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Kia Rio

Kia Rio

Kia Rio questions and answers

Q: where can i get my KIA rio fixed to sell for more?

what can i do to make it more valuable?

A: Not much. Very few improvements will earn you a return on your investment. Brand new tires and or brakes might help.

Q: How do you find a map of airbag electrical system in a kia rio?

A: alldata

Q: Just wondering I have a 2005 Kia Rio, leaking antifreeze. What could be the problem?

I first noticed it when I started getting no heat in my car. Just wondering what the problem could be if anyone has any answers for me I would appreciate it.

A: Here’s a few suggestions when dealing with coolant leaks and heater core issues etc. No1 test the anti-freeze with a anti-freeze tester that most Wally Marts etc carry for around 8 bucks or so.I f the tester and the coolants colour indicates it’s worn out or dirty change the coolant in the vehicle by using the rad’s drain plug. adding water steadily and reflushing the rad till it basically comes out as water mostly, then add the coolant mixture.Make sure unless you live in the very severe coldest climates not to really mix the anti-freeze and water more then 50/50 or to about -45, plus don’t dump coolant on the ground it’s sweet taisting to animals and will kill dogs and cats etc.

No2 Once proper coolant mixtures and levels have been established cold start up the engine with no blower motors on at all then squeeze the top rad rose or thermostat house. If no pressure builds up within a few mins or the engine has reached it’s normal warm up temperatures then more likely the thermostat isn’t the right one for the engine or that season of the year or the thermostat is warn or sure you check the vehicle under the hood and underneath the vehicle for any leaks. from the engine or any of the rad hoses or rad or even the over flow container etc.

No3 if the pressure builds up and no leaks then as the engine is still idling listen and watch from a safe distance for the fan to enage as you realize the hose, plus go into the vehicle and set the heat on high with full blower motor on. Then go back under the hood and reach up to the two smaller heater core hoses and feel them are they both getting hot. check the temperature gage to see what the engines temperature range is at and go back to see if the fan has engaged or the two hoses are hot.

If only one of the heater core hoses is only hot then that indicates that the heater core maybe clogged or faulty or that there is a air lock in the heater core unit’s system.If the fan never engages with engine fairly worm or hot check the rad fan’s fuse under the hood in fuse box and the fan relay, plus check the temperature sensor and rad plug in connections, plus visually check the wires for damages or if their fray or bare or burnt etc. No4 with blower motor on high still doors closed is there any scent coming from the venting system that is irrating if so the heater core is faulty and requires replacement, plus if you turn the windhield defroster on high does a scum or a greasy type of stuff appear on vehicles interior part of the windshield, if so again it says heater core needs replacing asap.

No5 If the two hoses did get hot or say not hot enough then you may require a better temperature range of thermostat or the heater core maybe slightly clogged etc. No6 if you suspect the heater core is clogged or air blocked then with the engine cold all coolant levels at the proper levels. disconnect the two small heater core hoses. switch the two hoses around and be extra cautious bec the shafts that hold the hoses onto the heater core are mostly made from plastics.Once their switched around and on firmly start the engine up let idle awhile then turn heater on and allow it to run a few mins while checking the temperature gage in process then shut engine off. allow the engine to cool to a comfortable temperature and switch the two hoses around again and recheck the system again with engine idling.You can also force water or air through the heater cores hose connectors and keep checking once you’ve flushed the heater core for that nasty scent or that gummy greasy stuff bec if that appears you know the heater core was clogged but isn’t anymore and it’s no good. Hope that helps and best of luck.

Q: Is a 2002 Kia Rio good first car?

Would a Kia Rio 2002 4 door sedan with 88,000 miles on it be a good first car for a 16 year old as long as it’s in good running condition?

A: I recently had to drive an 09 Kia Rio as a rental. I hated every minute of it. It felt like a little plastic toy car and I did not feel safe.

A coworker told me she use to drive one and was in an accident her bumper came off because apparently it was only held on by tape. I would check the safety ratings on the car because teens get in a lot of accidents. As far as being a good first car i’d say yes since its junk.

Q: Is an ’05 Kia Rio worth buying at $7995 with 30K?

Is a Kia Rio a good car to purchase? Is it a safe bet? Especially if you are a Kia Rio owner please answer. And please don’t say I’d be better off buying a Toyota or Honda. Duh.

I already know that, but haven’t found one in my price range with the miles and year I need. This Kia Rio also has a leftover warranty of 20,000 miles.

A: To be honest I would not spend my money on a Hyundai, Isuzu or a Kia, they are known to be disposible cars, They will leave you stranded and once a problem starts and fixed another problem pops up, I would really save a little bit more money and get a Honda or a Toyota those are built to last you a long time with it’s proper maintance. The Kia engine is built in a half ass way and to repair them are a hassle due to space limitations you have trying to remove any part for replacement.

