Industry News-Network reputation sounding the alarm! BYD F3 word of mouth is really bad

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Network reputation sounding the alarm! BYD F3 word of mouth is really bad

According to the latest data Automobile Association, 1-11 April 2010, cumulative sales of 237,400 BYD F3, leading second 10,800, the first 11 months reelection cumulative sales of a single model champion. BYD F3 sales so good, dry bushing then it’s word of mouth how what?

BYD BYD F3 is launched in 2005 an A + level economy car, it looks to fully draw on the Japanese and Korean cars in the successful design, b plain bearing y domestic consumers, but also because of its moderate sales price has been good.

Recently, sleeve bushing however, the banner of public opinion analysis system showed that in December the network BYD F3 heat rose significantly, by 11 points in March 1278 rose to 1760 points, or 38%, while the amount of its topic up than November 7 %. appears in the compact car year 2010 ending the war, BYD F3 has won a lot of attention and discussion of Internet users.

DU bushing While in high heat, Dec. BYD F3 reputation on the network is sounding the alarm, 40 months from 11 down to 30 points, a decline of 25%, bushing reputation ranking fell 14.

Through the analysis of the post in December we found BYD F3 large number of negative posts, and posts of complaints increased significantly last month, the issue of complaints focused on engine failure, t brass bushing hree fourth gear when the body shake, and after-sales services.

Mould guide plate Configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting topics are discussed on the network in December up to the contents of the BYD F3, plastic bushing respectively, 16.02% of the total issue amount, 13.10% and 11.56%. We are these three areas, compared to the negative post see BYD F3 in the configuration, maintenance, fault the positive aspects of post few more prominent negative posts, engine failure, brake failure, stalling traffic problems and faithful service issue most talked about cars.

Summary: BYD F3 from the exterior to the interior to fully draw on the best-selling cars of FAW Toyota Corolla, Corolla, but only about half the price, this advantage is that it has won a lot of users. However, the feedback from the users who we can see, F3 there are many problems in quality could be improved. As in the country is quite well-known brands, BYD should not just be satisfied with relying on low prices to win customers, while consumer demand is constantly upgrading, BYD If you want to continue to maintain good sales momentum, and ultimately have to rely on quality to support.

December typical network post BYD F3 excerpt:

Ask – engine fault light blinking traffic jitter causes.

Ask bikers: June 2009 purchase of F3R (Mitsubishi engine), driving about 15,000 km now, before glass wool have not had any one night last week in the vehicle in normal driving the engine fault light flashes suddenly, the vehicle jitter (inability to feel the engine to turn off), pull over and turn off after playing the rescue call, press to restart the drive to 4S shop, the way is still running one kilometer before the engine failure light flashing, vehicles jitter, driving about 1 km after the vehicle jitter disappeared fault light stays on not flashing into. 4S shop to work due to the expiration time, the detection of off-site can not check the computer, watch the master under the circumstances described in the preliminary analysis of the reasons for the spark plug of a cylinder caused the engine to stop working.

The engine fault light was then canceled, then take off the battery power, the engine fault light is lit, the night not in treatment. The next day starts, no further engine fault light on, to store the computer analysis showed that the multi-cylinder fire (misfire), master the four-cylinder spark plug to take out a wipe, and a number of line contacts were tightened, the computer then test I did not see the situation. The reply from the master fault because I did not feel completely found.

I have searched the internet some information, but that is not clear whether the problem was a serious amateur, please bikers to answer it.

F3R shake my fourth gear third gear, but worry me.


Manufacturers to hit seven phone has been no one replies, Three cool morning when the car shake the most powerful of the abnormal sound, but worry me, they said to tear down the gearbox. Finally, I asked to say who, said the Audi put it, you touch the file handle is also affected, depressed Egypt Why, ah, make life difficult for killing me, just bought 10 days to run 600 kilometers, the first day to buy when carrying gear for the rear oil seal for the crankshaft, I said nothing. Two days before the axle oil seal for the morning, play direction abnormal sound booster pump, cooler door seals abnormal sound, hand boxes abnormal sound, abnormal sound board after the glove, I did not say anything now to split gearbox, I

can not stand the tension is not because I was bullied woman ah 09 F3R owners who have this problem with you.

Poor quality of service.

6 axle replaced, Siemens lift replaced numerous times, both the pump replaced. There are a lot of the last front glass wool abnormal sound, to say that bearing bad 4S shop, spend money for a bearing, said axle two not bad, for the axle, not yet, the device replaced numerous times. Siemens to take the air, it is now able to open from the outside to the inside. Replaced a water pump, ready for leakage.

Finally, the chassis a little bit soft tire problems, which led me White spent the money. Gearbox oil leak last month, went to 4S shop, maintenance staff, said half. What car? I was in Beijing the user.

BYD F3 poor quality, poor service. Telephone complaints, is not useful. Worry Yeah, when the quality of China-made cars to a good point, as I support the Chinese-made, quality of service is also available BYD bad, Beijing Y52570 shaft oil seal leak, axle must change, the results have spent more than six, or leakage. but also for the oil seal can still leaked. after I go to look for, maintenance staff also said that the crankshaft rear oil seal leakage is the gearbox, the crankshaft should start after the oil spill. Would also like to spend money on repair, what repair. What 4S

BYD paint on the problem of channel of complaint ah!

I buy a car in December 2009, when the shape of this car I am pleased with the design of very na rain-delayed, run over a period of no big problem, but as the oil shock absorbers and large front shelf tripod fixed bolts slipping the main control panel window regulator such a small problem has never been broken, did think these are all minor problems and 4S shop for repair, not a car to run on a wheel broke off to run such a big problem wondered forget to be used for 8 months after this he kept the paint began to fall off, most small bubbles start is the starting point, did not care how, from time to time after the start point of the Diaoqi not to 4S store to warranty, maintenance staff, special and sincere people tell me that the paint is the first 6 months warranty, your car has. limit, which I do not understand, someone buy the car but also the first 6 months to Diaoqi ah, after-sale warranty on just the 6 months ah! (brand Observation Network)

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