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Jeep Liberty questions and answers

Q: How many miles will a jeep liberty last for?

I’m 16 and right now I’m looking at a 2002 Jeep Liberty with a little less than 110,000 miles on it. The owner claims to have it in great condition and it is a 6 cylinder gas engine. Please help!

A: most all modern vehicles are good for atleast 200,000 miles. if its clean and the motor is clean and it idles and runs smooth you should be fine. it always worth having a mechanic put it on a lift and go over it for you the few doolars spent there may save you headaches in the long run. keep the oil changed regularly you should be good to go.

Q: what is critical to do on a 60k tune up for a jeep liberty?

I have a 2003 Jeep liberty that has just hit 60k. What is critical to get done on that mileage?

A: According to the owner’s manual, these things should be done: -Change the engine oil and engine oil filter. -Inspect the engine air filter element, replace if necessary. -Replace the spark plugs. -Inspect and replace the PCV valve, if necessary.L -Replace the ignition cables (2.4L Only). -Inspect the brake linings. -Drain and refill the front and rear axle fluid. -Drain and refill the automatic transmission fluid, and replace main sump filter. -Inspect the drive belt and replace as needed. -Drain and refill the transfer case fluid.

Q: What are some of the safety records with the Jeep Liberty?

I really really really like Jeep Liberties. However I have to find a bunch of saftey records and any lawsuits against it before I’m allowed to buy it. So could you help me?

A: the national highway traffic safety admin. has available to public on line crash test records. also go to your local library. the research librarians live for looking stuff like that up. their eyes will light up.

Q: Changing Transmission fluid in a Jeep Liberty?

Is Transmission fluid something that should be CHANGED OUT or can it be added to? Like buying a funnel and pouring a quart of new fluid in? I want to make sure my fluids are good, but I need to get some transmission fluid, but I don’t want to mess anything up. I have a 2004 Jeep liberty, and if it needs to be changed, is it hard to do?

And if i take it to a shop, how much do you think it will cost just for them to do this? I live in Pensacola, FL.

A: Yes it should be changed out, If I remember correctly everything 30 000miles. However make sure the shop doing the work uses the correct Mopar ATF+4 trans fluid. If they do not it will cause damage to the transmission. Usually trans fluid flushes run around 200$.

This will include the trans fluid filter, fluid and labor.

Q: How can I tell the exact model jeep liberty I have?

Jeep Liberty Sport? CRD? also, is there an online users manual anywhere? Is there a right and wrong way to shift from 2 wheel to 4 wheel drive? Any online instructions relating to proper shifting from 2 to 4 wheel drive? (I think it can do this)

A: hi i work at a jeep dealer and if u give me the last 9 of your vin i can tell u anything u want to know. from. my e-mail is

Q: Loud noise from front end of Jeep Liberty when going over bumps.

I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport and I’ve noticed that whenever I drive over bumps w/ the front two tires, it makes a loud thumping noise, seems to be worse in the extreme cold My questions are: 1) Are the front shocks the problem here? 2) Could anyone give me an estimate of how much it would cost? 3) Would it be covered under a bumper to bumper 60,000 mile warranty?

Only 50,000 miles on the vehicle.

A: Check with your local Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge dealership. There are numerous possibilities the most likely being that you could use new sway bar links and bushings. Typically this is not an expensive repair and may even be covered under warranty. There was also a recall for the ball joints on these vehicles.

I can’t remember what years it covered but if you qualify that would be a free repair at your local dealer.

Q: Jeep Liberty Recall: How many lower ball joints are there?

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty, recently had 2 front lower ball joints replaced by an automechanic because they were loose. But, 2 months later, I got a notice from Jeep that there’s a safety recall and I could get the lower ball joints replaced for free. I am not familiar with cars, is there only 2 lower ball joints on the vehicle? thanks in advance!

A: There are only two ball joints, and you really should go to the dealer to make sure that your replacements are good with the recall notification. Either Jeep (even out of warranty, since it’s their recall) or the place you got them done at (if they are the old non-recall style) should refund your money. There are several other recalls you might want a Jeep dealer to look at:

Q: What is the gas mileage I get per gallon in my jeep liberty?

I drive a 04′ Jeep liberty and was wondering if someone could help me do the breakdown of how many miles I avg per gallon. and how many gallons of gas does it hold. I am trying to guesstimate how much gas I might use commuting to work about 45 mins away and how much gas I would go through a week. debating driving or metrolinking it! Thanks for the help in advance

A: That is a good answer for what the Manufacturer says it gets per mile. If you want to find out your true mileage, you need your own records based on actual city and hill and highway driving you do everyday. Simply wait til your gas is on E. Fill up the tank.

Set your odometer back to 0. Drive until it’s at that same place on E again. (Maybe you can judge it from the minute the light comes on, but there could be hills invloved that could manipulate that light differently.) Now fill up your tank again. Keep the slip that says how many gallons you put in. Divide: Miles driven on odometer/ Gallons put in = MPG. How many miles do you drive straight to work and then home?

If it is lets say 22 there and 23 back depending on your routes and how the highways interchange, that is 45 miles times 5 days a week = 225 wkly. If you are getting lets say 20 MPG from your estimates, and gas is about $3.00 per gallon. Per week estimates: 225 / 20 = 11.25 gallons per week 11.25 x $3.00 = $33,75 per week Per day estimates: 45 / 20 = 2.25 gallons per day 2.25 x $3.00 = $6.75 per day 20 Monday thru Friday days in November 20 x $6.75 per day = $135.00 for gas in November With the Holidays coming, traffic will be slower and heavier = worse gas mileage.

