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Kia Magentis

Kia Magentis questions and answers

Q: what is the fair price for kia magentis 2001.

I have that car and I want 2 sell it but I dont know how much should I ask for it.

A: You give me $5000 and I will take it off your hands.

Q: Song on Kia Magentis Commercial?

There is a new commercial for the Kia Magentis and I was wondering if someone knew the song that plays in the background. The commercial is the car driving in a large gray room. Thanks so much!

A: From what I’ve found through a bit of research, it seems that the group singing it is called Koop. The song being played is called Koop Island Blues on the album Koop Islands. Here’s a link to the youtube video:

Q: does anyone know where the obd port is for a kia magentis on a 55 plate? thanks?

A: For 1996 and newer cars, the OBD-II port connector is under the dash and steering wheel column on most cars. For older cars, the OBD-I connector:

Q: kia magentis 2003 does it have immobiliser fitted.

A: Yes there is a chip in the key head which needs to be coded by the dealer.

Q: Who sings Kia Magentis car commercial?

Jazz song – Hello my love, it’s getting cold. la la la.

A: it’s a group called koop – it’s on their album koop islands and the song is called koop island blues featuring ane brun. the album is on i-tunes, and i highly recommend the entire album. it’s a cute little jazzy-electronic one that is so all-around-likeable. hope that helps!

Q: Ford Focus vs Kia Optima(Magentis)?

Which model do you guys think would be more reliable, best value, and better resale value between a Focus and an Optima (known as Magentis in Canada)

A: Fords are a lot more reliable than Kias. Ford Focus also has the best value and better resale value.

Q: Does anyone out there own a KIA; I have a 2007 Magentis and I had problems with my left rear tire.

I had just bought the car a couple of months ago and I started to notice that my left rear tire was going flat over night and then just before noon and then just before 4:00 p.m. So, I had to take the car back to KIA and they told me that I had a nail in my tire. I thought that maybe it was a faulty valve stem or something like that as it was brand new when I bought it and it is winter. A nail. I did not think of asking them to show me the nail.

Has anyone had similar problems with KIA.

A: I own a shop, and think this is a common problem. It doesn’t apply to any particular brand of vehicle, but to all of them. Roofing nails are the most common. Jobbers will replace a roof, sweep the old nails into the bed of a truck, and haul them to the dump. This scatters nails all over the road sometimes, and if you are the not so lucky person to come along, then you will be fixing a flat.

Probably 80% of all flats are caused by nails, and its really rare for the valve stems to be faulty. The most nails will be found around where new houses are being built, and/or old houses are being renovated. One always hates to have a new tire ruined by a nail, but what can you do? Nothing!

Hope I nailed the answer. Glad to add my 2 cents worth.

Q: Hyundai/Kia are the good cars?

i was thinking in purchasing a Hyundai Sonata or a Kia Magentis as oppose to a Nissan Sentra.

A: Hyundai bought KIA a few years ago and since then KIA’s quality has risen. As much as some people hate to admit it Hyundai’s are now very near the quality of Japanese cars just at a better value. I have a 01′ Elantra w/ 130k hardly any problems and still running strong. To me people who bash Hyundais really just talk out of their ass and know little about cars. The Sonata/Magentis is in a higher class then the Sentra so it’s not a direct comparison.

The Sonata/Magentis is bigger, has more power, is way safer and has a better warranty then the Sentra but the price depends on what trim level your looking at. A fully load Sentra SL (in America) cost just as much as a base level Sonata GLS but a base Sentra will be cheaper then the Sonata. That, in itself, says alot about Hyundai’s value.

Since you mentioned the Magentis, which is the Optima in the USA, I’m assuming your not in America but still be mindful of a cash back offer going on now with the Sonata making it a even better value. Hyundai’s aren’t just alternatives any more but true competitors now.

Q: What musical genre would you call this?

The theme from the cooking show French Food at Home and the new Kia Magentis commercial. It is reminiscent of early jazz, but would like to possibly narrow it down so I can find more music like this.

A: I’m not sure if this is the commercial you’re referring to, but the song is Koop Islands Blues by Koop. I love this group, they are classified as Jazz. If I may throw some other artists your way: You may like Pink Martini, Paris Combo, and Nightmares in Wax.

They all have different sounds, but all of them have a sound based in classical jazz—Enjoy!

Q: Where can I find out how to install a CompuStar alarm/starter system?

I bought a CompuStar alarm system, and I’m wondering how I can install it by myself. Where can I find out how to? Does this void the warranty if I do. And since this probably matters, I’m looking at installing in a 2008 Kia Optima(Magentis) and/or a 2008 Ford Focus

A: First off you will need to get a web page, or a program that tells you the right wires in the car, as well as where they are located. Every car manufacture is different. If you’ve never done this before, I would recomend having a professional do it.

Since you are not an authorized dealer of CompuStar, then there will be no warranty after you install the product. As far as which car you are going to install it in, if you put it in the Ford, then you will need a ford factory security intergration module, because the focus key has a computer chip in it. The Kia however, unless it’s a Canadian model. you should be all set. (there shouldn’t be a computer chip in that key) You can try to look up wire/car info here:

Q: Which Car is Better.

My friend is getting a car and she wants to know which one is better. Me and her narrowed it down to 3 cars and we just can’t choose. Help. Nissan Altima Kia Magentis BMW 3 Series Sedan All of these cars are 2008 models. Please answer with the best descriptions of the cars and which car is the best.


A: Nissan Altima. Most reliable. Best on gas or petrol. Cheaper to maintain and insure than the BMW.

Q: Frustrated with my car. What do I do?

I own a five-year old KIA magentis, and am no longer happy with it, or should I say the dealership. The car’s been back to the dealership almost every weekend since the New Year, and I really feel like I’m being taken for a ride. Every time something is fixed, another problem comes up. It’s almost like they are setting things up to fail just to make me come back to get it fixed.

The timing belt was replaced at the beginning of the year (only a few short weeks ago), and now it needs to be adjusted AGAIN. Anyone out there ever bought a KIA and regretted it? I am so not buying from that brand ever again. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one having these issues!

Thanks so much for all your support. And yes, I do think I have sucker tattooed on my forehead. I believe it is a dealership problem. There isn’t another one close to me, so I am going to look for reputable shop near me instead of using the dealership.

Best answer to be chosen soon!

A: On the positive side, you do have a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty on the engine and transmission which unfortunately does not cover the timing belt replacement. You can also try another Kia dealer in your area for service. I would stick with the car for a few years knowing that any car needs routine service and that your protected if the engine or transmission should fail.

Plan to buy a Toyota next time, but no manufacturer’s car is problem free. You might want to buy a car with a timing chain rather than a timing belt if you plan on keeping it for 200,000 miles.

Q: Ford Focus vs Kia Optima(Magentis)?

Which model do you guys think would be more reliable, best value, and better resale value between a Focus and an Optima (known as Magentis in Canada) To the first answer: You must be thinking about a different car because the torque and HP are definitely better on the Optima.

A: I’d go with the Kia Optima. The New Optima’s are excellent. They’ve got great reviews from Magazines. Ford Focus is an old design and cheap. Don’t listen to people who say Kia’s are crap.

Kia’s were craps before; now they’re very reliable and well built, especially the new optima’s.

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