Q: does anyone know where i can get replacement body parts for an 06 kia rio?

i wrecked my car, and im going to do the repairs myself, i just need to get the parts!

A: chech the dealer or a new model wrecker,aftermarket parts places may not have many parts yet,talk to a local body shop for info

Q: Can 4 adults sit comfortably in a Kia Rio?

4 adults might be in the car often.

A: depends on how big they are

Q: Is it possible to put a GM Ecotech engine in a Kia Rio?

Even if it requires some custom fabrication on the motor mounts and a custom adapter kit to the transmission, I’d like to know how hard it would be.

A: Eh. I’m almost positve the ecotec is a 2.4L motor while your Kia Rio has a 1.5L. I’m sure it can be done, but yes you will probably need all of the above. I suggest getting the ecotec with a transmission from a Cobalt or any other Chevy with the ecotec and sell your Kia engine and tranny on ebay.

Good luck.

Q: paint job for a kia rio hood?

How can i get a cheap paint job on my 2004 kia rio hood? The quotes I’ve gotten have been $225 for the labor and $220 for the paint and materials? How can it be nearly $500 for a one part paint job?

A: paintwork is expensive. it just is. i paid $6000 to have my truck painted last year, but i do know that the cheaper the paint job the worse its gonna look. one route you can go is to supply the paint for them. it will cut down your costs by about half. or if ya dont want to spend that much money, try calling around to some auto recyclers for a used hood thats the same color as your car. hope this helps

Q: How do I tune up a 2001 Kia Rio?

My car is running harsh and is due for a tune up, that I would like to do myself. Any help would be appreciated, TY

Kia Rio

A: Purchase 4plugs, 1gas filter 1air filter 1throttle body spray,oil and filter. Replace plugs, filters then remove air filter housing and spray throttle body with spray cleaner you can follow directions on can, then change oil and filter, you should be good to go after that.

Q: Where can I buy a new or rebuilt engine for a 2003 Kia Rio Cinco?

The type of engine it requires is a 1.6L I4 DOHC 16V FI Engine. It is an automatic transmission. The timing belt broke and caused the engine to sieze.

A: Open your phone book to the yellow pages and look up Automobile Used Parts. Call all of the Junkyards and tell them what ya need. ) Good Luck

Q: One of my Oxygen sensors is out in my 2004 Kia Rio. How will it affect the car if I keep on driving it?

One of my Oxygen sensors is out in my 2004 Kia Rio. I don’t have the money to fix it right now. The mechanic has to order the part from the manufacturer and said it costs $233.

I was wondering if it would hurt to drive the car until I can save up the money to get it fixed?

A: I would get a second price or go to the parts store and change it your self before you damage your catalytic converter and add to your financial problems.

Q: Whats wrong with the brakes on my Kia Rio?

I have a 2001 KIA Rio (less then 29k miles on it) that I have recently have had the front tires changed on it. For the past week I have been noticing that when I brake, I feel a rumbling/grinding feeling. What is wrong? This just started happening after I got the tires changed.

I thought that if your brakes start going bad, they make a screeching noise. I never heard ANYTHING. and this just started. Well. I know better than to buy a cheaply made foreign car next time..heh

A: I’ve got a 2000 Jeep and it needs new brake pads and rotors. Is the rumbling more like a shaking that you can feel in the steering wheel when you brake? You may need new pads/rotors too.

Take it to any repair shop and they will be able to tell you without obligation to get it fixed there. Just make sure you tell them you just want to find out what is wrong with it and make sure you don’t sign anything if you don’t plan on fixing it right then and there.

Q: Was the Kia Rio engineered to last only 3 years?

Three weeks ago we spent 600 dollars for routine maintenance required at 30,000 miles to preserve the terms of the 100,000 warranty. One week later the air flow sensor crashed and they fixed it under terms of the warranty. Now the clutch has gone out – $800 and the warranty does not apply. We’re in Hawaii, but on the mainland 30k is about normal for one year.

Should I expect more problems?

A: The Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent are the cars that gave Hyundai and Kia such a bad reputation. Their is a reason why the Rio and Accent are the cheapet cars on the market. A Kia Spectra and Hyundai Elantra are much more reliable and better cars.

Q: Does anyone know of junkyards in the Cherry Hill area that may have a donut for a 2002 Kia Rio 5?

I need a new donut, but I don’t want to spend $75 when a new tire costs $65. I don’t have the space to store a tire, otherwise I would. Any ideas?

A: a regular tire won,t fit in where the donut tire goes at. look in the phone book. you should find a junk yard around where you live that would have 1.

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