Q: how can i convince my dad that a jeep liberty would be good for me?

i turn 16 soon and i really want jeep liberty. my parents both know that it is what i want and aren’t sure it’s the right thing for me my older sister has a ford explorer. what should i do?

A: find similar cars in that size and price, then find evidence that leans towards your car, if that doesn’t work then get out there and earn your own money and buy the car that you want.

Q: Where is the oil filter on a Jeep Liberty?

Any one know where to find the oil filter on a 2003 Jeep Liberty?

Jeep Cherokee

A: here you go in the front of the car in front of the radiator

Q: How do I get the headlight trim off a JEEP Liberty so I can aim the headlights?

It’s JEEP Liberty 2006

A: open the hood there should be a pin somewhere around the light to release it and adjust it. if yo go to the dealer you bouhgt it from they should adjust if for free or at least real cheap. also therer might be something wrong with what is holding it which the warranty should cover.

Q: I have a 4WD Jeep Liberty 2002 which I paid to much for and need a more gas efficient car.

I generally check out about everything when I trade cars and get something I can afford. I had been planning on trading but got a notice of dealer sale in the mail and stopped on the way home from work just to look. I will say that I owe my act of stupidity to the fact that the Dr. had put me on a medicine to prevent miagraine headaches and it had changed the way I acted but of course I hadn’t figured that out yet.

My daughter kept asking me if I had been drinking. Anyway after I stopped, they didn’t have prices on the cars but assured me that my payment probably wouldn’t be more then what I was paying at the time. When I test drove this Jeep Liberty and asked the price the salesman said I would need to wait and talk to one of the managers.

I just kept waiting, which I normally wouldn’t have done, also let them tell me the car I was driving was worth practically nothing which I had bought from them for 8,000. about a year and a half before. I want to add to this and I am running out.

The manager wanted me to finance the car with a place he reccomended that was almost 10%, I told him if I got it I wanted to use my bank and I would call and get interest rate, he said he had a scale that showed all the rates, went in another room and came back and told that my bank was higher. I was still in enough control of my senses that I checked my bank which was 6 something. I went ahead and bought the car which I realized when I got off the medicine I had paid to much for.

There is nothing wron with it and I have had it almost 2 yrs. but I still owe 3 more and the gas mileage is killing me, What options do I have, trade it in for a cheaper car and still have big payments or continue to keep something that I can hardly afford the weeks gas to get to work.

A: Most states have a cooling off period which allows you to return an automobile purchase within say 48 hours. You’ve had your car for two years now so that’s clearly not an option. I would avoid going back to the dealership; don’t think about trying to trade it in there and expecting a good deal just because they soaked you last time. Try taking it to carmax and see if there are other ways to sell it directly (craigslist, auto-trader, carfaire, etc).

These are the same places that you will want to shop for your next car. Go for a 5 – 7 year old Honda or Toyota. Well made cars that you can get another 10 years out of if your maintain it.

Q: Question about Jeep Liberty and which gas?

What is the best quality gasoline for best MPG for my 2004 Jeep Liberty?

A: There is not a really big difference in gasoline quality. Your Liberty will get about the same mileage no matter which brand you buy or which octane you use. The engine can only benefit slightly from the higher octane fuel because it doesn’t need it.

I used 87 octane in mine and about every 20,000 miles I added a bottle of fuel injection cleaner that contained NAPHTHA. There many injection cleaners on the market but only a few have naphtha and the others are no better than a bottle of mineral spirits. If the gasoline you buy has ethanol you probably won’t need the naphtha. For best mileage, go easy on the gas pedal, no jack rabbit starts.

Keep tires pumped to maximum, and change air filter to a low restriction type element. If you have cruise control, use it, it will save you gas except on hilly roads. In winter, the defroster mode will run the air conditioning pump to remove moisture so only use defrost as necessary.

Mine usually got 18 on highway driving at the max which was a bit less than my Cherokee, but the Libby is wider, taller and heavier than the Cherokee so I guess it is to be expected.

Q: Why is there a rust color residue-grudge on my Jeep Liberty oil cap/sleeve area?

I just changed the oil on my 2002 Jeep Liberty and there’s a rust color residue/grudge all over the inside of my oil cap/sleeve. There was a drop of water on the top of the cap when I opened it? What’s the cause of this and is there a problem?

The oil is always changed on schedule. We are in mid winter here in Missouri.

A: some people will tell you you have a problem but dont listen..thats normal, dont let a mechanic tell you u need a compression check and then he will make something up and say it needs to be repaired. look at other peoples oil cap that are as old as YOUR jeep, everyone oil cap does it, the drop of water is just condensation

Q: I drive a ’04 Jeep Liberty, When should I change my tires?

2004 Jeep Liberty Sport. I have kept up with the maintenance (kept inflate and tire rotation periodically) Goodyear Eagle P215/75R16 Currently 16,500 miles. When should I change my tires before one blows out?

A: Tires rarely ever blow out these days. They should not be anywhere near worn out yet. Run them til they wear down to the wear bar moulded into the tire. You’ll have about 1/8 tread left then

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