Q: How do you fix an on a Kia spectra?

It was sheared off at the bottom. The of the antenna is sheared off and remains in the where it is attached. I need to that piece before I can in a new antenna.

What is the best way to do

A: you are gonna have to find one mount it you will see how the old one is assembled most any am/fm antenna wok if the base diameter is the same luck;)

Q: What size fit on a Kia Spectra and about how much do cost?

My tires are hella-crappy and I just had to patch one last cause of a nail and now a different one was this moring. I’m ready for some new tires. just curious about the rim tread width and about how this is going to cost me.

Anyone know?

A: Look at the and find the tire size. It be something like 205/50-16. Go to the Rack at: Enter car make, year, and model in Box #1, to make sure the tire is right, and then follow the If you don’t input any preferences ‘proceed to results’), it will you every tire they in that size. Don’t about speed range they’ll select that for

You can sort by price and check the box by the in your price range. click on ‘compare selected and it will show all the tires you arrayed left to right, their ratings in various listed below. Find the numbers in the categories you care and that’s your tire.

Q: I a Kia Spectra 07, live in AZ and moving to Fl?

a 4 x4 uhaul tow comfortabley on the back of a Kia for that long trip?

A: on what device you’re to tow with .A tow dolly most ,a car carrier probably not. The car are the much better choice but the that you are renting it from not allow you to rent a device is incompatible to the vehicle combo in If you do rent a dolly be aware of the that because they do two points of articulation they get than a little squirrely in and that they are really to back up to the point where you avoid parking places you have to back out of

Q: How do you change a Stereo in a Kia Spectra.

My car is a I own a after market radio. I get the factory stereo out. i tried to find a clip for the aftermarket stereo but I wan’t to find one.

A: Here is a to a PDF file with the step by instructions.

Q: How much it cost to replace the passenger window in a KIA Spectra?

my fiancée’s car was into tonight and I am trying to get a for how much it will cost to the passenger side window?

A: kind of depends on who you have it or if you buy a preowned (junkyard replacement and do it Take it to the body shop and I bet be looking between 200 to 350 dollars

Q: can I buy a car in Kansas City that pay off my trade in I have a 07 Kia Spectra, 6 mon ago?

I need to find a car that I can easily, the payments are over 350 a Any ideas on new or used? Please me.

A: Yeah. you more than owe more on it than it is worth. will take it in as a trade, but you have a jar of vasoleen.

Q: what is the tittle from the new KIA spectra

Where the people cant the hole to put in gasoline. The song like this: I just get it right today, i im gonna up.

A: Can’t get it right today by Joe

Q: KIA spectra 5 what do you think of

Kia Spectra

I have a kia spectra 5 with 10 on it and Guess what it is in the shop for 3 now for the shifter gard and 2 or 3 recall. sy to have the best warrenty BUT if car is down they will not get you a car you are just out a car. does any one a kia and what do you all think of them. for the part I like the look to room and love what I on gas. but it has had some truble..ANd yes I hyundai owns kia they been that way for a little a year.

A: I LOVE my Korean piece of I have a 1995 Kia Sportage and had to to nothing but maintenance to it.

Q: how do you change the of a 2005 kia spectra?

searched the and can’t find the answer. Any would be greatly appreciated. I need the bulb replaced. for that autozone site.

pretty cool but they seem to have what I as far as showing me how to change the headlight.

A: Go to – repair info should have a schematic how to do it. Do you have the whole headlight or the bulb gets replace?

Q: How miles can you put on a Kia Spectra before it out?

Year is a 2002.

A: cars are one of the most dependable of the Kia they should go 100,000 miles if you keep up the scheduled recommended by the Dealer. I have two Kia Sorento’s and still own one and have not any major problems with of them. My son currently own’s a Kia Sorento still new but is doing fine.

From a personal I would continue to buy within the Kia of cars. Have also two Kia Optima’s a LX and EX. I guess it all depends on who you can upon for information some like Kia’s other they are still what used to refer to as throw cars.

Q: How much would you pay for an ’03 kia

40k miles. never been in a no damages. looks new. exterior/gray interior-cloth. power control/tinted windows.

A: pshh! I buy that at all. If it was the only car in the I still wouldn’t get one. cheap, slow, fragile, yucky, really slow, and I with David K

Q: Which one do you Kia Spectra or Toyota Yaris

I want to buy a car and i have to choose Kia Spectra and Toyota Yaris you were in my shoes which one you buy? and why?

Q: After a mile trip, my 2004 Kia started swaying on the road. Any why?

It was bad enough that I a tow truck. The dealer said they can’t find wrong. After about 15 of test drives, I can’t get it to do it

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Kia Spectra
Kia Spectra
Kia Spectra
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